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2020 Calendar

Meetings are held the 1st Thursday of April through October
7:00 PM at the Vestal Public Library Except as Noted - map

*Please be advised that due to public gathering restrictions imposed as a result of the Corona Virus Pandemic

 our 2020 meeting schedule is suspended until further notice

The meetings for 2020 are:

Date Program/Activity
April 2 Joe Titti - Genealogical Research in New York State and City
May 7 Philip Childs - The Early Settlersof Northwestern Broome County, Maine NY      
June 4 Roger Luther –  Expressions of Faith: Exploring the Religious Structures of Broome County   
July 2 Everyone - Share an Ancestral Story   
August 6 Susanna Morow - Finding Your Roots in Online Newspapers   
September 3 John Goodnough - The Chenango Canal Versus the Railroads    
More   Also nominations for officers
October 1 LeeAnn Stebbins - Getting the Most of Your DNA Test 
More   Also election of officers

Program Descriptions

Date Program Description
April 2 Joe Titti – Genealogy Research in New York State and City
NYS laws on Birth, Marriage and Death records, where they are located and can be obtained. New York City will be covered separately from the rest of the state as those vital records are kept separate. Personal vital records are only part of researching a family’s history; Religious, Estate, Property and Civil Records will also be covered.
May 7  Phillip Childs – The Early Settlers of Northwestern Broome County, Maine, NY
Phil Childs, Past President of the Nanticoke Valley Historical Society, will discuss the early history of Maine, NY, including land speculators, their reasons for coming, and what they found. A few of the earliest families he will discuss are Norton, Gates, Bowers, Dudley, Slosson and Bostwick. He will also cover various methods and sources used to gather materials for this and other presentations he has written.
June 4

 Roger Luther – Expressions of Faith: Exploring the Religious Structures of Broome County

A photographic tour through many of the religious structures in our area; a 6-year project by Roger Luther for the Broome County Historical Society to photograph every church, mosque, synagogue, and temple in Broome County. Roger captures the unique personality of each structure, highlighting the architecture and artwork, while exposing areas not typically seen, such as organ lofts, attics, catwalks, and dark bell towers.

July 2  Everyone – Share An Ancestral Story!
Share with us a brief story from one of the following categories: your most famous, your most notorious, your famous historical figure, most unusual name, youngest ancestor at time of marriage, ancestor with the most spouses, most children from same two parents.
August 6

 Susanna Morow – Finding your Roots in Online Newspapers                             Susanna will share ways to make the most of online newspaper resources with special focus on Broome County and New York State. She will demonstrate best practices, examples, and walkthroughs of some of the popular newspaper repositories and an overview of their technology. BYOF (Bring your own Family) characters to submit for real-time examples and interactive fun!

September 3

 John Goodnough – The Chenango Canal Versus the Railroads                          Slides will show an overview of the coming, duration and demise of the Canal, and the arrival and continued reign of railroading in New York's Southern Tier, with comments on the numerous types of citizens employed on them, and, time permitting, notables from the area who were connected with both modes of travel. 

Also on September 3 . . . During the business portion of the September meeting, we will be taking nominations from the floor for the October Election of Officers for 2021.

October 1  LeeAnn Stebbins – Getting the Most Out of Your DNA Test                                You have spit in the tube, or swabbed your cheek, and your DNA test results are back. Now what? If you are a genealogist, the good stuff lies beyond the ethnicity results. In this presentation, we will explore how to wring as much information as you can out of those test results. 

Also on October 1 . . . Election of Officers for 2021