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The Troy Irish Genealogy Society (TIGS)

TIGS was founded by a group of Irish descendants from Troy and the surrounding area, who met at the Irish Mist Restaurant on Second and Ida Streets in Troy NY on September 18, 2003.

Before there was the Troy Irish Genealogy Society, many Troy area researchers were connected, at least by names, through the Rensselaer County Rootsweb mailing list. Pat Connors from California was the Rensselaer County list administrator and Pat made frequent visits to Troy to do research.

During one of those visits to Troy on August 20, 2002, Pat suggested that any local members on the Rensselaer mailing list meet at the Troy Pub and Brewery to, as Pat said at the time, "put faces with the names".

On a subsequent visit to Troy one year later, Pat suggested that Rensselaer County list members get together for a dinner meeting at the Irish Mist at 2nd and Ida Streets in South Troy. It was at this dinner meeting at the Irish Mist on September 18, 2003 that Pat made the comment "We should form a group". The Troy Irish Genealogy Society name was selected that night and TIGS was off and running.

Founding Members

Standing - Left to right:
1. The late Regina (Ginger) Atchinson
2. Donna Vaughn
3. Kay Gallagher Brearton
4. Mary Ann McConnell
5. Kris Cooney-Ayotte

Sitting - Left to right:
1. Marialice P. Mangan
2. Pat Connors
3. Lynn Carey Grice
4. Cathy McGrath
5. Bill McGrath

If your ancestors, Irish or non-Irish, lived in Troy or the immediate surrounding area at somepoint in time, you are cordially invited to join the Troy Irish Genealogy Society. This group is dedicated to making genealogical and historical records pertaining to both Irish and non-Irish ancestors available on-line to family researchers.

The following officers will serve thru May of 2015

President: Christine Connell
Vice President: Kristen Cooney Ayotte
Secretary: Joan Durso
Treasurer:  Lizette Strait
Web Master:  Jeanne Keefe
List Administrator:  Kathy Buckley

The following appointees will serve thru May of 2016

Project Coordinator: Bill McGrath
Member Chair: Donna Vaughn

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