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Steuben County, New York


Compiled by: Millard F. Roberts

John Single Paper Company, Ltd., Syracuse, N.Y., 1891

This was typed and contributed by Gloria Banks Kirkwood

PULTENEY - page 477

"Township is situated on the west shore of Lake Keuka, in the northeast corner of the county. It is bounded north by Jerusalem, in Yates county, east by Lake Keuka, south by Urbana, and west by a portion of Urbana and the town of Prattsburgh. It was named in honor of Sir William Pulteney, the proprietor of the Pulteney estate. The town was formed from Bath, February 12, 1808. Prattsburgh was taken off in 1813, and a part of Urbana in 1848. The surface is a rolling upland, from seven to nine hundred feet above the surface of the lake. The declivities along the lake are broken by numerous narrow ravines formed by small streams. The soil is chiefly a shaly and gravelly loam, and in some places near the lake, clay predominates. ...The population of the town, according to the census of 1890, was 1,779, a gain of 119."


  1. Pelton Cemetery - (pu1)

  2. Glenview Cemetery - (pu2) (5/27) updated (6/17/00)

  3. Thomas Cemetery - (pu3) (12/5) updated (4/11/02)

  4. Pickett Cemetery - (pu4)

  5. Shuart Cemetery - (pu5) (10/20)

  6. Wagener Cemetery - (pu6) (10/20)

  7. Old Presbyterian Cemetery - (pu7) (10/20)  updated (7/10/01)

  8. Brown Cemetery - (pu8) (9/30)

  9. Parker Plot - (pu9) (9/30)

  10. Williams Plot - (pu10)

  11. Judson Place Cemetery - (pu11) (10/20)

  12. Snyder farm - (pu12) (surname ENGLISH & 1 BAILEY) (10/20)

  13. Marker on Hults McConnell - (pux2) (9/30)(surname WILLIAMS)

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