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Welsh Historical Marker Restoraton Project

Project progress update 1:11 PM 8/19/2013: What a difference! The marker restortation project is getting there. Soon, it will be finished. We hope that the new process will keep the paint on the aluminum metal. The old peeling paint has been removed and the shiny smooth aluminum surface has been sanded and primed. This should make the paint adhere better for a longer period of time. If finished by early to mid-fall, perhaps there will be time for a rededication program. Thanks to the Andrews family for moving the project along.

Here's a bit of history about the marker. In 2002, the Welsh Settlement Historical Marker Project was successfully concluded with the help of generous donors. In 2003 the marker was installed on the site of the old Ebenezer Welsh Bapstist Church (no longer standing) in Freedom, Cattaraugus County, New York. The marker is located in the Welsh Yard, managed by the Freedom Cemetery Society. By 2012, paint had peeled from both sides of the cast aluminum sign and was in need of repainting.

During October 2012, with the permission of the Freedom Cemetery Society, a team of volunteers (Barbara Henry, Susan Andrews, Brian Andrews and Matthew Andrews) took down the sign and began to restore it. Donations helped purchase paint, primer, supplies, tools to remove all the old paint, prime and repaint.


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