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The 1899 Membership Register
for The Empire State Society, S.A.R.

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The title page of the "Register of the Empire State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution" identifies the contents of this book as follows: "Containing an account of the origin of the Sons of the American Revolution, an explanation of the existence of two different organizations with similar names and objects, and a history of the movements for their union. The Constitution and By-Laws of the Empire State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. Lists of National, State and Chapter Officers. Roll of Members, with personal data and genealogies. Roll of Revolutionary Ancestors, with record of their services...." This book was published in 1899 and is "Dedicated to the Memory of the Men who, by their Services and Sacrifices During the War of the American Revolution, Achieved the Independence of the American People."

Web Editor's Note: While this book lists all the members of this New York society as of 1899, only the names of those members who were either born in a town in Westchester or who were listed as being from a Westchester town are shown below. If you are interested in the SAR or wish to find out more information about someone you have found listed below, be sure to check out their web site at National Society of the SAR.

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Roll of Members – Having resided in Westchester County.

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The layout of each line appearing below is as follows: Surname, First name, Location of the member (presumably current in 1899); Birth date and place; Parents of the member; Page on which the citation is found. Everyone shown below is linked to their full citation as well as their Revolutionary War ancestors as reflected in the Register.

ANSTICE, Henry, Philadelphia, Pa; Born: Oct. 7, 1841, New York City; Parents: Henry Anstice and Mary Saltonstall; 73.

ANSTICE, Josiah, Rochester, NY; Born: July 27, 1853, Yonkers, NY; Parents: Henry Anstice and Mary Saltonstall; 73.

BACK, Charles E., Yonkers, NY; Born: April 3, 1852, Yonkers, NY; Parents: Frederick A. Back and Rebecca J. Brown; 76.

BALDWIN, William Delevan, Yonkers, NY; Born: Sept. 5, 1856, Auburn, NY; Parents: Lovewell Hurd Baldwin and Sarah Jane Munson; 78.

BALDWIN, William Henry, Yonkers, NY; Born: March 10, 1842, Nashua, NH; Parents: David Baldwin and Amanda M. Hobbs; 78.

BARBER, Le Droict Langdon, Ardsley, NY; Born: May 29, 1873, Washington, DC; Parents: Amzi Langdon and Jerusha Stillman; 80.

BELKNAP, Ethelbert, Yonkers, NY; Born: March 8, 1843, Yonkers, NY; Parents: Chas. F. Belknap and Abagail J. Odell; 85-6.

BLIVEN, William Warren, New York City; Born: July 31, 1856, Yonkers; Parents: Charles Bliven and Louisa Morison; 91.

BLODGETT, Frank Dickinson, Oneonta, NY; Born: March 29, 1871, Cortland, NY; Parents: Alonzo Dwight Blodgett and Eleanor Dickinson; 91.

BOWDOIN, George Sullivan, New York City; Born: Sept. 25, 1833, New York, NY; Parents: George R.J. Bowdoin and Fanny Hamilton; 94.

BOWDOIN, Temple, New York City; Born: July 24, 1863, Wolfert's Dell, Irvington, NY; Parents: George Sullivan Bowdoin and Julia Irving Grinnell; 94.

CAMPBELL, William Henry, Larchmont, NY; Born: Jan. 1, 1845, Monroe, NY; Parents: Archibald Campbell and Mary Weygant; 108.

CLARK, William N. Gibert, Mount Vernon, NY; Born: Nov. 13, 1858, New York; Parents: Charles Henry Clark and Mary Caroline Gibert; 117.

COUZENS, Matthew Knapp, Yonkers, NY; Born: Nov. 7, 1824, New York City; Parents: John Couzens and Mary M. Knapp; 126.

CRANDALL, Francis Asbury, Born: Oct. 13, 1853, p. 127.

CRAWFORD, George R., Mount Vernon, NY; Born: June 21, 1841, White Plains, NY; Parents: Elisah Crawford and Judith Tompkins; 128.

CURREY, John, San Francisco, Cal.; Born: Oct. 4, 1814, Cortlandtown, NY; Parents: Thomas Currey and Rebecca Ward; 129.

CURREY, Jonathan B., New York City; Born: May 9, 1845, Yorktown, NY; Parents: Benjamin Currey and Susan Hart; 129.

CURTIS, Frederick Allan, Mount Vernon, NY; Born: May 18, 1872, Mount Vernon, NY; Parents: David C. Curtis and Sarah Russell; 129.

DAVENPORT, Gideon Williams, New Rochelle, NY; Born: Nov. 10, 1823, Cazenovia, NY; Parents: William Davenport and Elisabeth Olin; 132.

DEPEW, Chauncey, Born: May. 26, 1867, Buffalo, NY; Parents: William B. Depew and Helen S. G. Depew; 138.

DEPEW, Chauncey Mitchell, New York City; Born: April 23, 1834, Peekskill, NY; Parents: Isaac Depew and Martha Mitchell; 138-9.

DEYO, Andrew, Yonkers, NY; Born: Augus. 27, 1854, Yonkers, NY; Parents: Philip A. Deyo and Louisa Bevier Stilwell; 140-1.

DUNNELL, John H., New York City; Born: Dec. 12, 1813, Croton, NY; Parents: Elbridge Gerry Dunnell and Sarah Nichols; 145.

EWING, Hampton Denman, Yonkers, NY; Born: June 18, 1866, Washington, DC; Parents: Gen. Thomas Ewing and Ellen Cox; 153.

FISKE, Edwin Williams, Mount Vernon, NY; Born: July 17, 1861, Shamokin, PA; Parents: Samuel Fiske and Amanda Stoddart; 156.

FITCH, James Seely, Yonkers, NY; Born: Dec. 2, 1847, Coeymans, NY; Parents: Rev. Silas Fitch and Mary A. White; 156.

FITCH, Theodore, Yonkers, NY; Born: March 30, 1844, Franklin, NY; Parents: Rev. Silas Fitch and Mary A. White; 156.

GILMAN, Theodore, Yonkers, NY; Born: Jan. 2, 1841, Alton, Ill.; Parents: Winthrop Sargent Gilman and Abia Swift Lippincott; 166.

GILMAN, Jr., Theodore, Yonkers, NY; Born: Feb. 21, 1873, New York City; Parents: Theodore Gilman and Elizabeth Drinker Paxson; 166.

GORTON, Charles E., Yonkers, NY; Born: Dec. 15, 1845, North Brookfield, NY; Parents: Thomas Rogers Gorton and Prudence Treat; 167.

GUILFORD, Nathan, Yonkers, NY; Born: Feb. 7, 1841, Cincinnati, O.; Parents: Nathan Guilford and Eliza Wheeler Farnsworth; 176.

HEGEMAN, Jr., John Rogers, Mamaroneck, NY; Born: Aug. 10, 1872, Brooklyn, NY; Parents: John Rogers Hegeman and Evelyn Lyon; 186.

HOBART, Alvah Sabin, Yonkers, NY; Born: March 7, 1847, Whiteny, P. Q.; Parents: Charles Hobart and Pathenia Sabin; 190.

HOES, Pierre Van Buren, Yonkers, NY; Born: April 14, 1844, Kinderhook, NY; Parents: Peter Swart Hoes and Henrietta Myers; 190-1.

HORTON, Stephen D., Peekskill, NY; Born: Feb. 17, 1837, Peekskill, NY; Parents: Frost Horton and Phebe Tompkins; 193.

HUMASON, Virgil Pettibone, Yonkers, NY; Born: Feb. 14, 1847, Simsbury, Conn.; Parents: Wm. L. Humason and Eunetia Eno; 198.

IVES, Samuel A. M., Mount Vernon, NY; Born: July 13, 1863, Bedford, NY; Parents: Angus M. Ives and Marian Jones; 201.

JUDSON, Champion H., Dobbs Ferry, NY; Born: May 28, 1843, Canajoharie, NY; Parents: John Burritt Judson and Olive Spalding Chase; 209.

KEELER, John H., Yonkers, NY; Born: May 26, 1840, Yonkers, NY; Parents: Albert Keeler and Harriet Myers; 210.

KEELER, Jr., John H., Yonkers, NY; Born: July 17, 1866, New York City; Parents: John H. Keeler and Adeline M. ; 210.

KINGSLAND, Elbert Hall, New York City; Born: Jan. 16, 1870, Mount Vernon, NY; Parents: Abram Kingsland and Carrie A. Martin; 216.

KITTELLE, Sumner Ely Wetmore, United States Navy; Born: June 14, 1867, Peekskill, NY; Parents: George Wetmore Kittelle and Marie Louise Geer; 217.

McFARLAND, Mitchell, Cambridge, NY; Born: April 18, 1842, Salem, NY; Parents: Col. John McFarland and Nancy McMurray; 234.

McKEEVER, Robert Townsend, Gloversville, N.Y.; Born: July 20, 1866, Lake Mahopac, N.Y.; Parents: James lawrence McKeever and Mary Augusta Townsend; 235.

McKNIGHT, Charles Hamilton, Rye, NY; Born: Aug. 30, 1864, Springfield, Mass.; Parents: George Hamilton McKnight and Julia Elizabeth Pitkin; 236.

McLEAN, Cornelius, Mount Vernon, NY; Born: June 10, 1841, New York City; Parents: James Monroe McLean and Louisa T. Williams; 236.

MILLER, Samuel C., White Plains, NY; Born: Aug. 1, 1848, Cincinnati, Ohio; Parents: John G. Miller and Sarah Houghton Corwine; 241.

MORTON, Albert, New York City; born: July 18, 1850, Croton; Parents: John Morton and Adeline Eliza Clark; 245.

PARSONS, Ralph Wait, Sing Sing, NY; Born: Oct. 1, 1867, New York City; Parents: Ralph Lyman Parsons and Helen Loretta Wait; 260.

PIERCE, Dennis Church, Buffalo, NY; Born: March 1, 1870, Harrison, NY; Parents: Henry Miller Pierce and Mary Jane Church; 264.

PIERCE, John Harvey, Rochester, NY; Born: July 28, 1871, Harrison, NY; Parents: Henry Miller Pierce and Mary Jane Church; 265.

PLATT, William Popham, White Plains, NY; Born: May 16, 1858, White Plains, NY; Parents: Lewis Canfield Platt and Laura Sherbrook Popham; 266.

PRENTISS, Henry James, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.; born July 22, 1867, Flushing, L.I.; Parents: Andrew Morgan Prentiss and Henriettta Driggs, 269.

PRESCOTT, Gustavus Linneman, Rome, NY; Born: April 21, 1868, Yonkers, NY; Parents: Cyrus Dan Prescott and Eliza Fidelia Cady; 270.

PRIME, Ralph Earl, Yonkers, NY; Born: March 29, 1840, Matteawan, NY; Parents: Alason Jermain Prime and Ruth Havens Higbie; 270-1.

PRIME, Jr., Ralph Earl, Yonkers, NY; Born: July 9, 1868, Yonkers, NY; Parents: Ralph Earl Prime, Sr. and Annie Wolcott Richards; 271.

PRIME, William Cowper, Yonkers, NY; Born: Oct. 21, 1870, Yonkers, NY; Parents: Ralph Earl Prime, Sr. and Annie Wolcot Richards; 271.

PROVOST, Charles Beale, New York City; Born: Jan. 2, 1870, Sing Sing, NY; Parents: Daniel E. Provost and Sarah Oakley Haviland; 271-2.

PUGSLEY, Corneluis Amory, New York City; Born: July 17, 1850, Peekskill, NY; Parents: Gilbert Taylor Pugsley and Julia Butler Meeker; 272.

SCRIBNER, Howard, Pelham, NY; Born: Feb. 23, 1863, Yonkers, NY; Parents: G. Hilton Scribner and Sarah Woodbury Pettengill; 294.

SCRUGHAM, William Warburton, Yonkers, NY; Born: Feb. 18, 1860, Yonkers, NY; Parents: Wm. Warburton Scrugham and Mary Kellinger; 294.

SENIA, Benjamin Barton, New York City; Born: May 31, 1862, Westchester, NY; Parents: John N. Senia and Adelaide B. Barton; 296.

SHERWOOD, Charles Purdy, White Plains, NY; Born: June 6, 1851, Mt. Pleasant, Westchester Co., NY; Parents: John R. Sherwood and Martha Halsted; 297-8.

SMITH, Wm. Edward Frederic, New York City; Born: Sept. 14, 1867, Poughkeepsie, NY; Parents: Samuel Lee Smith and Mary D. Shafer; 303.

STAUFFER, David McNeely Knox, Yonkers, NY; Born: March 24, 1845, Mount Ivy, Pa; Parents: Jacob Stauffer and Mary Knox McNeely; 307-8.

STONE, Clarence George, Mount Vernon, NY; Born: July 3, 1859, Detroit, Mich.; Parents: Horatio R. Stone and Mary Atchison; 312.

TOOKER, George Danforth, Yonkers, NY; Born: July 5, 1867, Jersey City, NJ; Parents: Nathaniel Tooker and Anna C. Danforth; 321.

TUTTLE, James Horton, New York City; Born: Oct. 24, 1875, Croton, NY; Parents: Nathaniel Tuttle and Ella Nora Jordan; 324.

TUTTLE, Nathaniel, New York City; Born: April 21, 1848, Cortlandt, NY; Parents: James Horton Tuttle and Phoebe Ann Tucker; 324.


Roll of Ancestors – Having resided in Westchester County.

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Below are listed those Ancestors of 1899 Members who where shown as either residing in or having been born in Westchester County as reflected in the Register. Each is linked to his full citation along with his lineage down to the 1899 Member.

BENEDICT, Abner, North Salem, N.Y.

BROWN, Isaac, Mt. Pleasant

CRANE, Jonathan, Fredericksburg, Dutchess (now Putnam) County, N.Y.

CRANE, Joseph, Fredericksburg, Dutchess (now Putnam) County, N.Y

CRAWFORD, Samuel, Scarsdale and White Plains

De La MATER, ISAAC, The Oblong

DUSENBERRY, William, Adams' Four corners, Peekskill

FALCONER, John, Eastchester

HOBBY, David, New Castle

HORTON, Stephen, Yorktown

PURDY, Obadiah, Crompound, N.Y.

SHERWOOD, Gershom , Mt. Pleasant

SHERWOOD, Moses , Mt. Pleasant

STRANG, Gilbert, Cortlandt Manor

STRANG, Joseph, Cortlandt Manor

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