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View Steuben Co. records without having to travel there.

Although everyone would wish someday to research right from the comfort of their home it is doubtful that you will find what you are looking for and more apt to get that "brickwall" syndrome.  Query's are great - but source information that you find yourself is best - never trust everything you find or see - alway's find "original" document's to back up your records - take nothing as concrete.  

Going to my nearest Family History Center was the easiest way I could see original copies of "source" information on microfilm or microfishe without having to travel a great distance.  There was only one drawback that I alway's kept in mind - use what other's have submitted on their families only as a guide!  Alway's find the source information that backs up what is in print.  The previous statement also holds true with what you find on the internet that someone has posted.

Go to: Family History/Where do I begin on this page you can find out where your local LDS - Family History Center is located  - the why's & how's.   Also visit the site LDS Family History Centers - Before you go traveling far and wide.    Don't be shy - go and visit the FHC - their volunteers will do their best to help you in anyway they can - from the newest family genealogist to the most learned.  Why overlook the biggest resource available to you?  

Steuben Co., NY Genealogy list info

Join the Rootsweb Steuben Co., NY Genealogy list - it is FREE.  The owner of this list is Lisa Cleversey To subscribe to the list  -  send a e-mail to: [email protected] with only the word subscribe in the message area - if your Internet Service Provider won't let you send without something in the "Subject:" space you can also type subscribe there.  For the Steuben List in Digest format, send an email to: [email protected] using the same directions above.

After you are subscribed you will receive a e-mail verifying that you are subscribed.  After you receive the above verification you may send messages to the rest of the list by sending a e-mail to: - [email protected].   Bear in mind that you will also receive back a copy of the message you sent out!   If you have any problem's or questions contact Lisa.

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Steuben Co., NY GenConnect Queries

Please don't post that you are looking for a specific obituary on the obituary page - post what that you are looking for an obituary of a person on the QUERY board.  Also, do not post just Surnames!  Steuben County is a BIG county!  Many of the same surname lived there that are not related to the other of the same name.  To ask for ALL information pertaining to one surname is being unrealistic!  Be as specific and informative as possible!  Try to include names & maiden names,  dates & locations when known.  (The only exception would be for living people type "Private" where the dates are. )  By including everything you know about your person/people, no matter how trivial the information might seem to you it will help others in knowing where your family lived and help them to help you!  

All personal remarks/statements without genealogical references should be sent directly to the party you wish to make the remark to!  Postings that do not have informational genealogical content or without Steuben Co. ties will be deleted without notice! 

Thank You!  Judy

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