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NYGenWeb Westchester Co. Lent Cemetery
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Westchester County, NY

Lent's Cemetery
Lafayette Avenue, Cortlandt Manor, Westchester Co., NY

This cemetery has been called Pleasantside Cemetery which was the name of this area in Cortlandt Manor. This cemetery list is a composite of three lists. The surveys were done in the early 1900's. I have not checked out this cemetery lately. Several years ago it was well taken care of but now it is overgrown with trees, brush and vines of all kinds. I will try to visit this cemetery with a friend and see if we can check the survey. For now, here is the survey that was done in the early 1900's.
----- Jean Ann Orser Lupinetti

Given Name
Date of Death
Age at Death
Billings Smith Mar 14 1857 39y3m (or 38y8m?)
Billings George Jan 1 1864 21y4m  
Clark Daniel Oct 31, 1874 53y  
Clark Seth H. Feb 28 1870 45y8m Died in Troy, NY
Craig (or Creig) William Mar 24 1881 78y4m11d  
Craig (or Creig) Mary May 12 1886 87y5d  
Denike Marinda Oct 21 1864 56y Wife of James
Dorsett Edgar J. Aug 9 1867 7m Son of John H. & Kate Dorsett
Ferris Jonathan Nov 15, 1863   Born Oct 27 1790
Ferris Elizabeth Nov 15 1844 76y5m15d Wife of Caleb D.
Gaudineer Frederick Dec 23 1866 77y7m  
Gilleo (or Gallio) Salome Dec 3 1847 23y6m1d Wife of Caleb Gilleo (or Gallio)
Hayes Virginia P. Jan 7 1858 5y5m25d Daughter of William & Jane
Lent George M. Jan 5 1853 34y  
Lent Harrison Mar 11 1901 (or 1911)   Born Nov 2 1824
Lent Hanna Ferris Dec 9 1905   Born Jun 14 1828 Wife of Harrison
Lent Carrie E. Jan 7 1908   Born Sep 13 1882
Lent David H. Jul 21 1888 (or 1889)   Born Mar 1 1819
Lent Miriam Travis May 24 1902   Born Nov 24 1824 Wife of David H.
Levy Eugenia Lent Apr 23 1917   Born Jan 27 1859 Wife of Adolph Levy
Lent David Sep 26 1828 62y2m13d  
Lent Esther Apr 17 1863 72y Wife of David
Lent Sarah Ann May 15 1849 2y3m9d Daughter of David & Esther Lent
Peterson James Oct 21 1838 23y7m23d Son of John & Frances Peterson
Peterson Phebe Oct 23 1838 17y6m6d Daughter of John & Frances Peterson
Peterson Ann Oct 12 1838 13y11m17d Daughter of John & Frances Peterson
Peterson Rosette Jul 12 1831 1y7m Daughter of John & Frances Peterson
Queen Emma Feb 12 1867   Born Oct 17 1845
Shaw Cornelia Jul 15 1849 17y11m5d  
Williams Carroll Oct 16 1913   Born Jan 11 1878

© 1999  Jean Ann Orser Lupinetti.The above text and table have been provided to this site by Jean Ann Orser Lupinetti.

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