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Welsh Heritage in Western, Central, and Eastern New York State

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A History of Wales / Dr. John Davies / BBC Cymru Wales

The Calvinistic Methodists in Wales / The Princeton review / Pages 163-176 / Vol. 41, Iss. 2. Apr 1869. New York: G. & C. Carvill.

Dictionary: Welsh/English - English/Welsh / University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

Early Nineteenth-Century Welsh Immigrants in Upper New York State / Dr. Marian S. Henry /, New England Historic Genealogical Society.

The Iron Puddler: My Life in the Rolling Mills and What Came of It / James J. Davis / Project Gutenberg Etext

Revival Library The Revival Library has a number of online documents pertaining to religious revial in Wales including: Howell Harris, the revival of 1904, and others. CD ROM of Welsh Revivial materials also available.

Wales: Land of Song / Natalie Bayer / Dissertation Facharbeit im Leistungskurs Englisch am Gregor-Mendel-Gymnasium Amberg / 1998-2000.

Welsh Fairy Tales / William Elliot Griffis / Project Gutenberg Ebook

Welsh Folklore / Elias Owen / Project Gutenberg Ebook

Welsh Imprints of Central New York / Eugene Paul Nasser / Ethnic Heritage Studies Center / Utica College / 1998 (Requires Adobe Reader)

The Welsh in Oneida County, New York / Paul Demund Evans / Siloam Road Enterprises / Original manuscript 1914; published online 2001.

Y Drych and American Welsh Identities, 1851-1951 / Aled Jones and Bill Jones / Cardiff University / North American Journal of Welsh Studies, Vol. 1, 1 (Winter 2001).


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