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Source: New York Marriages and Deaths

The New York Weekly Museum, also known as the Impartial Gazetter and Saturday Evening Post, and Ladies' Weekly Museum, was printed in New York from 1788 to 1817. It contained foreign and domestic news, a "Poet's Corner", occasional short stories, and a "Moralist" section. This index is a compilation of the Marriages and Deaths recorded in the journal and contains about 20, 000 entries. Information concerning cause of death, next of kin, place of marriage, and occupation are also listed.

Conkling, Benjamin, mar.Miss Mary Johnston, both of this city (Aug. 5, 1815)

Conkling, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Israel Conkling, died (Aug. 7, 1813)

Conkling, Joseph, merchant of this city, mar.Tues. last to
Miss Eliza Dawson, dau. of Capt. Henry Dawson of Brooklyn, L.I. (Nov. 28, 1795)

Cook, Corporal, of Capt.Peter's compeny of Light Artillery, was drowned near
Baltimore last Wed., during a gale. Balt. American (Oct. 1, 1808)

Cook, Capt. Esher, died of a long illness, in his 73d year (Oct. 30, 1813)

Cook, George, mar. Sun., the 19th ult., at Smith Town, L.I.,
to Mrs. Martha Clarke, both of that place (Dec. 9, 1797)

Cook, George, Jr., of Bridgeport, mar.
Miss Pamelia F. Smith, dau. of David Smith (Apr. 15, 1815)

Cook, Rev. James, minister of the gospel, aged 60, mar., on the 22d ult.
to Miss Rebecca Chambers, aged 16, both of Cecil Co., Md. (Oct. 8, 1808)

Cook, Job, died, aged 50 (Apr.1, 1815)

Cook, John, mar. Thurs. k the 22d inst.,
to Mrs. Cornelia Brower, widow of the late Henry Brower,
all of this city (July 1, 1797)

Cook, John, high-sheriff, murdered by Thomas Jarrel,
alias Thomas Fitz Jarrel, on Tues., the 16th ult.,
in Mecklenburg Co., N.C. (Nov.10, 1804)

Cook, Joseph of this city, mar. Sun. last, at Musqueto-Cove,
to Miss Mary Thorne of that place (Jan.25, 1800)

Cook, Capt. Joseph, son of Gov. Cook, died at Providence (June 25, 1808)

Cook, Margaret, see Patrick Larkins

Cook, Mrs. Margaret, who came to this city for her health,
a few weeks since, from Savannah, died aged 48 (Aug. 10, 1816)

Cook, Thomas, of the firm of Bakewell and Cook, mar. Mon. to
Mrs. Sarah Hewitt, dau. of John Caldwell, merchant of this city (May 18, 1811)

Cook, Thomas, died aged 45 (Feb. 1, 1817)

Cooke, George F., the celebrated Comedian, mar. Thurs. to
Mrs. V.M. Benn, dau. of James Boyden,
deeper of the Tontine Coffee House (June 29, 1811)

Cooke, George Frederick, a celebrated actor, died Sat.,
the 26th ult., in his 57 year (Oct.3, 1812)

Cooke, Increase, bookseller, died at New-Haven, aged 43 (Apr. 16, 1814)

Cooke, James, mar. Miss Eliza Humbert, both of this city (Nov.6, 1813)

Cooke, John G., Merchant, mar. Sat. last,
to Miss Eliza Cowan, both of this city (Aug.10, 1799)

Cooke, John, of this, city, mar.Apr.9, last,
to Miss Ann Milner, of St. Thomas,
dau. of Robert Milner of that island (Mar. 24, 1810)

Cooke, John, died suddenly this week, in his 29th year (Aug.19, 1815)

Cooke, Rev. Thomas, L.L.D., one of the Bishops of the
Meth. Epis. Church in the U.S., died in Europe (July 13, 1805)
Cooke, Rev. Thomas, L.L.D., death denied.
His marriage should have been announced (Aug. 10, 1805)

Foster, Rev. Dr., pastor of the first Baptist Church in this city
died on Sun. last (Sept.1, 1798)

Foster, Mrs. Ann, Wife of Andrew Foster,
died aged 41 (Sept. 14, 1816)

Foster, Benjamin, mar.Wed. last to Miss Patty Bingham,
dau. of John Bingham of this city (Apr. 12, 1794)

Foster, Capt. Chilling??worth, Jr., died on the 26th inst.,
at Brewster, Mass., aged about 41. From Boston Gazette (Nov. 16, 1811)

Foster, Miss Clara, dau.of Peter Foster of Sag Harbour, L.I.,
died on Thurs., the 16th inst., in her 19th year (Feb.25, 1809)

Foster, Capt. James, of this city, mar. at Athens,
to Miss Ann Colson, of Athens (May 12, 1810)

Foster, John, Comptroller of the Public Accounte of Hartford, Conn.,
died at that place (June 14, 1806)

Foster, John, died at Alexandria, aged 40 (Sept.20, 1806)

Foster, John, ship carpenter, died at Norfolk, aged 54 (Dec.14, 1811)

Foster, John, died at Grennwich, near this city, aged 26 (Jan.30, 1813)

Foster, Lydia, of Hartfort, Washington county,
died on Sat. morning last, aged about 19.
Cut her throat with a razor. Troy, Feb. 2. (Feb. 20, 1802)

Foster, Mrs. Martha, wife of the Rev.Dr.Foster of this city,
died on Fri., the 27th ult., of a lingering illness (Aug.4, 1798)

Foster, Hon. Theodore, late a U.S. Senator, mar. on Wed.last week,
at Mount Hygiea, in the town of Foster, R.I., to Miss Esther Bowen Millard
dau. of Noah Millard, Jr., of Foster (July 30, 1803)

Foster, William, mar. at Success, last week,
Miss Mary Hicks, both of that place (Feb.20, 1802)

Foster, William Arthur, a native of Ireland,
died suddenly on Thurs. afternoon (May 31, 1806)

Gardiner, Charles, an old inhabitant of this city, died early
Sat. morning, after a short illness (Dec. 28, 1811)

Gardiner, John Lyon, of Gardiner's Island, mar. on the 4th inst.,
to Miss Sally Griswold, of Lyme, Conn. (Mar. 26, 1803)

Gardiner, Michael, of this city, died Wed. last (May 5, 1810)

Gardiner, Nugent, mar., at Lexington, Ky., to Miss Polly Van Pelt (Mar. 22, 1806)

Gardiner, Robert, mar. at Newburgh to Miss Sybal Burr (Mar. 3, 1804)

Halsey, Abraham, merchant, mar. Miss Ann W. Gosman,
dau. of George Gosman (Aug.3, 1816)

Halsey, Mrs. Ann, wife of John Halsey, died (Oct.15, 1814)

Halsey, Anna Maria, see Christian F. Hennings

Halsey, Catharine, see Thomas Hodgkinson

Halsey, Israel A., mar. Sat. last to
Miss Sarah Conklin, both of this city (Dec. 14, 1811)

Halsey, Jacob, Editor and Proprietor of Newark-Gazette,
mar.Sat. last, to Miss Polly Wheeler, all of that place (Aug.16, 1800)

Halsey, Jacob, on Thurs.evening last week, mar. to
Mrs. Ann M'Lean, both of this city (May 1, 1802)

Halsey, Jemima L., see John E. Van Antwerp

Halsey, John C., mar.Miss Marian M'Lean (Dec.21, 1816)

Halsey, Julia, see Henry Bedlow

Halsey, Mary A., see George K. Drake

Halsey, Matilda, see Richerd N. Rosekrans

Halsey, Mrs. Sarah, widow of Mathew Halsey,
died at Bridgehampton, L.I., aged 83 (Mar. 13, 1813)

Halsey, Susan, see Jonas Littell

Halsey, Mrs. Temperance, relict of Stephen Halsey,
died, aged 60 (Dec.23, 1815)

Howell, Archibald, of this city, died, after an illness of five days,
on his passage from St. Croix to New York (July 6, 1805)

Howell, Arthur, minister of the society of Friends in Phila.,
died in that city, in his 86th year (Feb. 3, 1816)

Howell, Deborah, died at Bridgehamption, L.I., aged 99 (Mar. 13, 1813)

Howell, Jacob, of L.I., mariner, died of consumption
in the N.Y.Hospital in Sept. (Oct.7, 1809)

Howell, Parmenas, formerly miniature painter of this city,
died of a consumption, at Southampton, L.I., on the 15th inst.,
in his 24th year (Apr.30, 1808)

Howell, Peter, died at Trenton, aged 67 (Dec. 26, 1812)

Howell, Richard, died on Tues. last week, at Trenton.
Late Governor of New Jersey (May 8, 1802)

Howell, C Apt. William, mar., Thurs. evening,
to Miss Harriet Blackwell, both of this city (June 20, 1807)

Jessup, Lewis, brother to Oliver Jessup,
died of malignant fever two weeks ago Fri. (Oct. 24, 1801)

Jessup, Oliver, of this city died Fri. last week,
of the malignant fever (Oct. 24, 1801)

Jessup, Peter, of Horseneck, was drowned on the 7th inst.
on a passage from this city.
In attempting to save John Lockwood he was lost overboard
near Hart Island (June 30, 1802)

Maltbie, Mrs.Nancy, relict of the late David Maltbe,
died in her 50th year (Feb. 25, 1815)

Maltbie, william D., merchant, of this city, mar. Mon. to
Miss Frances Wells, of Mendham, N.J. (Jan. 9, 1813)

Pierson, Dr. Cyrus, died at Newark. (Oct. 13, 1804)

Pierson, Isaac, merchant of this city, on Wed. mar. to Miss Helen Fort,
dau. of Major Abraham Fort of Poughkeepsie. (May 1, 1802)

Pierson, John, died at Elizabethtown, aged 56. (Aug. 17, 1811)

Pierson, Josiah G., a person of great mechanical ability,
died in this city on Sun. last. (Dec. 23, 1797)

Pierson, Morris, mar. last week, at Hempstead, to Miss Anna Langdon,
both of that place. (Feb. 20, 1802)

Pierson, Uzal, of Newark, was killed on Mon,
by being thrown from his horse. (Dec. 24, 1803)

Raynor, Mr., died suddenly, aged 51. (Mar. 29, 1817)

Raynor, David, died aged 36. (Sept. 28, 1816)

Raynor, Isaac, mar. at Hempstead, to
Miss Clara Smith, both of that place. (May 25, 1801)

Raynor, Langhorne Burton, died, aged 37. (Mar. 4, 1815)

Rogers, Midshipman, of the frigate Constitution, was killed in a duel
with Midshipman Morgan, at Sandy Hook, on Tues.,
the 16th inst. (Oct. 20, 1810)

Rogers, Asa, fifth son on Wine Rogers, mar. on Thurs.,
the 17th ult., at the Friends Meetins, in Ferrisburgh, Vt.,
to Mary Rogers, seventh dau. of Timothy Rogers.
They were each nearly 17 years old. (Feb. 16, 1799)

Rogers, Augustus, was drowned near Wallingford, Conn.,
on Mon. last, in attempting to rescue Joseph Ives
who had fallen into the mill pond. He left a family.
New-Haven, May 14. (May 23, 1807)

Rogers, Edmund J., mar. Miss Rebecca Platt,
dau. of Ebenezer Platt, all of this city. (May 22, 1813)

Rogers, Mrs. Elizabeth, died in her 91st year. (Nov. 28, 1812)

Rogers, Evan, of Hebron, Conn., on Tues. evening last,
mar. to Miss Mary Russel, dau. of Abraham Russel,
of this city. (May 1, 1802)

Rogers, Rev. Evan, minister of the Episcopal Church at Rye,
died on Thurs. (Wed.) the 25th ult., after a few days illness. (Feb. 4, 1809)

Rogers, George W., of the U.S. Navy, mar.
Miss Ann M. Perry of R.I. (July 8, 1815)

Rogers, George W., mar.
Miss Maria King, both of this city. (Oct. 19, 1816)

Rogers, Capt. Henry, mar. Sat. last, at Smith Town, L.I., to
Miss Abigail Smith, dau. of Richard Smith, of that place. (Sept. 26, 1801)

Rogers, Henry, died at Stamford, Conn., on Sat., the 20th inst., aged 24. (Aug. 27, 1808)

Rogers, Capt. Henry, mar. Thurs., the 23d ult., to
Miss Eliza Dobbs, dau. of Jeremiah Dobbs, of this city. (Sept. 1, 1810)

Rogers, Henry F., mar., at Stamford, Conn., to
Miss Emily S. Rogers, dau. of Fitch Rogers. (Jan. 2, 1813)

Rogers, Hezekiah, mar. Sat. last to
Miss Abigail Wade, both of this city. (Oct. 7, 1797)

Rogers, James, merchant, of this city, mar. at Bridgampton, L.I., to
Miss Mary Rose, dau. of Dr. Samuel H. Rose, of Bridgampton. (Sept. 19, 1812)

Rogers, Jarvis, mar. Sat. last, at Huntington, L.I., to
Miss Maria Wicks, both of that place. (Apr. 13, 1811)

Rogers, Dr. John R.B., Physician, mar. Tues. last, to
Mrs. Helen M'Dougal, both of this city. (Oct. 17, 1801)

Rogers, Joseph, mar. lately at Oyster Bay, L.I., to
Miss Esther Thorne. (May 7, 1803)

Rogers, Leonard, mar. Sun. last to
Miss Retsey Oakley. (Sept.17, 1796)

Rogers, Capt. Mathew, mar. Wed., the 5th inst., at Southampton, L.I., to
Miss Ruth Sayre, dau. of Capt. Abraham Sayre, of that place. (July 29, 1797)

Rogers, Capt. Richard, mar.
Miss Elizabeth Mills, both of this city. (Nov. 13, 1813)

Rogers, Capt. Robert M. of N.Y., mar. at Lyme, to
Miss Sally Hill. (Nov. 12, 1803)

Rogers, Samuel, aged 78, mar., at Richford, Vt., to
Miss Elfrida Jones, aged 15. (Mar. 12, 1808)

Rogers, Mrs. Sarah, wife of Moses Rogers, died. (July 20, 1816)

Rogers, T. Mumford, of this city, mar. Sat. last, at Stratford, Conn., to
Miss Harriot Maria Walker, dau. of Robert Walker of Stratford. (Oct. 21, 1809)

Rogers, William, mar. Tues. evening last week, to
Mrs. Ann Cruger, both of this city. (Nov. 28, 1801)

Sayre, Mrs., widow of Joseph Sayre, died
at Southampton, L.I., aged 90. (Mar. 13, 1813)

Sayre, Francis, formerly merchant of this city,
died at Milledgeville, Ga. (Aug. 20, 1808)

Sayre, Joel, mar. Miss Sally Brown, both of this city. (Jan. 30, 1813)

Sayre, Nathan, mar. on Sat. evening last, to
Miss Sally Carpenter, dau. of Jacob Carpenter, all of this city. (Feb. 5, 1803)

Sayres, Rev. Gilbert H., mar. Mon. last to
Miss Eliza M. Brown, both of this city. (May 5, 1810)

Wheeler, Abraham, mar., on Tues. last, to
Miss Fanny Dusenbury, all of this city. (May 28, 1803)

Wheeler, Amelia, see Thomas J. Waldron

Wheeler, Daniel, of Islip, mar. on Sat. last, at Smith Town, L.I.,
to Mrs. Hannah Wesler of that place. (Dec. 9, 1797)

Wheeler, Eliza M., see John A. Davenport

Wheeler, Dr. Elizur, died at Windham, Greene Co., on the 5th inst.,
of hydrophobia, aged 57.
He was bitgen by a wolf, which he killed. (May 27, 1815)

Wheeler, Ephraim, was hung for rape, at Lenox on Thurzday last.
[Stockbridge, Feb. 22.] (Mar. 8, 1806)

Wheeler, Ezekiel Dodge, deputy sheriff of Barre, Orange Co.,
committed suicide by cutting his throat, on Thurs., the 25th ult.
He left a wife and several small children. [Randolph paper.] (Mar. 19, 1808)

Wheeler, Frances, see James Baker

Wheeler, Henry T., mar. Tues. last to Miss Mary Smith,
both of this city. (Mar. 20, 1813)

Wheeler, Hezekiah, mar. Miss Maria Beers. (Nov. 9, 1816)

Wheeler, John, mar. Sat. last,
to Miss Elizabeth Wilkinson, both of this city. (Apr. 12, 1800)

Wheeler, John, of Luzerne, Pa., was accidentally shot and killed
by one of his hunting companions, on Aug. 4, aged about 21 years.
Left an aged father. (Sept. 15, 1804)

Wheeler, John, died Sun., of a lingering illness,
in his 44th year. (Sept. 21, 1811)

Wheeler, Jonathan, merchant, late of Baltimore,
died Tues., Sept. 3, after a lingering illness. (Sept. 7, 1811)

Wheeler, Margaret, see Smith Sherwood

Wheeler, Mary, see Hubert Van Wagenen

Wheeler, Mary, see Clement Shannon

Wheeler, Patty, see Richard Johnson

Wheeler, Polly, see Jacob Halsey

Wheeler, Richard, died, aged 48. (Feb. 12, 1814)

Wheeler, Dr. Samuel, died Oct. 30 last, at St. Bartholemews,
shortly after his arrival. (Mar. 10, 1810)

Wheeler, Sarah, see Thomas Gorsuch

Wheeler, Susan, see Stephen Decatur, Jr.

Wheeler, Timothy S., mar.
Miss Elizabeth Whitman, both of this city. (July 3, 1813)

Wheeler, Zachariah, of Charleston, S.C., mar. there, on Thurs., last week,
to Miss Eleanor Davis, late of this city. (Nov. 20, 1802)

Wheeler, Zerviah, Mrs., wife of Bennet Wheeler,
Editor of the U.S. Chronicle, died on Mon. last week,
at Providence, R.I., in the 44th year of her aged. (July 31, 1802)


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