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George Lovelace Bible
currently in the possession of
Doris Mayer Reece, great-great-granddaughter

Note from Submitter:

I am a descendant of John and Sarah Drake Lovelace / Loveless / Loveliss / Lovelass found in the 1840 1850 1860 1870 1880 Sullivan County NY census.

John was born 1804 and Sarah / Sally 1805 in NY. I have their son George's bible listed below. Sarah is the daughter of Zephaniah and Rebecca Shons Drake, son of Zephaniah and Anna Knapp Drake.

I have no idea who John's parents were. In 1850 he was a sawyer in Forestburgh, Sullivan Co NY. Their children were Alfred Burns, Emily Jane (md DeKay), George married 1st Mary Newton 2nd (my line) Elizabeth Riker, Hannah (md Hull), Ira (died?) Sarah (md Lybolt) John and Charles (died?) Mary. Rebecca (married Steinard) Harriett married Barton Henry had already moved out and is in the household of George Darling @ 19 he was a lumberman in Bethel Sullivan Co NY There is also a tie somehow to the Hartwell family.

After 1860 George moved to Newark NJ has benn laborer, lumberman lumber dealer and carpenter.

In 1820 there are David A Loveless in Bethel Sullivan Co NY and Thomas in Lumberland, Sullivan Co Ny.

In 1840 there are John in Lumberland and David A in Cochecton.

Below is a transcript of entries from George B Lovelace's bible, son of John and Sally. George B. Lovelace Bible currently in the possession of Doris Mayer Reece, great-great-granddaughter.

George B Lovelace bible


George B Lovelace and Elizabeth Riker was married Aug 14th AD 1872 By Rev Simeon Seigfried Jr At 681 Market St Newark NJ

Arthur P Taylor 33 of Fresno California and Clara A Lovelace 25 of Newark NJ was married by Rev Geo E Lombard Oct 24 1906 at 387 So 19th St (Newark NJ)

Jessie Mildred Taylor and Carl H King were married in San Mateo Calif July 2, 1938

Arthur J Mitchel of NEw Orleans LA and Elizabeth Lovelace of Newark NJ was married at Jersey City NJ June 2 1907

Helen Elizabeth Taylor 32 yrs 7 mos and Stanley Crawford Smith 24 yrs 5 mos married in San Jose, Calif Oct 12, 1940

Jessie Mildred Taylor (3rd husband) and Kenneth R Eggers San Jose Calif Jan 18 1942

Charles Frederick Mayer, Helen Isabell Mitchell Birmingham Ala May 8 1919

(these two births were listed on the MARRIAGES page)
Sylvia Grace Smith born Aug 3rd 1947 San Jose Calif

Charles Edward Smith born Sept 5th 1949 San Jose Calif


George B Lovelace was born March 1st AD 1840

Elizabeth Riker was born in Newark State of New Jersey Janueary 19th AD 1852

Franklin Lovelace was born in Newark State of New Jersey June 7th AD 1873
("1st child" in pencil)

Harriett Eliza Lovelace was born in Newark State of New Jersey August 26th AD 1871
("2nd" in pencil)

Charles Edwin Lovelace was born in Newark State of New Jersey July 16th AD 1877
("3rd" in pencil)

Joseph Adelbert Lovelace was born in Newark State of New Jersey September 8th 1879
("4th" in pencil)

Clara Augusta Lovelace was born in Newark State of New Jersey June 20th 1881
("5th child" in pencil)

Elizabeth Lovelace was born in Newark State of New Jersey May 18 AD 1887
("6th child" in pencil)

Helen Elizabeth Taylor born in Fresno Co. Calif Mar 15 1908 Grandchild of Geo B Lovelace

Jessie Mildred Taylor born in Fresno Co Calif Aug 15 1915 Grandchild of Geo B Lovelace

Arthur Stanley King born in San Jose Calif Fed 28 1939 Great Grandson Geo B Lovelace

Sharon Evelyn Eggers born (living) San Jose Calif

Wesley Robert Eggers born (living) San Jose Calif Great Grandson

Richard Henry Edgeworth Jr (living)

Helen Isabell Mitchell born newark NJ 1904 Oct 18
Charles Frederick Mayer born Birmingham Ala April 17 1892
(children listed but still living)

Great Great Grandparents
John Lovelace born March 6th 1804

Sarah Drake born May 10 1805

William W Hartwell born Nov 2 1829

Alfred B Lovelace born Dec 25 1837

Henry H D Lovelace born Nov 22 1838

George B Lovelace born March 1 1840

Hannah C Lovelace born Sept 24 1841

Ira D Lovelace born Jan 6 1843

Sarah A Lovelace born June 12 1845

Charles W Lovelace born Feb 13 1847

Mary A Lovelace born Nov 18 1848

Rebecca F Lovelace born Jan 6 1851

Harriet E Lovelace born May 23 1853

John L Lovelace born Mar 25 1844


Franklin Lovelace departed this Life August 3rd AD 1873 Aged 1 month & 26 days

Joseph Adelbert Lovelace Departed this Life July 25th 1880 Aged 10 mos 20 days

Harriet Eliza Lovelace Departed this life February 16th AD 1881 Aged 6 years 5 months 21 days

Charles Edwin Lovelace Departed this life February 17th 1881 Aged 3 years 7 months 1 day

Sarah Lovelace ("Mother" in pencil) Died May 2 1862 Aged 56 years 11 months and 22 days

John Lovelace, Father Died Aug 31 1891 Aged 87 years 6 months 25 days

William W Hartwell Died Nov 2 1894 Aged 63 years

Alfred B Lovelace Died Feb 22 1902 Aged 67 years and 28 days

Emily J Dekay Died Aug 14 1911 Aged 72 years 9 mos

Sarah A Lybolt Died Sept 13 1912 Aged 67 yrs 3 mos 1 day

Elizabeth Lovelace Mitchel Died in Birmingham Ala Nov 20th 1915 Aged 28 years 6 mos 2 days

George B Lovelace died in Vineland NJ Jan 29 1921

Elizabeth Riker Lovelace died at Clovis Calif May 28 1922

Clara Augusta (Lovelace) Taylor Died Sept 25th 1948 San Jose Calif

Submitted by Doris Mayer Reece ([email protected]) Feb 24, 2003.

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