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Steuben County, New York


Compiled by: Millard F. Roberts

John Single Paper Company, Ltd., Syracuse, N.Y., 1891

This was typed and contributed by Gloria Banks Kirkwood

TROUPSBURG - page 493

"Is situated upon the south border of the county, west of the centre, and is bounded north by Jasper, east by Woodhull, south by the state of Pennsylvania and west by West Union. It was named in honor of Robert Troup, agent for the Pulteney estate. The town was formed from Middletown--now Addison--and Canisteo, February 12, 1808. It was reduced somewhat in territory in 1827 by taking off parts of Greenwood and Jasper, and in 1828 it was still further reduced by annexing a part to Woodhull. A portion of Canisteo was annexed in 1818.

The soil is slaty and clayey loam. The surface of the town consists principally of a hilly upland, broken by the deep valleys of small streams, the principal of which is Troups creek, flowing south. The highest summits are two thousand and five hundred feet above the sea, and are the most elevated portions of the county. The population of Troupsburg in 1890 was 2,165."

  1. Mallory's Corners Cemetery - (tr1)

  2. Young Hickory Cemetery - (tr2)

  3. Allen Cemetery - (tr3)

  4. Mount Hope Cemetery - (tr4)

  5. Rogers Cemetery - (tr5)

  6. Card Cemetery - (tr6)

  7. Murdock Private Cemetery - (tr7)

  8. Potter Street Cemetery - (tr8)

  9. Chenango Cemetery - (tr9)

  10. Scott Cemetery - (tr10)

  11. Catholic Cemetery - (tr11)

  12. Plaisted-Symonds Cemetery - (tr12)

  13. Works Cemetery - (tr13)

  14. Riceburg Plot - (tr14)

  15. Griggs District Cemetery - (tr15)

  16. Woodlawn/Austinburg Cemetery - (tr16)

  17. Pioneer Cemetery -Austinburg - (Tioga Co., PA) - (trx2)

  18. Whites Corners Cemetery - (Harrison Twp., Potter Co., PA) - (trx4)

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