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Rev. Edward Davies Record Book With a List of Marriages 1854-1896

Compiled by Jack Bathrick. © 2001 Remsen-Steuben Historical Society

I thought that someone might find a Welsh ancestor in the following which I took from Rev. Edward Davies Record Book, which is among the articles the Remsen-Steuben Historical Society has in its collection.

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About the Record Book and Rev. Davies

Mrs. Gwyneth Howard of Remsen, grandaughter of Rev. Edward E. Davies donated the latter's record book to the Remsen Steuben Historical Society. That book chronicles the work of Rev Davies, documenting the church services he led plus the marriages and funerals he presided at, over the period from 1853 to 1897. His book also contains a number of pages of recipes he collected over the years, for everything from white cake, to medications for dysentery, to wagon grease.

Reverend Davies was a Congregational minister who graduated from Whitestown Seminary. It is not clear what year he graduated, but he is listed as a member of the Alumni Association in the 1878 "Whitestown Index", a newspaper, published by the students, found on the Genealogical & Historical Research Web Site for Oneida County, New York (GENWEB).

Quoting from Jay Williams' book, Memory Stones in an account of the history of the Welsh Congregational Church in Waterville:

"The church's first minister was the Rev. Edward Davies. He remained for 16 years until 1869 when he left to minister to English speaking Congregational churches in Oriskany Falls and Deansboro. He later preached in Remsen and Steuben while serving as editor of Y Cenhadwr.

Davies was known as an ardent supporter of temperance, often casting the Prohibition Party's sole vote in the Town of Sangerfield, a town whose livelihood depended upon the production of hops. Davies neighbors wondered "what he voted for", and what good could come from the lone ballot he cast. He, however felt that he was registering his conviction as to what was right.

In Remsen, Rev. Davies served both Capel Ucha and Peniel from 1889-1898. He also served the Holland Patent and Trenton Congregational churches."

Rev. Davies kept detailed records of the occasions when he preached at the Oriskany Falls and Deansville churches he served. These records typically include the date, scripture used, weather conditions and size of the congregation. His record for a service at Oriskany Falls reads:

Feb 20,1870 Luke 8:45,46 pleasant good attendance

List of Marriages 1854-1896

The following is a listing of the marrigages Rev. Davies performed over the period from 1854 to 1896, as extracted from his record book. Interestingly, he received anywhere from $1 to $10 for performing these marriages, with $5 being the norm.

Nov 2, 1854
Mr. Owen Price a mip Margaret Gittens, Waterville

Nov 6, 1854
Wm Jones a mip ______ Morris, Paris Hill

Nov 23, 1854
John Hughes a Mary Morris, Waterville

Dec 30, 1854
Ellis Gittins a Jane Gittins, Waterville

Feb 2, 1855
Ellis Jones a Ann Jones, Waterville

Apr 4, 1855
Wm W. Thomas a Mary Roberts, Remsen

Apr 6, 1855
Wm Gittins a Elizabeth Gittins, Waterville

May 1, 1855
Mr. Sanderson a mip Jane Norton, Waterville

Nov 2, 1855
John Williams,Turin a mip Elizabeth Foulks, Waterville

Nov 13 1855
Mr. Thomas(?) Hughes a mip Susan Jones, Waterville

Mar 18, 1856
Mr. Mathew Jones a mip Susan Jones, Waterville

Mar 25, 1856
Mr. Daniel Douglas a mip Eliza Gaskill, Waterville

Apr 5, 1856
Thomas J. Evans a mip Mary Humphreys, Waterville

Jul 10, 1856
Mr. John Edwards a Ellen Williams, Waterville

Oct 22, 1856
Mr. Henry Williams, Rome a Miss Elizabeth Lewis, Waterville

Jul 18, 1857
Mr. John Jones, Hamilton a mip Elizabeth Jones, Waterville

Oct 10, 1857
Mr. Price Hughes a mip Mary Roberts, Waterville

Nov 22, 1857
Almeron Loomis, Barington,IL a mip Emily Edgerton, Waterville

May 19, 1858
Mr. William Williams a Catharine Edwards, Waterville

Jul 26, 1858
Mr. Henry Edwards a mip Sarah Owens, Waterville

Dec 9, 1863
In Waterville, Mr. Alonzo Calkins to Mrs.Margaret Sargeant both of Waterville

Jan 12, 1867
In Waterville, Mr. Edwin Roberts of Steuben to Mip Kate L. Thomas of the same place.

Apr 17, 1869
In his own house, Mr. Gerrit L. Russel to Miss Kittie E. Martin both of Clinton

Dec 22,1870
At Waterville, (at Mr. Gilman's), Mr. Horace Gilman to Miss Cornelia Thompson all of Waterville.

Mar 28,1871
At home, Mr. John R. Jones to Miss Martha Sanford all of Waterville

Apr 6, 1871
At home, Mr. George Pugh of Little Falls to Miss Sarah Jones of Washington Mills.

Jun 3, 1871
At home, Mr. Morris Davies of Utica to Miss Margaret Hughes of same place.

Jul 1, 1871
At home, Mr. Watkin Owens to Miss Jane Evans, both of Winfield, N.Y.

Nov 2, 1871
At home, Mr. Hugh Williams of Marshall to Miss Catharine Hughes of Utica

Dec 20, 1871
At the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. Samuel Osborne to Miss Anna Wilcox of Deansville.

Jan 3, 1872
At the house of the bride's parents Mr. Laurens M. Barker to Miss Phebe J. Barker all of Augusta, Oneida Co. N.Y.

Feb 20, 1872
At the bride's parents, Mr. Charles Stillman of Clarks Mills to Miss Orisa M. Stebbins of Deansville.

Mar 14,1872
At the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. Robert Rowlands to Miss Ellen Price, all of Waterville.

Jul 5, 1872
At home, Mr. John Lewis of Marshall, to Miss Annie Russell of Waterville,N.Y.

Oct 9, 1872
At Mr. Owen F. Jones', Mr. David Morris of Cassville to Miss Ann F. Jones of Waterville.

Mar 4, 1873
At the bride's parents, Mr. J.E. Hickey of Auburn to Miss Laura L. Hamlin of Deansville.

Oct 22, 1873
At the residence of the bride's mother, Mr. James P. Craine ofClinton to Miss Georgiana E. Barker of Deansville..

Oct 30, 1873
At the Cong. Church in Deansville, Mr. Erwin Hamlin to Miss Anna M. Hills, both of Deansville,N.Y.

Apr 23, 1874
At home Mr. Thomas J. Williams to Miss Eleanor Williams both of Cassville, N.Y.

Dec 1, 1880
At residence of John A. Jones ,Waterville, Mr Mickale Saget of New Bremen, Lewis County to Miss Mary E. Williams of Waterville, N.Y.

Dec 1, 1880
At the residence of Mr. Risley, Waterville Mr. Thomas Braeg(?) of New Haven, N.Y. to Mrs. Eleanor L. Risley of Waterville,N.Y.

Aug 22, 1881
At home, Mr. A. H. Hamrick of Philadelphia PA and Miss Emma Hitchcock of same place.

_________ 1882
At Remsen Mr. John Evans to Miss Maggie Hughes both of Bethel, N.Y.

Dec 27, 1882
At Waterville, N.Y. Mr. Lewis Edwards to Miss Margaret Anna Jones both of Waterville.

At Bethel Mr. John F. Williams to Miss Jane Ann Hughes

Aug 5, ____
John McGill Clark of Chicago Ill. and Miss Nellie Thomas Clark of Steuben, N.Y.

Aug 11,___
John L. Kent and Miss Mary Hughes both of Bethel, N.Y.

Dec 7, 1887
At Remsen Rev. Thomas T. Davies and Mrs. Winifred Jones both of Remsen.

Aug 17, 1891
At Alder Creek, N.Y. Mr. Charlie Worden of Trenton and Miss Florence B. Jones of Alder Creek.

Sept 6,1894
At Trenton, N.Y. Mr. William T. Murty of Oneida and Miss Lida Jones of Trenton.

Dec 31, 1896
At home, Mr. William H. Jones of Alder Creek and Miss Margaret Ellen Williams of Remsen.


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