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Westchester County, NY 

Turner's New York & Harlem Railroad Directory
between New York City and Brewster for the Years 1891-1892

Published by E.F Turner & co. of 217 Elm St., Yonkers, N.Y.

Tuckahoe (Eastchester)

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The following portion of the above-named city directory was transcribed by John LaBarre. Over time, he intends to transcribe more portions of the directory which will be added to this Westchester site as they become available.

This directory does not list every place in Westchester but rather it lists those towns and villages which are adjacent to the the Harlem Railroad which today is called the Harlem Division of MetroNorth Railroad. This rail line travels north from Grand Central Station in New York City, then roughly up the center of Westchester County, and onward into Putnam County.

Last name First name Business address or profession Home address
Acton E.M. Druggust, Main nr Depot Dusenberry Hill
Altman John Baker Cor Main & Railroad av
Anderson A. jr   Jefferson Place
Anderson Andrew Carpenter & builder. Jefferson Place Jefferson Place
Anderson John M. Carpenter Jefferson Place
Barce Antonio Laborer Jefferson Place
Beers Charles H. Agent Hill rest
Behan, Mrs Ann Widow Waverly
Bell Andrew Laborer Highland av
Bell Irving Laborer White Plains Rd
Bellew, Mrs. Ann Widow Cor White Plains rd & Highland av
Bellew Catherine   Cor Old White Plains rd & Highland av
Bellew James Plumber Waverly
Bellew James Stone cutter Waverly
Bellew Robert Clerk Waverly
Bellew R.J. Justice of peace & livery Waverly heights
Benedict Jefferson Book keeper Jefferson Place
Bennett, Miss Edna F. Sales lady Jefferson Place
Bennett Richard Carpenter Main
Bergen Patrick Stone cutter Youngs Hill
Berry, Miss Mary   Prospect
Blanchard Edward Engineer Waverly
Boes J.A. Fish & oysters, cor Main & Railroad av Cor Main & Railroad av
Booker A. jr Carpenter Hill rest
Booker, Mrs Bridget Widow Lake
Borup John Carpenter Jefferson Place
Bowler George H. Salesman Lakeville
Boyle, Miss Bridget   Jefferson Place
Boyle William Laborer Jefferson Place
Breen Peter Grocer, etc., cor White plains rd & Tuckahoe av Cor White Plains rd & Tuckahoe av
Brennan Cornelius Works rubber mfy Lakeville
Brennan, Miss Kate   Lakeville
Brower Marshall Works rubber mfy River
Brown Amos   Hill rest
Brundage Joseph Clerk Main
Brundage P. Grocer, Main Main
Brunow John Shoemaker Highland av
Busteed George Of the G.F. Cooper Co. Mt Vernon
Butack Peter Laborer Hall av
Cain James Stone cutter Tuckahoe rd
Calales William Laborer Hall av
Caldwell Hugh Plumber Highland av
Caldwell James Stone cutter Highland av
Caldwell, Mrs Rose   Highland av
Camman Fred'k Butcher Jefferson Place
Camman Henry Meat market, Main Jefferson Place
Campbell Wm. Carpenter River
Cannon, Miss Annie Wks rubber shop White Plains Rd
Cannon Mrs Ellen   Main
Cannon George   White Plains Rd
Cannon John Works rubber mfy White Plains Rd
Cannon, Miss Mary   White Plains Rd
Cannon Matthias Engineer White Plains Rd
Carroll Edward Stone cutter Highland av
Carroll, Mrs Patrick Wines & liquors, Tuckahoe av nr White Plains rd Tuckahoe rd nr White Plains rd
Castiglione Michele Shoemaker, Main nr Depot Main nr Depot
Cavanagh John Stone cutter Old White Plains rd & Highland av
Chatlers Hugh Stone cutter Washington Place
Clark Andrew Stone cutter Main
Connors Patrick Laborer Main nr Hill rest
    G.F. Cooper Co., groceries, cor White Plains rd & Prospect av  
Corrody John, sr.   Main nr Hill rest
Corrody John, jr Bar clerk Main nr Hill rest
Corrody Lizzie   Main nr Hill rest
Corrody Mary   Main nr Hill rest
Corrody Thomas Washington Hotel, wines & liquore, Main nr Hill rest  
Corrody Winnie   Main nr Hill rest
Corson G.W. Carpenter, N.Y.C. Hill rest
Costigan Thomas Laborer Main
Cotter James Laborer Youngs Hill
Coxson Charles Stone cutter Waverly
Coxson George W. Blacksmith Waverly
Coxson James Stone cutter Waverly
Creavy, Miss Fanny Dressmaker Prospect
Creavy John Carpenter Prospect
Creavy Joseph Teamster Prospect
Creavy, Mrs M. Widow Prospect
Creavy William Carpenter Prospect
Cronin Daniel Wines & liquors, Main Main
Cronin, Miss Katie   Main
Cronin Timothy   Main
Crotty James Stone cutter Highland av
Crotty James Stone cutter Main
Crotty John Stone cutter Lake
Crotty Thomas Stone cutter Highland av
Crowley, Miss Maggie Teacher Main
Crowley Timothy   Main
Cucker Peter Works rubber mfy Lakeville
Dady Ned Stone cutter Tuckahoe rd
Dalton J.A. Driver Washington Place
Dalton John Driller Washington Place
Dalton, Miss Mary   Washington Place
Daly Daniel Laborer Nanigoat la
Daly John Carpenter Prospect
Daniels James Plumber Main
Davis William Works rubber mfy Oak av
Dederer Henry   Main
DeFrate F. Fireman Hodgeman Co. Bridge
DeFrate F.E. Postmaster Scarsdale av, Yonkers
Delaney Patrick Laborer Main
Desmond, Miss Maggie   Main
Devereux William Laborer Waverly
Disbrow George E. Constable, etc. Tuckahoe rd
Donohue Thomas Stone cutter Main
Dougherty, Mrs Nora   Highland av
Doyle Thomas   Highland av
Duchesne Alexis   Tuckahoe rd
Duchesne Charles Blacksmith Tuckahoe rd
Duffin John Harness maker Tuckahoe rd
Dunn, Mrs Celia Widow Main
Dunn James Wks rubber shop Waverly
Dunn, Miss Maggie   Waverly
Dunn, Mrs Mary E.   Waverly
Dunn Peter Laborer Waverly
Dunn Peter, jr Machinist River
Dunn Thomas Works rubber mfy River
Dunn William Laborer Waverly
Dusenberry Charles R. Real estate & insurance, Main op Depot Underhill, Yonkers
Dusenberry William A. Works rubber mfy Lake
Dutcher C.W. Clerk, N.Y.C. Lake
Dutcher, Mrs C.W. Boarding Lake
Earle, Mrs Charlotte Widow Lake
Earle George Compositor Lake
Elliott Alexis Quarryman Prospect
Elliott William Laborer River
Fahy, Mrs Anne   Waverly
Fahy Dennis Blacksmith Tuckahoe rd
Fahy Henry   Nanigoat la
Fanton Leroy Carpenter Main
Farrell, Rev William Rector Church of the Immaculate Conception Waverly
Fee Samuel R. Sup't quarry Main
Feeny Frank Stone cutter Tuckahoe rd
    Fisher Brothers, groceries, wines, liquors, etc. Main opp Lake av  
Fisher George F. Fisher brothers Lake
Fisher William Fisher brothers Locust
Fitzgerald James Driller Main
Fitzpatrick Edward Rockman Waverly
Fitzsimmons Joseph Laborer Lakeville
Fitzsimmons, Miss Mary   Lakeville
Fitzsimmons Thomas   Lakeville
Foley John Stone cutter Nanigoat la
Forrest John Stone cutter Main
Forrest, Miss Mamie   Main
Forrest Michael Stone cutter Main
Forrest, Mrs Rosanna   Main
Forrest Thomas Stone cutter Main
Gay James Barber Main nr Hill rest
Geissler George Works rubber mfy Oak av
Geissler, Miss Mary   Oak av
Gerrity John Stone cutter Ridge
Gerrity, Mrs Kate   Ridge
Gerrity, Mrs Mary   Ridge
Gerrity, Miss Nellie   Ridge
Gerrity, Miss Sarah   Ridge
Gibney William Gardener White Plains Rd
Gilhooly, Miss Annie   Ridge
Gilhooly, Miss Ella   Ridge
Gilhooly, Miss Kate   Ridge
Gilhooly Stephen Laborer Ridge
Gilhooly, Mrs Videlia   Ridge
Gilmartin John Driller Waverly
Gelennon Andrew Laborer Nanigoat la
Goethe Constantine Stone cutter Jefferson Place
Gordon Benj. Driller Main
Gorman John Laborer Young's rd
Grant Harry Clerk Valley rd
Grant Henry Stone cutter Main nr Hill rest
Grant Richard Driller Main
Grant Stephen   Main
Griffin Edw. Coachman Oak av
Grogan John   Main
Grogan Michael Stone cutter Young's Hill
Groveteen William Station agent Cor Main & Breckenridge
Gunther Peter Laborer Hall av
Haffey, Miss Mary   Waverly
Hagan, Miss Annie   Quarry
Hagan Edward Laborer Quarry
Hagan, Mrs Kate   Quarry
Hagan, Mrs Mary   Quarry
Hagan Michael Laborer Waverly
Hagan William   Waverly
Hague Robert J. Brakeman Lakeville
Hague Wm. Works rubber mfy Lakeville
Hague Wm. A. Works rubber mfy Lakeville
Haley, Mrs Allen   Highland av
Hamblen C.W. Groceries, cor White Plains rd & Prospect av Cor White Plains rd & Prospect av
Hamilton George A. Teamster Main nr Depot
Hammond George Laborer Bridge
Harmon James Tin roofing & jobbing, Main nr railroad depot White Plains
Harwood, Miss Alice Milliner Main
Harwood, Mrs Catherine Widow Main
Harwood James   Main
Helfrich John Baker, cor Main & Railroad av Cor Main & Railroad av
Heliker Abram Blacksmith White Plains Rd
Heliker Henry Blacksmith White Plains Rd
Henderson, Mrs Mary Widow Prospect
Herbert James Stone cutter Washington Place
Higgins John Stone cutter Highland av
Higgins Peter A. Propr of Emmet House, also dealer in wines & liquors, cor Highland av & Old White Plains rd  
Hodgman Charles A. Vice-pres, Hodgeman Rubber Co. Lake
Hodgman C.C. Real estate "Fairlong"
Hodgman F.A. Rubber goods mfr "Fairlong"
    Hodgman Rubber Co.(George F. Hodgman pres & tres, Geo. B. Hodgman sect'y) Main nr Depot  
Hoffecker, Rev. E.L. Pastor Methodist Church Lake
Honegger Gottfreid Wines & Liquors, also barber shop, Main nr Hillrest Main nr Hill rest
Hopkins John B. Engineer Main
Hopkins Robert   Main
Horan, Miss Agnes   Waverly
Horan, Miss Annie Milliner Waverly
Horan John Stone cutter Tuckahoe rd
Horan, Miss Kate S. Dressmaker Waverly
Horan, Miss Mary Teacher Waverly
Horan Matthew Stone cutter Waverly
Horan Patrick Stone cutter Waverly
Horton Samuel, jr Book keeper Bridge
Horton Samuel Butcher Bridge
Hotchkiss Emerson Mason Bronxville rd
Housen John Laborer Waverly
Hughes, Miss Annie   Lakewood
Hughes Henry Blacksmith Lakewood
Hughes, Miss Kittie Music teacher Lakewood
Hughes, Miss Minnie   Lakewood
Hughes Robert Engineer Lakewood
Hughes Wm. H. Blacksmith Lakewood
Jackson, Miss Clara Milliner, N.Y.C. Tuckahoe av
Jackson, Miss Mary   Tuckahoe av
Jackson Michael Stone cutter Tuckahoe av
Jackson Stephen L. Carver Jefferson Place
Jackson William Type writer, N.Y.C. Tuckahoe av
Jeffers Walter Stone cutter Nanigoat la
Jones, Mrs Diana Widow Main nr depot
Jomes, Miss Fannie Dressmaker Main nr depot
Jones William H. Driver Lakewood
Joy John Cutter Lake
Keeber Frank   Hall av
Kelly, Mrs Catherine Widow Highland av
Kelly Joseph Carpenter  
Kelly, Miss Kate   Highland av
Kelly, Miss Mary Dressmaker Highland av
Kelly Michael Machinist Prospect
Kendrick Edward   Lake
Kiely John Stone cutter Highland av
Kilduff James Wines & liquors, White Plains rs nr Hall av White Plains rd nr Hall av
Kilduff James, sr Wines & liqours, Waverly Waverly
Kilduff P.J. Bar clerk White Plains rd nr Hall av
Kirk, Miss Mary   Prospect
Kirk Matthew Stone cutter Prospect
Kirwin James J. Wines & liquors, Old White Plains rd nr Highland av Old White Plains rd nr Highland
Kramer, Miss Emil   Cor Main & Breckenridge
Kramer Peter Groceries, boots, shoes, etc, cor Main & Breckenridge Cor Main & Breckenridge
Lattimer George Emp rubber wks Main nr depot
Lattimer Isabella Wks rubber wks Main nr depot
Lattimer James E. Wks rubber wks Main nr depot
Lavigne Damase Stone cutter Tuckahoe av
Lawrence John J. Carpenter Lakeville
Lawlor, Mrs Widow White Plains rd
Leary, Mrs Dave   Highland av
Leary John Stone cutter Highland av
Leary Michael   Tuckahoe av
Leary William Laborer Jefferson Place
Lent B.F. Musical goods Lake
Lent H.D. Attorney at law, Main opp depot Bronxville rd
Lent I.B. Real estate & insurance, Main opp depot Lake
Lent, Miss Ivah   Lake
Light W. Watchman Bridge
Lloyd William M. Builder Hill Rest
Losee Stewart Clerk Bds cor White Plains rd & Prospect av
Lukert V. Meat market, Waverly Prospect
McAuliffe Edward Stone cutter Waverly
McAuliffe, Miss Ellen Dressmaker Waverly
McAuliffe, Mrs Ellen Widow Waverly
McAuliffe Jeremiah Clerk, N.Y.C. Waverly
McAuliffe Peter J. Stone cutter Waverly
McCabe Aleck Stone cutter Old White Plains rd nr Highland
McCune Thomas Stone cutter Nanigoat la
McDonald Edward Stone cutter Prospect
McGuinness Patrick Gardener Prospect
McGuire John, jr Stone cutter Jefferson Place
McGuire John Laborer Main
McGuire Patrick Laborer Jefferson Place
McGuire Patrick Laborer Main
McGuire Thomas Laborer Lake
McMann Dennis Stone cutter Young's Hill
McMorrow Mary Domestic Prospect
McNamara Michael Shoemaker, cor Highland av & White Plains rd  
Madden, Mrs Mary Widow Highland av
Madden Wm. Blacksmith Highland av
Marlow Henry Stone cutter Washington Place
Marlow Henry E. Stone cutter Washington Place
Matthews Michael Stone cutter Highland av
Matthews, Mrs Philip Widow Tuckahoe av
Matthews S.A. Real estate & insurance, Main nr depot White Plains rd
Matthews William   Tuckahoe av
Melius Andrew R. Telegrapher Lakeville
Merritt, Mrs E.B. Widow Main nr depot
Merritt H.C. Coal, flour& feed, post office bldg opp depot Main nr Lake av
Miller Mike   Hall av
Minnerly Albert Carpenter Hill Rest
Molloy, Miss Annie   Highland av
Molloy Patrick Farmer Highland av
Molloy Thomas Driver, N.Y.C. Highland av
Monaghan John Stationery & news, also livery stable, Railroad av opp depot Railroad av opp depot
Monahan Michael Carpenter Lake
Mulcahy William Stone cutter Main
Mullen, Mrs Julia Widow Highland av
    Mulvey Bros. Wines & liquors, Old White Plains rd & Hall av  
Mulvey John Mulvey bros 21 S. 2nd av, Mt Vernon
Mulvey Owen   Lane
Mulvey Patrick Mulvey bros White Plains rd & Hall av
Mulvey Patrick   Lane
Murphy, Miss Annie   Lake
Murphy John Bar clerk Main nr depot
Murphy John Driller Main nr Hill Rest
Murphy, Miss Josie   Lake
Murphy Richard Gardener Highland av
Murphy Willie Stone cutter Prospect
Nash E.W. Mgr of the G.F. Cooper co Cor White Plains rd & Prospect av
    New York Quarry Co., Valley rd  
Noonan John Gardener Waverly
North William L. Bookkeeper Main
O'Brien, Mrs Elizabeth Wines & liquors, Old Post rd Old Post rd
O'Brien, Miss Ellie   Tuckahoe av
O'Brien, Mrs Ellie Widow Tuckahoe av
O'Brien Patrick Stone cutter Tuckahoe av
Odell A.   Lake
Odell Abraham R. Shade maker Main opp depot
Odell, Mrs Alice Boarding house, Main opp depot  
O'Neil John Laborer Nanigoat la
O'Rourk James Driller Washington Place
Oswell Adam Driller Main
O'Toole Thomas Stone cutter Young's Hill
Pearsall James C. Driver Main nr depot
    Post Office, F.E. Drate, postmaster, Main opp Depot  
Preston James Engineer Lake
Purdy E Watchman Oak av
Quinn Thomas Stone cutter Lakewood
Quinn William Compositor Lake
Quirk Nicholas   Nanigoat la
Quirk William Laborer Highland av
Rapp William Machinist Main
Reardon, Mrs Nora Fancy goods & notions, White Plains rd Highland av
Reid Christopher Quarryman Waverly
Reid John Horseshoer Lake
Reid, Miss Jhlia Dressmaker Prospect
Reid Nicholas Stone cutter Prospect
Richards Isaac   Prospect
Rickett James Stone cutter Tuckahoe av
Riley, Miss Amelia   Tuckahoe av
Riley, Miss Armenia   Tuckahoe av
Riley, Mrs George Widow Lake
Riley Stephen   Lake
Riley, Miss Viola   Tuckahoe av
Riley William Driver Tuckahoe av
Riley William Wks rubber wks Tuckahoe av
Riordan, Mrs Nora Dry goods, Main Highland av
Rutan John Carpenter Lake
Ruth Daniel Driller Waverly
Sands Edward Farming Main nr depot
Schultz George Tanner Bronxville rd
Scully Edward Stone cutter Jefferson Place
Secord F.R.L. Dentist, N.Y.C. Hill Rest
    Shelly, John P, Florist, between old & new White Plains rds  
Sheridan John Stone cutter Main
Silk Joseph Stone cutter Prospect
Sloat Charles Wks rubber wks Lakewood
Sloat George Machinist Lakewood
Sloat, Mrs Kate Widow Lakewood
Small John   Nanigoat la
Smith Alexander Stone cutter Main
Smith, Dr. J.W. Physician, nr Bridge Bridge
Smith Joseph Laborer Hall av
Smith Tony Shoemaker Main nr depot
Smith William A. Drug clerk Main nr depot
Smith William Laborer Hall av
Staab Alexander Carpenter Main
Staab C.   Main
Staab Charles   Main
Staab Frederick Shipping clerk Oak av
Staab Henry Clerk, White Plains Main
Staab John F. Foreman Fairview cottage
Staab, Miss Sophia   Main
Sullivan, Miss Carrie   Waverly
Sullivan James Blacksmith Waverly
Tachimoner William Laborer Hall av
Thompson Richard Stone cutter Highland av
Thorn S. Driver Central av
Tierce G. Importer, N.Y.C. Highland av
Tierce G.H. Clerk, N.Y.C. Highland av
Tooney Daniel Wks rubber wks Lake
Trainor Thomas Laborer Young's Hill
Travis Edward Clerk, Mt Vernon Waverly
    Tuckahoe Home, Building & Loan assn (Chas R. Dusenberry, pres, S. Stevenson, sect'y)Main opp depot  
    Tuckahoe Home, Building & Land co(J.M. Cummings pres, Edward Underhill vice-pres, H. Hanson treas, F.W. Clark sect'y)Main nr depot  
    Tuckahoe Land & Improvement Co(H.M. Underhill pres, W.A. Cameron sect'y, J.C.B Matthews treas)Main nr depot  
    Tuckahoe Lumber & Coal Co, opp Harlem depot  
    Tuckahoe Real Estate Co(Chas Dusenberry jr. pres, H.D. Lent sect't) Main opp depot  
    Tuckahoe Quarry Co., Valley rd  
Underhill Caleb   Bridge
Underhill H.M. Matthews, Underhill & Co. also pres Tuckahoe Land & Improvement Co Underhill st
Underhill William H.   Main
Underhill W.S. With Hogeman Rubber co Underhill st
Walsh Martin Clerk Valley rd
Ward Lawrence Foreman Main
Warnock John Wines & liquors, also barber shop, cor White Plains rd & Prospect av Cor White Plains rd & Prospect av
Warnock, Miss Katie   Cor White Plains rd & Prospect av
Warnock, Mrs Maria Widow Cor White Plains rd & Prospect av
Welch Edward Laborer Main
Whalen, Mrs Hannah Widow Lakewood
Whalen Rody Wks rubber wks Lakewood
White, Miss Maggie   Main
White P.J. Jr Stone cutter Main
White Patrick Stone cutter Main
White, Miss Sarah   Main
Whyte Henry L. Carpenter Lake
Williamson Henry Exchange hotel, wines & liquors, Main nr depot Main nr depot
Williamson J.S. Meat market, cor White Plains rd & Highland av Cor White Plains rd & Highland av
Williamson M.J.   Tuckahoe av
Wilson William Laborer Tuckahoe av
Wise, Mrs Catherine Widow Bronxville rd
Wise, Mrs Frank Widow Main
Wise John Clerk Main
Wise William Clerk Bronxville rd
Wright William R. Stone cutter Cedar
Wygant Charles E. Com. Traveler Hill Rest
Yensen H. Carpenter Jefferson Place
Young James H. Young & St Clair Marble House, W.P. Rd
Young, Mrs J.S. Widow Marble House, W.P. Rd
Young, Miss Kate   Marble House, W.P. Rd
Young, Miss Mary   Marble House, W.P. Rd
Young R.   Marble House, W.P. Rd
Young F.T. House furnishing goods, Breckenridge, nr depot Fairview av
Young, Miss Rebecca   Marble House, W.P. Rd

Web Editor's Notes:

  1. "W.P. Rd" presumably means "White Plains Road" which is also Route 22 on many current day maps.
  2. "depot" would presumably mean the Train depot or station in Tuckahoe. Today, that area is called Depot Square.

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