SIMON BRAUBURGER came to America in 1847 from Ober-Erlenbach,Germany(Hess Darmstadt) along with second wife MARGARETHA BRAUBURGER nee STEINMETZ, who he married in 1845. Both are buried First Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church,Jeffersonville. SIMON was one of the founders of that Church. The Mother of his children MARGARETHA BRAUBURGER nee KOPP died 24 Dec 1943 in Ober-Erlenback.Children who came here too: JOHANN SIMON BRAUBURGER, DOROTHEA MARGARETHA BRAUBURGER, NICOLAS BRAUBURGER,JOHAN GEORGE BRAUBURGER, MARGARETHA BRAUBURGER, JOHAN HEINRICH BRAUBURGER. They settled in Cochecton,Beechwood & Jeffersonville, Sullivan County,N.Y.
SIMON BRAUBURGER is my 3 rd Great Grandfather on my mothers side,
Mildred Van Nortwick
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