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Compiled by: Millard F. Roberts

John Single Paper Company, Ltd., Syracuse, N.Y., 1891

This was typed and contributed by Gloria Banks Kirkwood

URBANA - page 514

"May claim among her sisters, without protest, the chief distinction for beauty. Rugged and precipitous hills, forest-crowned, and broken by irregular ravines, and deep, romantic glens, characterize her incomparable landscape. Two features particularly famed for their natural loveliness are Pleasant Valley and Lake Keuka. ... Only a few miles of the crystal lake, fed by mountain streams and by countless perpetual springs beneath its surface, lie within the borders of Urbana.

But to the inhabitant whose windows open towards the constantly changing watery expanse it is ever a study and an attraction to the eye. The axe has hewn the primeval trees mostly from the slopes, and terraced vineyards have for the most part taken the places of the woods. Much of the valley is yet meadow-land, but the vines are finding a place in nearly every nook and corner, and some day we shall see Pleasant Valley and the slopes of Lake Keuka as one vast vineyard.

...At Hammondsport is to be found the largest of these many gorges. It consists of a mile of the most charming and romantic views, such as delight both tourist and artist. A remarkable feature is the exposure of a perpendicular wall of shale three hundred feet high. The ledge, bright with green shrubs, vines, moss, lichens and wild flowers, form a perfect setting for the crystal pools and foaming cascades. On the southeast side of the valley, opposite Hammondsport, is another glen of equal beauty and even more wild in its varied and charming aspects.

...The hills surrounding Hammondsport, the principal village of the town lift their tops considerably more than a thousand feet above the surface of the lake.."

  1. Free Baptist Cemetery - (ur1)  (7/25/01)

  2. Pleasant Valley Cemetery - (ur2) from Cemetery Record books - furnished by Leonard Wood  (6/14/01)

  3. Depew Cemetery - (ur3) (9/30)

  4. Chestnut Grove Cemetery - (ur4)  (7/25/01)

  5. Drew Cemetery - (ur4b) (9/30)

  6. North Baptist Church Cemetery - (ur5) (9/30)

  7. Brundage Cemetery - (ur6) (9/30)

  8. Mt. Washington Cemetery - (ur7)  (7/25/01)

  9. North Urbana Hill Cemetery - (ur8)

  10. Hammondsport Elmwood Cemetery - (ur9)  (7/25/01)

  11. Covell Cemetery - Drumm Farm - (ur10)  (7/25/01)

  12. Glenbrook Cemetery - (ur11) (9/30)

  13. Jacobus Cemetery - (ur12) (9/30) updated 10/5/1999

  14. Glann Cemetery - (ur13) (9/30)

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