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Steuben County, New York


Compiled by: Millard F. Roberts

John Single Paper Company, Ltd., Syracuse, N.Y., 1891

This was typed and contributed by Gloria Banks Kirkwood

LINDLEY - pgs 451 & 452

"Township was formed from Erwin, May 12, 1837, and was named in honor of Col. Eleazer Lindsley, the original proprietor. It lies upon the southern border of the county, east of the centre, and was "Township No. 1, of the Second Range." It is bounded north by Erwin, east by Caton, south by Pennsylvania state line, and west by the town of Tuscarora. The east and west parts are hilly uplands, divided by the valley of the Tioga river, which is bounded by steep hillsides from four to six hundred feet high. The course of the Tioga is from south to north through the town, a little east of the centre. The soil upon the hills is a heavy, shaly loam, and in the valley, which is about a mile in width, a rich alluvium.

The population of the town, according to the census enumeration of 1890, was 1,527."

NOTE - The above town history information is from the "Historical Gazetteer" it was generously contributed by my "Allen" cousin Gloria Banks Kirkwood , - (her mother and my father are "own" cousins).  She who took time from her own research to be thoughtful of others by sharing this information!
Please bear in mind that not everything you read in print has been researched or sourced correctly or concrete - please use this information as a guideline in your research only! - Judy Allen Cwiklinski

NOTE: I have been told that there are stones that were not recorded by the canvassers, please do not ask me who are missing from the cemetery list's as I do not know.  

  1. Presho Cemetery - (ln1) (1/23/01)

  2. Fairview Cemetery - (ln2)

  3. Lindsley Cemetery - (ln3) (1/23/01)

  4. Cook Cemetery - includes the Weldon plot - on Herrick property in 1968 - (ln4) (1/23/01)

  5. Baker/Deats Cemetery - (ln5) (12/5) - updated directions 11/11/03

  6. Cady/Knapp Cemetery - (ln6) (1/23/01)- updated directions 11/11/03

  7. Wright Cemetery - (ln7) (1/23/01)

  8. Scott Cemetery - (ln8) (1/23/01)

  9. Near NYC Railroad - (lnx4) (1/23/01)

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