Baldwin Burying Grounds/W. Addison Cemetery - ad2

Baldwin Burying Grounds
aka West Addison Cemetery

Addison, Steuben Co., NY

Read by Doug Sherer 10 Jan 1973


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The below was generously contributed by Sharon Taft who purchased the copy of this cemetery.
Typed by Annette Campbell.

Abraham Barron 1 Aug 1818-17 Aug 1876
Jarethmel Powers d. 1868 Age 81
Esther Powers d. 1871 Age 81y
Jane Jones d. 22 Jun 1843 Age 16y d/of Col. L.A. & R.M.
Julia Jones d. 3 May 1870 Age 35y d/of Col. L.A. & R.M.
Col. L.A. Jones d. 14 Aug 1871 Age 78y
Rebecca Jones d. 2 Jun 1840 Age 39y w/of Col. L.A. (nee MILES)
Juliana P. Jones d. 27 Mar 1870 Age 70y
William Baskins Jones d. 1 Sep 1850 Age 70y s/of Isaiah
Catherine S. Jones d. 23 Dec 1854 Age 73y w/of William Baskins
(nee SWARTWOOD) Born 26 Feb 1781, Elliston, Tioga Co, PA
James B. Jones d. 2 May 1844 Age 38y
Phebe Jones d. 11 Nov 1845 Age 27y7m8d w/of Isaiah J. A.
Capt. Isaiah Joel Adams Jones d. 2 Feb 1821 Age 74y Rev War Soldier
He came from Harrisburg to Tioga Point (now Athens, PA) at an early period of settlement there and took up a farm. He moved to Lindley, this county,  where he resided for a time, when he went to reside with his son Llewellyn  at a point about two miles east of Addison village on what is now known  (about 1924) as the Myers place.
James E. Jones d. 12 Nov 1830 s/of Isaiah J. A. Born at Duncan's Island, PA
Sally Jones d. 12 Nov 1863 Age 66y Born in Chemung Co, NY
Mattie C. Angel d. 8 Sep 1868 Age 12 days
Johnnie Angel d. 10 Nov 1882 Age 21y2m10d
Martha M. Angel d. 23 Jun 1838-12 Aug 1868
Elizabeth Angel d. 26 Jan 1826 Age 24y8m24d w/of Hiram
John Cherry d. 5 Mar 1849 Age 54y
Ann Matilda Cherry 26 Dec 1801-25 Apr 1864 w/of John (nee JONES)
Isaiah Jennings d. 17 Apr 1889 Age 89y
Jane E. Jennings d. 9 Aug 1880 Age 71y w/of Isaiah
Katie J. Pence d. 5 May 1823 Age 19y w/of Jacob S. (nee BUCK)
Our Baby Katie Age 3 months (Buried with Bucks)
Helen C. Buck d. 15 Aug 1860 Age 18y6m d/of E. H. & Katherine A.
Edward H. Buck d. 8 Jun 1833 Age 12y20d
Julia DeGroat d. 14 Dec 1878 Age 28y4m6d w/of Edward
I. W. Footstone - no visible headstone
Samuel H. Waddell 3 Sep 1824-16 Oct 1868
Margaret M. Waddell 5 Apr 1827-7 Sep 1885 w/of Samuel H.
Nancy Waddell 27 Sep 1851-5 Jan 1864
John Waddell 2 Jan 1855-22 Dec 1891
Ira Martin No data
Nancy C. Martin No data w/of Ira
David C. Martin d. Sep 1863 Age 25y1m20d s/of Ira & Nancy C.
John Martin d. Oct 1852 Age 28y3m28d s/of Ira & Nancy C.
Mary P. Martin d. 25 Nov 1840 Age 6y8m5d d/of Ira & Nancy C.
Jerusha Martin d. 16 Mar 1831 Age 72y10m15d w/of John
John Martin d. 13 Jun 1823 Age 69y10m16d
Elbridge C/G. Jenks d. 27 Jun 1844 Age 32y
I. H. Footstone nearby
Elizabeth Fluent d. 27 ug 1847 Age 22y9m8d d/of J. & F.
Joseph Fluent d. 18 Nov 1858 Age 64y9m23d
George Sherman No data
George Johnston d. 27 Jan 1859 Age 33y1m12d
David Crawford d. 30 Jan 1839 Age 63y7m Born Sussex Co, NJ
Margaret Crawford d. 7 Feb 1856 Age 76y4m27d w/of David
Margaret Crawford d. 2 Sep 1849 Age 3y d/of Lewis & Eliza
Ellen Pomeroy d. 4 Jun 1863 Age 39y w/of Solomon
John Loper d. 3 Feb 1871 Age 78y "Our Father & Mother"
Catherine Loper d. 26 Jan 1884 Age 90y w/of John
Lufany Young d. Sep 1849 w/of F. E.
F. E. Young Footstone only
Julia Stewart d. 2 Sep 1880 Age 11y10m28d d/of W. H. & Mary
Harriet Stewart d. 12 Sep 1880 Age 16y7d d/of W.H. & Mary
Willard H. Stewart 1818-1899 "Father"
Oliver M. Snay d. 10 Dec 1840 Age 2y5m11d s/of Alexander & Phoebe
Willard Weatherby 6 Mar 1807-15 May 1829 Age 22y
Myra Baldwin d. 20 Sep 1819 Age 4m16d d/of W. A. & E. M.
William James Baldwin d. 24 Sep 1819 s/of W. A. & E. M.
Eliza Wescott d. 4 Sep 1862 Age 25y21d w/of Edwin - d/of James & Mehatable BALDWIN
Edwin Wescott d. 8 Mar 1882 Age 62y
Mary M. Wescott d. 10 Feb 1850 Age 1y3m1d d/of Edwin & Eliza
Mary E. Wescott d. 5 Sep 1862 Age 6m19d d/of Edwin & Eliza
William P. Young d. 28 Nov 1896 Age 87y
Sarah Young d. 25 Jun 1873 Age 60y w/of James Young
Peter Young d. 11 Feb 1849 Age 77y
Elizabeth Averill d. 26 Jan 1826 Age 24y8m24d w/of Hiram (nee YOUNG)
Orson Myers 1852-1923
Mildred Myers 1853-1925 w/of Orson
Orson Myers, Jr. Burned to death at Rathbone, NY and is buried here with no stone.
James Myers 1824-1911
Olive Myers 1825-1890 w/of James
Eva ------ No surname Small stone
Jimmie- No surname Small stone
Anna---- No surname Small stone
George- No surname Small stone
Mary Phillips d. 9 Sep 1801? Age 27y w/of David (nee BALDWIN)
James Baldwin d. 16 Jun 1855 Age 74y
Mehetable Baldwin 24 May 1864 Age 64y (nee-looks like AEELN? - Maybe ALLEN?)
Joseph Murray d. 16 Jan 1844 Age 42y
Elisha B. Murray 1827-1897
Frances Murray 1829-1903 w/of Elisha B.
William J. Thomas d. 11 Mar 1863 Age 24y
Below is all D.A.R. Data
John Helmer No data
Andrew Helmer Died ca. 1860 at Woodhull, NY
Thankful Helmer Died ca. 1904 at Addison, NY (nee JONES)
Lewis Philip Helmer d. 25 Oct 1870 (killed by cars near Addison, NY. His wife is buried in Upper Swale Cemetery.)

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