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Westchester County,
New York

Selected Bibliography for Westchester County, NY

In researching one's family history, a knowledge of a county's or a town's history can often be of value in determining what resources are available as well as what may have caused a family to migrate elsewhere. Many of the books listed in this bibliography can be found at libraries throughout Westchester County. If you are not located near a library in Westchester County, ask at your local library if they can borrow a copy of a book through the Inter-Library Loan system. Additionally, there are many library catalogs which can be searched on the Internet.

You can search any of the catalogs of the Westchester town libraries through the Westchester Library System catalog located on the Internet either via the Web or by Telenet. Click on the WLS name to connect to WLS's home page. From there, you can determine the availability and location of many of the books listed below in this bibliography.

Also see Westchester County in Print for more published works relating to genealogy in Westchester County.

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Arranged Alphabetically by Author

___. An Account of the Action at Tarrytown and of its Commemoration. [New York: Sons of Revolution] c. 1899.

___. The Artists of Bronxville: 1890-1930. [Yonkers, NY: Hudson River Museum] c. 1990.

___. Biographical History of Westchester County, New York... [Chicago, IL: The Lewis Publishing Company] c. 1899. Two volumes. See an index of individuals whose biographies are contained within each volume: Volume 1 Index and Volume 2 Index. Copies of both volumes are also available to read in full on The Internet Archives: Volume 1 and Volume 2.

___. Bronx River Retrospective: 300 years of life ....

___. Families of the Colonial Manor of Philipsburg.�

___. Historical Atlas of Scarsdale.

___. Historical Records of Bedford, Westchester County. [Town of Bedford] c. 1966. Bedford Historical Record, vol. 1-3; Minutes of Town Meetings 1680-1737.

___. Historical Resources Directory for Westchester County. [White Plains, NY: Westchester County Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Conservation] c. 1983.

___. A History of the Town of Lewisboro, Westchester County . Available for sale through South Salem Public Library. See info under town of Lewisboro.

___. Larchmont Harbor, New York: Survey and Preliminary examination. [Wash., DC] c. 1889.

___. Manual of Westchester County: Past and Present: Civil List to Date, 1898: Containing Specialty Prepared Articles Relative to the County, Written by Distinguished Residents: Matters Concerning the Country's History: Organization of Towns Villages and Cities. [White Plains, NY: Smith, 1898]

___. North Castle History

___. Our Village: Briarcliff Manor 1902 to 1952. c. 1952.

___. Profile Town of Bedford, Westchester County, New York..

___. The Old Croton Aqueduct: Rural Resources meet Urban Needs. [Yonkers, NY: Hudson River Museum of Westchester County] c. 1992.

___. The Story of Harbor Island and Mamaroneck Harbor

___. A Village Between Two Rivers: Briarcliff Manor 1977.

___. When our Town was Young, Stories of North Salem of Yesterday. [North Salem, NY: Board of Education] c. 1945.

Allen, Bruce. A Century of Larchmont Manor Park...

Allison, Charles Elmer. The History of Yonkers . [New York: Wilber B. Ketcham] c. 1896. Since Reprinted.

Arcara, Roger. Westchester's Forgotten Railway, 1912-1937; the story of a short-lived short line which was once America's finest railway and its poorest: The New York, Westchester, and Boston Railway. [New York: Quadrant Press] c. 1972. Rev. and expanded ed., including "When the Westchester was new."

Bacon, Edgar Mayhew. Chronicles of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. [New York, NY: G.P. Putnam's Sons] c. 1897. Reprinted in 1900 by Putnam's Knickerbocker Press of NY.

Baird, Charles W. Chronicle of a Border Town: History of Rye, 1660-1870. Includes history of White Plains and Harrison until 1788. [Harbor Hills, reprint c. 1983.] See a copy in PDF format on Googel Books.

Baird, Charles W. History of Bedford Church: discourse delivered at....

Barr, Lockwood. A Brief, but Most Complete & True Account of the Settlement of the Ancient Town of Pelham, Westchester County, State of New York. [Richmond, VA: The Dietz Press, Inc.], 1946.

Barrett, Robertson T. The Town of Bedford: A commemorative history, ...

Bedford Historical Society. A Short Historical Tour of the Town of Bedford....

Bedford Presbyterian. Bedford Presbyterian Church 1681-1936. [Bedford] c. 1936

Bolton, Robert (1814-1877). A History of the County of Westchester from its first settlement to the present time. [New York: Alexander S. Gould] c. 1848. 2 volumes.

Bolton, Robert (1814-1877). The History of the Several Towns, Manors, and Patents of the County of Westchester, from its first settlement, with numerous genealogies of county families. (N.Y.: Chas. Roper, 1881) Revised by the author. 3rd edition. These books are also available on Google Books as PDF files. The following is the 1848 edition.

Bolton, Robert (1814-1877). A Guide to New Rochelle and its Vicinity. [Harrison, NY: Harbor Hill Books] c. 1976 (This is a facsimile of the 1842 edition with a preface, annotations and corrections edited by Marilyn Weigold.)

Bolton, Robert (1841-1877) History of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in the county of Westchester, from its foundation, A.D. 1693 to A.D. 1853 See a copy of the book in PDF format at Google Books (Note: File is 28.9 MB in size.)

Bonham, Valeria Langeloth. Utopia in the Hills: The Story of Valeria House and Its Founding (in Westchester County, NY). [New York, NY: Robert M. McBride Co.] c. 1948.

Brown, Helen Warren. Mamaroneck 1667-1961: A panorama of her first ...

Bronxville Diamond Jubilee Committee. Bronxville: Views and Vignettes. [Bronxville, NY: Bronxville Diamond Jubilee Committee] c. 1974.

Canning, Jeff, and Wally Buxton. History of the Tarrytowns, from Ancient Times to the Present [Harrison, NY: Harbor Hill Books] c. 1975.

Capek, Thomas. Ancestry of Frederick Philipse: first lord and founder of Philipse manor at Yonkers, N. Y. [The Paebar company, 1939]

Caro, Edyth Quinn. "The Hills" in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: the History of a Rural Afro-American Community in Westchester County, NY. [Valhalla, NY: Westchester Cty. Historical Society] c. 1988.

Comstock, Anita. Bronxville in the Good Ol' Days. [Smith] c. 1984.

Conklin, Margaret Swancott. Historical Tarrytown and North Tarrytown ( A Guide). [Tarrytown, NY: Tarrytown Historical Society] c. 1939.

Corcoran, Dennis J., With S. Martin Friedman, Carsten Johnson II. PLEASANTVILLE. 300 Years. From Manor to Suburb, 1695—1995. [Pleasantville, NY: Village of Pleasantville, 1995]

Cornell, Stephen W. A Cornell-Hartnell Genealogy, 1302 years of family....

Cortlandt, NY. The History of the Town of Cortlandt, Westchester County, NY

Crandell, Richard F. This is Westchester: A Study of Suburban Living. [NY] c. 1954.

Culp, Evelyn Squire. Century of an Ossining Family 1876-1986. [c. 1987.]

Culver, Charles E. History of the Town of Somers

Dalphin, Marcia Fifty Years of Rye, 1904 - 1954 [Rye, NY: The City of Rye, 1955]

Daughters of the American Revolution, Mount Pleasant Chapter. Mt. Pleasant Genealogy: Descendants of Families Settled prior to 1850 [Mt. Pleasant, NY: D.A.R.] c. 19--?

Davis, Norman. Westchester Patriarchs: a Genealogical Dictionary of Westchester County, NY, families prior to 1755. [Bowie, MD: Heritage Books] 1988. ISBN # 1-55613-118-6, paperback.

Dawson, Henry Barton. Westchester County, New York, during the American Revolution [Morrisania, Mass. : [s.n.], 1886]. See Google Books for a copy in PDF format.

De Angelis, Barbara. Old Houses, Mount Pleasant, New York

Deacon, Seth S. Historical Sketch of Katonah, Westchester county, NY

DeLancey, Edward Floyd. Origin and history of manors in the province of New York and in the county of Westchester [New York, 1886] See copy in PDF Format on Google Books.

Delaney, Gretchen E. Purchase, New York: a history...

Diamant, William. Bernard Romans, Forgotten Patriot of the American Revolution. [c. 1985]

Di Pietro, Joseph A. The History of the Italians of New Rochelle (and....

Duncombe, Frances R. Katonah, the History of a New York Village and its People. [Katonah, NY: Katonah Village Improvement Society] c. 1978.

Duncombe, Frances R. Cassie's Village

Fee, Julia B. Scarsdale: A Guide to the Area. [NJ: Ruby Press, 1992]

First Reformed Church of Tarrytown. First record book of the "Old Dutch church of Sleepy Hollow," orgainized in 1697 and Now The First Reformed CHurch of Tarrytown, N. Y. "An original translation of its brief historical matter, and a copy, faithful to the letter, of every personal and local name, of its four registers of members, consistorymen, baptisms, and marriages, from its organization to 1791, by Rev. David Cole, D.D., Yonkers, N. Y." [Yonkers, NY: The Yonkers Historical and Library Association, 1901] See a copy in PDF format on Google Books.

First Reformed Church of Tarrytown. Two hundredth anniversary of the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow, October 10 and October 11, 1897 [Tarrytown, NY: The DeVinne Press, 1898] See acopy in PDF format on Google Books.

Flick, Alexander C., Ph. D., Loyalism in New York During the American Revolution. [New York: The Columbia University Press, 1901]. See a complete copy at Google Books.

Forbes, Jeanne A. Records of the town of New Rochelle, 1699-1828 [New Rochelle, NY: Paragraph Press, 1916]    [Note: has a copy of this book online. If you do not have a personal subscription to this service, contact your local library and inquire if they have one. The Family History Centers of have available in the Centers on their computers.

Fowler, Edmund. Fragmentary History and Genealogical Record of Some of the Descendants of Henry Fowler of Eastchester. C. 1880

Fox, Dixon Ryan, ed., The Minutes of the Court of Sessions (1657-1696), Westchester County, New York. [White Plains, NY: Westchester County Historical Society, 1924]

Franko, Alfred M. Pelham Manor: The Forgotten Battle of the Revolution, near Mount Vernon, NY. [Mount Vernon, NY; 1936]

Franko, Alfred M. The Place of Mount Vernon's Village Green and St. ....

Freeland Griffin, Ernest (editor). Westchester County and its People, a record. vols. 1-3. [New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Co.] 1946.

French, Alvah P. History of Westchester County, New York. 5 volumes [NY: Lewis Historical Pub. Co.] 1925. NOTE: Contains many biographical sketches.

French, J. H. Gazetteer of the State of New York. 2 vols. [Syracuse, NY: R. Pearsall Smith, c. 1860] [Reprinted in 1983 and again in 1995 by Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc. in one volume and included index of names compiled by Frank Place.] Note: This book is an invaluable aide to genealogical researchers of New York State. See copy on Google Books in PDF format. But note that it is a huge file of 60.6MB!

Fulcher, William. Story of a Friendly Village Mamaroneck, NY, 1896-1946. c.1946.

Fuller, Elizabeth Griffen. Index of Personal Names in J. Thomas Scharf's "History of Westchester County, New York...." [NOTE: See below under "Scharf" for the full name and information concerning Scharf's book.]

Fuller,Elizabeth Griffen. Index to Westchester County Names in the Federal Censuses, 1790-1840 [Elmsford: Westchester Cty. Historical Society] 1994.

General Motors. GM Tarrytown, an Autobiography. [NY: General Motors] c. 1996.

Greenburgh, NY. Greenburgh, a Glimpse of Our Past: Town of Greenburgh, NY

Griffin, Ernest Freeland. Westchester County And Its People: A Record. [New York, NY: The Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1946]. multi-volume set. Contains biographical sketches and some photographs. See Table of Contents for Volume 3 only.

Gruber, Dorothy Whit. The Early Quaker Hamlet of Old Chappaqua..

Hadaway, Williams S., editor. The McDonald Papers. 2 volumes. [c. 1927] Contains 13 papers on the American Revolution in Westchester County, based on 407 interviews with eye-witnesses, conducted in 1844-1850 by John M. McDonald.

Hall, Edward Hagaman. Philipse Manor Hall at Yonkers, NY: The Site, the Building and Its Occupants. c. 1925. See a copy in PDF format on Google Books.

Hansen, Harry. North of Manhattan; persons and places of Old Westchester. [New York: Hastings House] c. 1950.

Hansen, Harry. Scarsdale: From Colonial Manor to Modern Community. [NY: Hansen] c. 1954]

Hastings Historical ... Hastings Centennial Chronicle: 1879-1979

Hermalyn, Gary, Editor. Genealogy in the Bronx: An Annotated Guide to Sources of Information [Bronx, NY: The Bronx County Historical Society 1986]

Hinitt, Dorothy Humphreys, and Frances Riker Duncombe. The burning of Bedford, July 1779, as reported in contemporary documents . . . [c. 1874]

Horton, William P., Cemetery inscriptions of Westchester County, N.Y., [Peekskill, NY: 1920] [Note: has a copy of this book online. If you do not have a personal subscription to this service, contact your local library and inquire if they have one. The Family History Centers of have available in the Centers on their computers.

Hoffman, Renoda. Historic Highlights of Westchester....

Howe, Herbert Barber Yorkshire to Westchester: A Chronicle of the Wood Family (Westchester County NY).[Rutland VT: Tuttle Pub., 1948.

Howell, Charles and Allan Keller. The Mill at Philipsburg Manor, Upper Mills and a Brief History of Milling [Sleepy Hollow Restorations, 1977]

Hufeland, Otto. A Check List of Books, Maps, Pictures, and Other Printed Matter Relating to the Counties of Westchester and Bronx. [White Plains, NY, Westchester County Historical Society]c.1929]

Hufeland, Otto. Early Mount Vernon.....

Hufeland, Otto. The Capture of Major John Andre at Tarrytown, New York...

Hufeland, Otto. Westchester County during the American Revolution, 1775-1783. [White Plains, NY: Westchester Cty. Historical Society] c. 1926.

Hultz, Helen Lorraine. Scarsdale Story: A heritage History....

Hutchison, Lucille. The Centennial History of North Tarrytown. [Mass.: Western Publishing] c. 1974.

Hutchison, Lucille. A History of Elmsford: 1700-1976

Hutchison, Lucille. Storm's Bridge: a history of Elmsford 1700-1976

Hyatt, E. Clarence. History of the Town of New Castle, Westchester County....

Jay, John. The Great Conspiracy. An Address Delivered at Mt. Kisco, Westchester County, New York on the 4th of July 1861. [New York: Gregory] c. 1861.

Jenkins, Stephen. The story of the Bronx from the purchase made by the Dutch from the Indians in 1639 to the present day. [G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1912] See a copy of this book in PDF format on Google Books.

Jessup, Rev. Henry Griswold. Edward Jessup of West Farms, Westchester County, NY and His Descendants, with Records of Other American Families. Privately printed, Cambridge, 1887.

Jones Thomas. History of New York During the Revolutionary War and of the Leading Events in the Other Colonies. [New York: The New York Historical Society, 1879]. Note: Volume 1 is available as a digital copy on Google Books.

Jordan, Mable and Natalie Seth, compiled by. Tombstone records of 18 Cemeteries in Pound Ridge. Reprint of 1941 edition, with a comprehensive index of persons.

Judd, Jacob and Philip Van Cortlandt. The Revolutionary War memoir and selected correspondence of Philip Van Cortlandt. [Tarrytown, NY: Sleepy Hollow Restoration, 1976] Note: Copy is also available on Google Books in PDF format.

Keller, Allan. Life Along the Hudson. [Sleepy Hollow Restorations, 1976]

Killeffer, D. H. The First 150 Years of St. John's Church 1798-1948 [Tuckahoe, NY: St. John's Church, 1948]

Kriger, Malcolm. The Peaceable Kingdom in Hartsdale. [Rosywick Press] c. 1983.

Lander, Richard N., [compiled by] A Lander Genealogy: Henry S. M. Lander and his Descendants of Worth, Dorsetshire, England and Greenburgh, Westchester Co., America [Armonk, NY: R.N. Lander] c. 1991.

Landgon van Norden, Theordore. South Salem Soldiers & Sailors.

Landgon van Norden, Theordore. South Salem: Gravestone Inscriptions c. 1926.

Landgon van Norden, Theordore. Unpublished Manuscript dealing with genealogies of residents of South Salem houses prior to 1900. Copy held by Lewisboro Public Library in South Salem.

Larchmont-Mamaroneck, NY. The Larchmont-Mamaroneck Coastline: Our Heritage....

Lederer, Richard M. More about Scarsdale....

Lederer, Richard M. Resources of Scarsdale History....

Lederer, Richard M. The place names of Westchester County, NY: A Dictionary of Origins & Meanings. [Harrison, NY: Harbor Hill Books] c. 1978., with 1980 update

Leggett, Theodore Augustus and Abraham Hatfield. Early settlers of West Farms, Westchester County, N.Y. [s.n., 1913]

Levine, Ted M. Rye in the Twenties

Lowenstein, Roger. A Demographic History of Larchmont, 1891-1925

Luquer, Thatcher T. An Historical Sketch of St. Matthews Church, Bedford...

McDonald, John M. The McDonald Papers

Macy, Edith Carpenter. Edith Carpenter Macy. [Updike The Merrymount Press] c. 1926.

Madden, Joseph P. A Documentary History of Yonkers, New York [c.1994]

Mancini, Anthony. The Miracle of Pelham Bay Park. [New York: E.P. Dutton & Co.] c. 1982.

Marshall, Donald Anthony. Bedford Tricentennial, 1680-1980: Articles on the ....

May, Victor. Pathway to a Village. A History of Bronxville. [ Nebko Press, 1962.]

Meade, Helena Ruther. St. Mark's Church: a History, Mt. Kisco, NY

Meyer, Blakeman Quintard. Views of Rye. [Rye, NY] c. 1917.

Morris, Fordham. The borough town of Westchester: An address delivered By Fordham Morris on the 28th day of October, 1896, before the Westchester County Historical Society in the Court House at White Plains, N. Y. [White Plains: The Eastern State Journal, printer; 1895]. See copy in PDF format on Google Books. See also a transcribed copy on this Westchester web site

Morrisey, Regina M. & Stephen H. Acunto. Westchester County, the Golden Apple of New York. [New York: Windsor Pub.] c. 1990.

Mount Vernon. Register of the Proceedings of St. Paul's Church at Eastchester...

Moxhay, Charles. Rye on the Water: a History of Rye and its water.....

New Rochelle, NY. Waterfront a legacy....

New York Historical Society. Abstracts of Wills on File in the Surrogate's Office, City of New York. [NY: New York Historical Society] c. 1893-1909. 17 volumes.

Nichols, Herbert B., Historic New Rochelle, [Board of Education, New Rochelle] c.1938.

North, Louise Victoria. A Short History of the Amawalk Friends Meeting....

Oechsner, Carl. Ossining: An Informal History [Ossining Bicentennial Celebrations and North River Press, 1975]

Owens, William A. Pocantico Hills, 1609-1959. [Tarrytown, NY: Sleepy Hollow Restoration, 1960]

Parrell, Sr. Mary Agnes. Profiles of Dobbs Ferry. [Dobbs Ferry, NY: Oceana Publications, Inc., 1976]

Paulmann, F.H. Catholic beginnings in the Town of New Rochelle [The Mission Period. MA, Fordham University, 1952]

Pell, Robert T. Sir John Pell, 2nd Lord of the Manor of Pelham, Westchester County, NY and his father, Dr. John Pell, mathematician, scholar and ambassador to the Protestant Swiss Cantons. [Privately printed] c. 1964 [Pelliana, new series vol. 1, no. 2]

Pell, Robert T. Thomas Pell, 1st Lord of the Manor of Pelham, Westchester County, NY. [Privately printed] c. 1962 [Pelliana, new series vol. 1, no. 1]

Perlman, David. Only in Mount Vernon: The Biography of a Jewish Community

Perry, William Graves. The Old Dutch Burying Ground of Sleepy Hollow in North Tarrytown, New York. [Boston, MA: Rand Press] c.1953.

Pessoni, Philip A. Historical Notes on the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation...

Raymond, Marcius D., compiler. Souvenir of the Revolutionary Soldiers' Monument Dedication at Tarrytown, N.Y., October 19th, 1894. [Tarrytown, NY, 1894] See copy in PDF format at Google Books.

Redway, Laurance D., History of the Medical Society of the County of Westchester 1797-1947. [NY: Medical Society of the County of Westchester] c.1947.

Reische, Diana. Of Colonists and Commuters: A History of Scarsdale. [Junior League of Scarsdale] c. 1976.

Renino, Marjorie. The Guide to Genealogical Research for Westchester County. [White Plains, NY; c. 1985, 2002, 2003 3rd edition] NOTE: This is an indispensable guide for any researcher of Westchester genealogy. Copies are available for puchase from the Westchester County Historical Society.

Requa, Amos C., Rev. The Family of Requa, 1678–1898 [1898] See a copy in PDF format on Google Books

Reynolds, Cuyler Genealogical and Family History of Southern New York and the Hudson River Valley: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Building of a Nation [New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1914]

Note: The following volumes are available, for free, online:

All three volumes are also available at, a paid subscription service.

Romer, John Lockwood. Historical Sketches of the Romer, Van Tassel and Allied families, and Tales of the Neutral Ground. [Buffalo, NY: W. C> Gay Printing Co., Inc. 1917] See a copy in PDF Format on Google Books.

Rosch, John. Historic White Plains [White Plains, NY: Balletto-Sweetman Inc.] c.1937. Reprinted 1976 by Harbor Hills Books.

Sanchis, Frank E., Westchester County Architecture: Colonial To Contemporary. [NY: Harbor Hill] c.1977. [Venice: North River Press]

Scharf, J. Thomas. History of Westchester County, New York, including Morrisania, Kings Bridge, and West Farms which have been annexed to New York City. [Philadelphia: L. E. Preston & Co.] c. 1886. 2 volumes. NOTE: Since republished by the Westchester County Historical Society which has copies for sale. For an index of personal names to this work, see the entry under "Fuller, Elizabeth G." found above. See also copies on Google Books:

Scarsdale, NY. Old Town Records in Village Clerk's Office, Scarsdale...

Seabury, Rev. Samuel (1729-1796). Letters of a Westchester Farmer, 1774-1775. [White Plains, NY: Westchester Co. Hist. Society] c. 1930.

Shargel, Baila R., and Harold L. Drimmer. The Jews of Westchester: a social history [Fleishmanns, NY: Purple Mountain Press, 1994]

Sherman, Arthur Outram. Westchester County and the Town of Rye. [Rye, NY] c. 1909.

Shonnard, Frederic, and W. W. Spooner. History of Westchester County, NY: from its earliest settlement to the year 1900. [Harrison, NY: Harbor Hill Books] c. 1974, 1983 (Originally published by the New York History Company, NY, 1890.) See a copy in PDF format on Google Books.

Shoumatoff, Alex., Westchester: Portrait of a County. [New York: Coward, McCann & Geogahegan] c. 1979.

Silliman, Arthur W. A Short Informal History of Ardsley, N.Y. [Ardsley, NY: 1968] Available through the Ardsley Historical Society.

Smith, Henry T. Westchester County in history : manual and civil list, past and present : county history, towns, hamlets, villages and cities, Volume II [White Plains, NY: Henry T. Smith, Publisher, 1912] [Note: has a copy of this book online. If you do not have a personal subscription to this service, contact your local library and inquire if they have one. The Family History Centers of have available in the Centers on their computers.

Snyden, Clifford L. Somers Remembered. [Somers, NY: Somers Historical Society, 1976]

Steiner, Henry. The place names of historic Sleepy Hollow & Tarrytown: the place names, past and present, of the historic villages of Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown, New York [Heritage Books, 1998]

Swanson, Susan Cochran and Elizabeth Green Fuller. Westchester County: A pictorial history. [Norfolk, VA: Donning Co.] c.1982. Reprinted in 1998 by Westchester County Historical Society.

Swanson, Susan Cochran. Between The Lines: Stories of Westchester County, New York During the American Revolution [Pelham, NY: The Junior League of Pelham, 1975]

Taft, George A., et alia. Genealogical Record of the Desendants of James Bailey—Levi Bailey, in Westchester and Putnam Counties, New York. Publication Date: 1948

Tatum, Edward H. The Story of Larchmont Manor Park. [Larchmont, NY: 1946]

Thomas, Morgan. A Folk History of Chappaqua: Town of New Castle...

Torres, Louis. Tuckahoe Marble. [Harrison, NY: Harbor Hill Books, 1976]

Traeger, Helen. The School House at Pine Tree Corner, North Salem, 1784-1976.[c. 1976] Teaching and administrative practices in a Westchester rural school, with much biographical material on North Salem families.

Van Cortlandt, Philip and Jacob Judd. The Revolutionary War memoir and selected correspondence of Philip Van Cortlandt. [Tarrytown, NY: Sleepy Hollow Restoration, 1976] Note: Copy is also available on Google Books in PDF format.

Vaughan, Harold Stearns. History and Genealogy of Vaughan Family: History and Genealogy of the Descendants of John, Daniel, and Anthony Vaughan, who emigrated to Nova Scotia 1764, 1768: and the descendants of Daniel Vaughan who moved to New Brunswick in 1796. [Irvington-on-Hudson, NY: s.n.] n.d.

Waldron, William Watson. Huguenots of Westchester and Parish of Fordham. New York: W. H. Kelley & Brother, Publishers, 1864. Cornell University Library has scanned this book and placed it on their web site at the following address:

Walker, Mrs. Harry Leslie et alia, editors. A History of the Reformed Church of Bronxville in Commemoration of Its Centenary, November 5, 1950. [Bronxville, NY: Consistory of the Church, 1951]

Walton, Frank L. Pillars of Yonkers. [NY: Stratford House, 1951]

Weigold, Marilyn E [Editor-in-Chief]. Westchester County: the past hundred years, 1883--1983. [Valhalla, NY: Westchester Cty. Historical Society] c.1984.

Webster, Joseph A. Annals of South Salem [The Record, 1952]

Westchester County Historical Society Publications of the Westchester County Historical Society

Wintjen, John G. The Village of Mount Vernon, New York, from 1851 to 1891 [Mount Vernon Public Library, 1940]

Yonkers Board of Trade, Dept. of Publicity. Yonkers Illustrated. C. 1900

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