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Westchester County, NY

Jay Family Plot
Rye, NY

"One of the most beautiful and interesting localities in Rye is the cemetery of the Jay family, on their estate. To this spot, in 1807, the remains of various members of that family were removed from their vault in New York. Here a monument stands 'to the memory of John Jay." The foregoing text is from Charles Baird's book (published in 1871) Chronicle of a Border Town: History of Rye, Westchester County, New York, 1660-1870, including Harrison and the White Plains till 1788.

NameBirth Date DiedSpouse
BALCH, Rev. Louis Penn Witherspoon18141875Anna JAY
BANYER, Goldsborough17751806Maria JAY
BARCLAY, Margaret 1791Frederick JAY
BAYARD, Anne Marie1670  Auguste JAY
BOUYER, Marthe  Jean JAY
BRUEN, Alexander M.18081886Sarah Louise JAY
BUTTERWORTH, John F. 1873Maria Banyer JAY
CHAPMAN, Henry Grafton18331883Eleanor JAY
CLARKSON, Mary Rutherford17861838Peter Augustus JAY
de la BARRE, Marie  Sylvestre JAY
DUNSCOMB, Euphenia17581817Frederick JAY
DUYCKINCK, Mary17361821Peter JAY
ERWIN, Ann  Sir James JAY
FIELD, Eleanor Kingsland 18191909John JAY II.
FIELD, Hickson Woolman     
FRANCOISE, Judith   Pierre JAY
ISELIN, Arthur18781952Eleanor JAY
JAY, Ann "Nancy"17831856 
JAY, Anna18131848Rev. Louis Penn Witherspoon BALCH
JAY, Anna18491925Hans Lothar VON SCHWEINITZ
JAY, Anna Maricka17371791 
JAY, Anne17061707 
JAY, Augusta18331917 
JAY, Augusta18441878Edmund Randolph ROBINSON
JAY, Auguste16651751Anne Marie BAYARD
JAY, Augustus17301801 
JAY, Dorothy18871888 
JAY, Eleanor18391921Henry Grafton CHAPMAN
JAY, Eleanor18821953Arthur ISELIN
JAY, Eliza18231869Henry Edward PELLEW
JAY, Eve17281810Rev.Harry MUNRO
JAY, Francine17011780Frederick VAN CORTLANDT
JAY, Frederick17441744 
JAY, Frederick17471799Margaret BARCLAY
JAY, Girl-child18261826 
JAY, James17311731 
JAY, Jean16011640Marthe BOUYER
JAY, John174516 May 1829 Sarah Van Brugh LIVINGSTON
JAY, John18421843 
JAY, John II.1817?? May 1894Eleanor Kingsland FIELD
JAY, Judith16981757Cornelius VAN HORNE
JAY, Julia18791896 
JAY, Maria17821856Goldsborough BANYER
JAY, Maria Banyer18151881John F. BUTTERWORTH
JAY, Marie17001762Pierre VALETTE
JAY, Mary17481752 
JAY, Mary18461916William Henry SCHIEFFELIN
JAY, Peter17041782Mary VAN CORTLANDT
JAY, Peter17341813Mary DUYCKINCK
JAY, Peter Augustus17761843Mary Rutherford CLARKSON
JAY, Pierre  Judith FRANCOISE
JAY, Sarah Louise18191905Alexander M. BRUEN
JAY, Sarah Louise "Sally"17921818 
JAY, Sir James17321815Ann ERWIN
JAY, Susan17801780 
JAY, Sylvestre1570 Marie de la BARRE
JAY, William17891858Augusta McVICKER
JAY, William18281829 
JAY, William184128 Mar 1915Lucie OELRICHS
LIVINGSTON, Sarah Van Brugh1756?? May 1802John JAY
McVICKER, Augusta17901875William JAY
MUNRO, Rev.Harry   Eve JAY
OELRICHS, Henry   
OELRICHS, Lucie 18541931William JAY
PELLEW, Henry Edward18281923Eliza JAY
ROBINSON, Edmund Randolph18371896Augusta JAY
SCHIEFFELIN, William Henry18361885Mary JAY
VALETTE, Pierre 1750Marie JAY
VAN CORTLANDT, Frederick 16991750Francine JAY
VAN CORTLANDT, Mary17051777Peter JAY
VAN HORNE, Cornelius16941752Judith JAY
VON SCHWEINITZ, Hans Lothar18221901Anna JAY

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