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Westchester County, NY 

Turner's New York & Harlem Railroad Directory
between New York City and Brewster for the Years 1891-1892

Published by E.F Turner & co. of 217 Elm St., Yonkers, N.Y.

Brewster, Putnam county

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The following portion of the above-named city directory was transcribed by John LaBarre. Over time, he intends to transcribe more portions of the directory which will be added to this Westchester site as they become available.

This directory does not list every place in Westchester but rather it lists those towns and villages which are adjacent to the the Harlem Railroad which today is called the Harlem Division of MetroNorth Railroad. This rail line travels north from Grand Central Station in New York City, then roughly up the center of Westchester County, and onward into Putnam County.

Last name First name Business address or profession Home address
Able, Mrs. Ann Widow Elm
Able Fred Watchman Elm
Able, Miss. Mary   Elm
Able William Box maker Elm
    Adams Express Co., Main  
Addis E.W. Propr., The Brewster Standard, also postmaster, Main Cor Prospect & Maple av
Agnew Lawrence Stableman Main
Agnew Terrance Laborer North
Anderson M. Domestic Railroad av
Archer David   Main
Armstrong, Mrs. Eliza Widow Prospect
Arnold George Boarding stable, Main Maple av
Arnold Oscar Coachman Maple av
Arnold, Mrs. Susan Widow Main
Austin, Miss. Bell   Turk Hill rd
Augustine John Hostler Main
Avery Charles Salesman Main
Avery Georgianna   Main
Avery S.O. Tinsmith, Main Main
Babcock, Rev. A.R. Pastor, Baptist church Maple av
Babcock, Miss. Grace L.   Maple av
Badt Marcus Dry goods, clothing, etc, cor Main & Park Maple av
Bailey E. Grocer, Main Elm
Bailey Gilbert D.   Main
Bailey, Mrs. Hester   Elm
Bailey Hubert Clerk Main
Baiter I.H. Engineer Railroad av
Barnum Frederick Lawyer, Main Maple av
Barrett, Miss. Alpha   Main
Barrett, Miss. Anna Employee, milk factory Marvin av
Barrett Coleman Carpenter Marvin av
Barrett Frank Clerk Marvin av
Barrett George W. Employee, milk factory Marvin av
Barrett, Mrs. Maria   Marvin av
Barrett, Miss. Mary Employee, milk factory Marvin av
Barrett, Mrs. Nancy Widow Main
Barrett Thomas D. Machinist Marvin av
Barrett William Laborer Railroad av
Barton John Laborer Marvin av
Baxter J.D. Baxter & Shove, livery sale & exchange stables Main
Beach Frank A. Laborer Marvin av
Bean Frank Railroader Marvin av
Beers Julius   Maple av
Bennett, Miss. C.E.   Railroad av
Biglow Bert Roadmaster North
Birch Albert Engineer Prospect
Birch, Miss. Annie   Prospect
Birch Daniel Bookkeeper Prospect
Birdsall Frank Mail agent Elm
Bowen Frank Civil engineer North
Branch William Shirt mfr. Bds Brewster House
Brennan Thomas Employee, milk factory Elm
    Brewster House, B.A. Munson mgr., Main  
    Brewster Standard, E.W. Addis, propr, Main  
Brewster Walter F. Carpenter Marvin av
Bristol Charles Clerk Maple av
Brownsell Samuel Supt. Prospect
Brundage, Mrs. D. Millinery, Railroad av Railroad av
Brundage Elias Carpenter North
Brundage Gilbert Carpenter Railroad av
Brundage, Miss. Mary   North
Buckley E.S. Employee, milk factory Main
Budd Arthur P. Ins. & Real estate, Main Near Southeast Centre
Byington Robert Driver Main
Cahaskie, Mrs. Charles Millinery, Main Main
Canevari John Fruits, Main Tilly Foster Mine Rd.
Carr, Mrs. Mary   Prospect
Carroll Thomas W. Conductor Day's av
Caton William Teamster Main
Chapman Ira Mason Main
Charter Coleman J.   Main
Charter George Condenser Main
Charter, Miss. Nellie   Main
Chase Alvin   Marvin av
Church Samuel   Prospect
Clark, Mrs. Mary Widow Railroad av
Cogswell J.M.   Carmel av
Cogswell Josie Dressmaker Carmel av
Cole Edwin Clerk Main
Cole, Mrs. John Widow Main
Cole Wilbur Hackman Main
Connors Bridget Domestic Elm
Cook W.N. Inspector North
Cornell Purdy T. Freight agent Prospect
Cousei William Ticket agent Railroad av
Coyne Thomas G. Conductor North
Craft W.D. Carpenter Prospect
Crane, Miss. Anna   Prospect
Crane, Mrs Catherine   Prospect
Crane, Miss. Edith Employee, milk factory Prospect
Crane, Miss. Etta Employee, milk factory Prospect
Crane G.C.   Bds Brewster House
Crane, Miss. Kate School teacher Prospect
Crane W.H. Clerk Prospect
Crimmins David Brakeman Railroad av
Dadswell James Mason Marvin av
Dahm Charles Jeweler Main
Davis Dillazon Employee, milk factory Marvin av
Davis Humphrey C. Carpenter & builder, Main Main
Day John Harness maker, Main Day's av
Day John Jr.   Day's av
Day Levi S. Clerk Day's av
Decker Dewey Clerk Carmel av
DeForest A.E. Druggist, Main Prospect
DeForest, Miss. Nellie   Prospect
Delavan George Carpenter Main
Dempsey Mary Domestic Park
Denton Charles Pres. First National Bank Railroad av
Diamond George Engineer Prospect
Dickson Edward Grocer, Main Prospect
Dickson Edward Jr. Clerk Prospect
Dickson, Miss. Julia   Prospect
Diehl Philip Bakery & confectionery, Main Main
Dixon E.W. Shoes, dry goods etc., Main Main
Dowde James Brakeman North
Dryer Marx Gardener Prospect
Durcan Kate Domestic Main
Durkin Ella Domestic Prospect
Ellis Alexander Laborer Main
Eno, Miss. Emma   Main
Eno Frank Milk condenser Marvin av
Eno John S. Supts. Milk factory Main
Erickson John Woodworker Peacable Hill
Everett E.O. Compositor Valley View Farm
Exsposito Joseph Barber Main
Fagan C.W. J.B. Fagan & Sons Carmel av
Fagan J.B. J.B. Fagan & Sons Carmel av
    J.B. Fagan & Sons, marble & granite works, Railroad av  
Fagan J.H. J.B. Fagan & Sons Railroad av
Farrell George Drill man North
Feeley, Mrs. Mary Widow North
Fenn, Rev. Percy T. Rector, Espiscopal church Prospect
Ferguson, Mrs. Augusta Widow Marvin av
Field, Miss. Alida J. Employee, milk factory Main
Field, Mrs. L.C.   Main
Filaiatrault, Mrs. M.J. Widow Main
    First National Bank, Chas Denton, pres., Frank Wells, cashier  
Flynn James Express messenger North
Flynn, Miss. Mary Employee, milk factory Marvin av
Flynn Michael Laborer Marvin av
Flynn, Miss. Nellie   Marvin av
Foshay David Painter Peacable Hill
Foster, Mrs. A.A.   Maple av
Foster, Miss. Clara   Maple av
Foster John Teamster Main
Foster Theodore   Railroad av
Foster Theodore B.   Main
Fowler Charles Tinner Elm
Fowler Frank L. Tel. Operator Prospect
Freer, Mrs. A.D. Widow Main
Freer Charles, E.   Main
Freer, Miss. Cora, L.   Main
Freer George B.   Main
Freer George B. Printer Main
Fuller, Mrs. S.O.   Main
Gage, Mrs. Belinda Widow Maple av
Gage C.R.   Prospect
Gage, Miss. Kittie L. Elocutionist Prospect
Galagher, Miss. Annie   North
Galagher William, Jr. Engineer North
Galagher William Car inspector North
Galagher John Machinist Main
GaNun Field Insurance agent Railroad av
GaNun Starr Gen. Mdse, Main Carmel av
Ganung, Miss. Susie   Main
Ganung W.T. Druggist, Main Park
Ganung, Miss. Ida Sealer Marvin av
Garnsey Newton Employee, milk factory Marvin av
Garrisey Emory Fireman Marvin av
Garrison Isaac Conductor Van Scoy av
Garrison James Farmer Van Scoy av
Gavin James Bookkeeper Bds Main
Geraghty Frank Conductor Railroad av
Gilroy Ella   Railroad av
Gilroy John Propr. Putnam House, Railroad av  
Gilroy Maggie   Railroad av
Gorden James E. Watchman North
Gordman Jacob Clothing, etc., Main Main
Graham Charles Laborer Main
Grannis Miles Coachman Main
Graves George Milk inspector Main
Grimm Joseph Carpenter Marvin av
Grose James S. Meat market Main
Gullotta Tony Barber  
Haas Chris Baker Main
Hagney Michael Coach driver Main
Hall, Miss. Clara M.   Main
Hall Edith   Main
Hall F.R. Carriage mfr., Main Main
Hall George W. Flour, feed, coal, etc, also meat market, Main Main
Hall William H. Hostler Main
Halstead P.S. With P.T. Barnum show Main
Hampton Richard Watchmaker & jeweler, Main Main
Hancock Edward Clerk North
Hancock John   North
Hancock Nathaniel Furniture & undertaker, Main North
Hannan Patrick Laborer Main
Harmon, Mrs. Carrie Widow Carmel av
Harris Edward Engineer Railroad av
Harrison F.F. Plumber Main
Hart Daniel B. Employee, milk factory Park
Hazelton D.C. Clerk Main
Heady Jacob Laborer Pond rd
Healey Patrick Laborer Main
Henion, Mrs. C. Widow Carmel av
Henry, Rev. M.J. Pastor, Catholic Church Prospect
Hicks H.C. Employee, milk factory Main
Hicks J.E. Wheelwright, Main Main
Hodge Edward Clerk Marvin av
Hodge Granville Shoemaker, Main Carmel av
Hodge H.B. Purchasing agent, Main Main
Hodge R.F. Upholsterer Railroad av
Holmes Frank A. Clerk Main
Holmes John H. Dry goods, N.Y.C. Main
Holmes Morris Clerk Carmel av
Holvin George Butcher Main
Hooper Henry Commission agent Main
Hopkins Clifford   Main
Howes Annie E.   Railroad av
Howes Fannie M.   Railroad av
Howes Egbert C.   Railroad av
Howes J.I. Carpenter & builder, Main Railroad av
Howes, Miss. Lydia M.   Railroad av
Howes M.P. Photographer, Main Main
Hoyt, Mrs. Carrie   Main
Hubbell George B. Carpenter Prospect
Hubbell Henry Shoemaker, Main Prospect
Hultz Solamon Driver Main
Hunbert William Civil engineer Prospect
Hunt, Miss. Emma School teacher Prospect
Hunt, Mrs. Mary Widow Prospect
Husk Frank Machinist Peacable Hill
Hutchings Charles Civil engineer Railroad av
Hutchings Irwin Laborer Main
Hutchings Warren Stone mason Main
Hutchinson, Jr. J.C. Barber Park
Hutchin V.   Park
Jacobson Julius Driver Main
Jewell Henry Employee, milk factory Marion av
Johnson, Miss. Ella   Main
Johnson, Miss. Nettie   Main
Johnson William Carriage builder  
Johnston Carrie, (col) Washer Main
Johnston Mattie, (col) Domestic Main
Jones Rosa, (col) Domestic Main
Jones Thomas Barber, Main Main
Kelley Fred C. Bookkeeper Prospect
Kelley, Miss. Mary C. Dressmaker Railroad av
Kennedy, Mrs. Margery Widow Prospect
Kennedy John Civil engineer North
Kisselbrack Grove Com. Mer. Maple av
Knapp, Miss. Carrie   Day's av
Knapp, Miss. Josie A. School teacher Day's av
Knox Augustus Undertaker, Main Turk Hill rd
Knox Frank Farmer Wood Farm
Knox George Hostler Main
Knox Leonard Bar Clerk Carmel av
Knox William Bottler Main
Ladley John   North
Lavre, Mrs. Joseph   North
Lambert Henry, (col)   Main
Landis Edward K. Chemist Railroad av
Lee Agnes Domestic Main
Lee Sing Laundry, Railroad av Railroad av
Lennon Michael Fireman Elm
Lent, Mrs. C.   North
Lent, Miss. C.M. School teacher North
Lent C.S. Chemist North
Lent Leander B. Clerk Marvin av
Lent, Mrs. Mary   North
Lewis Charles Electrisian Elm
Lewis Edward W. Farmer Marvin av
Lewis, Miss. Jennie M.   Elm
Lewis William Supt. Elm
Liebenan, Miss. Thersa Employee, milk factory Main
Liebenan, Mrs. W.D. Widow Main
Lobdell, Jr. A.F. Clerk Park
Lobdell A.F. Groceries, dry goods, etc., Main Park
Losee, Miss. Edith Employee, milk factory Marvin av
Losee James Laborer Main
Losee Myron Fireman Main
Losee Wellington Engineer Prospect
Losee William Clerk Prospect
Lyon, Mrs. John, A.   Main
Lyon Samuel   Main
McCabe Michael Laborer Railroad av
McCabe Thomas Propr., New England Hotel, Railroad av.  
McCann Thomas Laborer North
McCarty John Laborer Railroad av
McColloh Walter F. Civil engineer Prospect
McGarry, Miss. Maggie   Prospect
McGarry, Miss. Mary   Prospect
McGrath, Mrs. Mary   North
McMahon Sraah E. Widow Railroad av
Mackey Thomas Foreman Main
Maher J.A. Meat market, Main Railroad av
Maher, Miss. Julia Employee, milk factory Railroad av
Maher, Miss. Mary J. Employee, milk factory Railroad av
Maher, Mrs. Rachel Widow Railroad av
Maher Thomas Employee, milk factory Railroad av
Maher William E. Butcher, Main Prospect
Mahoney Kate Domestic Railroad av
Makenny Emery Painter, Marvin Av Marvin av
Maney M.J. Clerk Day's Hill
Mangin Michael Engineer Prospect
Marsh William Carpenter Prospect
Marshall Thomas R.R. Flagman Main
Marvin, Miss. Julia   Opp Harlem depot
Marvin, Mrs. S.S.   Opp Harlem depot
Mayer Thomas Laborer Marvin av
Mayhue William, (col) Janitor Main
Mead, Mrs. Octavia Widow Prospect
Meehan John Laborer Railroad av
Meehan, Miss. Kate   Railroad av
Merrick C.C. Wagon maker, Main Tilly Foster Mine Rd.
Merrick Edward Laborer Main
Merrick William H. Employee, milk factory Main
Michell, Mrs.   Widow Day's av
Michell Joseph Compositor North
Michell, Miss. Mary Employee, milk factory Day's av
Michell Richard Town clerk Carmel av
Miller A.J. Lawyer, Main Park
Miller, Dr. H.F. Dentist, Main  
Miller, Dr. L.H. Physician & surgeon, Main Main
Monroe, Mrs. E. Dressmaker Main
Montgomery Allen   Main
Moore, Miss. Catherine Music teacher Park
Moore, Mrs. S.G.   Park
Morf, Mrs. C. Florist, Prospect av Prospect
Morf John Gardener Prospect
Morlock, Miss. Frederica Employee, milk factory North
Munson B.A. Mang. Brewster House Brewster House
Murkey James Ticket agent Railroad av
Navin Patrick Laborer North
Navin Peter Railroader North
Nelson John Carpenter Peacable Hill
Newell Alexander Carpenter Main
Newell John Watchman Main
Newell William Butcher Main
    New England House, Thomas McCabe propr., Railroad av  
Northrop E.L. Butcher Bds Brewster House
O'Connor John Jr. Civil engineer North
O'Connor John Teamster North
O'Neil William H. Ticket agent Railroad av
Osborne W.H. Conductor Railroad av
Paddock W.S. Flour, feed, etc., Main Outside limits nr Mill Town
Pardee, Mrs. A.G. Widow Main
Pardee Benjamin Farmer Peacable Hill
Parker George G. Bill clerk Prospect
Parker, Mrs. Nancy Widow Prospect
Parson, Rev. William M. Baptist minister Prospect
Pearce, Mrs. S.B. Widow Railroad av
Peck F.G. Compositor Maple av
Peck George A. Clerk P.O. Maple av
Peck James A. Machinist Main
Peyton, Mrs. Mary Widow Park
Phelps Franklin   Prospect
Phelps Theodore Blacksmith Prospect
Pinnot Louis Laborer Main
Pollard, Mrs. William Widow Prospect
Price W.R. Tea merchant Main
Price Winifred Salesman Railroad av
Pugsley Benjamin Employee, milk factory Marvin av
Pugsley Frank Employee, milk factory Marvin av
Pugsley John E. Crimper Main
Purdy Clara   Railroad av
Purdy Henry S. School teacher Prospect
Purdy James Laborer Railroad av
Purdy Lewis Car repairer Railroad av
Purdy Lillie   Railroad av
Purdy, Mrs. Mary H.   Prospect
Purdy Walter Laborer Prospect
    Putnam County Savings Bank, W.S. Paddock, pres., A.F. Lobdell, cashier, Main  
Quick, Miss. G.C.   Carmel av
Quick, Mrs. H. Widow Carmel av
Quick S.B.   Carmel av
Ramsey, Rev. James N. Pastor, M.E. Church Main
Rathers Rose Domestic Main
Redin C. Boot & shoemaker North
Reed, Miss. Elinor   Main
Reed John A. Real estate & insurance, Main Main
Reed, Miss. Louisa A.   Main
Reed P.J. Shoemaker, Main Main
Reed, Miss. Susan   Main
Reed Seth Tinner Marvin av
Reynolds Charles E. Harness maker, Main Main
Reynolds George Clerk Railroad av
Reynolds, Mrs. Hattie   Main
Reynolds Joseph Employee, milk factory Main
Reynolds, Miss. Lottie   Main
Reynolds, Miss. Mamie   Main
Reynolds Mills Propr. South East House, Main Main
Richards C.E. Civil engineer Carmel av
Rider, Dr. W.E. Dentist, Main Danbury, Ct.
Roberts, Miss. Kate   Main
Rogers, Miss Clara   Main
Rogers F.H. Stationery, toys, etc., Main Elm
Rogers Paul Employee, milk factory Main
Proean, Mrs. J.A. Widow Main
Ronan John Shipping clerk Main
Root Ella Domestic Carmel av
Roscoe William H. Carpenter Prospect
Roth William Civil engineer Prospect
Rozelle W.H. Bookkeeper Carmel av
Rozelle William Telegraph operator Carmel av
Rumsey, Mrs. Emily Widow Main
Rundle Byron C. Bar Clerk Main
Rundle Clarence Bookkeeper Main
Rundle, Mrs. R.D. Boarding house Main
Ryan   Brakeman North
Ryan Nicholas Carpenter North
Sage B. Frank Employee, milk factory Main
Sarles P.A. Asst. ticket agent Railroad av
Sauter John Cigar manufacturer, Main Main
Scharfenberg Adam Employee, milk factory Prospect
Scharfenberg, Miss. Carrie Nurse Prospect
Scharfenberg John Employee, milk factory Prospect
Scharfenberg, Miss. Kate Employee, milk factory Prospect
Scharfenberg, Miss. Lizzie Employee, milk factory Prospect
Scharfenberg, Mrs. Margaret Widow Prospect
Scharfenberg, Miss. Nellie Employee, milk factory Prospect
Schecher, Miss. Annie Employee, milk factory North
Schecher, Miss. Emma Dressmaker North
Schecher Ferdinand Merchant tailor, Main Main
Schecher, Miss. Mary Employee, milk factory North
Schneider Jacob Bottler, Main Main
Schueber Charles Butcher Day's av
Schueber, Miss. Louisa A. Employee, milk factory Day's av
Schueber, Mrs. Pauline Widow Day's av
Scott Charles H. Shipping clerk Peacable Hill
Seagrave G.H. Employee, milk factory Prospect
Secor L.H. Harness mfr, Main Main
Seymore Jessie Saleslady Main
Shenton John   Marvin av
Shove L.A. Baxter & Shove Railroad av
Slattery John Laborer North
Sloane John Drug clerk Carmel av
Sloane John M. Druggist, Main Carmel av
Sloat George F. Carriages, wagons, etc., Park nr Main Turk Hill rd
Sloat Walter Employee, milk factory Prospect
Smalley Silas Janitor Prospect
Smith A. Vail Smith Bros., & Co. Prospect
    Smith Bros., & Co., undertakers, furniture, etc., Main  
Smith, Miss. C.G.   Railroad av
Smith, Mrs. H.K. Widow Railroad av
Smith J. Howard Blacksmith & horseshoer, Main Turk Hill rd
Smith James K. Drug clerk  
Smith M.W. Smith Bros., & Co.  
Smith S.Peter   Carmel av
Smith, Miss. Theodosia   Maple av
Smith W.E. W.E. Smith & Co. Main
    W.E. Smith & Co., hardware, stoves, etc., Main  
Smith William W. House & sign painter, Maple Av Maple av
Solan Bridget Domestic Prospect
Spire Franklin Civil engineer North
Sprigue Albert Laborer Main
Stannard, Miss. Cora School teacher Turk Hill rd
Stannard D.K. Employee, milk factory Turk Hill rd
Stannard Edith Employee, milk factory Turk Hill rd
Stannard Edward D. Bookkeeper Turk Hill rd
Storm Jacob Carpenter Prospect
Storms, Mrs. L.Q. Widow Carmel av
Strang E. Vegetables, etc., Main Oak
Street Philip Farmer Peacable Hill
Strong Charles Plumber Main
Strunk, Dr. E. P. Physician & surgeon, Main Main
Swayne George E. Engineer Prospect
Swedeburgh John Hostler Main
Sweetman John B. Gardener Main
Sweetman William H. Foreman Main
Thompson George Jr. Electrical engineer Main
Tilford Jake Hostler New England Hotel
Tillotson George L. Mason Main
Tillotson M.P. Prof. Of music Prospect
Tinberg Anna Domestic Prospect
Tompkins Charles Laborer Main
Tompkins Reuben Laborer Marvin av
Towner, Miss. C. Augusta   Main
Towner, Mrs. H.E.   Main
Towner, Miss. M.L.   Main
Townsend, Miss. Julia L.   Park
Townsend O.P. Boots & shoes, Park nr Main Park nr Main
Townsend S.B. Box maker Marvin av
Townsend W.H. Employee, milk factory  
Townsend W.R.   Maple av
Travis Annie Domestic Railroad av
Travis, Mrs. Crowley Widow Main
Travis David L. Truckman Elm
Travis James H. Laborer Marvin av
Travis John Laborer Railroad av
Travis Mortimer Bottler Railroad av
Travis Mortimer Teamster Main
Travis, Miss. Sarah   Marvin av
Truran Ernest A.   North
Truran James Car inspector North
Trussell, Rev. J.H. Pastor Presbyterian Church Main
Tully Michael Barber, Main Main
Turner D.G. Baggage master Marvin av
Turner, Miss. Edith   Marvin av
Turner F.C. Conductor North
Turner John G. Carpenter North
Turner Perry Employee, milk factory Prospect
Tuttle Elbert Painter Main
Van Scoy Albert Farmer Elm
Van Scoy Fred Employee, milk factory Turk Hill rd
Vollmer John Mason Van Scoy av
Vores Alfred Carpenter North
Vores, Miss. Laura   North
Waite Frank E. Carpenter Marvin av
Walther William Employee, milk factory Turk Hill rd
Ward, Miss. Mary   North
Washburn Francis   North
Washburn, Miss. Louisa A.   Main
Weldie A.A. Boots & shoes, Main Marvin av
Wells Frank Cashier First National Bank Prospect
Wells, Miss. Pauline   Prospect
Whitlock T. Fireman Prospect
Whitney, Miss. Annie Employee, milk factory Main
Whitney Ira Employee, milk factory Main
Wiley, Mrs. Kate Widow Main
Wilkes, Mrs. S.C.   Marvin av
Wilson A. Vail Painter Bds Brewster House
Wilson Ferdinand Carriage painter North
Wilson Henry Shoemaker, N.Y.C. Prospect
Wimmer Christian Jr. Wheelwright, Main Day's av
Wimmer Christian Wagon mfr., Railroad av Day's av
Wise George Tinner Peacable Hill
Wixon Alvah   Main
Wood C.H. C.H. Wood & Co. Bds Brewster House
    C. H. Wood & Co., steam bottling works, Hoffman blk, Main  
Wood Edward M.   Main
Wood, Dr. J.G. Physician & surgeon, Main Main
Wood S.B. Barber, Main Main
Wright, Miss. Libbie   Elm
Wright, Miss. Mary Employee, milk factory Elm
Wright, Mrs. Mary Widow Elm
Young A.W. Jr. W.E. Smith & Co. Mt Kisco

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