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1891 Steuben Co., NY Directory

1891 Wayne Directory
(Postoffice address is Wayne, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)
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Directory is arranged as follows:-

  1. Name of individual or firm.

  2. Post-office address in parenthesis if different from the name of town.

  3. The figure following the letter ' r ' indicates the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village.

  4. Business or occupation

  5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work.

  6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicates the number of acres owned or leased.

  7. Names in Capitals are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible

ABBREVIATIONS: Ab.,-above; ave.,-avenue; bds., -boards; bet., -between; cor., -corner; E., -east; emp.,-employee; fac. op., - factory operative; h.,-house; manuf.,-manufacturer; - Mfg., -manufacturing; N.,-north; n.,-near; opp.,-opposite; prop.,-proprietor; reg.,-registered as applied to livestock; regt.,-regiment; S.,-south; W.,-west. The word street is implied.

ALLISON ELI, physician and surgeon, also notary public and vineyardist 18.
Anderson Thomas (Bradford), r 39, farmer 120.
Argraves Edward, mason.
AULLS LYMAN (No. Urbana), r 33, chairman Board of Supervisors, vineyardist 5 and farmer 121.
Aulls Thomas H., r17, vineyardist 4 and farmer 160, leases of J. V. Bigelow.
Austin William (Keuka), r 4, vineyardist.
Babcock Mark (Wayne Four Corners), r 27, farmer 90.
Bailey Charles (Grove Springs), r 14, vineyardist and farmer.
Bailey Eugene S. (Grove Springs), r 23, vineyardist 3, and on shares 15.
Bailey Frances T. (Grove Springs), off r 7, widow Samuel, vineyardist 8.
Bailey George (Grove Springs), r 6, vineyardist.
Bailey Jones (Grove Springs), r 7, vineyardist.
Bailey Thomas (Grove Springs), r 14, basket-maker, and vineyardist 15.
Bailey Wallace (Grove Springs), r 7, vineyardist.
Bailey William O., r 11, farmer 50.
BAILEY WILLIAM O., 2nd (Keuka), r 6, vineyardist 60, and farmer 100.
Baker Henrietta (Grove Springs), r 6, widow Alderman.
Barber Harry (Keuka), r 1, vineyardist.
Barrett Almon, r 19, farmer with his father William W.
Barrett Samuel (Wayne Four Corners), r 27, farmer with F.A. James of Minnesota 90.
Barrett William W., r 19, farmer 86.
Beeman Herbert (Bradford), r 28, farmer.
Bennett Erastus (Wayne Four Corners), r 27, farmer 51.
Bennett Jane (Wayne Four Corners), r 27, widow Erastus.
Bennett John T., r 11, farm laborer.
Bennett Theodore, r 23, vineyardist.
Best Thomas, r 16, farmer.
Bissell Thomas (Weston, Schuyler Co.), r 29, farmer 28.
Buckley Edward (Weston, Schuyler Co.), r 17, laborer.
Buckley James (Weston, Schuyler Co.), r 28, laborer.
Buckley Morris L., r 17, carpenter.
Burge Lewis, r 27, farmer with E.B. Travis.
Calhar Mary (Wayne Four Corners), r 35, widow.
Campbell Archibald, r 10, farm laborer.
Canfield Richard (Keuka), r 1, vineyardist.
Carpenter Livingston (Weston, Schuyler Co.), r 17, vineyardist 3, and farmer 126.
Castner Charles A. (Wayne Four Corners), r 31, postmaster, also farmer 123.
Cole William, r 27, laborer.
Comstock John (No. Urbana), r 32, farmer.
Covell Ebenezer J., r 26, vineyardist 14.
Covert Tompkins (No. Urbana), r 26, farmer 30.
Crawford Frank (No. Urbana), r 33, farmer 50, and leases of Miss D.A. Crawford 80.
Crawford Deborah A. Miss (No. Urbana), r 33, farm 80.
Cromer Edwin T. (Wayne Four Corners), r 29, farmer in Thurston 50, and on shares with Miss Julia Davis 156.
Cromer Maria (Wayne Four Corners), r 29, widow James.
Crookston Frank L., r 18, farmer 40.
Crookston Henrietta, r 21, widow, farm 47.
Crookston Jerome B., r 18, farmer 140.
Crookston Manley S., r 6, farmer 74, and leases of H. Jacobus 93.
Crookston Moses W. (Wayne Four Corners), r 35, farmer 193. Served in Co. H, 189 N.Y. Vols.
Crookston William F., r 3, vineyardist 10.
Crow Eli B. (No. Urbana), r 31, farmer with D.A. Signor 200.
Curran Levi D., wagon-maker.
Davis Charles (Keuka), r 1, vineyardist with N. Wixon.
DeGraw Arthur H. (No. Urbana), r 26, justice of the peace and farmer 76.
Dillison Merrill, laborer.
Dunn George B., r 6, vineyardist 9.
Dunn William (Grove Springs), off r 7, vineyardist 12.
Dunning Martin (No. Urbana), r 32, laborer.
Dykes William, mail carrier.
Earll Glen (Weston, Schuyler Co.), r 28, farmer with his father Lewis H.
Earll Lewis H. (Weston, Schuyler Co.), r 28, farmer 176.
Earnest Cassius M., r 18, farmer 95.
Earnest Clinton D., prop. feed-mill.
Ellis Benjamin F., r 27, farmer 180.
Elyea John H. (Bradford), r 34, farmer.
Eveland John (Grove Springs), r 6, vineyardist with O.H.P. Glason.
Fletcher Millie Miss, r 19, farm 15.
Flynn John (Bradford), r 36, farmer.
Folsom Charles A. (No. Urbana), r 33, carpenter.
Gardner Celestia Miss (Wayne Four Corners), r 29, resident.
Geary Cyrus, r 26, farmer with James Dean.
Gee James, r 19, farm laborer.
GIBSON RUFUS K. (Keuka), r 6, vineyardist 4.
GLEASON ALFRED (Grove Springs), r 6, carpenter and vineyardist.
Gleason Dallas, r 14, vineyardist 6.
Gleason Edgar J. (Grove Springs), r 6, vineyardist 19 and farmer 68.
GLEASON H. FRANK (Keuka), r 6, vineyardist, also farmer 26, and leases of J. Wixon 112.
Gleason Mary (Keuka), r 6, widow James, vineyard and farm 55.
Gleason Sisters (Ella and Linda) (Keuka), r 6, residents.
Griffin William, r 3, laborer.
Griffith Edward (Grove Springs), r 23, vineyardist.
Grove Springs Hotel (Grove Springs), Messrs. Smith, proprs.
Hallett Anna E., r 11, widow Samuel L.
Hallett Leslie Mrs., r 11, resident.
Harris Alanson (Wayne Four Corners), r 27, farmer.
Harrison William K., r 13, vineyardist 10 and farmer.
Hood John J. (Keuka), r 1, vineyardist.
Hoover David (Keuka), r 1, justice of the peace, surveyor, vineyardist and farmer.
Horton J. Judson, r 27, farmer 70.
Horton John (No. Urbana), r 26, farmer 97.
HOUCK ALONZO (Grove Springs), r 23, vineyard 12 and farmer 80.
Houck Philetus, r 3, farmer.
Houck Seymour (Grove Springs), r 14, vineyardist and farmer.
Hudson Ezra, stone-mason.
Hudson Joseph (Grove Springs), porter.
Huntington Leroy (Keuka), r 1, vineyardist.
Hyatt Frank (Grove Springs), r 23, vineyardist and farmer.
Jacobus Henry, r 6, farmer 93.
Keefer Henry, r 21, farmer 20.
Kimball Charles (Grove Springs), r 23, vineyardist.
Kinner A.D. (Wayne Four Corners), r 30, farmer with Mrs. H. Furnald 90.
Kleckler Charity (Bradford), r 28, widow George.
Knapp M. Adelbert, r 3, vineyardist and farmer 88.
Knapp M. VanRenselaer, r 3, vineyardist and farmer 88.
Lake Keuka House (Keuka), James M. Washburn prop.
Lamb Eunice C., r 23, farm 62.
Latier Philetus W. (Grove Springs), post-master.
Lawrence Ira A. (Wayne Four Corners), r 27, farmer 80.
Lockwoord Ira, r 23, farmer with R. Sproul 150.
Lord George P., r 22, farmer.
Lownsberry Jacob (Keuka), r 4, vineyardist for Mrs. O.S. Wilson 35.
Margeson Frank, r 23, vineyardist and farmer.
Mattoon Charles, mason.
MATTOON WILL A., stationary engineer.
McDowell Frank M., treas. U.S. Grange, P of H., also vineyardist and farmer.
McDowell George (Keuka), r 4, vineyardist.
McIntyre Samuel E., r 17, farmer 152.
MITCHELL SISTERS (Elizabeth and Carrie), farm 70.
Morehouse Gideon, r 26, vineyardist with T. McFee.
Morehouse John (Wayne Four Corners), r 35, farmer.
Morrison Hiram (No. Urbana), r 33, vineyardist and farmer 54.
Morse William A., blacksmith.
Moss Edward (Keuka), laborer.
Newman Edward H. (Keuka), vineyardist 15 and farmer 60.
Newman Henry (Keuka), r 4, resident.
NIVER ANDREW F. (No. Urbana), r 26, blacksmith. A specialty made of horse shoeing and general repair work.
Ordway Fred E. (Grove Springs), off r 6, vineyardist 10.
Peacock Ephraim, laborer.
Phillips _______ (Bradford), r 28, farmer.
Pitcher James (No. Urbana), r 31, farmer with C. Potter.
Plaisted Frank (Bradford), r 28, sheep dealer and farmer.
Potter Clark (No. Urbana), r 31, farmer.
Raplee Hiram (Bradford), r 35, farmer 150.
Raplee Joshua H. (Bradford), r 35, vineyardist 1 ½.
Reed Jackson (No. Urbana), r 26, farm laborer.
Reed Lawrence, off r 23, vineyardist.
Reed Walter, r 23, vineyardist.
Rhinehart Ansel (Bradford), r 39, farmer 140.
Ribble Charles, r 11, farmer with William Doty 96.
Robins Frank, off r 23, vineyardist.
Robbins J. Height (Grove Springs), r 23, laborer.
Robbins Louise, off r 23, widow William, vineyardist.
Robbins William C., r 7 ½, carpenter and vineyardist 4.
Royce Dennis K., r 11, farmer 70.
Runner Olin F. (No. Urbana), r 26, farmer 75.
Rutherford Clarence (Grove Springs), r 6, vineyardist and farmer.
Sackett Bert H. (Keuka), r 1, vineyardist.
Sanford Russell, r 21, farmer 50.
Schmoker Adolphus (Keuka), r 1, vineyardist and farmer.
Schmoker Fritz (Keuka), r 3, vineyardist.
Shester Jacob (Bradford), r 36, farmer 100.
Silvernail Edward (Grove Springs), vineyardist.
Simmons William, laborer.
Slater Henry (No. Urbana), r 25, laborer.
Sleighter William, r 17, emp basket factory.
Smith Amasa, r 11, carpenter.
Smith James (No. Urbana), r 30, farmer.
Smith Moses T. (No. Urbana), r 26, laborer.
Sproul Robert, r 23, vineyardist 4 and farmer 150.
Stage William (No. Urbana), r 32, farmer laborer.
Stanhope John G. (Keuka), r 3, vineyardist 20.
Stanton Robert B. (Keuka), r 1, pastor Baptist Church, also vineyardist and fruit grower.
Stanton Samuel (No. Urbana), r 26, farmer 15.
Stephenfield Charles, off r 7, vineyardist.
STEUBEN HOUSE, W.D. Washburn, Jr., prop.
Stowell Archalaus A. (Keuka), r 1, carpenter and vineyardist.
Stratton Alexander, r 21, laborer.
Sumner Asel N., blacksmith.
Sumner William F., carriage painter, also dealer in carriages, road carts, etc.
Sunderland Daniel J. (Keuka), r 3, vineyardist 13.
Sunderlin Norman, retired.
Switzer Cyrus, r 23, vineyardist and farmer.
Taylor Henry, r 11, farmer.
Tobias William B., r 23, laborer.
Travis Ensley B., r 27, farmer 146.
Travis Wesley, r 27, farmer 80.
VanAmburgh Harrison (No. Urbana), r 33, farmer 50.
Waggoner Albert C. (Keuka), r 1, postmaster, also general merchant.
Warren Joseph B. (Grove Springs), off r 6, painter and vineyardist 8.
Washburn James M. (Keuka), prop. Lake Keuka House.
WASHBURN WILLIAM D. JR., prop. Steuben House.
Webster Daniel (No. Urbana), r 30, farmer.
Webster James H., r 23, vineyardist 3 and farmer.
Webster William E., r 23, farmer with his father James H.
WESTCOTT JAMES N., r 6, vineyardist 5.
WESTCOTT MARTIN R., off r 23, vineyardist 16.
WESTCOTT WILLIAM W. (Keuka), r 4, vineyardist and farmer with W.O. Brady 78.
Wheeler Myron (Grove Springs), off r 6, vineyardist.
Whitehead Cyrus (Bradford), r 36, farmer 100.
Wilbur LaFayette, r 23, vineyardist and farmer.
Wixson Alfred (Weston, Schuyler Co.), r 28, farmer 98.
Wixson James, r 17, farmer 124.
Wixson John, r 11, farmer.
Wixson Joseph, r 17, farmer 96.
Wixson Solomon r., r 17, prop. grape basket factory and feed, cider and saw-mill, also farmer 106.
Wood Addison C. (No. Urbana), r 26, teacher.
Wood Adelbert S. (No. Urbana), r 32, farmer 182.
Wood Andrew T. (Wayne Four Corners), r 31, farmer 60.
Wood Ira M. (No. Urbana), r 26, farmer.
Wood Israel (No. Urbana), r 32, farmer 200.
Wood Marion A. (No. Urbana), vineyardist.
Wood Olin (No. Urbana), r 32, student.
Wood Rebecca (No. Urbana), widow Jonathan.
Wood William (No. Urbana), r 32, teacher.
Wortman Ogden (No. Urbana), r 30, farmer.
Wortman William Mrs. (No. Urbana), r 30, widow.
Wright Anson (Keuka), hotel clerk.
Yose Daniel (Bradford), r 28, cattle dealer and farmer.

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