Warren County, New York
Genealogy and History

Northeastern New York Genealogical Society

The purposes of this organization are to discover, procure, preserve and disseminate whatever may relate to genealogy, biography, family history and local history of Northeastern New York.

Any individual interested in promoting the purposes of the Society shall be eligible for membership. Membership consist of 1) Annual Individual, 2) Annual family, and 3) Honorary Classes. Annual individual and family members shall qualify by paying dues during the year of membership. Honorary members shall qualify by election by the Society.

Dues are based on a calendar year (January - December).

The Society meets the third Monday of January, March, July, September and November. Usually all the meetings and programs are held at the Old Empire Theater, South Street, Glens Falls, NY at 7 PM. The May meeting is our Annual Conference held on one of the Saturdays in May at some place locally of interest with speakers and lunch, sometimes a tour of some sort.

Members are notified of meetings via the newsletter and by e-mail, plus notices posted to the Warren, Washington, Saratoga & Essex Counties on Rootsweb.

The Society also publishes a bimonthly newsletter, "The Patents." The newsletter includes contributions from members that are articles of interest such as family bibles, newspaper articles from years ago, family trees, cemetery records, early vital records from various towns, an annual index and surname index, etc.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 4264
Queensbury, NY 12804


Robert & Barbara Green - [email protected]
John Austin - [email protected]

Current Officers

John Austin - President
Connie H. Farrington - Vice-President
Joan Aldous - Secretary
Robert D. Green - Acting Treasurer
Barbara K. Green - Editor of "The Patents"
Dr. Marilyn Van Dyke - Program Director

The Patent   2006 Annual Index   Vol. No. 25

_____, Betsey55Arnold, Elijah77Beard, Amos49
_____, Eva53Arnold, Elizabeth77Bears, James14
_____, Evelyn87Arnold, Freelove77, 78Beck, Joseph15
_____, Julia53Arnold, George77Beecher, Charles Maxam96
_____, Mabel B.87Arnold, George Anson77Beekman, John K.55
_____, Scottie98Arnold, Gorton77Bell, Hattie54
Abeel, Garret43Arnold, Joseph Hopkins77Benedict, Ida51
Abeel, James29, 89Arnold, Mary77Benedict, Margaret51
Adams, Andrew71Arnold, Minerva77Benedict, Samuel51, 75
Adams, Mahala91Arnold, Phebe77Bennett, Beatrice87
Adams, Samuel17Arnold, Simon77Bennett, Beecher87
Aggation, John14Arnold, Wate77Bennett, Caroline A.92
Akins, Josephine Murray54Arnold, Zilpha77Bennett, Caroline Alice92
Akins, Marion R.54Asfield, Christopher65Bennett, Charles92
Alexander, Joseph7Ashley, Eugene L.54Bennett, Charles H.92
Alexander, Thomas7Ashmore, James H.83Bennett, Charles Henry92
Alford, M. Louise96Austin, Beloz (Belvy) A.94Bennett, Clarence E.92
Alger, Alice87Austin, Belvy A.94Bennett, Darius75, 87
Alger, Clifford87Axtence, James46Bennett, Elizabeth92
Algire, Eva J.92Bache, Theophilact17Bennett, Elva M.92
Allaz, James Capt.48, 49Badger, Clara M.58Bennett, Elva May92
Allen, Pauline57Badger, Orley C.58Bennett, Fannie96
Allerton, Cornelia93Bain, James69Bennett, Geo. A.92
Allman, John67Baker, Amanda79Bennett, George75, 87
Amden, A. O., Dr.94Baker, Charles39Bennett, George A.92
Ameden, E. W. 54Baker, Florence N.79Bennett, Grace Florence92
Ameden, Emily54Baker, Howgill55Bennett, Harriet B.92
Ameden, Eugene55Baker, Laura79Bennett, Harriet Belle92
Ameden, Hamilton55Baker, Ransom O.79Bennett, Henman 92
Amherst, Jeffrey70Baker, Sarrie A.79Bennett, Henman Curtis92
Amodeo, Gina7Baker, Walter B.79Bennett, Howard 92
Amodeo, Gloria M.7Balfour, Henry17Bennett, Howard Curtis92
Amodeo, Kaitlyn7Bannon, John76Bennett, Isabelle87
Amodeo, Maria7Barade (BOYD?), Ruphas8Bennett, Libbie92
Amodeo, Michelle7Barber, Benjamin49Bennett, Lucy (Layma)92
Amodeo, Orie7Barber, Edmund39Bennett, Nellie G.92
Amodeo, Robert7Barber, Ezekel8Bennett, Nellie Gertrude92
Amodeo, Rusty7Barber, James15Bennett, Nettie96
Anderos, Betty51Barber, Laura A.58Bennett, Phoebe Elizabeth92
Anderson, Annet4Barber, Lemuel49, 58Bentley, Emma54
Anderson, Ethel Winton4Barber, Louise Griffin93Bentley, Sanford54
Anderson, George P.84Barber, Mary A.10Bentley, Willis F.54
Anderson, John4Barber, Melinda95Benton, Coronet V.91
Anderson, John West6Barber, Polly10Benton, George R.10
Anderson, Robert88Barber, Sally95Benton, Lelah J. Viele91
Anderson, Ruphas8Barber, Simeon H.95Benton, Thaddaeus Dewey91
Anterbush, Philip19Barker, Ann Eliza36Benwea, Peter44
Archibald, Andrew96Barnes, Joseph14Bergen, Lizzie A.31
Archibald, Mary Elizabeth85Barnett, Phebe36Berger, Arthur L.59
Archibald, R. Burnet85Baron, Charles Carroll5Berger, David A.59
Armor, James92Baron, Margaret5Berger, Mary59
Armstrong, Alice25Baron, Patrick5Betts, Abrm.14
Armstrong, Archibald25Barron, Edwd. Lieut.48Beveridge, James25
Armstrong, Christiana25Barrows, Herbert W.84Bevin, William88
Armstrong, Jane E.25Bartholemew, Jepth71Binneway, Peter44
Armstrong, Jane Eliza25Barton, Peleg35Black, Fanny E.74
Armstrong, John15Bass, Robert49, 63Black, Frederick50
Armstrong, John A.25Batchelder, George L.71Black, George74
Armstrong, Margaret25Batchelder, Mary A.71Black, Lawrence B.74
Armstrong, Martha H.25Bates, Ella10Black, Mary L.74
Armstrong, Mary25Bates, Harriet84Blackmer, Charlotte24
Armstrong, Nancy 25Bates, Philana83Bleecker, John Johnson45, 91
Armstrong, Nancy Isabella25Bates, Samuel84Bleecker, John Nicholas68, 70
Arnold, Aylsey77Bean, Edgar85Bleecker, John R.44
Arnold, Benedict77Bean, James69Blundel, Christ'r.66
Arnold, Benjamin77Bean, James A.85Bly, Charles H.84
The Patents   Page 103   Vol. 25 No. 6

Bly, Lena84Brown, Gardner C.9Calecchia, Maria7
Bly, Max J.84Brown, Gardner C., Jr.9Cameron, Allis35
Bly, May Geraldine84Brown, George9Cameron, Wm. M.54
Boel, Henry28Brown, George S.54Campbell, Allen, Jr.43
Bolton, Mame B.85Brown, Infant9Campbell, Ann7
Bolton, Richard J.85Brown, Lorena B.9Campbell, Arch.69
Bolton, Wm.46Brown, Mary97Campbell, Archd.44, 45
Bonner, Elsie Mary32Brown, Nellie74Campbell, Archibald46, 47
Bonner, James30, 31, 32, 33Brown, Oscar F.9Campbell, Donald43
Bonner, Mabel Elizabeth30Brown, Ralph D.74Campbell, George43
Bonner, Mary30, 32Brown, Thomas49Campbell, James43
Borrey, David48Brown, William39, 57Campbell, John14
Borry, David Lieut.48Brown, William G.9Campbell, Lauchlin, Capt.43
Bostwick, S. R.93Brown, William, Lt.19Campbell, Neil40
Bovee, Eunice30Brown, Wm. G., Sr.9Campbell, Robert48
Bovee, Jacob30Bruce, Vernard39Campbell, William J.7
Bowden, Thomas88Brush, Crean15Campbell, Wm.88
Bowen, J. E., Rev.96Bryant, George M.72Cargill, John14
Bowen, Olive E.72Bryant, John T.72Carl, Carrie A.25
Bower, Harold J.73Bryant, Lena E.72Carlow, Geo. W.34
Bower, Ida M.73Bryant, Martha L.72Carlow, Nathaniel34
Bower, Orley M.73Bryant, Olive C.72Carpenter, Isaac71
Boyard, Stephen43Bryant, Susan O.72Carpenter, Leslie87
Boyd, Pliny C.8Buerman, Winifred R.86Carpenter, Less53
Bradley, Augustus55Bullard, Charles E.60Carr, Thomas14
Bradley, Julia55Bullard, Chester Arthur60Carre, Stair Campbell, Lieut.63, 64, 70
Bradley, R. Cutler72Bullard, David H.60Carter, Jane50
Bradley, Susan M.72Bullard, Julia60Carter, John50
Bradshaw, James27, 43, 67Burch, Lonson73Carter, Judith76
Brathwaite, F. W., Rev.34Burneson, J. S. (Mrs.)34Carter, Maria50
Brayton, William54Burnham, Alice51Case, _____?55
Breen, John (Mrs.)30Burnison, John S.35Case, Abraham15
Bremner, George65Burnison, Mrs.31Case, Elidza J.55
Briggs, Abraham67Burns, Thomas50Case, Fred B.59
Briggs, Leonard50Burros, Joseph14Case, Lettie L.59
Briggs, Leonard M.50Burt, Alida M.85Cassidy, A. R. (Mrs.)34
Briggs, Louisa50Burt, Charles K.85Caswell, Bertha59
Briggs, Malvina A.50Burt, Margaret85Caswell, Lormie59
Brockway, A. J., Rev.3, 6, 7Butler, Charles E.56Chambers, Charles J.55
Brockway, Mrs. A. J.6Butler, Ida E.56Chambers, Edith H.55
Brodie, Jas., Lieut.63Butler, William50Chambers, Jennie B.55
Brodie, Robert14Button, Eli95Chambers, John S.55
Bronson, Alva8Button, Ellie95Chambers, Ruie A.55
Brooks, Obed39Button, Emily95Chambers, Walter J.55
Brouwer, Nichs.18Button, Emily J.95Champaigne, Beatrice Lillian32, 35
Brown, Asahel54Button, Emma 95Champaigne, Cassimer31
Brown, Betsey Crandall97Button, Emma L95Champaigne, Mary Elizabeth31, 32, 33
Brown, Beulah74Button, Harriet95Champaigne, Miles31
Brown, Charles N.9Button, Hattie95Champaigne, Paul33
Brown, Charles V.9Button, John F.95Champaigne, Pauline33
Brown, Daniel V.55Button, John H.95Champaigne, William31, 32, 33
Brown, Delbert L.74Button, Lyman95Champton, Webb85
Brown, Edith M.74Button, Mercy95Chapman, Peter46
Brown, Eliza58Buzzard, Peter19Chase, Alanson A.26
Brown, Eliza E. F.9Byrn, Barnaby48, 49Chase, Calista Ann26
Brown, Eliza Envina9Cahill, Ellen34Chase, Ellison26
Brown, Eliza J.54Caldwell, Caroline A.72Chase, Emmery B.26
Brown, Esther9Caldwell, Elva Bennett92Chase, Gamaliel Baker26
Brown, Esther (Nobles)9Caldwell, Frank58Chase, Laura Ann78
Brown, Esther 2nd9Caldwell, Frederick92Chase, Mary Ann26
Brown, Esther N.9Caldwell, George F.72Chase, Sarah E.26
Brown, Eugene9Caldwell, James15, 17Cheesman, Frederick Gardner52
Brown, Frances Albina Brown97Caldwell, Mary58, 59Cheritree, A. J.54
Brown, Frances Naomy9Caldwell, Philip J.59Chesney, Benjamin33
Brown, Frances P.9Caldwell, Philip P.59Chesney, Mary E.33
Brown, Francis Albina9Caldwell, Robert K.59Chester, Mr.32
The Patents   Page 104   Vol. 25 No. 6

Chester, Mrs.32Cooper, Edward79Davis, John65, 66
Chiles, Philetus8Cooper, Elizabeth L.59Davis, Reubine8
Chism, George M.73Cooper, Emeline79Dayton, Florence Elizabeth31
Christie, Wm.19Cooper, Fred M.59Dayton, J. Judd31
Chubb, George M.10Cooper, Josephine B.59Dayton, Mary L.31
Chubb, Permelia Wallace10Corbin, Seneca95DeForest, Isaac64, 65
Church, David G.8Corlaer, Arent69DeGroff, Simon88
Cipperlay, Maria78Cosgroves, Eliza Ann4DeLancey, Oliver43
Clark, _____, Rev.96Coty, Lina31, 32Dellius, Godfrey44
Clark, Deborah A.38Cowden, John44Denio, Ida96
Clark, Guy W.38Cowen, Ephraim44Dennis, Charles56
Clements, Albert94Cowen, Moses69Dennis, Frances56
Clements, Allen94Cox, Lucia A.36Derby, George F.38
Clements, Ann94Crabtree, John68Derby, Jane F.37, 38
Clements, Anna94Craig, John7Desnoyers, Evelyn A.72
Clements, Aurilla75Craig, Lelia Amelia7Desnoyers, Leona M.73
Clements, Calvin50Crandale, Karl T.74Desnoyers, Madore E.72
Clements, Eliza94Crandale, Sarah J.74Desnoyers, Mary E.72
Clements, Henry94Crane, Alinida94Deverick, Nichs.27
Clements, Isaac94Cresswell, Dale57Devine, William51
Clements, James94Crippen, Frank96Dewey, Emma C.78
Clements, Jane94Crocker, Jennie E.79Dewey, Eunice E.78
Clements, John 94Crockett, Arthur W.5 ,6Dewey, Henry Shelden78
Clements, John P.94Crockett, David Leonard6Dewey, Rhoda39
Clements, Juliette94Crockett, Martha J.5, 6Dicinson, Fannie Verna78
Clements, Lucy Jane94Crockett, William Smythe5Dick, Thomas43
Clements, Matilda94Cromwell, James J.56Dickinson, Charles A.54
Clements, Norman 94Cromwell, Katherine56Dickinson, Florence Ettamay78
Clements, Norman N.93Cullen, Rich.68Dickinson, Irene Ora78
Clements, Peter94Culver, Algernon S.24Dickinson, John54
Clements, Phoebe94Culver, Charlotte Blackmer24Dickinson, Lillian Elva78
Clements, Rebecca94Culver, Edith A.24Dickinson, May54
Clements, Rhoda93, 94Culver, Elizabeth Frances24Dickinson, Olan78
Clements, Seeley94Culver, Emily B.24Dickinson, Robert Edward78
Clements, Tobias94Culver, Emily Blackmer24Dickinson, Walter54
Clements, William94Culver, Franklin24Dickinson, Warren55
Close, Lucias50Culver, Nancy Snow24Diono, Stella C.57
Cobb, Susan4Culver, Seba24Dixon, Charles H.83
Cochran, Robert17Culver, Willie H.24Dixon, Delila E.83
Cockroff, Wm.64Cummings, Andrew96Dixon, Helene83
Cockroft, William43, 48Cummings, David96Dixon, Henrietta84
Cockroft, Wm65Curtice, Daniel49Dixon, Nathaniel84
Coffin, Martin54Cushman, Bertha59Dixon, Ronald C.83
Coffin, Thomas54Cushman, Joseph95Dixon, Sarah A.35
Cohen, Harry F.85Cushman, Loraine59Donaldson, Christie25
Cohen, Mary85Cuyler, Cornelius90Donaldson, Nancy25
Cohen, Mary C.85Daily, Betsey A.54Donnahie, Margaret34
Cole, Donald E.71Dake, Edgar95Donnahie, William34
Cole, Dorothy A.71Dake, Edger T.95Donolly, Thomas49
Cole, Ennis71Dake, Frederick95Donor, Bernard H.84
Cole, Marjorie M.71Dake, Leroy95Doolittle, Ina R.74
Cole, Mary M.71Dake, Malinda Barber95Doubleday, Horace38
Collier, Richard67Dake, Tompkins95Doubleday, Mary H.37
Coman, Harmon34Dalaba, Carl C.85Doubleday, Mary Howland38
Coman, Mary35Dalaba, Carrie E.85Douglas, Walter15
Coman, Thomas35Dalaba, Elsie85Douglas, Wheeler15
Coman, Truman H.34Daley, Patrick85Douglass, Wm.68
Combs, Sophie35Dalleus, Godvredus45Drummond, Gregor49
Congin, Loisa M.76Dalrymple, Erskine L.57DuBois, Peter43
Connolly, Michael16Dalrymple, Wilhelmina J.57Dubuque, Eamile52
Cook, Sara H.93Dane, John88Dubuque, Rose52
Coon, Berta57Dannavon, John67Duell, Geo. W.96
Coon, Mildred57Davidson, Adam66Duell, Hannah38
Coon, Stephen57Davies, Flora73Duels, Charles31
Cooper, Abby79Davis, Augustus39Duels, Nellie31
Cooper, Dolphus B.59Davis, Homer8Duels, Patti Dorothea31
The Patents   Page 105   Vol. 25 No. 6

Duff, J. A. Rev.25Erring, Mary Amanda79Foster, Wm. W., Jr.96
Dunn, Douglas Irving33Erring, Mira79Foulkes, Eliza Ann Cosgroves4
Dunn, Frances Joseph32Erring, Sylvia A.79Foulkes, Warren Clifford4
Dunn, Francis (Mrs.)30Etherington, Lieut.63Foulkes, William W.4
Dunn, Francis Earl30Eton, Thomas68Fraser, Alexa.88
Dunn, Francis James5, 6, 32Eustace, Margaret43Frasier, Thomas14
Dunn, George Kenneth30Evans, Richard19Frazier, Julia91
Dunn, Gertrude Mary6Everts, George35Freebern, Walter92
Dunn, Hattie6, 30, 33Everts, Solomon H.39Freebern, Walter E.92
Dunn, John30, 33Eysinger, Myrtle56Freeborn, Isaac46
Dunn, Lizzie5Eysinger, Ruth56Freeman, Adolphus51
Dunn, Margaret Elizabeth30Faesch, George63Freeman, Aleric51
Dunn, Martha Ann5, 6, 32Fairley, Joseph27Freeman, Alice A.51
Dunn, Sarah Parker5Fanning, Edmund18Freeman, Alice Amelia51
Dunn, Thomas Gillespie5Farnum, John C.39Freeman, Alice E.51
Dunnavon, John67Farquahar, Wm.48Freeman, Alosie Thompson51
Duperon, Phillip48Farquson, William66Freeman, Irene54
Durrin, Henry57Farrant, Henry, Lieut65, 66French, Calvin8
Earing, Almira79Farrar, Anne M.59Friend, Wm.17
Earing, Carrie79Farrar, Frank H.59Fry, George50
Earing, Charles79Farrar, Myrtle E.59Fuller, Adelbert W.85
Earing, Charles A.79Farrar, Sarah Elizabeth Mabel33Fuller, Bestsy94
Earing, Daniel B.79Farrar, Sarah Jane33Fuller, Edward R.85
Earing, Delia79Farrar, William33Fuller, Electa50
Earing, George79Fay, John68Fuller, Emily B.85
Earing, George D.79Feathers, Ettasea85Fuller, Ernest87
Earing, Harvey79Feathers, Olia May85Fuller, Mabel L.53, 87
Earing, Laura79Feathers, William W.85Gabb, Henry J.72
Earing, Loella79Fennel, Mr.93Gabb, Mary A.72
Earing, Martin L.79Ferguson, Elizabeth C.72Gage, General48, 65
Earing, Mary E.79Finch, Benjamin F.8Gage, Genl.63, 70
Earing, Mira79Finkle, Arthur E.86Gailey, Frederick R.35
Earing, Sylvia79Finkle, Cordelia57Gailor, Delia79
Earl, Benjamin49Finkle, Henry86Galusha, Stillman39
Earl, Daniel49Finkle, Wesley57Gardiner, Valentine, Capt.67
Earll, Daniel71Finley, Dorothy Suget32Garland, Peter15
Ecuyler, Simon, Capt.63Finley, Lilie Davis32Garnar, E. M. (Mrs.)34
Eddy, George50Finley, Lottie32Garnar, Jane Greenaway35
Eddy, Grace L.85Finley, William Wilson32Garner, Grace31
Eddy, Howard85Fischer, Charles26Garrison, John67
Eddy, Marvin A.38Fischer, Thankful26Gates, G. W., Rev.4, 5, 7
Edie, George H.25Fisher, Andrew26Gates, George B.92
Eldridge, Alice E.83Fisher, Buel26Gates, Luther92
Eldridge, Anna B.74Fisher, Charles26Gates, Mary E.92
Eldridge, Edith72Fisher, Edward26Gates, Nathan S.92
Eldridge, Helen E.72Fisher, Ella26Gates, Nathaniel8
Eldridge, James F.74Fisher, Eva26Gates, Oscar S.92
Eldridge, Marion B.74Fisher, Forest26Gates, William Wallace92
Eldridge, Mildred E.74Fisher, Frances26Gates, Wm. Wallace92
Eldridge, Ruth E.74Fisher, Mr.93Gay (Gray?) Alfred4
Elixman, Mr.31Fisher, Oscar26Gay (Gray?), John4
Elliot, Hamilot14Fisher, Thankful S.26Gell, Frances Helen33
Ellsworth, Emma F.56Fisher, William26Gell, George Edward33
Ellsworth, Marion F.56Floyd, James H.72Gell, Jennie C.33
Ellsworth, Mary R.56Floyd, Myrtle S.72Gell, John33
Elms, Dewitt93Flynn, Harry W.71Gell, Marian Helen33
Embury, John67Foley, Grace C.57Gell, Mary Elizabeth33
Embury, Peter69Foley, Nellie H.57Gell, Mildred McMaster35
Embury, Philip67, 69Foley, Patrick W.57Gell, Raymond George33
Erickson, Garret43Ford, Richard67Gell, Robert34, 35
Erring, Caroline79Fort, Gerrit, Jr.45Gell, Robert, Jr.34
Erring, Daniel B.79Fort, Isaac45Gell, William33
Erring, George D.79Fort, Isack44George, Betsey57
Erring, Harvey79Fort, Peter45George, Mary96
Erring, Loella79Foster, Manuel68Gidley, N. S., Jr.6
Erring, Martin79Foster, Peter88Gilbert, Josiah45
The Patents   Page 106   Vol. 25 No. 6

Gilchrist, Adam49Graves, Fred87Grumly, John15
Gill, Gordon83Gray, Albert5, 6Guernsey, E. J.96
Gill, Wm.46Gray, Anna Roxanna5Haden, Charles49
Gillaspie, Neil44Gray, Ethel Coralyn6Hale, Mary Jane3
Gillespie, Anna7Gray, Harold Hall6Hall, Addie E.31
Gillespie, Annah4,5Gray, Hilda Jennie6Hall, Dayton96
Gillespie, Caroline5Gray, Jennie5, 6Hall, Harvey (Mrs.)31
Gillespie, Clarence4, 5, 32Gray, Lovina35Hall, Helena Bernice31
Gillespie, Clarence Edward5Gray, Mary Hall4Hall, Hial E.(?)76
Gillespie, Gertrude6Green, Bertha58Hall, Jessie A.35
Gillespie, Lancelot Thomas5Green, George W.50Hall, John35, 100
Gillespie, Lina6Green, Harvey95Hall, Lurinda Helen31
Gillespie, Lura5Green, Mary Louise39Hall, Maggie4
Gillespie, Martha4, 5Greenaway, Jane35Hall, Mary4
Gillespie, Thomas4, 5, 6, 7, 30, 32, 33Greenslade, Lucy96Hall, Mary Jane4
Gillet, Augustus50Gregor, John69Hall, Rhoades77
Gillet, Frank50Gregor, Wm.69Hall, Richard Francis31
Gillet, Gardner50Gregory, Jennia A.96Hall, Sarah E.85
Gillet, James50Greter, John65Hall, Willard Warren31
Gillet, Jane50Griffin, Belva A.93Hall, William H.4
Gillet, John50Griffin, Belvy A.94Hallabort, William71
Gillet, Lois50Griffin, Bolra A.93Hamilton, Catherine34
Gillet, Lydia50Griffin, Charles93, 94Hamilton, Cecil Woolsey34
Gillet, Samuel50Griffin, Charles S.94Hamilton, Fred34
Gillett, John Jr.50Griffin, Corda A.32, 33Hamilton, Frederick H.34
Gilman, Jennie B.72Griffin, Harold33Hammond, Alford T.92
Gilmore, Robert19Griffin, Lois94Hammond, Caroline Bennett92
Girard, Bessie34Griffin, Louis94Hammond, Harriet Mae92
Girard, Betsey34Griffin, Louisa M.94Hammond, Kate57
Girard, William34Griffin, Louise93, 94Hammond, Lettie84
Glasier, Beamsly65Griffin, Mabel Agatha33Hammond, Margaret W.85
Glazier, Beamsly48Griffin, Mary Louise94Hammond, Minnie E.72
Glen, Jacob19, 28Griffin, Robert Reginald32, 35Hammond, Reginald A.85
Glen, John 89Griffin, Robert S.32, 33Hammond, Richard L.85
Glen, John Jr.88, 89Griffin, Seneca93, 94Hammond, Thomas88
Godfrey, Emily M.30Griffing, Charles I.8Hammond, Thomas S.72
Godfrey, Mrs.30Griffing, George S.8Hammond, Zirin73
Godsell, Edward Joseph4, 7Grimes, Irving96Hanley, Emma A.72
Godsell, Laura Bell7Grimes, John A.39Hanley, Stewart F.72
Godsell, Maud Phillips7Grindle, Thomas19Harper, Anty.46
Godsell, Susan5Grinnel, Wilber51Harper, Robert27, 28
Godsell, Susan Cobb4Griscel, Ephraim47Harpur, Robert18, 27
Goerck, Anna R F56Groesbeck, Benjamin B.36Harrington, Charles B.85
Goldthwaite, Joseph, Lieut. 29Groesbeck, Benjamin G.36Harris, Alice B.73
Good, Christopher7Groesbeck, David36Harris, Almira79
Good, Eric7Groesbeck, David Jr.36Harris, Almon79
Good, Gregory7Groesbeck, Elizabeth36Harris, Amanda79
Good, Scott7Groesbeck, Eva36Harris, Betsey79
Goodman, Dr.53Groesbeck, Fanny E.39Harris, Charles L.50
Goodman, George8Groesbeck, Franc Eliza36Harris, Daniel B.79
Goodman, Samuel C.8Groesbeck, Lydia39Harris, Elisha50
Goodness, Edward34Groesbeck, Moses B.36Harris, Emeline79
Goodness, Josephine34Groesbeck, Moses Barnett36Harris, John79
Goos, Lois7Groesbeck, Nathalie Barnett36Harris, Joshua28
Gordon, Ann69Groesbeck, Nathaniel36Harris, Leroy Walter33
Gorham, Joseph, Major65Groesbeck, Nathaniel B.36Harris, Lois51, 79
Gowdey, Andrew19Groesbeck, Nettie B.39Harris, Mabel Sophia33
Graham, Rose43Groesbeck, Phebe Barnett36Harris, Madeleine C.73
Granger, M. E.54Groesbeck, Thomas M.36Harris, Moses Jr.28, 46, 47
Grant, Alexr.49Groesbeck, Thomas Milliman36Harris, Orla A.34
Grant, Capt.66Gros, Johan Daniel89Harris, Orla Arthur33
Grant, Henry88Grove, Annie G.5Harris, Orva34
Grant, Horace L.96Grove, John C.5Harris, S. S.34
Grant, James69Groves, Anna Jane7Harris, Walter P.73
Grant, Robert, Capt.66Groves, John7Harrison, _____90
Graves (?), Alma87Groves, John Charles7Harrop (?), Joseph14
The Patents   Page 107   Vol. 25 No. 6

Harson, Clara Belle84Howard, John14Hun, William65
Harson, Edward84Howard, Mrs. Merle H.60Hunt, James 67
Hasborne, Thomas27Howe, Ella96Hunt, Joseph66
Hasbrower, Ernest M.59Howell, Crismus68Hunt, Marietta M.86
Hastings, Albert78Howells, Florence34Hutchinson, Francis48
Hathorn, Mary3Howland, A. Susie39Hyde, Emma96
Haviland, Esther51Howland, Abigail37, 38Hyde, Leroy34
Haviland, John M51Howland, Amanda37, 38Imrie, John H.72
Hawkins, Alice R.73Howland, Amasa36, 38, 39Imrie, Margaret F.72
Hawkins, Leon M.73Howland, Amasa J.37Imrie, Robert72
Hawkins, Robert L.73Howland, Amos37, 38Ingalsbe, Grenville Howland36
Hawkins, Sarah E.73Howland, Anna Reynolds37, 38Ingalsbe, Grenville M.39
Hawley79Howland, David37, 38Ingalsbe, Grenville Mellen36
Hawley, Bernard56Howland, Deborah37, 38Ingraham, Carrie E.84
Hawley, Clara56Howland, Deborah Ann37Ingraham, Fred W.84
Hawley, Doris L.56Howland, Edmond Stephen37Ingraham, Marjorie D.84
Hawley, Fred F.56Howland, Edmund S.38Ingram, William39
Hawley, Jehiel47Howland, Enos37, 38Inley, Mark P.50
Hayner, Ulysses G.95Howland, Fred D.39Irish, Arthur56
Heath, Harriet Pattie33Howland, Gardner37, 38Irish, Cordia E.56
Heath, Harry Victor33Howland, George M.39Irish, Ernest J.73
Heath, Isaac50Howland, Hannah37, 38Irish, Franklin A.73
Heath, Robert Henry33Howland, J. Edward39Irish, Royal E.73
Heath, Robert James33Howland, James Edward39Irish, Vera M.73
Hebert, Joseph86Howland, Jane38Jackson, Hugh17
Hebert, Matilda86Howland, Jane F.37Jacobie, Walter L.96
Hendrickson, Reba72Howland, Joseph37, 38Jahn, Fredk.46
Hendryx, Amos55Howland, Kittie38James, Frances Brown31
Hendryx, Benjamin54Howland, Lois37, 38Jeffers, Mrs. 31
Henrieth, Garfield A.73Howland, Lydia38Jenkins, Clara W.57
Henrieth, Gilbert C.73Howland, Lydia Ann39Jenkins, Edward, Lieut.63
Henrieth, Graham G.73Howland, Martha37, 38Jenkins, Fred A.57
Henrieth, Ruth S.73Howland, Mary37, 38Jenkins, Ida M.57
Hermanse, Naning88, 89Howland, Mary B.37Jenkins, Lieut.63
Hetherton, Harriet Sutherland92Howland, Mary G. Rathbone38Jenkins, Mrs. Charles5,6
Hetherton, Patrick92Howland, Mary L.38Jessup, Ebenezer14, 15, 18, 19, 29
Hetherton, Phoebe Elizabeth92Howland, Mary Louise39Jessup, Edward17, 19, 29
Hetherton, Sara92Howland, Moribah37, 38Jewell, Ida Elizabeth32
Hetherton, Sara Marie92Howland, Nehemiah37, 38Jewell, Sarah32
Hewit, Louisa76Howland, Phebe37, 38Jewell, Theodore R.32
Higgins, Chloe M.84Howland, Philip38, 39Johnson, Elwell86
Higgins, Harry84Howland, Philip M.37, 38, 39Johnson, George86
Higgins, Kenneth L.84Howland, Rachel A.38, 39Johnson, Jane A.86
Hill, Amelia S.34Howland, Stephen37, 38Johnson, Jessie M.56
Hill, Betsey84Howland, Susan37, 38, 39Johnson, Joseph86
Hill, Edward Bruce34Howland, Susan M.37Johnson, M. M. (Mrs.)30
Hill, Fred96Howland, Thankful37, 38Johnson, Mary M.30
Hill, J. Henry34Howland, William37, 38Johnson, Mildred86
Hill, Sarah34Hoyt, Henry96Johnson, Myrtle86
Hilton, Lancelot48Hubbell, Isabel M.59Johnson, Norman86
Hinman, Trueman45Hubbell, Jerome N.85Johnson, Rodney L.86
Hitchcock, Lina15Hubbell, Mary C.85Johnson, Sarah86
Hitchcock, Zina15Hubbell, Mary E.85Johnson, William W.30
Hockstrazier, Mary E.99Hubbell, Walter59Johnson, William Washburn30
Hoffman, Anthony16Huber, Jacob65Johnson, William65
Holden, Charles96Hughes, Emma B.35Jones, Ellen5
Holland, Lester B.74Hughes, Emma Beatrice30Jones, Eugene W.84
Hollen, Mary Ann26Hughes, George5Jones, Helen Theresa33
Holleran, Lizzie35Hughes, James30Jones, James Alexander7
Holloran, John6Hughes, John5, 6, 30, 31, 32, 35,Jones, John16
Holloran, Michael6Hughes, Joseph6Jones, Lizzie35
Hooper, John14Hughes, Libby6, 35Jones, Margaret29
Hopkins, Joseph77Hughes, Martha5, 6, 30, 31, 32Jones, Mary6
Hopkins, Mary77Hughes, Mary Jane5Jones, Sarah5
Hough, Daniel35Hughes, Nancy30Jones, Thomas5, 6, 7, 33, 64
Houghton, Lieut.15Hughes, Sarah Bertha32Joslyn, Arthur J.71
The Patents   Page 108   Vol. 25 No. 6

Joslyn, Etta C.71Lane, Peter95Loveland, Amanda71
Joslyn, Harriet E.71Lane, Sarah95Loveland, Daniel71
Kaufman, Neil86Lane, Sarah J.54Lowne, Thomas27
Keech, Frances26Lane, Sarah Jane55Lowrie, Gavin88
Keegan, John4Lanfair, Charles H.57Lucia, Joseph O.58
Kelly, Peter46Lanfair, Charles J.57Lucia, Minne G.58
Kelly, Thomas85Lanfair, Helen57Macfarlane, Beryl W.52
Kempe, John Tabor43, 65Lanfair, John57Mack, Thomas25
Kenna, Michael85Lanfair, Lovisa57March, Benjamin31
Kennedy, Alexr.46Lanfair, Margaret57March, Susan Harington31
Kennedy, Robert16Lanfair, Maroin J.56Marquis de Conty, Peter65
Kenyon, Charles74Lanfair, Mary E.56Marsh, Elihu27
Kenyon, Emma L.74Langworthy, Edward87Marsh, Kate F.72
Kenyon, Irena L.57Langworthy, Ella Purvee87Marsh, Minnie D.72
Ketchum, Francis F.95Lansing, Abrm. J.90Martin, Clara56
Ketchum, Irena95Lansing, John89Martin, David49
Ketdlhijn, William90Lansingh, Abraham Jacob44Martin, Donald E.55
Ketelhuyn, Daniel90Larson, Paul27Martin, Erskin C.56
Kikler, Phillip68Lash, Charles M.74Martin, Grace J.55
Kilduff, Ellen M.57Lash, Chrystine H.74Martin, Guy55
Kilduff, John J.57Lash, Donald M.74Martin, Jasper19
Kilduff, Margaret57Lash, Mabel M.74Martindale, Georgia74
Kilduff, Mary T.57Lason, Henry88Martindale, Richard74
King, Jerry35Latham, Jeaneet74Martindale, Sidney74
Kingsley, Betsey W.36Lathum, George H.71Mason, Alice Louisa5
Kingsley, Caleb36Lathum, Maud E.71Mason, H.51
Kingsley, Horace36Laurence, John28Mason, Mary94
Kingsley, James E.36Law, Michael45Mason, Thomas5, 68
Kingsley, John S.36Lawler, Elizabeth96Mathews, Salmon49
Kingsley, Joseph36Lawyer, Osaac44Matlack, White16
Kingsley, Lydia36, 39Leake, John17, 18Mattison, Lena86
Kingsley, Lydia Ann36Lee, Jonathan46Maunsel, John70
Kingsley, Nellie96Lefebve, Victor72Maunsell, John49
Kingsley, Phebe36Lente, Charles W.57Maxam, Ida96
Kingsley, Sarah L.36Lente, Mabel B.57Maxwell, William68
Kingsley, Warren36Leslie, William, Lieut.63McArthur, Thos. M.54
Kingsley, William36Leslie, Wm., Lieut.63McCabe, Ross68
Kinnear, Annie Elizabeth6Lewis, Emma74McCafferty, Frank85
Kinnear, Rosa4Lewis, John15McCann, John67
Kinnear, Samuel4, 6Lewis, Julia Ann50McCarter, Duncan66
Kinyon, Betsey A.35Lewis, Truman K.74McCauley, Hugh16
Kinyon, Halsey39Liddle, Rachel76McClair, Edwin77
Kinyon, Johnson39Lillibridge, Jane35McClay, David29
Kinyon, Susan C.35Linnendoll, Florence 33McClellan, Robert17
Kitchen, Richd.88Linnendoll, Florence Wigley31, 32, 33McCollum, William J.25
Knapp, R.54Linnendoll, Harry Walker33McComad, Lillian B.73
Lake, Nick's.69Linnendoll, Joseph Wigley31McCoole, John67
Landry, Chester F.86Linnendoll, Walter31, 33McCormac, Burton S.86
Landry, Fred86Little, Carleton Keim, MD7McCormac, Grace E.86
Landry, Jessie M.86Little, John Calvin7McCullock, Nathl.66
Landry, M. Julia86Little, Kathleen Ryan7McDonald, Alexr.66
Lane, Abijah95Livers, Christopher14McDonald, John66
Lane, Amanda W.54Livingston, Henry Alexr.29McDonald, Neil15
Lane, Betsey95Livingston, Margaret90McDonald, Thomas A.85
Lane, Daniel95Livingston, Philip29McFall, Hosiah46
Lane, Derrick95Livingston, Robert45, 91McFarland, Archd.68
Lane, Elijah95Livingston, Robert Jr.45, 90McFarland, Joseph25
Lane, Elizabeth95Livingston, Sarah29McFarlane, James Edward52
Lane, Emily 95Lockhart, Alice L.73McGarrah, John88
Lane, Emily J.95Lockhart, Doris M.73McGarry, John88
Lane, Hannah R.95Lockhart, Floyd R.73McGee, Wm.88
Lane, Irena Ketchum95Lockhart, Jennie G.73McGlashan, Alexander34
Lane, Jennie54Lockhart, Mabel J.84McGlashan, Archibald A.34
Lane, Marcus A.54, 55Lockhart, Oliver B.84McGlashan, Sarah34
Lane, Marinda.95Lockhart, Preston E.84McGregor, Patrick47
Lane, Mary F.95Lockhart, Robroy73McGrouwder, Peter67
The Patents   Page 109   Vol. 25 No. 6

McIntosh, Wm., Lieut.70Miller, Samuel69Mosher, Aurilla58
McKean, S.96Miller, Walker Fowler32, 33Mosher, Earl G.58
McKenzie, Hector15Miller, William Frederick33Mosher, Fred74
McLaughlin, Dennis54Millington, John53, 87Mosher, Horace L.58
McLaughlin, Jennie54Millis, Henry M.50Mosher, Phebe92
McLean, John66Mills, William F.8Mosher, Phoebe92
McLeod, Roderick45Mitchell, David24Mott, Eliza A.23
McLoad, Norman66Mitchell, Hill15Mott, Richard23
McMaster, C. H.34Mitchell, Jane24Mount, Thomas19
McMaster, Charles H.30Mitchell, John24Mountfert, Joseph49
McMaster, Chas. H.34Mitchell, Joseph24Mountfort, Joseph19
McMaster, Henry30, 35Mitchell, Nancy24Munro, Harry, Revd.67
McMaster, Isabel34Mitchell, Robert24Munro, Henry65
McMaster, Isabelle P.34Mitchell, Sarah24Munro, John68
McMaster, John30Mitting, Thomas14Munroe, Hugh47
McMaster, Lucinda30Monerieffs, Major90Murphy, Kate34
McMaster, Mary30Monfort, Joseph19Murray, Abbie96
McMaster, Mildred30, 34, 35Monier, John68Murray, Althea Mae57
McMaster, Minnie34Monroe, Benton J.96Murray, Clarence57
McMillen, Edward50Montequa, John86Murray, David W.57
McNab, Hugh28Moon, Henry35Murray, Fred H.57
McNachten, Alexr.44Mooney, David, Lieut.63Murray, John19
McNall, C. H.54Moore, Neal85Murray, Laura O.57
McNicoll, John66Morehouse, Abby Jane76Murray, Lettie J.57
McOmber, Edith37, 38Morehouse, Annis76Murray, Lilly43
McOmber, Gardner37, 38Morehouse, Ansel76Murray, Minerva57
McOmber, Hannah37, 38Morehouse, Edith W.58Myers, Jamie7
McOmber, Hannah Duell37Morehouse, Fred75Nash, Helen B.85
McOmber, Isaac37, 38Morehouse, George76Naye, Simon65
McOmber, Isreal37, 38Morehouse, Hepzibah76Nelson, John55
McOmber, Jane37, 38Morehouse, Horis76Newberry, Amanda98
McOmber, Joseph37, 38Morehouse, Horris76Newberry, George R.98
McOmber, Mary37, 38Morehouse, Isaac76Newberry, S. Maria98
McOmber, Philip38Morehouse, James76Newberry, Sherman 98
McOmber, Richard37, 38Morehouse, Jane76Newbery, Caroline98
McOmber, Susan37, 38Morehouse, Lewis76Newbery, Laura A.98
McOmber, Susannah38Morehouse, Lottie58Newbery, Nancy A.98
McPherson, John66Morehouse, Lucina76Newbery, William L.98
McQuivey, Isaac49Morehouse, Lucinda76Newton, Belle M.85
McVicar, Archibald66, 67Morehouse, Mari76Nichols, Etta58
McWethy, Isaac49Morehouse, Maryann Mae Jane76Nichols, John H.84
Mead, Enos16Morehouse, Max A.58Nichols, Lorine58
Meade, Edith D.56Morehouse, Peter76Nichols, Malcom J.84
Meade, George J.84Morehouse, Phebe76Nichols, Melvin58
Meade, Helen A.84Morehouse, Robert58Nichols, Paul E.84
Meade, John J.84Morehouse, Robert W.58Nichols, Pearl M.84
Meade, Sophena57Morehouse, Synica76Nichols, Roger P.84
Meade, Sylvia J.84Morehouse, Thankful76Nichols, Sidney74
Meade, Thomas H.57Morehouse, Thomas76Nims, Sophia M.51
Menges, Edmond85Morgan, E.10Noble, Belle L.74
Mengies, Ellen33Morgan, Mary K.56Noble, Laura Helene74
Menzies, Alexr.49Morison, Thomas44Nobles, Esther9
Merill, Caleb8Morrison, Andrew J.24Nor, John96
Merrit, Nehemiah27Morrison, Hugh28Northrop, Anna92
Merrithew, Florence87Morton, Barbara35Norton, Jacob8
Mersereau, Joshua18Moses, Edgar87Noyes, Harry C.55
Meskal, Stephen92Moses, Emma Washburn87Noyes, Henretta G.55
Middleton, Peter44Moses, Eva87Oakley, Elizabeth94
Miller, Esther Lovinia33Moses, Herbert87O'Brien, Alfred L.72
Miller, Frederick A.32Moses, Herbert Alanson75O'Brien, Kathryn H.72
Miller, John A.96Moses, Jane E.75O'Brien, Lenita M.72
Miller, Levi49Moses, John87O'Connor, _____54
Miller, Marietta32Moses, John Herbert75O'Connor, Morris85
Miller, Mark54Moses, Vida87Ogden, Amanda55
Miller, Mary52Moses, Vida Evaline75Ogden, Caroline55
Miller, Mildred Esther33Moses, William Edgar75Ogden, Electa54
The Patents   Page 110   Vol. 25 No. 6

Ogden, Electa A.55Pharmer, Leonard84Reed, Alonso96
Ogden, Elizabeth55Pharmer, Lester84Reichard, Minnie92
Ogden, Emily Jane55Pharmer, Louis84Reid, James67
Ogden, Gilbert100Pharmer, Louis G.84Reid, John66
Ogden, Gilbert Sr.55Phelps, Esther E.83Reid, Mary J.25
Ogden, Margaret55Phillips, James46Reid, William J.25
Ogden, Maria54, 55Phillips, John88Remington, Charles W.56
Ogden, Mary A.54Phillips, William H., Rev.4Remington, Mabel A.56
Ogden, Polly55Philo, Jane92Remington, Royce R.56
Ogden, Reuben55Phyfe, Harry E.73Reynolds, Anna37, 38
Ogden, William, Rev.4Phyn, George65Reynolds, George E.31
Ogilvie, Alexr.14Pierce, Gilbert92Reynolds, Ida32, 33
O'Hara, Agnes32Pitcher, Alfred55Reynolds, Ida Inez31
O'Hara, Alice32, 34Platt, Zephaniah16Reynolds, Mabel Florence31
O'Hara, Arthur83Plue, Horace83Reynolds, Margaret35
O'Hara, Edward32, 35Plum, Frederick8Rhodes, Carrie A.30
O'Hara, Frederick P.32, 34Pollock, Carlile68Rhodes, Sarah May30
O'Hara, Lawrence Frederick34Porter, Esther50Rhodes, William Parley30
O'Hara, Lily M.83Porter, Thomas14Rice, Asa100
O'Hara, Mary32Post, Mrs.6Richardson, Joseph14
Olmstead, Barbara Ann72Potter, Aurilla Clements87Richardson, William35
Ormer, Mary Wallace10Potter, Claude53, 87Rierden, Maria96
Orr, A. Jr.54Potter, Duane96Riley, John50
Orton, Thomas100Potter, Ernest87Riley, Susannah19
Osburn, James68Potter, George75, 87Risdle, Wm.19
Ottman, Jane Elizabeth39Potter, John53, 87Rix, Cornelius39
Ovitt, George50Potter, Julia75Rix, Ebenezer39
Owens, Lucy94Potter, Lena87Rix, Hannah39
Palmer, Beniah91Potter, Robert87Rix, Joseph39
Panton, Francis16Potter, Ruth53, 87Rix, Martha39
Parker, Elisha35Poverly, Lizzie78Rix, Rachel Anna39
Parker, James50Powers, John67Rix, Rhoda39
Parker, John J.4Pratt, Abrm.45Roach, Jeremiah85
Parker, Joseph4Pratt, James14Roach, Price27
Parker, Silas35Prindle, Daniel28Robarge, Joseph52
Parkins, Nemiah8Prindle, Danl.27Roberts, Cyrus39
Parrott, Edith M.74Proctor, Thomas67, 69Roberts, Herbert57
Parrott, Edward M.74Prority, Ingols (Prouty, Ingalls)96Roberts, Katherine A.57
Parrott, Eleanor A.74Prosser, Betty56Roberts, Margaret77
Parrott, Elizabeth P.74Prosser, Mildred L.56Roberts, Margarite57
Parrott, James P.58Prosser, Noyer L.56Roberts, Mary E.57
Parrott, John S.58Prusk, John14Roberts, Thomas15
Parrott, Mary M.74Purvee, George Thomas87Robertson, Duncan25
Parsons, Edson83Purvee, Jenny87Robertson, Ellen Aletta25
Parsons, Ruth83Purvee, Maria Hill87Robertson, Garret Dox25
Pasko, Truman35Putnam, Mary96Robertson, George8
Patten, Mrs. Dean S.60Putney, Stewart83Robertson, George W.25
Paul, Flora74Quackenboss, Henry47Robertson, George, Jr.8
Paul, James74Quackenboss, John65, 67Robertson, James Laidrath25
Paul, Susie A.74Quakenbush, John69Robertson, James P.25
Peck, Loella79Quin, Edwd.19Robertson, Jane M.25
Peck, William E.79Qunitnon, David64Robertson, Joseph19
Pendell, Daniel C.35Radford, Mary32Robertson, Mary Bolton25
Pendell, Lyman H.35Ramsay, Charles68Robertson, Peter VanKluck25
Penny, William14Ramsey, Arthur34Robertson, Rebecca Wendall25
Perry, John67Ramsey, Irena May34Robertson, William P.25
Perry, John E.39Ramsey, Kenneth Leroy34Robinson, George14
Perry, Mervin, Ensign65Randall, Jacob100Robinson, Mrs. Albert E.60
Persons, George87Randle, Joseph19Robinson, William54
Persons, Lucy87Rathbone, Mary G.38Rockwell, Abigail Weston97
Persons, Mary75Ray, Carrie I.85Rockwell, Elm Francolie97
Peters, Herman43Ray, Samuel G.85Rockwell, Emmitt Fayette97
Pharmer, Bertha M.84Raynor, Rebecca96Rockwell, Ervin Duglos97
Pharmer, Caroline A.84Read, Duncan44Rockwell, Everal Dewight97
Pharmer, Edward J.84Redad, Joseph, Jr.44Rockwell, Franklin Emm(ess)97
Pharmer, George C.84Redmiller, Martin65Rockwell, Hellen Rosealthy97
The Patents   Page 111   Vol. 25 No. 6

Rockwell, Marion Esther97Schermerhorn, Helen M.72Sharpe, Thomas90
Rockwell, Samuel V.97Schermerhorn, Howard55Shaw, Caroline32
Rockwell, Sarah Helliner97Schermerhorn, Iday E.55Shaw, Caroline Margaret32
Rockwell, Wm. Hollis97Schermerhorn, J. Allen72Shaw, Ella30
Rogers, Edward68Schermerhorn, Jacob67, 69Shaw, Frank (Mrs.)32
Rogers, Robert 27Schermerhorn, Mantomete72Shaw, Hamilton C.32
Rogers, Robert, Mjr.15, 18Schermerhorn, Marion B.72Shaw, Margaret32
Roider, Fred (Mrs.)33, 34Schermerhorn, Mary56Shaw, Neal44
Rood, Mr.93Schermerhorn, Myron L.58Shaw, Niel44
Rooney, Jennie96Schermerhorn, Oscar56Shearer, Harriet Amelia32
Rork, George33, 35Schermerhorn, Roxie E.58Shearer, John Thompson32
Rork, George (Mrs.)33Schermerhorn, Ryer64, 67, 69Shearer, Mary Sutherland32
Rose, Nellie C.92Schermerhorn, Sheila J.58Shearer, Thomas L. (Mrs.)32
Ross, Anna 34Schermerhorn, Simon89Shepf, Emma30
Ross, Anna Bella4Schermerhorn, Stanley S.58Shepf, Henry30
Ross, Anna Belle33Schermerhorn, William W.55Sheranian, Rebecca7
Ross, Anson Brockway3, 4Schneider, George48Sheranian, Sara7
Ross, George William3Schneider, George, Lieut.65Sherwood, Beverly73
Ross, Henry52Schuyler, Johannis45, 91Sherwood, Lillian73
Ross, James29Schuyler, John Jr.43, 45Shimmin, Paula7
Ross, James Lawton4Schuyler, Peter45, 90, 91Shine, John19
Ross, Jane4Schuyler, Philip43Shirreff, Wm.67
Ross, John4Schwartzwald, Georgia A.72Shouts, Frederick96
Ross, Joseph3, 4Schwartzwald, Joseph W.72Shultes, Adam99
Ross, Mary4Schwartzwald, Marion S.72Shultes, Catharine99
Ross, Mary Hathorn3Sciff, Obadiah8Shultes, Elizabeth99
Ross, Mary Jane Hale3Scott, Anna Kathryn57Shultes, Emeline99
Ross, Mrs. Joseph4Scott, James17Shultes, Eva99
Ross, William3,4Scott, John Morin65Shultes, Jacob99
Ross, William (Mrs.)33Scott, Mary J.57Shultes, Mary99
Rudolph, John Henry14Scott, Moses91Shultes, Nancy99
Ruppert, George A.56Scripter, Lafett39Shultes, Paul99
Ruppert, Geraldine56Searls, George67Shultes, Peter H.99
Ruppert, Rachel E.56Seele, Cynthia99Shultes, Sophia99
Russell, Cora73Seele, George99Shultes, William99
Russell, Donald 92Seeley, Anna 94Simmons, Anna87
Russell, Donald Edwin92Seeley, Anna Eliza93Sinclair, John, Capt.66
Russell, Dorothy 92Seeley, Benjamin94Sisson, Alice R.85
Russell, Dorothy Clare92Seeley, Charles W.93Sisson, Anne Ruth84
Russell, Gordon 92Seeley, David93, 94Sisson, Edwin C.85
Russell, Gordon Willard92Seeley, George93Sisson, Henry W.84
Russell, Grace Elizabeth92Seeley, George Washington93Sisson, James54
Russell, Helen73Seeley, Harriett93Sisson, Katherine84
Russell, Jeremiah100Seeley, James W.93Sisson, Rowena T.84
Russell, Nellie Bennett92Seeley, James Ward93Skene, Major63
Russell, Willard M.92Seeley, Justus94Skene, Philip, Major63, 70
Russell, Winifred92Seeley, Lucy Owens94Skinner, Frances Brown31
Russet, James14Seeley, M. Louise Griffin94Skinner, William Gaine Skinner31
Ruston, Wm.19Seeley, Mary94Slade, Gattie92
Rutherford, Walter17Seeley, Mary Jane93Sleight, Katherine J.74
Ryles, Jonathan68Seeley, Mary Louise93Sloan, James50
Sanders, John88, 89Seeley, Mary Mason94Sloan, Jane50
Sapeteen, Charles49Seeley, Mary Turner94Sloan, Lois50
Satterlee, Thomas F.86Seeley, Matilda93Small, John, Capt.69
Saunders, Robert46, 47Seeley, Nellie93Smead, Cecil Clifford33
Savoy, Eliza30Seeley, Rhoda93Smead, Clifford32
Savoy, Emma Agnes30Seeley, Robert94Smead, Emma 32
Savoy, Helena Elizabeth30Seeley, Ruth93Smead, Emma Madeline32, 33
Savoy, Maximilian30Seeley, William93Smead, Kenneth Wilson32
Sawyer, Isaac44, 67, 68, 69Seeley, William A.93, 94Smead, Walter31
Saxton, Wm.67Selleck, Ada L.73Smead, Walter Scott32, 33
Schermerhorn, Ayesha C.55Selleck, Floyd R.73Smith, Anna B.74
Schermerhorn, Dorothy58Selleck, Homer J.73Smith, Ansel76
Schermerhorn, Emmet E.72Selleck, Leah92Smith, Arthur Jr.87
Schermerhorn, Florence55Senter, Victoria7Smith, Charles71
Schermerhorn, George B.56Sexton, Christopher8Smith, Clarinise76
The Patents   Page 112   Vol. 25 No. 6

Smith, Courety (?)8Stebbins, Jack31Taylor, Ruth E.85
Smith, David15Stebbins, John T.35Taylor, T. H.30, 31, 32, 33, 34
Smith, Ebenezer76Stebbins, John T. (Mrs.)30Taylor, T. H. (Mrs.)32, 33
Smith, Eliza91Stephens, Edwin50Taylor, Thomas H.30
Smith, Erwin D.74Stevenson, Elva85Tennison, Benjn.68
Smith, Eveline Graves53, 87Stewart, Duncan66Tentley, Bertha58
Smith, Frank H.74Stiles, Herbert92Tentley, Margaret58
Smith, Homer J.74Stiles, Laura B.10Thatcher, Allene M.72
Smith, Jacob92Stillman, ______76Thatcher, Fred C.72
Smith, Joel 92Stillson, Henry90Thatcher, Glenn J.72
Smith, Joel W.92Stinson, John27Thatcher, Helen M.72
Smith, John H.86Stockholm, Andrew90Thomas, Abrm.27
Smith, Joseph7Stone, Kate31Thomas, Albert77
Smith, Katherine O.71Stone, Louis M.31Thomas, Albert P.78
Smith, L. Cheritree72Stone, William31Thomas, Alonzo78
Smith, Louisa76Stranahan, Ethel L.58Thomas, Burton A.77, 78
Smith, Luther J.92Stranahan, Evely M.58Thomas, David45, 70, 71
Smith, Major F.94Stranahan, Fred58Thomas, Freelove77
Smith, Margaret7Stranahan, Jessie C.58Thomas, James J.85
Smith, Martin76Stranahan, Ruth A.58Thomas, Marilla78
Smith, Mildred L.74Stranahan, Winifred M.58Thomas, Mary E.78
Smith, N. A.54Stranchan, Beulah F.73Thomas, Minerva77, 78
Smith, Nellie I.86Stranchan, Chester A.73Thomas, Peleg77
Smith, Philip15, 47, 70Stranchan, Jennie M.73Thomas, Peleg R.77, 78
Smith, Platt47Stranchan, John S.73Thomas, Phebe77, 78
Smith, Robert F.74Stranchan, Paul S.73Thomas, Rowland77, 78
Smith, Rose E.74Stranchan, Pauline73Thomas, Russell77, 78
Smith, Rosell8Stroles, George88Thomas, Sarah G.77, 78
Smith, Sarah Jane74, 92Stuart, Duncan66Thompson, Almira51
Smith, William30Sullivan, John H.85Thompson, Benoni51
Smut, Mary A.72Sullivan, John Lawrence83Thompson, C. Ann51
Smut, Oliver M.72Sullivan, Laura Marie83Thompson, Cynthia Ann51
Smythe, Jane5Sullivan, Mary E.57Thompson, Eunice51
Smythe, William J.5Sullivan, Michael J.57Thompson, James50, 51
Sneddier, Garrit100Sullivan, Regfield P.57Thompson, John48
Snodgrass, Mrs.34Sullivan, Rose V.83Thompson, Judah L.51
Snow, Nancy24Sutherland, Erick48, 49Thompson, Lois51
Snyder, Catharina78Sutherland, Harriet92Thompson, Mariah51
Soule, John67Sutherland, Lewis92Thompson, Mary51
Speers, Hugh19Sutherland, Mary Wagman92Thompson, Periam51
Spier, Julia60Sutherland, Phoebe Mosher92Thompson, Periam Jr.51
St. Clair, John70Sutherland, Sarah92Thompson, Sarah51
Staats, Harriet E.58Swift, John68Thompson, Sebe49
Staats, John58Swift, Luther51Thompson, Walter, Rev.4
Staats, Leon L.58Swift, Mary4Thomson, Alexander83
Staats, Sophie M.58Taflam, Edward85Thomson, Clara T.83
Stannard, George Ernest74Taft, George J.9Thomson, Elizabeth E.83
Stannard, Isabel T.74Tahoment, Elijah51Thomson, Frederick J.83
Stannard, Mabel74Tario, Florence E.73Thomson, Mary60
Stannard, Nona M.74Tario, Julia E.73Thomson, Robert T.83
Stannard, Orville L.74Tario, Mary Hilda73Thorn, Charles51
Stanton, Alice E.71Tario, Obie73Thurman, John18, 29
Stanton, Althea M.71Taylor, Alexander58Tilsey, John45
Stanton, Elizabeth L.71Taylor, Danl.67Todrig, Aubrey F., Rev.4, 7
Stanton, Elva H.56Taylor, Edna May33Torry, Anna Gillespie4
Stanton, Fred C.71Taylor, Eliza58Torry, David Aaron4, 5
Stanton, Harriett56Taylor, Ida B.56Torry, Henry Marian5
Stanton, Lulu J.71Taylor, Irene56Torry, Mary5
Stanton, Mabel L.56Taylor, John64Tousley, Mary96
Stanton, Morris56Taylor, Mabel34Tousley, Millie96
Stanton, Paul L.71Taylor, Margaret Lucinda78Traphagan, Rozatha91
Stanton, Richard E.71Taylor, Mary E.34Traver, Alvaro R.78
Stanton, Ruth M.71Taylor, Maud G.85Traver, Benjamin Franklin78
Stanton, Willoughby B.56Taylor, Nathl.67Traver, Charles H.78
Starks, H. A.96Taylor, Percy J.85Traver, Charles Henry78
Stebbing, Florence Howells34Taylor, Ray M.85Traver, Charles M.78
The Patents   Page 113   Vol. 25 No. 6

Traver, Clarence Elmer78Vantassell, Harm54Wallace, Ella Bates10
Traver, Madison78Vantassell, Katy54Wallace, Esther C.9
Traver, Mary A.78Varney, Josiah96Wallace, Esther E.9
Traver, Mary Antoinette78Varnum, Anne E.55Wallace, Frances N.9
Traver, Mervin C.77, 78Varnum, Elmer R.55Wallace, Freddie10
Traver, Mervin Contantine78Varnum, Francis A.55Wallace, Gardner H.9
Traver, Rachall78Varnum, Iona L.55Wallace, Homer9
Traver, Russell78Varnum, Marion R.55Wallace, Infant Girl10
Traver, Sarah A.78Varnum, Theresa A.55Wallace, James A.9
Traver, Sarah Elvira78Vary, William78Wallace, James F.9
Trimble, George17Vaughn, James93Wallace, John10
Trip, Benjamin67Vernon, Grace D.83Wallace, John M.10
Trip, Henrietta50Vernon, Johnson E.83Wallace, Jotham10
Trip, McClanand50Vernum, Dorothy86Wallace, Jothan Herbert10
Trip, Thomas H.50Vernum, Frances B.86Wallace, Lena58
Tripp, Clair C.86Vernum, Geneva86Wallace, Letitia M.58
Tripp, Julian W.59Vernum, Jerome86Wallace, Lorena B.9
Tripp, Marion B.59Vernum, Lois86Wallace, Mary E.9
Truax, Frank84Vernum, Mary86Wallace, Maryann10
Truax, Myrtle M.84Vickers, Solomon67Wallace, Permelia B.10
Truax, Richard J.84Viele, Abbie Vanderwerker91Wallace, Rhoda9, 10
Truesdale, Clyde O.58Viele, Alpheus91Wallace, Rhoda A.10
Tubbs, Alice C.83Viele, Eliza Smith91Wallace, Sally M.10
Tuck, Eliza C.34Viele, George Sidney91Wallace, Sarah M.10
Tuck, Geo. O.34Viele, Hormond91Walton, Joseph45, 70
Tuck, Sarah34Viele, Katie91Ward, Agnes M.83
Tucker, Austin56Viele, Lelah Josephine91Ward, Earl M.83
Tucker, Elizabeth56Viele, Mahala Adams91Ward, Ella E.83
Tucker, James39Viele, Mary L.91Ward, Ernest E.83
Tucker, Margaret56Viele, Mary S. Vanderwerker91Ward, Oswell J.83
Tucker, Margaret M.33Viele, Milo J.91Ward, Robert O.83
Tufts, Bertha M56Viele, Orestus91Ward, Roby E.83
Turner, Alexander J.45, 71Viele, Otto91Ware, Bekky76
Turner, Alexander Jr.45Viele, Rozatha Traphagan91Ware, Fany76
Turner, Alexr.43, 65, 68Viele, Sidney B.91Ware, Hepzibah76
Turner, Alexr. J.70Viele, Welthy91Warner, Harriet Bennett92
Turner, James64, 70, 71Vorce, Amanda M.38Warner, John92
Turner, Jane Anne58Vorce, Freeman38Washburn, Emma75
Turner, Jas.45Vosberg, Fred W.57Washburn, Eviline75
Turner, Mary94Vosberg, Helen B.57Washburn, John75
Turner, Thomas19, 45Wagar, Catharine99Washburn, Mary Persons87
Tuttle, James8Wagar, Charles99Washburn, S., Rev.96
Tuttle, Sidney W.8Wagar, Edgar99Wason, John43, 68
Tuttle, Stephen28Wagar, Henry S.99Watcock, Rich.19
Twiss, Charley87Wagar, Ira99Waterhouse, Mr.64
Twiss, Floyd87Wagar, Ira J.99Watkins, Helen M.24
Twiss, George87Wagar, Isaac99Watkins, John49
Twiss, Helen E.84Wagar, Jacob99Watson, Alice30
Twiss, Laura53, 87Wagar, James99Watson, Jacob16, 18
Twiss, Minerva75, 87Wagar, James A.99Watts, John15
Underwood, George T.96Wagar, Laura99Watts, Robert78
Valiulis, Gini7Wagar, Margaret99Weaver, Bessie M.58
Valiulis, Santino7Wagar, Mariette99Weaver, Laura58
Van Antwerp, Wilhelmus44Wagar, Pauline M.99Webb, B., Rev.7
Van Corlaer, Arent67, 69Wagar, William99Webb, Charles Edward58
Van Curler, Aaron69Walch, Joseph50Webb, Jay C.58
Van Dam, Rip90Walch, Simeion50Webb, May M.58
Van de Car, R. D.78Walker, Anna85Webster, George45
Van Dyck, Cornelius45, 91Walker, Mr.93Webster, Thomas19
Van Ranselaer, Jeremiah29Walker, W. D., Rev.34Wells, Betsey36
Van Rensselaer, Jeremiah89Wallace, Arthur D.10Wells, Edmund67
Van Schaick, Anthony90Wallace, Charles E.9Wells, Ida H.96
Vandebogert, Aaron100Wallace, Cornet9Wells, Joseph36
Vanderwerker, Abbie91Wallace, Eliza C.9Wells, Magdalene36
Vanderwerker, Mary S.91Wallace, Eliza E.9Wentworth, E.96
VanKluck, Maria25Wallace, Eliza G. I.9Wessells, Derick45, 91
The Patents   Page 114   Vol. 25 No. 6

West, Chandler A.72Wilcox, Eddavilla83Wood, May R.58
West, David C.83Wilcox, George83Wood, Minnie D.83
West, Harriet B.72Wilcox, Lovenia84Wood, Paul83
West, Hazel G.83Wilcox, Mary83Wood, Philip M.83
West, Henry67Wilcox, Melvin83Wood, Rolland W.56
West, Jean H.83Wilcox, Minerva J.71Wood, Ruby L.56
West, Margaret92Wilcox, Robert84Wood, Smith83, 96
West, Thankful Sophroni26Wilcox, William K.71Wood, Walter45, 69
Westerlo, Catherine29Wild, John14Wood, William L56
Weston, Janet B.97Wilde, Belle B.57Woolcock (Woodcock?), John9
Wheat, Ella D.59Wilde, E. Herbert D.57Woolrick, Nich's.19
Wheat, Elmer S.59Wilde, Elmer E.73Worden, Allen83
Whipple, C. J. (Mrs.)30, 31, 32, 33, 34Wilde, George W.57Worden, Arthur84
Whipple, C. J., Rev.5,6,7,30,31,32,33,34Wilde, Katherine73Worden, Carl E.86
Whipple, Sam C.87Wiley, William79Worden, Edison73
White, Albert McGinnis52Williams, Ella96Worden, Edith C.83
White, Alonzo83Williams, Mary Bradford35Worden, Erskine C.86
White, Anna K.73Williams, William96Worden, Florence A.86
White, Augustus H.52Willson, George67, 69Worden, Frank96
White, Carrie Louise52Willson, James67, 69Worden, Frank H.56
White, Catharine E.52Willson, Jno.69Worden, Fred G.83
White, Daniel14Willson, John67Worden, Lawrence E.84
White, Emily E.52Willson, Saml.67Worden, Lucille M.83
White, Esther A.52Willson, Samuel69Worden, Margaret B.73
White, Esther H.52Wilson, Emma F.55Worden, Maria56
White, Harriet M.73Wilson, James B.55Worden, Marion L.73
White, Hugh15Wilt, Henry46Worden, Mary S.83
White, James Jenkins52Winchester, George54Worden, Naomi84
White, Lovinia Dewey52Winmer, Lurena A.86Worden, Natalie84
White, Mary Ann52Winslow, Alvin58Worden, Robert W.86
White, Rose Alberta52Winslow, Helen J.58Worden, Ruth84
White, Sarah52Winslow, John J.58Wrenn, Charles W.85
White, Silas Hathaway52Winslow, Julia A.58Wright, Abraham67
White, Wealthy A.52Winslow, Nellie B.58Wright, Gladys W.71
White, William E.52Winter, Asa C.8Wright, Jane3
Whitemash, Daniel49Winter, Moses8Wright, Jonathan49
Whittemore, Ortha83Winton, Ethel4Yates, Christopher89
Wick, Helen M.24Witherell, Mary96York, David4, 7
Wier, Archibald88Wood, Charles S.83York, John Francis4
Wigley, Doris Aldrich31Wood, Corrinne83York, Lorena M.4
Wigley, Ellen32Wood, Effie L.58York, Mary4, 32
Wigley, Emma30, 31Wood, Esp. J.73York, Mary Swift4
Wigley, J. B.31, 32, 33Wood, Frances E.56Yound, George H.78
Wigley, J. B. (Mrs.)31Wood, Harold S.56Zabriskie, John89
Wigley, J. J.32, 33, 34Wood, Hilda G.83Zeiback, Edwin R.72
Wigley, J. J. (Mrs.)31Wood, Hulda M.73Zeiback, Jennie F.72
Wigley, Joseph B.31, 33Wood, Julia35Zeiback, Meleta M.72
Wigley, May Green31Wood, Mary83
The Patents   Page 115   Vol. 25 No. 6

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