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Westchester County, NY 

Turner's New York & Harlem Railroad Directory
between New York City and Brewster for the Years 1891-1892

Published by E.F Turner & co. of 217 Elm St., Yonkers, N.Y.


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The following portion of the above-named city directory was transcribed by John LaBarre. Over time, he intends to transcribe more portions of the directory which will be added to this Westchester site as they become available.

This directory does not list every place in Westchester but rather it lists those towns and villages which are adjacent to the the Harlem Railroad which today is called the Harlem Division of MetroNorth Railroad. This rail line travels north from Grand Central Station in New York City, then roughly up the center of Westchester County, and onward into Putnam County.

Last name First name Business address or profession Home address
Allen Melvin J. Farmer Bedford Ave.
Arnold E.A. Asst. Postmaster  
Arnold S. Boots & shoes, also postmaster, Main cor North Main
Arnold Elbridge A. Asst postmaster Main
Austin Clarence R. Editor & propr., The Croton Valley Times Cherry
Avery Alfred F. Mfr Main
Avery, Mrs. Emily Widow Railroad Ave.
Avery, Miss. Myrtilla   Main
Barrett Joseph Custom House officer Elm
Benedict Creswell Clerk Palmer Ave.
Benedict Dewitt Clerk Palmer Ave.
Benedict Joseph Tea merchant, N.Y.C. Palmer Ave.
Benedict M.S. Watchmaker & jewler, Main Palmer Ave.
Bertschi, Miss. Bertha   Railroad Ave.
Bertschi, Miss. Mary Silk warper Railroad Ave.
Bertschi, Miss. Melia Silk warper Railroad Ave.
Bertschi Samuel Silk weaver Railroad Ave.
Blackenberg Fred Baker Palmer Ave.
Bouton John Butcher Bds Main
Bowman, Miss Genevieve   Bedford Ave.
Bowman, Miss Grace S.   Bedford Ave.
Bowman, Rev. S.L. Pastor Methodist Church Bedford Ave.
Brady Joseph, Jr. Bakery, Railroad Ave. opp depot Railroad Ave. opp depot
Brady Joseph O., Sr. Meat market, Railroad Ave. Railroad Ave.
Brown W. Everett Carriage painter, Bedford Station Railroad Ave.
Brown Oscar   Maple Ave.
Brundage L.M. Treas. & gen'l mangr, Katonah Silk Co. Palmer Ave.
Brundage Leemon Engineer Bedford Ave.
Cahn Samuel Farmer Palmer Ave.
Carpenter, Dr. W.J. Physician Main
Carr W.J. Horseshoer & blacksmith, Railroad Ave. Main
Chapman, Dr. A.F. Physician Main
Church Howard Blacksmith Palmer Ave.
Church William F. Blacksmith Palmer Ave.
Collyer J.A.   Railroad Ave.
Cowir William Carpenter Main
Cowl William Carpenter Main
Cox James Miller Palmer Ave.
Cox, Miss. Norah School teacher Palmer Ave.
Crane, Miss. Emily   Maple Ave.
Crawford, Miss. C.B. Millinery, North nr Main North nr Main
Cronk, Miss Marguerite   Maple Ave.
Cronk, Miss Rena B.   Maple Ave.
Cronk Stephen Blacksmith Maple Ave.
Crosby William Bar clerk, Katonah Hotel Katonah Hotel
    Croton Valley Times, (The), weekley, C.R. Austin, editor & propr., Main  
Dalrymple Ille Domestic Travis Ave.
Daniels A.C. Horse & ox shoer, c Railroad Ave & River Bds c Railroad Ave & River
Daughton James Gardener Elm
Deacon, Mrs. A. Widow Bedford Ave.
Deacon Henry B. Clerk Bedford Ave.
Dexter, Miss Nettie   Bedford Ave.
Dexter Philip Carpenter & builder, Bedford Rd. Bedford Rd.
Dexter William J. Carpenter Palmer Ave.
Dillon Annie Domestic Main
Dingee Henry O. Bookkeeper Railroad Ave.
Dingee James Laborer Palmer Ave.
Dingee Orville Watchman Railroad Ave.
Dingee Sealey Laborer Palmer Ave.
    Doyle Bros. Grocers, florists & seedsman, Railroad Ave. opp depot  
Doyle T.J. Doyle Bros. Railroad Ave.
Doyle W.J. Florist & of Doyle Bros. East of village about 1 mile
Eastman, Rev. J.H. Pastor Presbyterian Church Main
Elliott L.W. Kellog & Elliott Main
Elliott Sarah M. Widow Railroad Ave.
Fisher Edward Laborer Maple Ave.
Fletcher W.C. Secty., Katonah Silk Co. Railroad Ave.
Flewellin Charles Teamster Maple Ave.
Flewellin Lumarie Carpenter Maple Ave.
Folger Martin Laborer Palmer Ave.
Folsom E.S. Photographer, also wholesale dealer in wrapping paper, bags, etc. Railroad Ave. Railroad Ave.
Ford James Farmer Elm
Ford James, Jr. Laborer Elm
French J.H. Shoemaker, Bedford Rd. South Katonah
French, Miss Mary A. Quiller Bedford Ave.
Gallagher Thomas Com. Merchant Palmer Ave.
Gorham F.W. Druggist, Main Bedford Ave.
Green Charles Carpenter Elm
Green, Miss. Ella   Elm
Green, Mrs. Hester Widow Bds Katonah Hotel
Green T.K. Prop. Katonah Hotel, Railroad Ave, opp depot  
Gregory George E. Brakeman Maple Ave.
Gregory, Miss. Louisa School teacher Maple Ave.
Gregory William F. Jr. Candy-maker Maple Ave.
Gregory William F. Stamp dealer Maple Ave.
Haight Albert Carpenter Palmer Ave.
Haight, Miss. May   Palmer Ave.
Hallett, Mrs. Mary E. Widow Bedford Ave.
Hallett John W. Painter Bedford Ave.
Harrow Fred Supt., Katonah Silk Co. East of village about 1 mile
Hitt Cassie   Cor Railroad Ave & River
Hitt, Miss. Alice   Cor Railroad Ave & River
Hitt Edgar Carriage works also blacksmith, cor River & Railroad Ave. Cor Railroad Ave & River
Hoffman Frank Barber Main
    Holmes, John C. & son, flour & feed, coal, wood etc., Railroad Ave. opp depot.  
Holmes John C. J.C. Holmes & Son, also wholesale dealer in calves, sheep etc., East Katonah
Holmes John R. J.C. Holmes & Son, East Katonah
Hoey Thomas   Bedford Ave.
Horton James E. Farmer Main
Hoyt Albert Hoyt Brothers Main
    Hoyt Brothers, dry goods, groceries, clothing, etc., furniture & undertaker, Main  
Hoyt Edgar Katonah bakery, Main Railroad Ave.
Hoyt, Miss. Effie   Maple Ave.
Hoyt, Miss. Emily   Main
Hoyt Frederick   Maple Ave.
Hoyt James Clerk Main
Hoyt, Miss. Matilda   Main
Hoyt Robert   Main
Hoyt, Mts. S.A. Widow Main
Hoyt Seth Laborer Maple Ave.
Hoyt Samuel B. Hoyt Brothers Main
Hubbard Oliver Station agent Anderson Ave.
Hunt Charles   Bedford Ave.
Hunt, Miss. Elizabeth Artist Bedford Ave.
Hunt Frederick Farmer Bedford Ave.
Hunt, Miss. Kate   Bedford Ave.
Hunt, Miss. Mary   Bedford Ave.
Jaycox Charles I. Jaycox & Sons. Bedford Ave.
Jaycox Isaac Carpenter Main
Jaycox Newton I. Jaycox & Sons. Bedford Ave.
Jones Seth Brakeman Railroad Ave.
    Katonah Hotel, T.K. Green propr., Railroad Ave., opp depot  
    Katonah Silk Co., H.W. Kellog, Pres., L.M. Brundage, Treas. & general manager, mfrs of silk ribbon & fancy bands, north of Bedford Ave.  
    Kellog & Elliott, hardware, lumber, coal & livery stables, Railroad Ave near depot  
Kellog H.W. Kellog & Elliott, also pres Katonah Silk Co., Railroad Ave.
King, Mrs. Louisa Widow Railroad Ave.
Knapp A. Painter Elm
Kniffen William Laborer Maple Ave.
Kniffen William H. Mail agent Palmer Ave.
Kutschbock Robert A. Lawyer, N.Y.C. Main
Lent F.H. Livery, sale & exchange stables, opp railroad depot Railroad Ave.
    Lyon Brothers, dry goods, clothing, etc., also undertakers, Railroad Ave.  
Lyon Albert Wagon and carriage maker, Railroad Ave. Bedford Ave.
Lyon Jere M. Lyon Brothers Church
Lyon William P. Lyon Brothers Cantito
Marshall W. Farmer Bedford Ave.
Marshall Walter Farmer Bds Katonah Hotel
Mayne Harry   Main
Mayne James C. Plumber Main
McCaull, Mrs. Esther Widow Palmer Ave.
McCloskey, Dr. D.W.C. Physician Palmer Ave.
Mead Charles Clerk Railroad Ave.
Merritt Abraham   Railroad Ave.
Merrritt, Miss. Edna   Railroad Ave.
Merritt Herbert L. Apprentice Railroad Ave.
Miller, Mrs. Francis Widow Railroad Ave.
Miller George W. Truckman Bedford Ave.
Miller, Mrs. Isabella C. Widow Maple Ave.
Miller Louis H. Real estate & insurance, post office building, Main. Palmer Ave.
Miller Marion   Main
Murphy William Laborer Maple Ave.
Newman Edgar B. Pension agent Main
Parent Henry M. Laborer Palmer Ave.
Parent, Mrs. Martha M. Widow Palmer Ave.
Parent, Miss Mary A.   Palmer Ave.
Parent, Miss Ophelia J.   Palmer Ave.
Purdy Daniel Stone cutter Elm
Purdy E.J. Bookkeeper Railroad Ave.
Purdy, Miss Libbie J.   Railroad Ave.
Purdy, Miss Nettie   Elm
Queean Winnie Domestic TravisAve.
Ray George Clerk Bedford Ave.
Richey R. Gents furnishings, tobacco & segars, also barber, Main Main
Robertson Charles F. Mason Railroad Ave.
Robertson, Miss Gussie   Railroad Ave.
Robertson William Tinsmith Railroad Ave.
Robertson Judge W.H. Close & Robertson Katonah
Schall G. Farmer Maple Ave.
Scofield, Miss Mary   Railroad Ave.
Scofield James R. Tinsmith Railroad Ave.
Seamon O.D. Watchman Railroad Ave.
Seamon, Mrs. Mary T. Widow Railroad Ave.
Searls Edgar   Palmer Ave.
Searls, Miss Agnes   Palmer Ave.
Searls Horace Farmer Palmer Ave.
See Emerson Teamster Bedford Ave.
See William Clerk Main
Smith, Miss Charlotte   Railroad Ave.
Smith, Dr. Karl C. Dentist, Main Main
Smith Thomas Clerk North nr Main
Stinson Thomas Farmer Palmer Ave.
Sutton Anson A. Farmer Bedford Ave.
Thomas Frank Carpenter Maple Ave.
Thomas J.D. Wood worker Maple Ave.
Thorn Benjamin G. Cabinet maker TravisAve.
Thorn John H. Carpenter TravisAve.
Tompkins W.S. Farmer Maple Ave.
Towey Michael Laborer Elm
Travis Bernard Farmer TravisAve.
Travis Louisa Painter Maple Ave.
Turner James Clerk Main
Tuttle James A. Roofer Maple Ave.
Ufford, Mrs. A.A. Widow Main
Ufford Flora Wks silk works Main
Ufford Grace S. Wks silk works Main
Upworth, Miss Flora Silk weaver Main
Upworth, Miss Grace S. Silk weaver Main
Upworht, Mrs.   Widow Main
Van Tassel, Miss Annie E.   Bedford Ave.
Van Tassel Andrew M. Meat market, Main Main
Van Tassel, Miss Josie   Main
Van Tassel, Miss Lizzie   Main
Van Tassel W.P. Veterinary surgeon Bedford Ave.
Vail George Stone mason Elm
Webb Ralph Driver Railroad Ave.
Westcott Frank B. Dealer in all popular cycles, Main Main
Wheeler, Mrs. M.A. Widow Bedford Ave.
Whitlock, Mrs. H.W. Widow Bedford Ave.
Williams James H. Harness, sadlery, etc., Railroad Ave. Cherry
Wolf William Compositor Bds Cherry
Wolper Gerald Drug clerk Bedford Ave.
Wright G. Clerk Main
Wright George Bar clerk Bds Katonah Hotel
Wright William, Jr. Painter Main

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