1920 Yearbook Class Roster

1920 Yearbook Class Roster

submitted by Janice Grosbouer Miller

I have come across several HS annuals from Mattituck LI and one from Greenport, LI for the years 1918 to 1924, with the exception of 1920.  They contain class pictures --class wills, etc.  It would be a "find" for someone researching family on the East End of Long Island.  The classes were small (8-10 students) and the annuals are in remarkably good condition.  Many good old LI names.

I will include the names of the 1920 Graduating class and those listed in Junior, Sophomore and Freshman classes.  That ought to be a central sampling.  The annuals are in fine condition--since I only just found them and my Mom, Alice Silkworth Grosbouer, passed away at 97 in 1997, so they have not seen much light and air.  They're paper bound "booklets" measuring 6 x 9 and have about 30 pages. 

Anita McNulty, President
Alice Silkworth, VP
Vivian Seymour, Sec. and Treas.
James Dunn, Alice Case, Lyndon Tuthill, Gertrude Cooper and Inez Robinson

Vera Ruland, President
Norma Beebe, VP
Clara Bond, Sec. and Treas.
George Duryea, Alice Wolfe and Blair Young

William Wickham, President
Eva Young, VP
Helen McNulty, Secretary
Gordon Cox, Treasurer
Esther Gildersleeve, Charlotte Wickham, Kathleen Dunn, Cecil Jackson, Mary McCarthy, Jeanette Cooper, Annie Nolan, David Bader, Preston Tuthill, Elsie Brocker, Eugene Lindsay, Douglas Tuthill, Stanley Cox, Reba Hallock, Florence Tuthill, Richard Bassford.

Mae Reeve, President
Elizabeth Tuthill, President
Anna Lutz, Secretary
Madeline Sonntag, Treasurer
Ada Bergen, Ruth Gildersleeve, Mary Johnson, Josephine Bergen, Stanley Case, Kathryn Morrell, Dorothy Brown, Ralph Cox, Roy Reeve, Eunice Robinson, Marie Kelly Allen Grathwohl.

In that year, the Board of Education was composed of:
Frank C. Barker, President;
Elmer D. Ruland, Treasurer;
Philip R. Tuthill, Clerk
and James A. Gildersleeve and H. J. Reeve.


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