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Steuben County, New York


Compiled by: Millard F. Roberts

John Single Paper Company, Ltd., Syracuse, N.Y., 1891

This was typed and contributed by Gloria Banks Kirkwood

WAYLAND - page 541

"Was formed from Cohocton and Dansville, April 12, 1848. In 1854 a portion of the township was taken off to form the town of Fremont. It is the most northwestern town upon the north border of Steuben county, and is bounded north by Livingston county, on the east by Cohocton, on the south by Fremont and Dansville, and on the west by Dansville, and North Dansville, in Livingston county.

The surface of the town is an upland, rolling in the north, and moderately hilly in the south, its highest summits being from sixteen to eighteen hundred feet above tide. Loon Lake and Mud Lake are situated in a valley in the southern part of the town. The outlet of the former is subterranean for half a mile, and when it again appears on the surface is of sufficient size to form a valuable mill stream. In the north part of the town the soil is gravel and muck, and in the south a shaly loam. Valuable beds of marl are found here. The population in 1890 was 2,318."

  1. St. Peter's Cemetery - (wl1)

  2. Sacred Heart Cemetery - (wl2)

  3. Old Wayland Village Cemetery - (wl3) (8/5)

  4. Old St. Joseph Cemetery - (wl4) (7/15)

  5. East Wayland Cemetery - (wl5)

  6. North Loon Lake Cemetery - (wl6) (7/21)

  7. Lakeside Cemetery - (wl7) (9/20)

  8. New St. Joseph Cemetery - (wl8) (7/15)

  9. Old St. Peter's Cemetery - (wl9) (6/9)

  10. Dale Werth Farm Cemetery - (wl10) (6/29)

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