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Armory, Hornellsville, NY

Steuben Sanitarium, Hornellsville, NY

East Avenue, Arkport, NY


Steuben County, New York


Compiled by: Millard F. Roberts

John Single Paper Company, Ltd., Syracuse, N.Y., 1891

This was typed and contributed by Gloria Banks Kirkwood

HORNELLSVILLE - Page 351,352,360

"Township is situated near the centre of the western boundary of the county and is bounded on the north by Dansville and Fremont, on the east by Howard and Canisteo, on the south by Hartsville, and on the west by Allegany county.

The original purchase of Hornellsville, which was formerly a part of Canisteo, was, no doubt, made upon the recommendations and report of Richard Crosby, Solomon Bennett, Capt. John Jamison and Uriah Stephens, who explored this section in 1788.

The town of Hornellsville was formed from Canisteo April 1, 1820, and embraced in addition to its present territory the town of Hartsville and a part of Fremont. Hartsville was taken off in 1844, and part of Fremont in 1854.

  1. Arkport Cemetery - (hv1)

  2. McMichael Cemetery - (hv2) (9/20)

  3. Pennsylvania Hill Cemetery - (hv3) (8/23)

  4. Robertson Cemetery - (hv4) (5/22)

  5. Bethel Cemetery - (hv5)

  6. Hornellsville Rural Cemetery - (hv6) (4/12/00)

  7. Hope Cemetery - (hv7)

  8. St. Ann's Cemetery - (hv8)

  9. Nicholson/Turnpike Cemetery - (hv9)

  10. Howard Unknown Burials - (hv12) - (sic. typed as written "Howard"?)

  11. Hornellsville Old Jewish Cemetery - (hvx1)

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