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Westchester County, NY

Inscriptions from Travis Cemetery
Copied July 31, 1909

(This plot is on Chestnut Ridge, four miles from Mount Kisco and about four miles south of Bedford Village.)

"The inscriptions embodied in this volume were with the exception of one on page 179, copied by the late Robert B. Miller, a painstaking genealogist. Shortly after his death, the manuscripts came into my hands in perfect order."

The above words were written by Mrs. Frost when she typed these manuscripts in 1915 and gave copies to the New York Public Library as well as the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, among others.

Surname Name Remarks Death Date Age
Yr Mo Days
Travis Zebulon Travis   June 29, 1826 70 8 21
Searles Thaddeus Searles   Dec. 2, 1827 70 1 19
Travis Isaac son of Zebulon and Martha Travis Dec. 13, 1829 38 8 23
Searles Sarah Searles wife of Thaddeus Searles March 18, 1828 62 8 16
Travis Martha widow of Zebulon Travis Dec. 23, 1842 80 4 4

Manuscript typed by Josephine C. Frost (Mrs. Samuel Knapp Frost, Brooklyn, NY; 1915) in Cemetery Inscriptions from Westchester County, New York.

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