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Jones-Erwin Cemetery

Addison, Steuben Co., NY

This cemetery is on the south side of the Canisteo River about two miles east of the Vastbinder/McCarthy road and can only be reached from Addison as the road dead-ends farther east. The township line runs thru the middle of the cemetery which is about one acre in size. The Erwin farm in the Erwin township and the Jones farm in the Addison township adjoined and each family gave 1/2 acre of land for the cemetery. Contains the Soldiers graves of Major Arthur Erwin and Henry H. Birdsall.


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The below was generously contributed by Sharon Taft who purchased the copy of this cemetery.
Typed by Annette Campbell.

Maj. Arthur Erwin 16 Nov 1777-7 Apr 1842 Age 64y4m21d

Sally Erwin 4 Aug 1800-19 May 1863

James Clark 27 Feb 1781-30 Jun 1861

Charlotte Erwin 18 Apr 1821-12 Mar 1829 Age 7y10m24d

Mary E. Erwin 27 Feb 1824-28 Jun 1889

Charles Sundown Erwin

Helen Erwin 1857-1862

Eddie I Eicher 4 Jan 1877-20 Feb 1878

Henry H. Birdsall 19 Dec 1813-23 Jun 1894

Rachel Birdsall 1821-1913

Frank Birdsall 12 Sep 1850-17 Feb 1859

Henry James Birdsall 12 Sep 1847-1 Nov 1863

Adelaide Baldwin 1844-1915

Mary E. Landers 1852-1911

Scott C. Erwin 1845-1913

John T. Erwin 1843-1903

James H. Erwin 1843-1903

Llewellyn Mansfield Jones 1837-1907

Mary Jones 1840-1911

Janie M. Jones 19 Jul 1876-1 Feb 1877

Mansfield Jones 15 Apr 1769-19 May 1850

Hannah Jones 24 Jun 1781-19 Apr 1856

Abigail Jones No dates

Ettsel Jones 15 Dec 1843-21 Sep 1846 Age 2y9m6d

James E. Jones 24 Sep 1839-3 Aug 1885

Mary V. Jones 15 Sep 1847-3 Aug 1850 Age 2y10m19d

Edwin Jones

Stuart Jones

Willie Jones

Lucy Jones 21 Dec 1809-11 Apr 1863 Age 53y3m24d

Nellie Jones

Rubie Jones

Philip J. Burlingame 8 Apr 1836-22 Dec 1889

_____ _______ Possibly Amy w/of Philip J.

Estella Haskins 29 Apr 1862-16 Oct 1885

Carrie E. Haskins 16 Oct 1885-5 Aug 1886

Ida M. Barr d. 30 Jan 1886 Age 25y

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