Sullivan County, NY Queries for March 2000

Sullivan County, NY Queries for March 2000

Thu Mar 2 22:42:10 2000
Sharon L. Taft W 11620 Westerberg Ln Stockholm, WI 54769
Researching Dennis JOHNSON who served in the Civil War. He had a son Philo JOHNSON born August 04, 1851 in Neversink, NY. His father was killed during the Civil War. Any information would be helpful. Philo JOHNSON married LaVina Armstrong.

Sat Mar 4 17:49:56 2000
Richard Wood
Ancestors/information on Alfred, Augustus or Moses Wood. The father was Alfred Wood and mother was Mary Bigsby. Moses (born 1846+/-) married Betsy Fergeson (sp) of Wayne County, PA Children are George, Edward, Alexander, David & Mary. Augustus (born 1844 +/-) married Barbara Hier of New York City. Children: William A married Annie White (Milanville) Alfred married Minnie Skinner of Sullivan Co. Harrison (my grandfather) married Mary Gaston; Other children were Frank and Mabel, no information available. Thanks in advance, please reply directly to Dick Wood;

Sat Mar 4 19:50:54 2000
Everett Thorpe, Jr.
Seeking information pertaining to Elmer D. Rosencrans, husband of Margaret Roberson (Possibly Bull connection in Orange Co). Elmer possibly lived and died in or around the Liberty, NY area in Sullivan Co. Any information verifying his date and place of death and place of interment would help greatly. Thank you.

Sun Mar 5 21:34:15 2000
Robin Krout
Looking for family of Jennie Kantor who married Hosias Cohen and lived in Monticello NY during early 1900's.

Sun Mar 5 21:33:34 2000
Robin Krout
Looking for family of Jennie Kantor who married Hosias Cohen and lived in Monticello NY during early 1900's.

Sun Mar 5 21:36:24 2000
Robin Krout
Looking for the family of Hannah Hyman who married Phillip Cohen and may have lived in Monticello NY in late 1800's.

Sun Mar 5 21:37:10 2000
Robin Krout
Looking for the family of Hannah Hyman who married Phillip (fievel)Cohen and may have lived in Monticello NY in late 1800's.

Wed Mar 15 09:41:56 2000
Linda Wolfe
Seeking info Henry SENGSTACKEN m. Elsie TAPPEN 10 Mar. 1880 at Meth. Episc. Church, Sandburg (now part of Mountain Dale).

Wed Mar 15 09:44:21 2000
Linda Wolfe
Seeking info Mary A. TAPPEN married John H. MC MICHAEL 8 Mar. 1881 at Meth. Episc. Church Sandburg (now part of Mountain Dale). Witnesses to wedding were Henry & Elsie SENGSTACKEN.

Wed Mar 15 18:24:49 2000
Info on Bernard Roark born IRe came to US in 1840's, John Roark (son) b. 12/25/1932 Ire. and Ellen McDevitt also born Ireland. Bernard also had a son Michael Roark born Monticello married Bridget Carroll of Ire. All buried in St Peter's Monticello. Any information on Roark or McDevitt families would be appreciated.

Thu Mar 16 04:36:59 2000
Don Charity
Sometime in the late 1860's my gg grandfather, William Thomas Charity, emigrated to Sullivan County from England after serving the British Army. There he met and married Mary E. (possibly Irish). At least four children were born in Sullivan County: William C.,Lottie,George Henry, and Florence. Eventually they moved to a farm in Plattsburgh. Any information will be of immense help. Thank you.

Sun Mar 19 09:27:21 2000
Margaret Bailey Redmond 4082 Black St., Scipio Center, NY 13147
My ggrandmother Elizabeth LOW (10/5/1832-8/1907) married James "Yankee" Bailey (1816-10/1898)of Neversink and eventually owned farm near North Pond (Elko Lake), Conklin Hill.Her parents - Joshua LOW(9/5/1803-12.15.1881)& Sally BERGER (12/31/1810-3/30/1887) grandfather - Epheram J. LOW -d.1828;ggrandfather Jacoba LOUW(d 1808). Any information or leads appreciated.

Sun Mar 19 09:34:31 2000
Margaret Bailey Redmond 4082 Black Street, Scipio Center, NY 13147
In about 1847,GGGrandparents Edward and Catherine Monahan BAILEY emigrated from Ireland to Neversink with 4 children, including James & Patrick, who later bought farms near North Pond (Elko Lake) James ("Yankee") married Eliz. LOW and his son James ("CAP") married Mary Ann KEEFE whose mother was an O'KEEFE. Any information or leads appreciated.

Tue Mar 21 15:27:57 2000
Lillian Lee Stratton Platt
I am searching for information on my grandmother Emma Barthey b. about 1843 married to Cyrus Stratton b. 1835 Thomsonville, Sullivan Co NY. I am also looking for info. on Cyrus mother Mary Jane Howse b. abt. 1817 married to Alby Stratton. Thank you

Tue Mar 21 11:36:45 2000
[Ring] [Rafferty] [Foley]
Robert Rafferty
My graet grandmother lived in Pond Eddy with her brother Con Foley.Her daughter Katey Ring married John Patrick Rafferty in 1886.They had three children Katherine,Robert and John. Thanks for any info.

Wed Mar 22 09:28:04 2000
Joyce Soules Williams
I am research information regarding Emmett Soules. I have marriage certificate dated Sept 1915 listing Emmett as 29yrs of age. His parents are listed as George Soules and Kathryn Walker of Sullivan County. Emmett's birthplace is Sullivan County. I would like more information regarding George and Kathryn Soules, Emmett's parents.

Wed Mar 22 09:32:07 2000
Joyce Soules Williams
I have a marriage certicate dated September 1915 listing Kathryn Ebert as 26 years of age. It is the marriage of Kathryn Ebert to Emmett Soules. It lists Kathryn's parents as Henry Ebert and Kathryn Wagner both born in Germany. It lists Emmett's birthplace as Sullivan County.

Wed Mar 22 09:34:11 2000
Mindy Lyn Beecher
my great grandmother was Emily Frances VanDeMark. looking for any info on her family.

Wed Mar 22 10:43:28 2000
Joyce Soules Williams
I have my grandparent's marriage certificate Emmett Soules married Kathryn Ebert in Delaware County in September 1915. Emmett was born in Sullivan County approximately 1885/1886 (his age at the time of marriage was 29) His parents were George Soules and Kathryn Walker. Could any one help me find more information about Kathryn?

Wed Mar 22 10:48:22 2000
Joyce Soules Williams
I have my grandparent's marriage certificate. Emmett Soules and Kathryn Ebert were married in Sept 1915 in Delaware County. It lists Emmett s birthplace as Sullivan County. Kathryn Ebert is from Elk Brook? and was born in Fremont Center or Tremont center to Henry Ebert and Louisa Wagner both born in Germany. Could anyone help me find out more about Louisa Wagner.

Thu Mar 23 06:43:09 2000
dona halad
I am looking for any info on Ora Ira Martin b.nov.17,1878 Sullivan Co.,brothers Hugh, Jay and brother ,name unknown,sister Kinda.Anything helpfull......Thanks, dona

Sun Mar 26 10:52:15 2000
Alice Braibanti
Welcome any info on THEYSOHN family of Sullivan Co. GGGrandmother Amelia married Charles Martin in 1891. Her father John (?) emigrated from Germany, served in Civil War, and was postmaster after war. Had 10 children. Died aged 92in 1920s. Thanks.

Sun Mar 26 16:22:29 2000
Ruth Hildebrand
Looking for any information on Mullaney family in Orange/Ulster Co. ggg grandmother was Charlotte Mullaney m. 1-12-1812 John W. Hill in Montgomery,NY.

Mon Mar 27 20:58:53 2000
Carol Crawford
Great Grandparents: Forrest Laing MacGibbon & Harriet Rose MacLaury located in the Monticello and Liberty areas abt. 1912 Children (I think)- all born prior to 1887: Annette, Forrest, Milton, Harold and Malcolm (my grandfather...born 11/22/1887). Annette never married, Forrest married Beth (?) and settled in Chicago but had no children. Either Harold or Milton had a daughter, Jean MacGibbon and there was also a Harriet Elizabeth MacGibbon (b. abt.1900?) Malcolm and wife, Bertha Fraser MacGibbon: m. 7/30/1912 in Chicago... they honeymooned in Sullivan cty. where they visited family. Bertha died 5 months after my mother's birth (in New Orleans-5/2/1913) and I know little about my grandfather and his family. I would appreciate any information about them. All I have is a brief mention of them in Bertha's 5 year diary. Harriet Rose MacLaury MacGibbon was still living in 1913 but Forrest Lainge MacGibbon died prior to that. I have no clue as to when or where they born, died or buried.

Mon Mar 27 23:23:26 2000
Joanne Chaffin
Searching for family of THOMAS WILLIAM PRICE born 15 Feb 1820 in Kent County, England. Came to New york - Married Dec 1846 Cathern Covert. They moved to Everst, Brown County,Kansas.

Mon Mar 27 23:29:00 2000
Joanne Chaffin
Searching for John A. Thomas born April 7,1828 England. Married in Sullivan County to Elizabeth Ruddick 1849. Moved to Stevens Point, Pa on to Holt County, MO. Died in 1867.

Mon Mar 27 23:38:54 2000
Joanne Chaffin
Searching for Ruddick familly. William Ruddick was born in Ireland 1787. Came to Sullivan County,NY. Was married twoice. First Marriage had four children-Margaret, Frances, Robert, Ellen. Married Sarah Conor - children, Margaret, Andew, George, John, Joseph, Frank Thomas, Jane,Esther, Elizabeth (married John Thomas, 2nd marriage John A. JOhnson, Everest,Ks).

Wed Mar 29 09:46:00 2000
Mindy Lyn Beecher
I am looking for Charles Eherts and Ida Mathews. His parents were Hannah and Joseph Eherts from Germany. They lived in the Forestburgh and Monticello areas. Charles is my great great grandfather. His siblings were Frank, Amelia, Mary, Benjamin, Nettie, Freddie, and Ettie. Charles' son was named Lester, he is my great grandfather, and his daughter was Ida, who is my grandmother. Anything about them would be of worth to me.

Fri Mar 31 17:01:37 2000
David Hanmore, born 3-19- 1843 in Bethel, Sullivan CO, NY. Looking for who his parents/brothers or sisters are. Died 8-30-1916. Married to Jane Hendrickson(DM 1867, DD: 1889)and Eliza Williams Smith (DM: 10-29-1890)

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