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Steuben County, New York


Compiled by: Millard F. Roberts

John Single Paper Company, Ltd., Syracuse, N.Y., 1891

This was typed and contributed by Gloria Banks Kirkwood

BRADFORD page 167

"Named for Major Robert Bradford, was formed from Jersey -- now Orange, Schuyler county -- April 20, 1836. A part was annexed to Orange, April 17, 1854. It lies near the center of the east border of the county of Steuben. It is bounded north by the town of Wayne, east by Schuyler county, south by Campbell, and west by Bath and Urbana.

The surface of the town is hilly upland, broken by the valley of Mud creek. Mud Lake is situated near the east border in Schuyler county; its surface is eleven hundred feet above tide, and the summits of the adjacent hills are several hundred feet above the lake. The soil is gravelly and clayey loam, better adapted to pasturage than to tillage, generally; though the rich alluvium and sand of the valley produces excellent crops of corn and wheat. The population in 1890 was 757."

  1. South Bradford Cemetery - (br1) (8/5)

  2. Bradford Cemetery - A-B ~ C-F ~ G-H ~ I~L ~ M~P ~ R~S ~ T-Z  - (br2) (7/21)

  3. Birdseye Hollow Cemetery - (br3)

  4. Steve Romance Farm Cemetery - (listed as both br4 & bax3)

  5. Bartlett Farm Cemetery - (br5) (6/9)

  6. Franklin Cemetery - (br6) (6/9)

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