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About Upstate New York Welsh Web Site


Upstate New York Welsh web site began in 1998 as Brae's Welsh Page and focused on Welsh heritage in western New York. That year the page won a Cyber-Cymru Award. In Spring 2000 the site was expanded to include central New York as well since the two sister-regions share common historical and Welsh ancestral ties. The site was renamed Upstate New York Welsh to reflect its new focus. In March 2003 the website was moved from American Online to RootsWeb.

The web site is managed by Barbara Henry, a descendant of four Welsh immigrant families who settled in central and western New York State in the mid-nineteenth century. She has been studying Welsh immigration and settlement in western New York since 1990 and is writing a book Brothers and Sisters in a New Land: Welsh Immigrants in Western New York. She has also served as Coordinator of the Freedom Area Welsh Historic Marker Committee. She currently serves as Assistant Director and Adult Services Librarian at Wood Library in Canandaigua, New York.

Review of Brae's Welsh Page 1998

Reviewer Robert J. Jones had this to say about BRAE's Welsh Page:

"These pages are something special, and are certainly worth a look. I think you will all learn something new and interesting after visiting here. The site is thoughtfully and artistically arranged, with midi file links to Welsh songs appropriate to the text. It is for all these reasons that I have nominated this site as one of "Wales Best". I'm making the unusual step of awarding an English-only language page with a 10, but this site is ambitious, unique and I think it will be of great service in the future."

--Ninnau, December 1, 1998, page 25

Wales Best Award

BRAE's Welsh Page was the December 1998 winner of the Cyber-Cymru WALES BEST award.

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