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Westchester County, NY 

Turner's New York & Harlem Railroad Directory
between New York City and Brewster for the Years 1891-1892

Published by E.F Turner & co. of 217 Elm St., Yonkers, N.Y.


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The following portion of the above-named city directory was transcribed by John LaBarre. Over time, he intends to transcribe more portions of the directory which will be added to this Westchester site as they become available.

This directory does not list every place in Westchester but rather it lists those towns and villages which are adjacent to the the Harlem Railroad which today is called the Harlem Division of MetroNorth Railroad. This rail line travels north from Grand Central Station in New York City, then roughly up the center of Westchester County, and onward into Putnam County.

Note: Main street is now called King Street.

Surname First Name Business Address or Profession Home Address
Ackerly Daniel Laborer Egan Place
Allen Jackson Dry goods & millinery, Main near depot  
    American Express Co, Railroad depot  
Pratt H.R Agent, American Express Co, Railroad  
Aston Louisa   Widow, Main St.
Bailey Frank T. Town clerk Main, outside limits
Baker Peter Shoemaker Depot Place
Banks Richard Shoe-operator Railroad ave.
Belli, Mrs Teraso   Widow, Main St.
Bird William Vice-pres, Chappaqua Shoe Mfg. Co Main st.
Bischoff Henry W. Pres, Chappaqua Shoe Mfg. Co. Main st.
Bischoff Henry W., Jr.   Main st.
Bischoff W.H. Bookkeeper Main st.
Bischoff Wm. Real estate, N.Y.C. Main st.
Bliss Benj. Carpenter Main st.
Bogan, Miss Grace   Main st.
Bouton Charles   Main st.
Brown Wm. Farmer Ravine Ave.
Bullock Harry Painter Pleasant Ave.
Bullock Will Carpenter Ravine Ave.
Carr R.F. Custom House Officer Main st.
Lewis, James M., /Prop. Chappaqua Hotel. Main near Depot  
    Chappaqua Shoe Mfg co.
H.W. Bischoff, pres.
Charles Dawson, secty,
Railroad Ave near depot
Cocks, Miss Amy   Main st.
Conklin Tip Farmer Main st.
Connor John Farmer Main st.
Cox Daniel Shoemaker Main st.
Cresy, Mrs. Hannah   Widow, Greeley Ave.
Crosson George H. Wheelwright & blacksmith, Main St Main st.
Crosson Hyatt Harness maker, Main st. Main st.
Crosson Lewis Telegraph operator Main st.
Crosson, Miss Susie   Main st.
Cullen Percy Telegraph operator Main st.
Dawson Charles Secty, Chappaqua shoe Mfg. co. Mount Kisco
Dexter W.B. Clerk, N.Y.C. Main st.
Donovan Dan Farmer Pleasant Ave.
Egan, Miss Maggie   Egan Pl.
Egan, Mrs. Winfield   Widow, Egan Pl.
Farrington Remington   Main st.
    Fish Bros. Undertakers, Chappaqua & Mt Kisco  
Gannon Michael Blacksmith Greeley ave.
Hadley James Shoemaker Main st.
Hadley William Shoemaker Main st.
Hagner, Mrs. D.H. Dressmaker Main st.
Haight George W. Asst. postmaster Main, outside limits
Haight Israel A. Grocer, also postmaster, Main St. Main, outside limits
Haviland Robert R.S. Haviland & Son Main, outside limits
    R.S. Haviland, coal, lumber, coopers, etc, Railroad Ave  
Haviland R.S. R.S. Haviland & Son Main, outside limits
Hays Esther   Main st.
Hitchcock, Miss Amanda Shoe operator Greeley ave.
Hitchcock, Miss Annie   Main st.
Hitchcock Charles W. Shoe operator Greeley ave.
Hitchcock, Mrs. H.J.   Widow, Greeley Ave.
Hunt David Attorney-at-law Main st.
Hunt George Flour, feed, paints, oils & varnishes, Main St.  
Hunt Levi General store, Main st. Main st.
Hunter Philip W. Shoemaker Main st.
Hunter William Clerk, N.Y.C. Main st.
Hyatt, Mrs. J.   Widow, Main St.
Hyatt Wilbur Livery stable, Main st. Main st.
Jahne Charles E. Insurance clerk Butts Place
Jahne William H. Insurance, N.Y.C. Butts Place
Johnson Cora Domestic Main near depot
Kelly A.F. Stock fitter Greeley ave.
Kenyon Charles Hackman Main st.
Kipp Benjamin Shoemaker Main st.
Knapp Samuel Barber, Main near depot Main near depot
Lallament Joseph Shoemaker Main st.
Lawrence, Mrs. Sarah   Greeley ave.
Leach Edward Fireman Greeley ave.
Lewis James M. Propr. Chappaqua Hotel, Main near  
McCann Dennis   Main st.
McCarty John Student Egan Place
McCarty, Miss Josie   Egan Pl.
McCarty Peter Laborer Egan Pl.
McGarrity John Laborer Egan Pl.
Mack, Dr. G.A. Dentist Greeley Ave, South
Malagreno P. Shoemaker Main st.
Markhin Sigmund Button hole maker Greeley ave.
Martin William Shoemaker Egan Pl.
Matthews Joseph Cooper Main st.
Mayett Charles Shoemaker Depot Place
Mellin Edward Laborer Main st.
Mellin Johnnie Laborer Main st.
Mellin Larry Laborer Main st.
Miller Henry   Main st.
Murphy James Farmer Main st.
Murphy Thomas Laborer Egan Pl.
Page Clarence W. W.M. Page & Son Main st.
Page W.M. W.M. Page & Son Main st.
    W.M Page & Son, general merchandise  
Partelow, Miss Carrie   Main st.
Patch, Miss Florence   Main st.
Patch, Dr. H.F. Physician Main st.
Pratt Henry R. Station agent Main st.
Quimby George Shoe mfr, Pleasantville Main st.
Quimby, Miss Josie Shoe operator Main st.
Quinby A.J. Exporter apples & fruit, opp railroad station Mill St.
Quinby Edward S.   Greeley ave.
Quinby George Shoe operator Main st.
Quinby J.S. Barrel mfr, opp railroad station Mill St.
Quinby, Miss Josie   Main st.
Quinby, Miss Lizzie M.   Greeley ave.
Quinby, Miss Nellie   Greeley ave.
    Quinby's Opera House, opp railroad depot  
Quinby W. Fred Watchman Greeley ave.
Reed John Bar clerk Opp railroad depot
Rolf Charles Shoe operator Main st.
Rose James Cooper Main st.
Rosenburg, Miss Agnes   Depot Place
Rosenburg, Miss Annie   Depot Place
Rosenburg John Shoemaker Depot Place
Rosenburg, Miss Mary   Depot Place
Ryan, Mrs Thomas   Widow, Egan Pl.
Sands Alfred Marshall Propr. Sands House, opp. railroad depot Sands House, opp. railroad depot
Sands, Miss Alice   Sands House, opp railroad depot
Scofield John Shoemaker Main st.
Scott Charles Burnisher Greeley ave.
Seaman James Boarding Main st.
Smalley Caleb   Main st.
Smalley Charles Laborer Main st.
Smalley Edward Carpenter Main st.
Smalley Hiram Shoe operator Butts Place
Smalley Hiram Farmer Ravine Ave.
Smalley Joshua Farmer Main st.
Smalley Wesley Laborer Egan Pl.
Smalley Wm. H. Laborer Main st.
Sutton, Miss E.H.   Main st.
Sutton Frederick Barrel dealer Main st.
Sutton Jaessie H. Farmer Main st.
Sutton, Miss M.H.   Main st.
Sweeny Charles Farmer Greeley Ave.
Sweeny Thomas Laborer Greeley Ave.
Tompkins Amos Flour, feed, paints, stoves, tinware, etc, Main near depot Main St. near depot
Tompkins Irving Deputy sheriff Main st.
Tompkins Oscar Tinsmith Main st.
Tompkins Wright F. Meat market, coal, ice, etc, Main Main st.
Tuttle Joseph Laborer Pleasant Ave.
Twoney Richard Laborer Main st.
Van Wart, Mrs. Annie   Widow, Ravine Ave.
Van Wart Lawrence Shoe operator Ravine Ave.
Washburn Jesse Hackman Main st.
Welch John Laborer Main st.
Wheeler E.V. Shoemaker, main near depot
Williams I.T. Atty at law Main st.
Yerks Aaron Mason Ravine Ave.
Yerks Alexander Wheelwright Egan Pl.
Yerks Alexander P. Clerk Railroad ave.
Yerks Cassius Shoe fitter Greeley ave.
Yerks David Farmer Ravine Ave.
Yerks Ellsworth Shoemaker Egan Pl.
Yerks Gilbert Shoe cutter Ravine Ave.
Yerks Leonard Laborer Egan Pl.
Young Andrew   Main st.
Young, Miss Ida   Greeley ave.
Young Thomas Blacksmith & wheelwright, Railroad Ave Railroad ave.

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