Vital Records

Vital Records


East Hampton Deaths

1790 - 1799


An account of Deaths in East-Hampton, since my coming thither,
which was in September, 1696, kept by Nathl. Huntting.


02 Jan 1790 - Name: Nathan Conklin

13 Jan 1790 - Name: Ezekiel Jones

15 Jan 1790 - Name: Widow Miller

21 Jan 1790 - Name: James Loper - Age: 90ty years

21 Feb 1790 - Name: Keturah Osborn

22 Mar 1790 - Name: Dr. Hutcheson

- Apr 1790 - Relative: chi of:Isaac Platos

17 Apr 1790 - Name: Daniel Hedges - Comment: negro child

22 Apr 1790 - Name: Esther Baker

28 Apr 1790 - Relative: chi of:Abram Hands

14 Aug 1790 - Name: Esqr. Wickham

24 Aug 1790 - Name: Major Mulfords - Comment: negro man

- Sep 1790 - Name: Samuel Parsons

- Oct 1790 - Name: Hannah Hedges

18 Nov 1790 - Name: Polly Osborn

19 Nov 1790 - Name: Jeremiah Hand

- Dec 1790 - Relative: wif of:Kalup Cooper's

- Dec 1790 - Relative: chi of:Kalup Cooper's

- Mar 1791 - Name: John Miller

22 Apr 1791 - Name: Widow Rachel Edwards

26 Apr 1791 - Comment: A Servt. child of W. Hunttings

- May 1791 - Relative: chi of:Jer. Sherils

- Jun 1791 - Name: Cloe Conkling

16 Jun 1791 - Name: Jer. Talmage

13 Sep 1791 - Relative: mot:Joanna Mulford

20 Sep 1791 - Relative: wif of:Zebulon Benit

06 Oct 1791 - Relative: dau of:Jer. Terryes

14 Oct 1791 - Name: Salle Peters - Comment: An Indian child

18 Oct 1791 - Name: The widow Martha Conklin

20 Oct 1791 - Relative: dau of:Josiah Mulfords

20 Oct 1791 - Name: Lemuel Mulford

12 Jan 1792 - Name: Widow Hannah Hedges

13 Jan 1792 - Name: Jacob Osborn - Comment: Amaganset

16 Jan 1792 - Name: Henry Dayton

19 Jan 1792 - Relative: wid of:Jacob Osborn

- Feb 1792 - Name: Frederick King

- Feb 1792 - Relative: wif of:Huntting Millers

- Feb 1792 - Name: Joseph Conklin

- Feb 1792 - Name: Jeremiah Terrill

- Mar 1792 - Name: Rachel Dimon

- Mar 1792 - Name: Wid. Surviah Hedges - Comment: No. 1000

- Mar 1792 - Relative: chi of:Isaac Pain

- Apr 1792 - Name: Mr. Elisha Davis

08 May 1792 - Name: Seth Parsons

08 May 1792 - Name: Sarah - Relative: dau of:Joseph Millers

08 May 1792 - Name: Philis - Comment: Noah Barns Sevt.

08 May 1792 - Name: Cuff. - Comment: Mrs. Gardiners Sevt.

- Aug 1792 - Name: Mulford Osborn

- Aug 1792 - Name: David Bowers or Barnes

- Aug 1792 - Name: Abigail - Relative: dau of:Nathl. Bakers

- Aug 1792 - Comment: Sevt. Girl of Jeremiah Dayton

- Aug 1792 - Comment: Sevt. Boy of Ebenezer Hedges

- Nov 1792 - Name: Widow Abigail Reed

- Nov 1792 - Comment: A Servt. child of Father Millers

- Dec 1792 - Name: Daniel Osborn

- Dec 1792 - Relative: chi of:Davis Conklings

- Jan 1793 - Name: Jonathan Millers - Comment: child

04 Jan 1793 - Name: Matt. Mulford Julia

01 Jan 1793 - Relative: wif of:Daniel Hopin

- Jan 1793 - Relative: wif of:Jon. Stratten

- Jan 1793 - Name: The widow Viah Hedges

- Jan 1793 - Name: Robert Lewis - Relative: chi of:Ruben Hedges

- Mar 1793 - Name: Jas. Crook

28 Jun 1793 - Name: Mr. Jon. Persons - Age: 88 years

20 Sep 1793 - Name: Jon. Persons - Comment: Newtown

04 Nov 1793 - Relative: chi of:David Van scauy

05 Nov 1793 - Relative: con of:Joseph Osborn

15 Dec 1793 - Relative: Gra chi of:Elizabeth Fields

- Jan 1794 - Relative: wif of:Deacon Daytons

- Jan 1794 - Comment: A Servt. girl of Steph. Hedges

02 Feb 1794 - Name: Puah Conklin

- Jun 1794 - Name: John Field

31 Jun 1794 - Relative: little son of:Daniel Hedges - Comment: was drounded

11 Jul 1794 - Name: Father Miller

11 Jul 1794 - Relative: chi of:Jonathan Millers

- Oct 1794 - Name: Hannah - Relative: dau of:Samuel Dayton

- Dec 1794 - Relative: infant chi of:Henry Dominies

27 Dec 1794 - Name: Noah Barns - Age: 91

- Feb 1795 - Name: The widow Deborah Parsons - Comment: departed Life

25 May 1795 - Relative: wif of:Matt. Hedges

04 May 1795 - Relative: chi of:Cornelius Osborns

24 May 1795 - Relative: wif of:Daniel Conklins

- Jun 1795 - Name: Samuel Mulford

- Jul 1795 - Name: Lydia How

02 Sep 1795 - Name: Elizabeth - Relative: chi of:Jonathan Fithens

02 Sep 1795 - Relative: chi of:Samuel Parsons

02 Sep 1795 - Relative: son of:Jonathan Tuttles

02 Sep 1795 - Name: Saml - Relative: son of:William Mulford

02 Sep 1795 - Name: Jacob Hopin

- Feb 1796 - Relative: chi of:Christopher Hedges

- Feb 1796 - Comment: An infinite chile at the Spr. No. 1050

- Feb 1796 - Relative: infinite chi of:Samuel Mulfords

18 May 1796 - Name: Jane Field

- Aug 1796 - Relative: wif of:David Talmages

- Aug 1796 - Comment: A Servt. child of Major Mulfords

- Aug 1796 - Relative: chi of:Ephraim Edwards

- Aug 1796 - Relative: chi of:Matt. Hedges

10 Dec 1796 - Name: Capt. Gardiner

10 Dec 1796 - Name: Widow Jones

- Dec 1796 - Relative: chi of:Edwards

- Jan 1797 - Name: Joseph Hics

- Jan 1797 - Name: Lydia Hics

- Jan 1797 - Relative: chi of:Elihu Persons

- Jan 1797 - Relative: wif of:Capt. Osborns

- Feb 1797 - Name: Oliver - Comment: and Indian

- Feb 1797 - Relative: chi of:Mr.Hedges - Comment: 2 children

- Feb 1797 - Name: Uriah Miller

- Feb 1797 - Relative: dau of:David Russels

- Feb 1797 - Relative: Gra chi of:David Russels

- Feb 1797 - Relative: wif of:Benjn. Hedges

- Feb 1797 - Name: Gardiner - Relative: son of:Abr. Bakers

- Feb 1797 - Name: Mary Benet

- Feb 1797 - Name: Richard King

- Oct 1797 - Name: Jonathan Miller

- Oct 1797 - Name: Mary Lester

- Oct 1797 - Name: Widow Mary Talmage

- Oct 1797 - Name: Abigail Hand

- Oct 1797 - Relative: dau of:Elisha Conklins

- Feb 1798 - Comment: An infant child

02 Apr 1798 - Name: Joseph Osborn

12 Apr 1798 - Name: Widow Loper

- May 1798 - Relative: dau of:Mr. Elihu Hedges - Age: about year

29 May 1798 - Name: Father Mulford

11 Jun 1798 - Name: Widow Puah Sheril

25 Jun 1798 - Name: Benjn. Leek - Age: 94 year

15 Jul 1798 - Name: Widow Abigail Dayton
Comment: On the Sabbath; an aged and pious woman. She was the last surviving person that was a member of the Church under the Reverend Mr. Huntting. She died four Days only before the Reverend Dr. S. Buell

19 Jul 1798 - Name: Reverend & Venerable Samuel Buell, D. D.
Comment: much regretted; who was born at Coventry, in Connecticut, Sept. 1, 1716, and died in the 82nd Year of his age and in the 57th of his ministry. He was installed Septr. 19, 1746, as the Pastor of the people in this place. He caintinued regularly as their minister till his death. On the Sabbath but one before his Death he preached from John 17th, 3d, "Instead of fearing he longed for the hour of Dissolution." Thursday, July 19th, at about 1 o'clock P. M., he obtained his release from the cares & sorrows of mortality and entered, as we have the fullest reason to believe, into the Joy of his Lord. His funeral was attended the next day by the neighboring ministers, his own congregation, and a large concourse of people from the adjacent towns, with the most "Solemn Decency & Respect."

"Leaves have their time to fall, And flowers to wither at the north winds breath, And stars to set-but all, Thou hast all reasons for thine own, oh Death. Youth and the opening rose May look like things to glorious to decay, And smile at thee-but thou are not of those That wait the ripened bloom to seize their prey. We know when moons shall wane, When Autumns hue shall tings the golden grain, But who shall teach us when to look for thee-Is it when Springs first gale Comes forth to whisper where the violets lie? Is it when roses in our paths grow pale? They have one season-all are ours to die." "It is a serious and unfortunate error of people in general to suppose that events familiarized to themselves by fireside repetition will be uninteresting to others and that efforts to preserve them will be considered as either triffling or arrogant." Dwights Travels. East Hampton. This world is a wilderness of woe, This world is not our home, Jerusha Buel, East Hampton, Long Island, Suffolk County, New York. Jerusha Buel, Easthampton, Easthampton, Mrs. Mary Buell, Mrs. Mary Buell, Easthampton, Mary Woolworth, Bridghampton.

In the midst of life we are in death. Jerusha Buell, Easthampton, February 21st, 1814. The loss of our friends and companions impresses hourly upon us. The necessity of our own departure; we know that the schemes of man are quickly at an end, that we must soon lie down in the grave, with the forgotten multitudes of former ages, and yield our place to others, who, like us, shall be driven awhile by hope and fear, about the surface of the earth, and then like us, be lost in the shades of death. It is not from this world that any ray of comfort can proceed to chear the gloom of the last hour. But futurity has still its prospects; there is yet happiness in reserve, which if we transfer our attention to it, will support us in the pains of disease and the languor of decay. This happiness we may expect with confidence because it is out of the power of chance and may be attained by all that sincerely desire and earnestly pursue it. On this, therefore, every mind ought finally to rest. Hope is the chief blessing, of man, and that hope only is rational, of which we are certain that it cannot deceive us. "Death to a Saint is everlasting gain." Jerusha Buell, daughter of the Reverend Dr. Samuel Buell, Deceased, departed this life September 29, 1829, in the 41 year of her age.

In recording her death, it is proper to remark that in the latter part of her sickness, she was peculiarly favored with the comforting, joyified presence of the Great Shepherd of his people. While wasting under the ravages of a disease which she was sensible would terminate her earthly career, she experiencd that blessed tranquility of mind which flows from the enjoyment of the divine favor of love. Numerous were the expressions of triumph & joy which fell from her lips in her last days. The consideration that "the Lord reigneth" was a source of unspeakable consolation to her soul. She rejoiced to obey the will of her heavenly Father. The closing scene of her life was one in whichchristian fortitude rose superior to the sufferings of body & the agonies of disolving nature. Christian faith triumphed over the power of death & the grave & Christian hope cheered the immortal Spirit, when it took its flight, as we have reason to believe, to the mansions of everlasting rest & glory.

The surviving parent of the deceased has abundant cause to bless the Lord for his goodness. Though the memory of your departed daughter may often bring the tear of grief into your eyes, let the spirit of resignation reign in your heart and the voice of praise dwell upon your tongue. May he who has promised to be the Widow's God be your guide & Comforter. In the decline of life may you experience the consolations of Divine Grace & May the hour of your death be cheered with the hope of a blessed & glorious immortality.

"The Grave of the Year." (Written for the 31st of December.)
"Be composed ev'ry toil and each turbulent motion
That encircles the heart in lifes treacherous snares
And the hour that invites to the calm of devotion
Undisturbed by regrets-unincumbered with cares
How cheerless the late blooming face of creation
Weary time seems to pause in his rapid career
And fatigued with the work of his own desolation
Looks behind with a smile on the grave of the year.

Hark the wind whistles rudely-the shadows are closing
That enwrap his broad path in the mantle of night
While pleasure's gay sons are in quiet reposing
Undismayed at the wrecks that have numbered his flight:
From the temple where pashions bright tapers are lighted
Her vot'ries in crowds, decked with garlands appear
And as yet their warm hopes by no spectres affrighted
Assemble to dance round the grave of the year.

Oh! I hate the stale cup which the idlers have tasted
When I think on the ills of lifes comfortless day
How the flowers of my childhood their verdure have wasted
And the friends of my youth have been stolen away
They think not how fruitless the warmest endeavour
To recall the kind moments neglected, when near
When the hours that oblivion has cancelled forever
Are interred by her hand-in the grave of the year.

Since the last solemn reign of this day of reflection
What throngs have relinquished lifes perishing breath
How many have shed the last tear of dejection;
And closed the dim eye, on the darkness of death!
How many have sudden their pilgrimage ended
Beneath the low path that envelopes their bier:
Or to Deaths lonesome valley have gently descended
And made their cold beds with the grave of the year.

'Tis the year that so late, its new beauties
Disclosing, Rose bright on the happy, the careless, and gay,
Who now on their pillow of dust are reposing,
Where the sod presses damp on their bosoms of clay.
Then talk not of bliss while our smiles are expiring,
Disappointment still drowns it in misery's tear:
Reflect and be wise; for the day is retiring,
And tomorrow will dawn on the grave of the year.

Yet awhile, and around us no seasons will flourish,
But silence for each her dark mansion prepare,
Where beauty no longer her roses shall nourish
Nor the lily o'er spread the wan check of despair,
But the eye, shall with lustre unfading be brightened
When it wakes to true bliss, in yon orient sphere;
By sun beams in splendour immortal enlighten'd,
Which no more shall go down on the grave of a year."

Easthampton, December 31st. J. B.


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