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Upstate New York Welsh Heritage Online Group

Most Welsh heritage groups meet in a room in a building on a street in a town or city somewhere. But that doesn't work very well for Upstate New York Welsh Heritage (UNYWH). Our members are located in many different geographical locations, so we meet on the Internet in a chat room and message board on the information superhighway known as the World Wide Web (WWW).

Upstate New York Welsh Heritage is a public Internet-based community with activities taking place totally online using email, chat room, a message board, and a web page. Members can post queries on a mailing list, upload and share photos and documents, and share links to useful web sites. Live, real-time meetings are held in the group's private chat room. Non-members may post and read queries on the group message board but must become members to use other group activities.

The group began in August 1999 as "Western New York Welsh Heritage" hosted by A year later, group manager and founder Barbara Henry decided to broaden the range of the group and include western New York's sister-region of central New York. The two regions share many historical and Welsh ancestral ties. After 1840 many central New York Welsh immigrants migrated to the western part of the state. In January 2001 our eGroup became a Yahoo! Group as a result of the merger between Yahoo and eGroups.

UNYWH membership is open to anyone anywhere in the world with Welsh family history and genealogy connections in upstate New York.

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