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Steuben County, New York


Compiled by: Millard F. Roberts

John Single Paper Company, Ltd., Syracuse, N.Y., 1891

This was typed and contributed by Gloria Banks Kirkwood

COHOCTON pgs 228 and 229

"Township is situated on the north border of the county west of the centre. It was formed from Bath and Dansville, June 18, 1812. A part of Avoca was taken off in 1843, and a part of Wayland in 1848. In 1874, an addition was made to the eastern part of the town from the town of Prattsburg.

The surface is mostly a hilly upland separated into ridges by deep and narrow valleys. The principal streams are the Conhocton river, flowing southerly through the centre, and its tributaries. The valley of the Conhocton is rich and productive, and varies in width from a mile to a mile and a quarter. The soil is alluvium, mixed with clay and loam. A slaty and gravelly loam prevails chiefly on the uplands. These uplands, such as Lent Hill and Potter Hill are among the best farming lands of the town. The only waste lands being along the steep declivities of the hills and ravines. The town is watered with many clear brooks and springs, and is well adapted to grain, fruit, grazing and dairy purposes. Potato growing is one of the chief industries of the town. The population in 1890 was 3,475."

Charles Stoddard Postmaster - N. Cohocton, NY

I thought you might like this picture I picked up in an antique shop in Emmett, Idaho. On the back it says "Charles Stoddard Postmaster at North Cohocton, N.Y." (added: 9/30/00)
Pat Roloff
Washington County, ID GenWeb Volunteer Coordinator

  1. Bowles Corners Cemetery - (co1)

  2. St. Pauls Lutheran Cemetery - (co2)

  3. Old St. Pauls Cemetery/Gaiss Cemetery - (co3) (9/23/00)

  4. Old Catholic Cemetery - (co4)

  5. Clearview Cemetery - (co5a)

  6. Old Clearview - (co5b)

  7. Hatch Cemetery - (co6a)

  8. Lent Cemetery - (co6b)

  9. Wheaton Cemetery - (co7)

  10. Mapleview Cemetery - (co9)

  11. Larrowe Cemetery - (co10)

  12. New Catholic Cemetery - (co11) (10/20)

  13. Zion Lutheran Cemetery - (co12) (8/23)

  14. Robert Moor Cemetery - (co14)

  15. Haight Cemetery - (co15) (9/23/00)

  16. Barney Cemetery - (co16)

  17. Garnsey Family Cemetery - (co17) (9/23/00)

  18. Unknown Burials -  (co18)

  19. Pack Cemetery - (cox3) (9/23/00)

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