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Steuben County, New York


Compiled by: Millard F. Roberts

John Single Paper Company, Ltd., Syracuse, N.Y., 1891

This was typed and contributed by Gloria Banks Kirkwood

RATHBONE - page 481

"Is an interior township lying south of the centre of the county, bounded north by Cameron and Thurston, east by Addison, south by Tuscarora and Woodhull, and west by Woodhull and Cameron. It was named for Gen. Ransom Rathbone who settled in the town in 1842, and who developed the first real business enterprise in the town. The upland is from three to four hundred feet above the valley. In some places naked and precipitous ledges of rock crop out on the sides of the declivities. The soil is chiefly a clayey and shaly loam, and in the valleys a rich alluvium. The principal streams are the Canisteo river and a branch of Tuscarora creek. ...The population of this town in 1890 was 1,224."

  1. Northrup Street Cemetery - (ra1) (8/5)

  2. Town Line Cemetery - (ra2)

  3. Rathbone Cemetery - (ra3) (5/27)

  4. Rathboneville Cemetery - (ra4) (5/27)

  5. Reynolds Family Plot - (ra5)

  6. Union Cemetery - (rax1)

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