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Westchester County, NY

Sandstones of Sparta Cemetery
Ossining, NY

Compiled by Jean Ann Orser Lupinetti

The following are all the "redstones" or "sandstones" that are readable in the Sparta Cemetery in Ossining, NY. Sandstones are usually the oldest gravestones in Westchester County cemeteries (slate stones are older in New England). Redstones or sandstones are also called brownstones. Their writings can deteriorate quickly from nature's elements causing internal stresses on the stones. Stones that are 200 years old can appear perfect one day and the next day the entire face on the stone can "let go" and the entire inscription on the stone is lost forever. The spelling on the stones have not been corrected in the transcription which follows. They were recorded as they appear.

SURNAME Given Name Death Date Age at Death
Miscellaneous (Parents, Spouses, Epitaphs, Etc.)
Comments in Italics
ANDEM Benjamin Franklin 08-13-1805 1y3m10d Son of Moses and Sarah Andem
ARNOLD Hannah 05-08-1794 15y9m21d Daughter of William and Mary Arnold
"The pale consumption gave the fatal blow
Thy effect mortal tho the desease was slow
With lingering pains death found me sore oppress'd
Pity'd my sighs and kindly gave rest."
ARNOLD Mary 06-23-1798 47y12d Wife of William Arnold (stone gone)
BISHOP Jane 10-11-1806 68y7m21y (stone damaged)
BISHOP John 04-02-1811 12y10m6d Son of John & Sarah Bishop
BISHOP Mary 09-01-1801 8y13d Daughter of John & Sarah Bishop
BISHOP Thomas 01-20-1797   Born 04-11-1728
BROWN Abraham 01-03-1805 25y3m Haste my beloved fetch my soul
Up to the blest abode
Fly for my spirit longs to see
My Saviour and my God.
BUYLEA John 05-22-1775 3y1m27d Born 03-25-1772
Son of John & Susanah
DONNELLY James 08-26-1792 6m Son of Peter & Nancy Donnelly

Calm resignation crown'd
his latest hours
While death stood ready to arrest the powers
Of flesh & blood
The mind serene & free
Bound for the joys
of im(mortality) ?
FISHER Benjaman 08-17-1803 17y Haste my beloved and remove these interposing days
Then shall my pashion all --------
And all by powers be praised ?
GRAYSON Joseph 08-30-1796 16y  
HORTON Sophia 05-05-1803 73y (stone damaged)
HUNT Arnold 11-14-1792 69y Ye dying sons of men
The gospel's voice attend
LADEW Abraham 06-27-17?? ?y?m15d Husband of Anna Ladew (epitaph worn)*
LADEW Anna 12-25-1795 68y10m25d Wife of Abraham Ladew *
LADUE Abraham 10-21-1774 (5y23d) Born 09-28-1769 (this was stone damaged by the cannon ball fired from the Vulture Sept.1780) (stone gone) *
LEDEW Daniel 11-15-1772 78y Born 1694 *
LEDEW Mary 05-10-1773 78y Born 1695 *
LEDEW Sarah 08-15-1764 5y7m11d Born 04-26-1759 * ( * = family plot in wall) This is oldest stone in cemetery.
Mc CREERY Anney 06-18-1804 73y9m18d How lov'd how fair how valu'd once avails thee not
To whome related or by whome begot
A heap of dust alone remains with thee
Tis' all thou art & all proud shal ----

(stone damaged)
MERRIT Bartholomew 01-28-1799 19y8m28d Son of Abraham & Elizabeth Merrit
MERRITT Samuel 10-03-1803 84y (stone damaged)
MILLER Daniel 04-08-1807 86y6m22d All you that pass look down and see
As I am now so you must be
MILLER Daniel 06-03-1775 2y3m26d Born 02-08-1773 the son of William & Mary Miller
MILLER Mary 01-01-1803 72y9m6d Wife of Daniel Miller
All you that pass by
Look down and see
That as I am -----
MILLER William 01-24-1810 58y21d  
MILLER Willm 04-04-1790 2y Son of Docr. Seth & Hannah Miller

Look on this monument
Lye Gay and Careless and
Boast no more of tomorrow.
OGDEN Michael 05-15-1825 74y Born 1751 (flag marker)
PEERS Edward Gifford 08-19-1807 1y3m4d Son of Henry & Ann Peers
PEERS James 09-21-1824 20y Son of Henry & Ann Peers
PEERS John 03-18-1804 4m12d Son of Henry & Anna Peers
PURDY Ann 02-28-1775 19y Daughter of Joshua Purdy
SCOFIELD Ebenezer 03-28-1814 77y (one stone with Hannah)
SCOFIELD Hannah 03-04-1812 68y (one stone with Ebenezer)
SHERWOOD Gersham 02-27-1805? 70y2m ? Welcome sweet hour of full discharge
That sets our longing soul at large
Unbinds our chains breaks up our cell
And gives us with our God to dwell.

(husband of Margaret Shierwood) Rev. War Marker (stone damaged)
SHIERWOOD Margaret 12-03-1826 88y7m3d My flesh shall slumber under ground
Till the last trumpet joyfull sound;
Then burst the chain of sweet surprize
And in my saviours image rise

(wife of Gersham Sherwood)
SHUTE Catharine 09-27-1805 30y11m21d Wife of R. Shute
SMITH Elizabeth 07-06-1798   Born 03-16-1723
SMITH John 06-04-1793 74y7m21d Born 11-25-1718
TAYLOR Policarpus Wm. 04-14-1791 35y (stone damaged)
WARD Job 11-18-1785 1y6m6d Son of Moses & Ann Ward
WARD Moses 03-17-1791 8m12d Son of Moses & Ann Ward
WESSON Asa 10-11-1787 27y4m7d  
WILLIAMS Gilbert 12-19-1801 1y10m25d Son of Robert Williams
WILLIAMS John 08-07-1804 10m10d Son of John & Rebecah Williams
WILLIAMS Robert 07-03-1805 29y2m18d  

©1999  Jean Ann Orser Lupinetti for all data listed above.

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