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Westchester County, NY 

Turner's New York & Harlem Railroad Directory
between New York City and Brewster for the Years 1891-1892

Published by E.F Turner & co. of 217 Elm St., Yonkers, N.Y.

Bronxville (Eastchester)

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The following portion of the above-named city directory was transcribed by John LaBarre. Over time, he intends to transcribe more portions of the directory which will be added to this Westchester site as they become available.

This directory does not list every place in Westchester but rather it lists those towns and villages which are adjacent to the the Harlem Railroad which today is called the Harlem Division of MetroNorth Railroad. This rail line travels north from Grand Central Station in New York City, then roughly up the center of Westchester County, and onward into Putnam County.

Last name First name Business address or profession Home address
Allerton Archibald   Underhill rd
Austin, Miss Frances   Lawrence rd
Bacon F. Piano maker, N.Y.C. Underhill rd
Bates C.F. Lawuer, N.Y.C. Lawrence Park
Bates W.A. Architect, N.Y.C. Lawrence Park
Bell T.   Bronxville rd
Burtnett Abram   Pondfield rd
Butts, Miss C.A.   Pondfield rd
Chainau Francis Tinsmith Pondfield rd
Chambers F.R. Clothier, N.Y.C. Pondfield rd
Chambers F.R., Jr.   Pondfield rd
Chambers, Miss Mary E.   Pondfield rd
Chattell Charles Stone cutter Pipe Line rd
Crunden R.G. Saleman Underhill rd
Duden Herman   Underhill rd
Feldhusen John Merchant, N.Y.C. Underhill rd
Ferris William   Pondfield rd
Fideau R. Editor Underhill rd
Fideau R.S., Jr.   Underhill rd
Fideau William R.   Underhill rd
Fried, Miss Catherine   Pondfield rd
Fried George Piano maker, N.Y.C. Pondfield rd
Fried Jacob Wheelwright Pondfield rd
Garmody G.A.   Bronxville rd
Galadwin E. Broker, N.Y.C. Lawrence Park
Golow Newton Tanner Underhill rd
Goodenough Abraham Park Foreman Lawrence Park
Goodenough Edward Steam fitter Lawrence Park
Grey, Miss Charlotte   Underhill rd
Grey, Miss Ella   Underhill rd
Grey, Miss Josephine   Underhill rd
Grey, Miss Mary E.   Underhill rd
Grey Robert W. Ship joiner Underhill rd
Grey Robert W., Jr   Underhill rd
Hargreaves Henry School janitor Pondfield rd
Hanesn Christian Carpenter Underhill rd
Higgins William Blacksmith Pondfield rd
Hinman H. Army paymaster Bronxville rd
Hollingshead William B. Electro-metallurgist Bronxville rd
Imre, Miss Isabella Teacher Cedar
Imre, Miss Lilly   Cedar
Imre Malcom Stone cutter Cedar
Imre, Miss Margaret School teacher Cedar
Kane John Blacksmith Swain
Kane John A. Blacksmith Swain
Keifer Rosa Domestic Cedar
Kirchhof Adolph Grocer, N.Y.C. Cedar
Kraft F.W. Tanner Cedar
Kraft John Tanner Cedar
Kraft William Saleman Cedar
Latimer A.E.   Underhill rd
Lyding Peter   Cedar
March Anthony Florist Pondfield rd
Masterton Alexander   Pondfield rd
McCarthy Oliver Laborer Cedar
Miller Lena Domestic Cedar
Muldoon William   Pondfield rd
Murty, Mrs. Mary E. Widow Pondfield rd
Murty William Station agent Pondfield rd
Odell A.   Bronxville rd
Olphert, Mrs. K. Wines & liquors Swain
Olsen A.   Underhill rd
O'Neill Dennis Carpenter & builder Cedar
O'Neill, Miss Marguerite   Cedar
Oppendyke, Miss Augusta Dressmaker Cedar
O'Rourke     Pipe Line rd
Plum, Miss N.   Pondfield rd
Ransom Edward Rubber worker Underhill rd
Ransom George Rubber worker Underhill rd
Ransom Isaac D. Insurance Underhill rd
Rapson, Miss C.A.   Pondfield rd
Rapson Guy H. Fireman Pondfield rd
Rapson Henry Engineer Pondfield rd
Rapson, Miss J.   Pondfield rd
Roach Richard Teamster Underhill rd
Smith Alfred   Pondfield rd
Smith Alfred E., Jr. Lawuer, N.Y.C. Pondfield rd
Smith, Mrs. A.V.T. Grocer, N.Y.C. Pondfield rd
Smith, Dr. D.E. Physician, N.Y.C. Underhill rd
Smith Richard, Jr. Associated Press agent Lawrence Park
Springer Frederick Piano maker Cedar
Springer John Carpenter Cedar
Stevens Harry S. Manufacturers agent Lawrence Park
Suydam, Mrs J.G.   Pondfield rd
Tibbels Charles   Pondfield rd
Underhill L.O. Postmaster Underhill rd
Underhill William H.   Underhill rd
Waller, Mrs. M.A.   Pondfield rd
Webber A.R.   Bronxville rd
Wilson Thomas Tanner Pondfield rd
Wise Francis Hackman Underhill rd
Yager Jacob   Underhill rd

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