Robinson Family Bible of Fallsburgh


family Bible


Bible dated 1812

The Bible belongs to Deborah P. Robinson born April 11, 1792

Luther G. Robinson
Sarah Ann was married March the 7, 1850
Luther G. Robinson was born December the 6, 1816
Sarah Ann Robinson was born June 23, 1834
Mary Amelia was born January the 5,1851
Martha Ester was born September 17, 1853
Abby Gill Robinson was born June the 9, 1855
George Rily was born December the 23, 1859
Mary A Robinson died December 16, 1871
Lucinda Robinson born November 30, 1861
Rosabelle Robinson born October 14, 1869
Reuben C. Robinson November 11, 1872
Reuben C. Robinson died April 6, 1873
Luther G. Robinson died January 5, 1875
Sarah Ann Robinson Edwards died
Martha E. (Robinson) Hornbeck died March 12 - 1914 6:30 am - mother of Henry C. Hornbeck

Not listed in the Bible but facts that are known. Sarah Ann is the daughter of Robert Smith of Fallsburg. John Seymour Warner Edwards was the second husband of Sarah Ann. Sarah Ann and Luther are buried in the Reformed Church Cemetery in Woodbourne.

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