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1891 Steuben Co., NY Directory

1891 Addison Directory
(Postoffice address is Addison, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis.)
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Directory is arranged as follows:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post-office address in parenthesis if different from the name of town.
  3. The figure following the letter ' r ' indicates the number of the road on which the party resides, and will be found by reference to the map in the back part of this work. (I do not have the map - Judy). Where no road number is given the party is supposed to reside in the village.
  4. Business or occupation
  5. A star (*) placed before a name indicates an advertiser in this work.
  6. Figures placed after the occupation of a farmer indicates the number of acres owned or leased.
  7. Names in Capitals are those who have kindly given their patronage to the work, and without whose aid its publication would have been impossible

ABBREVIATIONS: Ab.,-above; ave.,-avenue; bds., -boards; bet., -between; cor., -corner; E., -east; emp.,-employee; fac. op., - factory operative; h.,-house; manuf.,-manufacturer; - Mfg., -manufacturing; N.,-north; n.,-near; opp.,-opposite; prop.,-proprietor; reg.,-registered as applied to livestock; regt.,-regiment; S.,-south; W.,-west. The word street is implied.

1891 Addison Directory

Williams Abgar --- Laborer h. off South St.
John H. Ackerson --- r 20 Farmer on shares with David Phillips r 60
Addison Advertiser --- A. Roberts editor and prop; also job printing, Tuscarora St.
Addison and Pensylvania Railway Company --- Frank M. Baker, supt office opposite Erie depot.
Addison Bank --- Latimer & Winton props., Tuscarora St.
Addison Custom and Merchant Mill --- Curtis & Paxton, props., Water St.
Miles L. Adee --- teaming, h. Front St.
Rosco H. Adee --- teamster, h. Steuben St.
Herman R. Ainsworth --- physician and surgeon, over Addison Bank, h Maple St.
Daniel Albee --- retired, h. Maple St.
Eugene Albee --- carpenter, A. & N. P. R. R., h. Ceveland St.
Lucy D. Albee --- widow of Otis boards on South St.
Albert A. Aldrich --- physician and surgeon, also coroner h. South St.
Clifton J. Aldrich--emp. sash factory h. William St.
Frank Aldrich --- emp. Erie Depot h. Grove St.
Loren Aldrich --- emp. Sash Factory, boards at American Hotel
Martha Aldrich --- widow of Asahel S., h. 55 Front St.
Wilson Aldrich, Mrs. --- resident, h. Cleveland St.
Ebenezer Allen --- r. 6, laborer
Egbert L. Allen --- clerk, h. 41 Front St.
Howard Allen --- farmer 70 acres
Samuel L. Allen --- Farmer
Theodore Allen --- retired, boards at 15 Colwell St.
Asa C. Allison --- teaming, h. William St.
Charles Allison --- laborer, h. Farnham St.
George W. Allison --- emp. Sash Factory, h. Tuscarora St.
Fred C. Ameigh --- emp. Sash Factory, h. Tuscarora St.
George J. Ameigh --- stationary engineer, h. 26 Steuben St.
American Hotel --- T. E. Harden, prop., Tuscarora St.
John Ash --- meat market, fresh & salt meats, fruit & veg., Tuscarora St.
Dennis Ash --- meat cutter, boards Cheeseman House
George J. Audinwood --- r. 18, farmer 213 acres
James Audinwood --- r. 18, farm laborer
Anson Austin --- r. 8, farmer 50 acres
Mary Babcock --- book-keeper, boards at Front St.
Abiram D. Babcock --- salesman, boards at Front St.
Seymour Babcock --- off r. 21, farmer
Frank M. Baker --- general supt. A. & P. railway, res. in Owego
Helmer Baker --- r. 12, farmer 175 acres
J. Goodrich Balcom --- resident, h. 13 Goodhue St.
Baldwin Bank --- ( J. & H. Baldwin & S. Wetherby props.) Tuscarora St.
Henry Baldwin --- (J. Baldwin & Co) h. Maple St.
Horace D. Baldwin --- Attorney, Tusarora St. h. 41 Steuben St.
J. Baldwin & Co --- (H. Baldwin & Sarah Wetherby) props, Baldwin Bank
James Baldwin --- (J. Baldwin & Co), also deals in carriages, sleighs, at Tuscarora St. h. Maple St.
John Baldwin --- laborer h. James St.
Rufus C. Baldwin --- farmer
Franklin H. Barnes --- telegraph operator, boards at 10 Steuben St.
Solomon V. Barnes --- Justice of the Peace, Tuscarora St, also mail messenger, h. 10 Steuben St.
                                                                                                            Served in Co I, 51 Reg Mass.
John Barrett --- laborer, h. Goodhue St.
Matilda Barron --- widow of William P. h. Maple St.
William E. Barron --- medical student, boards at 30 Maple St.
Abram B. Barse --- carpenter, h. 111 Front St.
Jessamine E. Bartlett --- teacher, boards at 39 Front St.
Wesley A. Bartlett --- bartender, h. Front St.
George Bates --- emp. plow handle factory, h. Water St.
Walter Bates --- laborer, h. Farnham St.
Christian C. Bausch --- shoemaker, Tuscarora St, h. Tuscarora St.
George O. Baxter --- student, boards at 33 Maple St.
Maria A. Baxter --- widow of Orrin B., resident, h. 33 Maple St.
Albert Beardsley --- emp. Sash factory, h. off Cooper Ave.
Ralph Beaumont --- lecturer, h. Maple St.
Edward Bebout --- driver, h. 21 Steuben St.
Lottie R. Bebout --- widow of William, resident, h. 19 Colwell St.
Richard Bebout --- laborer, h. 24 Colwell St
Ira Beckwith --- r. 7, farmer 15 acres
Albert Beebe --- laborer, h. Grove St.
Harry Beers --- r. 25, foreman in tannery, res. Elmira
George Bellis --- house, carriage, sign,landscape,decorative painter, h.Tuscarora
Almon Beman --- farmer, h. 8 Ames St.
Eli Beman --- laborer, h. 77 Front St.
Henry Benedict --- emp. Sash factory, h. 38 Steuben St.
John H. Benedict --- emp. Sash factory, h. 14 South St.
David P. Benjamin --- r 24 1/2, farmer 75 acres
William R. Benn --- emp. Sash factory, boards at Ames St.
Elmer D. Bennett --- carpenter, h. Grove St.
Ambrose Benson --- laborer, h. Water St.
William Benson --- emp. foundry, h. Baldwin Ave.
Hiram Bills --- retired, boards at Baldwin Ave.
Henry H. Birdsall --- resident, h. 22 Maple St.
George Blades --- r. 18, farmer 7 acres
John H. Blades, Rev. --- retired M. E. minister h. Front St., died 12 Apr. 1891
Elizabeth Blakeslee, Miss --- resident h. Tuscarora St.
Hiram J. Blanchard --- bridge builder, h. South St.
Catherine Bliss, widow, boards at 33 Steuben St.
Frank A. Bliss --- farmer, h. Front St.
A. Dean Bly --- barber, h. Farnham St.
Angeline Booth --- widow h. South St.
Ismel Borden --- laborer h. Cooper Ave.
Lewis Borden --- laborer h. 34 1/2 Steuben St.
John S. Borst --- Saloon & h. Water St.
Henry Bower --- real estate & loan agent,Tuscarora St, boards at Front St.
Herodeas Bradd --- widow of Charles boards at Tuscarora St.
Frank E. Bradley --- Steno. & book keeper boards at Front St.
John Brennan --- emp. Sash factory h. 31 Goodhue St.
Burton Brewer --- laborer boards at Goodhue St.
Edward Brewer --- laborer h. Goodhue St.
Charles A. Brewster --- lumberman h. Maple St.
Gilbert H. Brewster --- (Wheaton & Brewster) h. Wall St.
Ann E. Bridgeman --- r. 14, widow of Otis, resident
Arthur O. Bridgeman --- r. 14, student
Judson Bridgeman --- r. 14, farmer 40 acres, feed, saw, shingle & planing mill
George H. Briggs --- laborer h. Tuscarora St.
Asa W. Brigham --- laborer h. 111 Front St.
James Broadbent --- laborer h. Front St.
William Brockway --- machinist h. Farnham St.
Alice P. Brong --- widow of James h. Cooper Ave
Brooks & Wilbur (C.W B. & J. N. W.) --- Shoe dealers at Tuscarora St.
Clark W. Brooks --- (Brooks & Wilbur) residence in Nelson, PA
Ephraim Brooks --- farmer h. South St.
Kate Brooks, Miss --- clerk boards at Steuben St.
Mary R. Brooks --- widow of Charles resident h. 23 Steuben St.
Salome Brooks --- widow of Erastus resident h. Steuben St.
Catharine Brown --- widow h. 38 Maple St.
Charles C. Brown --- traveling salesman h. William St.
John N. Brown --- retired h. Park Place
Millard R. Brown --- salesman boards at Maple St.
Minnie M. Brown --- book keeper boards at Park Place
Rush P. Brown --- physician & Surgeon, also farmer, r. 18, h. Maple St.
Sarah M. Brown --- widow of Dr. Reuben P. resident h. Maple St.
Wellington Brown --- emp. Sash factory h. 58 Maple St.
Isaac Bullock --- painter h. Wombough St.
William Bullock --- painter h. Wombough St.
Edwin Burdick --- emp. Shoe factory boards at South St.
Samuel Burnside --- teamster h. Baldwin Ave.
John Burke --- r. 9, farmer 45 acres
Micharl Burke --- r. 9, farmer 30 acres
Tobias Burke --- off r. 7, farmer 104 acres
Samuel J. Burt --- r. 3, emp. Tannery
Frank Burwer --- laborer h. 64 Main St.
Brookins Calkins --- r. 18, farmer 35 acres
Charles Campbell --- school janitor h. Front St.
David Campbell --- laborer h. Grove St.
Edward C. Campbell --- emp. Shoe factory boards at Front St.
John R. Campbell --- mason h. Grove St.
John Campbell, Jr. --- emp. Sash factory boards at William St.
John Campbell, Sr. --- laborer h. William St.
Cannon & Colwell (M.H.C. & E.C.) --- millinery & fancy goods at Tuscarora St.
Mary H. Cannon (Cannon & Colwell) --- h. Tuscarora St.
Daniel Carpenter --- farmer 175 acres h. 63 Front St.
Robert B. Carr --- livestock dealer h. Farnham St.
Thomas J. Carraher, Rev. --- pastor St. Catharine's Church h. Curtis Square
Joseph Carter --- barber boards at Jones St.
Eugene B. Case --- carpenter h. Steuben St.
James D. Case --- stationary engineer h. 2 Wombough St.
William Case --- laborer h. Steuben St.
Edwin Chart --- bakery & h. Tuscarora St.
Corry Chase --- r. 13, carpenter and farmer 20 acres
Eben S. Chatfield --- prop. foundry, machine shop & h. at Tuscarora St.
Harry K. Chatfield --- machinist boards at Tuscarora St.
Russell F. Chatfield --- machinist and lumberman h. 86 Tuscarora St.
Samuel R. Chatfield --- machinist & lumberman boards at Tuscarora St.
S. Ives Chatfield --- book keeper h. Tuscarora St.
Frank L. Cheesman --- clerk, Cheesman House boards there
Cheesman House --- W. Cheesman prop. Tuscarora St.
Warner Cheesman --- prop Cheesman House, Tuscarora St, farmer, Troupsburg
Molly Chisbrow --- widow of Charles, resident h. Ames St.
Daniel J. Chittenden --- physician & surgeon, Tuscarora St h. 40 Front St.
Benjamin Clark --- laborer h. Goodhue St.
George W. Clark --- peddler h. Baldwin Ave.
Hiram Clark --- laborer h. Steuben St.
Moses J. Clark --- r. 21, farmer on shares with N. Swan.
William B. Clark --- gen. insurance & pension atty, Tuscarora, h. Cleveland St.
Edward Clemons --- emp. Sash factory, boards 82 Front St.
Mary J. Clemons --- widow of Daniel resident h. 82 Front St.
Fred J. Clinton --- farming baords at 16 Cleveland St.
James D. Clinton (S.D. Clinton Agency) --- boards at 16 Cleveland St.
S. D. Clinton --- pension, real estate & loan agency Tuscarora St. (C. J. Smith & James D. Clinton, Managers).
Roy Closson --- emp Shoe factory boards at Farnham St.
William Closson --- emp.Shoe factory, h. Farnham St., Served Co D 207th PA
Edward Clow --- hostler boards at Wombough St.
Cornelius Coakley --- r. 6, farmer 79 acres
Jennie Coburn --- clerk boards at South St.
Leman D. Coburn --- harnesses & saddlery hardware Tuscarora h. Front St.
Will Coburn --- yardmaster, Erie Depot h. Goodhue St.
David Cohn --- salesman boards at Steuben St.
Morris Cohn --- clothing,hats,caps,boots,shoes,trunks,valises,furnishing goods, etc. at 24 Tuscarora St. h. Steuben St.
Mary Colbert --- widow of Thomas h. opposite Owen's mill
Herbert Cole --- laborer h. Maple St.
Christopher P. Colgan --- clerk, A. & P. Railway depot residence in Owego
Delbert O. Colburn --- clerk, Erie depot h. South St.
Oliver Colburn --- retired d. South St. Served Co C 83rd Reg NY
William C. Colburn --- yardmaster h. 81 Front St.
James J. Collins --- resident h. 65 Front St.
Eliza Colwell, Miss --- (Cannon & Colwell) h. Tuscarora St.
Porter Congdon --- emp. Shoe factory h. Tuscarora St.
B. Frank Conklin --- miller h. Front St.
Cornelius Conners --- emp Sash factory h. Railroad Ave.
John Conners --- emp. Sash factory h. Railroad Ave.
John Connor --- emp. Sash factory h. 76 Front St.
Michael Connors --- r. 8, farmer 79 acres
Charles G. Cook --- engineer boards American Hotel
Fayette F. Cook --- harnessmaker at Tuscarora St. h. Wombough St.
John F. Cook --- harnessmaker boards at Wombough St.
Lorenzo S. Cook --- manuf. bee hives & supplies Steuben St. Farmer at Woodhull 75 acres
                                                                                                 and apiarist, 35 swarms h. William St.
Steuben E. Cook --- r 24 1/2, farmer 7 acres
William C. Cook --- harnessmaker h. Tuscarora St.
Robert Cooper --- retired h. Goodhue St.
Andrew Corwin --- carpenter h. Farnham St.
Charles F. Craft --- clerk boards at Steuben St.
Isaac Craft --- shoemaker at Tuscarora St. boards in Addison
John S. Craft --- salesman h. Front St.
George Crocker, Rev. --- retired Baptist minister h. 16 Maple St.
William A. Cronk --- book keeper at Addison Bank boards Eagle Hotel
Andrew Crossman --- hostler boards at Cheesman, Front St.
A. G. Crane & Co (C. E. Noble) --- manuf. blinds River St.
Albert G. Crane (A.G.Crane & Co) --- h. Front St.
Egbert L. Crane --- painter & paper hanger & h. at Colwell St.
Ferrel J. Crane --- r 7, district collector, blacksmith & farmer 37 acres
George Crane, Dr. --- cancer infirmary & h. South St.
Howard Crane --- clerk boards at South St.
Milton E. Crane --- blacksmith h. Wombough St.
Minnie Crane --- cashier boards at South St.
Romain Crane --- laborer h. Wall St.
David Crawford --- laborer h. Steuben St.
Frank Crawford --- clerk boards at Front St.
Curtis & Paxton (J.C. & T.P.) --- Addison Mills Water St.
Alonzo Curtis --- retired h. 2 Steuben St.
Catharine Curtis --- widow h. Maple St.
Dell Curtis, Miss --- dressmaker boards at 2 Steuben St.
Nettie Curtis --- teacher boards at 2 Steuben St.
Elbert D. Curtis --- coal dealer & h. Front St.
George S. Curtis --- farmer boards at Goodhue St.
Josiah Curtis (Curtis & Paxton) --- residence in Rochester
Monroe Curtis --- poultry breeder,light brahmas,R.C.,W. leghorns h. Goodhue St.
Uri A. Curtis --- resident boards at Maple St.
Frank Dagan --- stationary engineer h. Goodhue St.
John Dagan --- emp. Sash factory h. Ames St.
Philander C. Daniels --- general insurance Tuscarora St., h. Front St.
David Darrin --- carriage repair shop & h. Tuscarora St.
Delmar M. Darrin --- lawyer, 32 Tuscarora St. h. 43 Steuben St.
John W. Darrin (McDowell & Darrin) --- residence in Corning
Mary Darrin --- widow boards at 50 Maple St.
Alice A. Davidson --- widow of George W. resident h. 56 Maple St.
George W. Davidson --- student boards at 56 Maple St.
I. Gibson Davis --- r 12, farm laborer
J. Ford Davis --- emp. Plow Handle factory baords at 83 Front St.
John Davis, Jr. --- emp. Shoe factory h. 83 Front St.
Thomas Dean --- laborer h. Steuben St.
Jacob Decker --- laborer h. Farnham St.
Willard A. Decker --- farm laborer
George Dee --- r. 3, farmer
William Dee --- saloon & h. Water St.
Charles F. DeGroat --- engineer h. Tuscarora St.
Peter DeGroat --- laborer h. Mill St.
Carlton DeGroff --- resident boards at Cooper Ave.
George J. DeGroff --- emp. Sash factory h. Farnham St.
George W. DeGroff --- painter h. Cooper Ave.
Anna M. Demara --- widow of Joseph h. South St.
Orville E. Demara --- manuf. vibrating telepones, emp. Sash factory h. South St.
Charles Deuce --- hostler, boards at American Hotel
Markie Deuce --- porter, boards at American Hotel
Frank C. Dickerson --- carpenter h. William St.
Samuel Dickinson --- r. 12, farmer 80 acres
Carlton V. Dininny --- attorney & counsellor-at-law Tuscarora St. h. Wall St.
Ann Dodge --- widow h. 80 Front St.
Frank Dodge --- conductor h. 43 Front St.
Edward Dolaver --- r. 3, farmer
Mary Donegan --- widow of Peter, resident h. Brooks Ave.
Loren B. Drake --- tinsmith h. William St.
Oliver A. Drake --- conductor h. Wall St.
Seymour Draper --- r. 17, farmer
James Durkin --- lawyer boards at Maple St.
Eagle Hotel (d. O'Keefe, prop.) --- Front St.
James Earley --- cattle dealer boards at Tuscarora St.
Charles H. Edwards --- tobacco grower 12 acres h. 83 Front St.
Charles H. Edwards, Jr. --- farms with his father boards 83 Front St.
Henry W. Eldridge --- retired boards at American Hotel
Jacob Ellison --- r. 24, laborer
Sanford Elmer/Eimer --- farmer, lessee of the Wombough estate 180 acres
Emily J. Emery --- widow of Leonard, dressmaker boards 77 Front St.
George E. Epworth --- teamster h. Water St.
Samuel C. Erwin --- shipping clerk boards at Maple St.
Edward D. Everts --- r. 20, farmer for James Baldwin 200 acres
Jacob Fay --- r. 24, farmer leases 160 acres
Jacob W. Fay --- prop. Steam Thresher h. Front St.
George W. Farnham --- prop. Shoe factory h. Tuscarora St.
Mary R. Farnham --- widow of Col. George h. Tuscarora St.
William O. Feenaughty --- grocer at 18 Tuscarora St. h. Baldwin Ave.
Bertha J. Ferron --- saleswoman h. Colwell St.
Isaac Finch --- r. 20, farmer on shares with N. Morhess 100 acres
George Finch --- flagman h. Goodhue St.
John M. Finnegan --- r. 9, farmer 55 acres
Elizabeth Flynn --- widow of John h. 37 Steuben St.
Jackson D. Foland --- auditor A. & N.P. RR h. Tuscarora St.
Salmon Foster --- r. 20, farmer
Simeon C. Foster --- r. 20, farmer
Peter G. Fox --- emp. Shoe factory h. Farnham St.
Jerry Frazer --- brakeman h. Water St.
Arthur Freeman --- tinsmith boards at Steuben St.
William T. Fritts --- carpenter h. First St.
Jacob S. Frost --- barber at Tuscarora St. h. Goodhue St.
Nelson Gage --- leases of Nathan Patchell 20 acres
Barnard C. Gardner --- carpenter h. William St.
Edward Gardner --- carpenter h. Tuscarora St.
George A. Gardner --- carpenter William St.
Nielie B. Gardner --- carpenter h. Grove St.
Fred Gening --- emp. Sash factory h. Baldwin St.
Cynthia L. Gibson --- widow of Harvey resident h. 51 Maple St.
Janson Gibson --- r. 12, farmer
Joseph Gibson --- express messenger h. 70 Front St.
Charles H. Gifford --- clerk h. 31 Steuben St.
Charles W. Gillet --- insurance at Tuscarora St h. Maple St.
Francis Gilliat, Rev. --- rector, Church of the Redeemer(P. E.) h. Front & Wall St
David Ginnane --- brakeman boards at 72 Front St.
Frank Ginnane --- Telegraph operator boards at 72 Front St.
James Ginnane --- clerk boards at 72 Front St.
Jerry Ginnane --- retired h. 72 Front St.
John Ginnane --- groceries at Tuscarora St. boards 72 Front St.
Patrick Godfrey --- r.10, farmer 50 acres
Valentine Gordon --- emp. Shoe factory boards at Cheesman House
William Gould --- emp. hay press h. Tuscarora St.
Jacob V. Graham (F.G. Parsons & Co.) h. Maple St.
Byron S. Grant --- blacksmith h. 54 Steuben St.
Henry Grass --- laborer h. Steuben St.
Frank Green --- laborer h. Water St.
George Green --- emp. Bottling works h. Water St.
Lewis Green --- r. 6, farmer
Michael Green --- section foreman h. 60 Steuben St.
Stephen S. Green --- policeman h. 34 Steuben St.
James G. Griffin --- r. 12, farmer
William B. Griffiths --- travelling salesman h. 110 Tuscarora St.
Linas Griswold --- retired h. Front St.
Moses Hadlock --- r. 3, farmer
Charles W. Haff --- shoemaker at Tuscarora St. h. Goodhue St.
Dewitt C. Hager --- cabinet maker & undertaker h. Cleveland St.
Helim S. Hagerty --- farmer 40 acres, Tuscarora h. 6 William St.
Solomon Haley --- moulder h. Steuben St.
James C. Hall --- off r. 2, farmer 50 acres
John H. Hall --- livery at Tuscarora St. rear of Westlake Block h. Cleveland St.
Newell J. Hall --- music dealer boards at Cleveland St.
Thomas E. Harden --- prop. American Hotel boards there
Allie G. Harden --- post-office clerk boards at American Hotel
Frank Harder --- laborer h. 75 Front St.
Henry Harder --- brakeman h. Steuben St.
William M. Harder --- blacksmith boards Cheesman House
Ella A.Haring --- widow of Parley h. 10 Maple St
Charles M. Harrison --- drayman h. South St.
Cornelius Harrington --- laborer h. Goodhue St.
Doromy Harrington --- laborer h. Grove St.
H. W. Harrington --- night operator and boards at American Hotel
Sidney R. Harrington --- resident South Addison
James S. Harrison --- manufacturer of Plow Handles & h. at Maple St.
William J. Harrison --- carpenter h. Cleveland St.
Bert F. Harry --- emp Sash factory h. William St.
Edgar A. Harry --- mason h. Steuben St.
Charles F. Hart --- dentist at Tuscarora St. boards at Maple St.
Michael Hart --- r. 7, farmer 50 acres
Mary J. Harwood --- dressmaker & boards at Cleveland St.
Andrew J. Helmer --- constable h. 8 Steuben St.
George Helmer --- resident h. Tuscarora St.
William Hemingway --- laborer h. Steuben St.
William H. Hendley --- clerk h. Baldwin Ave.
James Hendricks --- retired h. South St.
Albert Hepworth --- emp Sash factory boards at Curtis Square
John Hepworth --- wmp. Sash factory boards at Curtis Square
William Hepworth --- emp. Addison Mills h. Curtis Square
William B. Hepworth --- church sexton h. Grove St.
Eugene Herbert --- laborer h. Jones St.
Charles Herdie --- drayman h. South St.
Gene B. Hern --- clerk boards at Front St.
James Hibbard --- r. 7, farm laborer
William P. Hibbard --- r. 7, farmer 119 acres
Daniel D. Hickey --- groceries at 29 Tuscarora h. Prospect Ave.
John Hickey --- r. 25, farmer wit his father Simon D.
Mamie Hickey --- saleswoman h. Goodhue St.
David Hickey --- emp. freight house h. 99 Front St.
Ellen Hickey --- widow of Lawrence h. 101 Front St.
Hill & Webb (S.A.H. & L.W.R.) --- groceries, boots & shoes Tuscarora St.
Arthur P. Hill --- foreman sash factory h. Wombough St.
Charles Hill --- resident h. South St.
C. D.Hill & Co. (J.H. Park & B.G. Winton)--manuf. Sash and Blinds at South St
Chauncey D. Hill (C.D. Hill & Co.) --- h. 27 Steuben St.
Edward Hill --- emp. Sash factory h. Maple St.
Feank Hill --- conductor h. South St.
Oscar Hill --- emp. Shoe factory h. Colwell St.
Otis Hill, Mrs. --- resident h. Farnham St.
Seba H. Hill (Hill & Webb) --- h. South St.
Jon Hinman --- book keeper h. Maple St.
Daniel Hitchcock --- laborer h. Steuben St.
George N. Hodges --- emp. Sash factory h. South St.
Andries D. Hoffman --- resident h. Wall St.
Josiah Hoffman --- laborer h. Wall St.
Patrick Hogue --- r. 8, farmer
Rachel Holmes --- widow of William resident boards at 8 Colwell St.
Frank J. Holslag --- merchant tailor at Tuscarora St h. Goodhue St.
Daniel Holton --- meat market boards at Eagle Hotel
Frederick S. Hooker --- photographer at Tuscarora St. h. Wombough St.
Eveline Horn --- widow of Edwin J. resident h. Tuscarora St.
George A. Horton --- prop. box factory,shingle,feed,cider mill & h. Cleveland St.
John C Houck --- dentist and h. Tuscarora St.
John E. Houghtaling --- emp. saw mill h. Baldwin Ave.
Gilbert Houseman --- blacksmith and horse shoer at 5 Steuben St h.Brooks Ave
George C. Howard --- grocer & crockery at Tuscarora St. h. Front St.
Oliver S. Howlett --- prop. creamery at Wombough St. h. 48 Steuben St
Lydia Hoyt --- widow of Henry h. 12 Goodhue St.
Mary Hoyt, Miss --- millinery at Tuscarora St. boards at 12 Goodhue St.
Hub Clothing Co. (E.M. Welles & W.T Moran) --- clothing store at Tuscarora St.
Melvin R. Hubbs --- Physician & surgeon at Tuscarora St. h. Cleveland St.
George P. Humphrey --- Jewelry Store and h. at Tuscarora St.
George F. Hunt --- emp. Sash factory h. South St.
John W. Hunt --- emp. Sash factory h. 52 Maple St.
William H. Hunt --- retired boards at 52 Maple St.
Daniel E. Hurlburt --- mason, contractor h. Farnham St.
Fred S. Hurlburt --- clerk boards at Farnham St.
Phoebe L. Hutchens --- r. 18, widow of James farm 60 acres
Byron Hyde --- emp. Sash factory h. off South St.
Myron Hyde --- laborer h. 29 Goodhue St.
Charles W. Ingersoll --- resident h. Maple St.
Isabel Ingersoll --- teacher boards at Maple St.
John W. Ives --- machinist boards at Tuscarora St.
William D. Jacobs --- laborer h. Farnham St.
Elizabeth James --- teacher boards at 10 South St.
Ellen James --- widow of John h. 10 South St.
John James --- emp. Sash factory h. 10 South St.
Michael James --- well driller h. Wombough St.
William R. James --- prop. Woodworking shop in Corning h. 10 South St.
W. Irving Janes, Rev. --- pastor of M.E. church h. Wall St.
Jasper Jayne --- shoemaker at Tuscarora St.
Edmund Jennings --- confectioner, cigars & agent for Wheeler & Wilson sewing macines at Tuscarora St.
Sol Jennings --- restaurant and h. opposite Erie Depot
William H. Jennings --- farmer 100 acres h. W. Front St.
William Jimerson (Goodhue Lake) --- postmaster & farmer 153 acres
Edward Johnson --- barber at Tuscarora St. boards Jones St.
Ephraim S. Johnson --- carpenter h. Jones St.
Frank B. Johnson --- emp. Sash factory h. Grove St.
William F. Johnson --- farmer
Albert W. Jones --- emp. Sash factory h. South St.
Betsey Jones --- widow of James resident h. Tuscarora St.
D. Ross Jones --- cabinet maker h. Tuscarora St.
Edward S. Jones --- resident boards at Curtis Square
Frank P. Jones --- carpenter h. 17 Front St.
Henry Jones --- r. 25, farm laborer
James E. Jones, Col. --- port warden at NY City h. Curtis Square
James B. Jones --- ice dealer, stationary engineer h. Front St.
Llewellyn A. Jones --- retired h. 17 Front St.
Louise Jones --- widow of Stewart h. Baldwin Ave.
Mary Jones --- widow of Ross resident boards at Tuscarora St.
Morgan R. Jones --- r.6, farmer 50 acres
Robert Jones --- barber at Tuscarora St. h. Jones St Hot and cold baths
Ross S. Jones --- emp. Sash factory, farmer 104 acres h. 66 Tuscarora St.
Rush Jones --- printer boards at Tuscarora St.
William Jones --- r. 3, farmer 50 acres
Edward Joyce --- saloon and h. at Water St.
Noah Judd --- laborer h. Maple St.
Harvey June --- emp. creamery h. 48 Steuben St.
Isaac June --- Justice of the Peace, insurance & h. Tuscarora St.
John Kane --- machinist boards at Front St.
Mary Kane --- widow of Patrick h. 74 Front St.
Ann Keirns --- widow of Thomas h. Front St.
John F. Keirns --- clerk boards at Front St.
Michael Kierns --- clerk h. Front St.
Thomas Keirns --- brakeman boards at Front St.
Andrew Kelly --- laborer h. Front St.
Owen Kennedy --- emp. Shoe factory h. South St.
James Kent --- r. 4, farmer
William Kirk --- r. 10, farmer 50 acres
Calvin T. Knapp --- r.7, farmer 4 1/2 acres
Charles P. Knapp --- emp. Sash factory h. Cooper's Ave (Co A 189 NY Vol)
Clarence Knapp --- emp stanchion factory h. off Steuben St.
Lewis Knapp --- emp. Sash factory boards at Wombough St.
Frank M. Knickerbocker --- r. 20, tobacco grower, shares w/ Geo. Underwood 6
Isaac B. Kennedy --- teaming h. South St.
John Kopf --- cigarmaker boards at Cheesman House
Charles Kress --- emp. saw mill h. Tuscarora St.
Fred Kress --- emp. Sash factory boards 11 Goodhue St.
Grandison A. Kress --- shoemaker Tuscarora St. h. 11 Goodhue St.
Herbert Kress --- emp. Sash factory boards at 11 Goodhue St.
Herman Kress --- emp. Sash factory boards at 11 Goodhue St.
William L. Kress --- emp. Sash factory h. 20 Goodhue St.
Daniel M. Lackey --- carpenter h. Grove St.
John LaGrange --- clerk boards at Front St.
S. M. LaGrange --- Dry Goods at Tuscarora St.
Fred A. Lain --- tinsmith h. Wall St.
Louis G. Lain --- general hardware at Tuscarora St. h. Wall St.
Mary E. B. Landers, Mrs. --- resident boards at 22 Maple St.
Patrick J. Lanigan --- emp. Shoe factory h. Farmham St.
Thomas F. Langstine --- machinist h. 22 Steuben St.
Lattimer & Winton (S.V.L. & D.W.) prop's Addison Bank
Ferris W. Lattimer --- resident h. 11 Maple St.
Solomon V. Lattimer --- Addison Bank h. Wall St.
William Lawton --- emp. plow handle factory h. Maple St.
Sam Lee --- chinese laundry & h. Wombough St.
Samantha LeMunyan --- widow of James L. h. Cooper Ave.
Moses Levison --- resident h. Cleveland St.
Harvey D. Levi --- Painter & paper hanger & hardwood finisher
John S. Lincoln --- principal, Addison Free Academy & Union School h. 10 Goodhue St.
M. Jennie Lincoln --- widow of Charles F. h. 10 Goodhue St.
Mary Linnell, Mrs. --- dressmaker h. Cleveland St.
Elial S. Littell --- clerk, Eagle Hotel boards there
John Little --- mail carrier & farmer h. Goodhue Lake
Weston Linger --- r. 24, farmer
James Lynch --- r. 3, farmer 100 acres
Melvin J. Lynch --- teamster & farmer 60 acres h. 62 Maple St.
Sylvester Lynch --- emp. plow handle factory boards at 62 Maple St.
Thomas Lynch --- laborer h. Baldwin Ave.
Augustus W. Lyons --- blacksmith, shoeing & general repair Wombough St.
James Lyons --- r. 8, farmer 90 acres
Walker S. Lyons --- meat market Wombough at Tuscarora St.
Edson A. Mack --- ticket clerk h. Wombough St.
Isaac Magoon --- farmer h. Tuscarora St.
Oel Magoon --- retired h. Tuscarora St.
Jane Manley --- widow of Nehemiah resident h. Front St.
William Manley --- emp. A.& P. RR h. 37 Steuben St
William H. Manners --- grocer cor. Tuscarora & Water St. h. Maple St.
Charles H. Manning --- clerk h. Tuscarora St.
Maria Manning, Mrs --- dressmaker & h. Tuscarora St.
Richard Mantle --- farmer boards Brooks Ave.
Clarence C. Martin --- barber & boards at Tuscarora St.
James J. Martin --- carpenter h. 42 Steuben St.
Peter H. Martin --- laborer h. Steuben St.
William C. Massey --- tinsmith boards at American Hotel
DeWitt Masterson --- station & express agent h. Steuben St.
Joseph Mayers --- cigar manuf. & dealer, Tuscarora St h. Cleveland& William St
Edward Matteson --- printer h. Front St.
Laura Matteson, Mrs. --- resident h. Steuben St.
John McCaffery --- brakeman boards Cheesman House
Alexander McCaig --- retired h. Baldwin St.
Mary S. McChesnet --- widow of William H. dressmaker h. Steuben St.
Emily McClellend --- widow of Peter resident h. 22 Steuben St.
Frank McCullen --- brakeman h. 62 Steuben St.
Calvin McKay --- retired boards at Cheesman House
Mathew McDonough --- farmer 300 acres h. Goodhue St.
McDowell & Darren (S.D. McD & J.W.D.) furniture & undertaking,Tuscarora St.
Eugene K. McDowell --- traveling salesman h. 39 Curtis Square
Matthew McDowell --- resident h. 50 Maple St.
Melvin A. McDowell --- compositor boards at Baldwin Ave.
Sidney D. McDowell (McDowwll & Darrin) h. 20 Maple St.
Ann McKay --- widow of Amaziah resident h. Maple St.
Charlotte McKay --- widow of Hiram C. h. Maple St.
Nellie McKay --- widow of Henry h. Steuben St.
Michael J. McMahon --- master mechanic h. Park Place
Howard McMurray --- carpenter h. Steuben St.
Michael McNierney --- emp. Erie RR h. Front t.
Mary C. Merriam, Miss --- teacher h. 76 Tuscarora St.
Susan Merriam, Miss --- resident h. 76 Tuscarora St
Levi Merrill --- r. 6, farmer 50 acres
Edward Miles --- r. 3, laborer
Byron L. Miller --- boards at Tuscarora, St.
Charles L. Miller --- Telephone operator h. Park Place
Frank J. Miller --- farm laborer h. off South St.
Hiram H. Miller --- emp. A. & N.P. RR h. Tuscarora St.
Phoebe Miller --- widow of Epinetus resident
William Miller --- emp. stanchion factory h. 65 Maple St.
Alma R. Mitchell --- widow of Dr. John resident h. 49 Front St.
John H. Mitchell --- clock repairer h. Steuben St.
Charles S. Molson --- barber & h. Tuscarora St.
Catherine Moore, Mrs. --- resident boards at Farnham St.
Torius V. Moore --- hardware at Tuscarora St. h. Steuben St.
Thomas E. Moran --- clerk boards at American Hotel
William T. Moran (Hubb clothing co.) also town clerk h. Maple St.
Michael Morris --- r.6, farmer 60 acres
James Morrison --- r 6, farmer 30 acres
Adeline Mosier --- widow of John resident boards at 10 Colwell St.
Isaacher H. Mourhess --- farmer 100 acres h. Farnham St.
Charles B. Mowers --- editor & prop Addison Record, job printing h. Farnham St.
Tomas Mulany --- r. 24 1/2, farmer 50 acres
Seth Mullen --- resident h. 60 Tuscarora St.
Sarah Mullison, Miss --- r. 12, resident
Elisha B. Murray --- emp. Sash factory h. 34 Front St.
Bernard Murtaugh --- emp. tannery h. 105 Front St.
Jacob W. Myers --- resident h. Maple St.
Nathan Myers --- emp. Sash factory h. 22 Steuben St.
Martin Nahlan --- laborer h. Steuben St.
Henry M. Nelligan --- r. 12, farmer leases of Farnham Bros. 200 acres
William Nelson --- engineer boards at Cheesman House
Joseph H. Newcomb --- brakeman h. Steuben St.
Sarah M. Newsom --- widow of Benjamin h. 54 Maple St.
Stephen E. Newsom --- emp at Corning Mills boards at 54 Maple St.
Joel Newton --- constable h. teuben St.
Barry B. Noble --- bookkeeper boards at 67 Front St.
Charles E. Noble (A.G. Crane & Co.) --- h. 67 Front St.
Daniel W. Noble --- resident h. 6 Ames St.
John M. Northrup --- r. 20, farmer 100 acres
Henry Obrecht --- miller
Charles O'Connell --- laborer h. Maple St.
Michael O'Connell --- grocer & h. Water St.
Charles H. O'Connell --- clerk h. 105 Front St.
Dennis O'Keefe --- prop. & h. Eagle Hotel Front St.
Samuel Olmsted --- carpenter h. cor. Front and Church St.
George B. Ormsby --- stationary engineer h. South St.
Amos W. Orr --- clerk boards at Baldwin Ave.
Benjamin F. Orr --- resident h. 46 Steuben St.
Chauncey Orr --- laborer h. Cooper Ave.
Delbert H. Orr --- emp. Erie office boards at South St.
Ellsworth W. Orr --- live stock dealer h. Baldwin Ave.
Frank Orr --- farmer
Louisa Orr, Mrs. --- boarding house h. 5 Farnham St.
Robert Orr --- laborer h. Steuben St.
William H. Orr --- resident h. South St.
Frank B. Orser --- printer h. Steuben St.
Jane Orser --- widow of David H. resident h. Steuben St.
Sarah Osborn --- widow of Phineas boards at Cooper Ave.
Helen Ostrander --- widow of Joseph resident boards at 39 Steuben St.
Cortland Owens --- emp. planing mill h. Cleveland St.
Robert P. Pachall --- off r. 2, farmer 50 acres
Valentine J. Parcels --- meat cutter h. South St.
Charles F. Park --- clerk boards at Steuben St.
Elijah Park --- farmer 200 acres h. Tuscarora St.
Elijah B. Park --- resident boards at Tuscarora St.
J. Elliot Parker --- foreman & prop of hay press h. 75 Front St.
John Parmenter --- r.12, resident
Kate Parmenter --- r.12, widow of David resident
F.G. Parsons Co (J. V. Graham) --- manuf.Smiths cow stanchions, Steuben St.
Frank G. Parsons (F.G. Parsons Co.) boards at Maple St.
William Patchell --- retired h. 114 Front St.
Samuel Patterson --- emp A. & P. RR boards at Front St.
Paxton & True (T.P. & G.L.T.) --- grocers, boots & shoes at Tuscarora St.
Edward C. Paxton --- bookkeeper, Addison Mills h. 62 Front St.
Thomas H. Paxton (Curtis & Paxtob) --- h. Front St.
Alvira Peck --- widow of John resident h. Colwell St.
Gaylord Perry --- teamster h. Brickyard
Leah Perry --- widow of Nelson resident h. 19 Steuben St.
William S. Perry --- h. 3 Farnham St.
Charles Peterson --- barber h. Front St.
Mary L. Phelps --- widow of William B. resident h. 10 Farnham St.
Norman . Phelps --- emp. Sash factory boards at Farnham St.
Arthur Phillips --- farm laborer boards at Baldwin Ave.
Charles H. Phillips --- r. 7, lumberman and farmer 260 acres
David Phillips --- carpenter boards at Front St.
David Phillips, Jr. --- emp. freight house h. cor. Tuscarora & Brooks Ave.
Frederick A. Phillips --- painter h. 5 Smith Block
Jonas Phillips --- teamster h. Baldwin Ave.
Jennie M. Phillips --- teacher boards at Baldwin Ave.
Lizzie Phillips --- teacher boards at Baldwin Ave.
Ransom Phillips --- retired h. Cooper Ave.
Abigail Phinney --- widow of John H. Maple St.
Kate J. Pike --- widow of Frank dressmaker & h. Tuscarora St.
Seeley E. Polmateer --- sawyer h. off Water St.
Daniel Potter --- off r. 20, farm laborer
Jonathan D. Price --- patternmaker h. 4 Steuben St.
Helena F. Purcell --- teacher h. 10 Goodhue St.
Patrick Purcell --- r.9, farmer 100 acres
Alonzo Resue --- r.14, laborer
Charles D. Reynolds --- contractor, sash factory h. Maple St.
Frank Reynolds --- emp. Sash factory h. Farnham St.
Thomas J. Reynolds --- clerk boards at 93 Front St.
Maria M. Reynolds --- widow of Thomas S., resident boards at 62 Front St.
Thomas Reynolds --- Supt. Sash factory h. 93 Front St.
Frank M. Rial --- emp Sash factory h. 107 Front St.
William Rial --- emp Sash factory h. 107 Front St.
William H. Rial --- printer boards at 107 Front St.
Edward Ribble --- laborer h. Baldwin Ave.
John Rickey --- showman h. off Steuben St.
Ambrose Riddleston --- r.18, farmer
Michael Riley --- clerk boards at 120 Tuscarora St.
Patrick Riley, Jr. --- emp. foundry boards at 120 Tuscarora St.
Patrick Riley, Sr. --- emp. shoe factory h. 120 Tuscarora St.
George Robbins --- laborer h. Grove St.
Rachel Robbins --- widow of John r. 18, resident
Amos Roberts --- postmaster, editor & Prop of Addison Advertiser h. Front St.
Clarence Roberts --- postoffice clerk boards at Front St.
John Robinson --- emp. planing mill boards at William St.
John Robinson --- r. 6, farmer on shares w/ A. Beeman
Kate Robinson, Mrs. --- dressmaker h. 23 Steuben St.
Peter Roloson --- retired boards at 54 Steuben St.
Charles R. Root --- brakeman h. 52 Front St.
Clarence R. Root --- emp. Sash factory h. 25 Colwell
E. Devillo Root (Root & VanPatten) --- also supervisor h. Front St.
Root & VanPatten (E.D. R. & W. D. Van P) --- grocers at Tuscarora St.
James Root --- emp. Sash factory h. South St.
Samuel Root --- emp Sash factory h. South St.
Herman S. Rose --- resident boards at Maple St.
Philip S. Rouse --- laborer h. 82 Front St.
Charles T. Rozell --- manuf. fanning mills at Wombough St. h. South St.
Rachel J. Rumsey --- widow of Charles W. rsident h. 116 Tuscarora St.
Victor J. Rumsey --- farmer boards at Tuscarora St.
Albert Russ --- painter, also farmer h. South St.
Hiram P. Russ --- painter & h. South St.
Lee Russ --- clerk boards at South St.
Sackett & Taber (C.W.S. & F.C T.) --- druggists at Tuscarora St.
Charles W. Sackett ( Sackett & Taber) --- h. Tuscarora St.
Fred S. Sands --- farmer 20 acres h. Farnham St.
Daniel T. Sanford --- canvasser h. 49 Steuben St. (Co C 89th NY Vols)
Frank Sargent --- machinist
Betsy Savage --- widow of Charles boards at Cleveland St.
Charles W. Sazbury --- painter h. 26 Steuben St.
Fred F. Saxton --- salesman h. Wombough St.
William D. Saxton --- clerk h. South St.
Nathan Scales --- retired boards at South St.
Schouleber & Sheehan --- meat, poultry & fish market Water St.
John Schouleber (Schouleber & Sheehan) boards at Front St.
Frank Schotts --- clerk at American Hotel boards there
Hohn W. Scott --- clerk boards at Steuben St.
Peter Scott --- r. 7, apiarist 60 swarms and farmer 60 acres
Adelbert Scutt --- fireman h. Wall St.
Edward Seaman --- emp. Sash factory h. off South St.
Helen M. Searles --- preceptress Union School boards at Maple St.
Edward Seddon --- blacksmith boards at Eagle Hotel
Chester Seeley --- resident h. Baldwin Ave
David E. Seeley --- Physician h. Farnham St.
Andrew Sehl --- emp Shoe factory boards at William St.
John A. Sehl --- emp. Shoe factory h. William St.
Hannora Shay --- r.6, widow of Cornelius farmer 160 acres
Fred Shear --- laborer h. 48 Steuben St.
James Sheehan (Schouleber & Sheehan) also Crane's factory h. Front St.
Johannah Sheehan --- widow of John resident h. 9 Cleveland St.
Michael Sheehan --- brakeman boards at 9 Cleveland St.
Hiram Sherwood --- r 21, farmer 120 acres
Homer Sherwood --- r. 21, farms with his father Hiram
Arabella Shockey --- widow of William M. h. Wombough St.
Charles O. Shockey --- Saloon, also livery h. Wombough St.
Robert Short --- blacksmith h. 29 Steuben St.
James W. Showers --- contractor and builder boards at Front St.
John Shumway --- sawyer h. 85 Tuscarora St.
Rush B. Shumway --- baseball player boards at 85 Tuscarora St.
Sarah Shumway, Miss --- resident boards at Baldwin Ave.
Alfred C. Smith --- Erie ticket clerk h. Tuscarora St.
A. C. Smith, Mrs. --- millinery & h. Tuscarora St.
Almira Smith --- widow of William A. resident h. Maple St.
Benson Smith --- meat cutter h. off South St.
Charles A. Smith --- r. 21, farmer on shares w/ Graham & Ames 107 acres
Charles H. Smith --- contractor & builder h. South St.
Cornelius J. Smith (S.D. Clinton Agency) --- real estate office, farm in Tuscarora, 65 acres
C. Rodney Smith --- carpenter h. South St.
David Smith --- fireman boards at Wombough St.
Estella Smith, Miss --- resident h. Maple St.
George Smith --- clerk American Hotel boards same
George B. Smith --- carpenter boards at South St.
George L. Smith --- stationary engineer h. Goodhue St.
Sarah Smith --- widow of John Tailoress h. Wombough St.
Herman W. Snell --- emp. Sash factory h. Colwell St.
Randolph Scranson, Jr. --- stenographer boards at Eagle Hotel
Dora S. Spencer --- teacher boards at 42 Steuben St.
Elias Spencer --- emp. Sash factory h. 28 Colwell St.
Gilbert Spencer --- fireman h. William St.
Alonzo H. Sprague --- Saloon & h. Water St.
Douglas Sprague --- secretary at Y.M.C.A. boards at Front St.
William A. Stacy --- Druggist at Tuscarora St h. Steuben St.
Mary Stebbins --- widow of John h. 39 Front St.
William M. Steele --- Telephone Operator boards at Maple St.
Charles A. Stephens --- blacksmith on Wombough St. H. Colwell St.
Franklin S. Stephens --- traveling salesman h. 17 Colwell St.
Lois Stephens, Miss --- resident h. 19 Colwell St.
Flora M. Stevens --- saleswoman boards at South St.
Mies Stevens --- physician & Drug Store at Tuscarora St h. South St.
Albert Stewart --- r. 29, farm laborer
Levi Stewart --- resident h. William St.
Margaret Stewart --- widow of William F. resident h. Jones St.
Oliver D. Stewart --- r. 12, farmer 90 acres
Bower F. Stickler --- tobacco grower h. Farnham St.
E. Eugene Stickler --- tobacco grower h. Farnham St.
William Stickles --- fireman boards at Maple St.
John K. Stone --- insurance at Tuscarora St. h. Grove St.
Richard Strate --- laborer h. Steuben St.
Thomas Strate --- teamster h. Steuben St.
George Stratton --- Prop. Goodhue Tannery h. 66 Front St.
Oscar B. Stratton --- Sheriff of Steuben County, & prop. of Tannery in Tuscarora h. Front St.
Edward D. Strickland --- emp. livery
James Sullivan --- hostler & boards at Eagle Hotel
Jerry Sullivan --- r. 4, farmer
Hiram B. Sutliff --- restaurant & h. Tuscarora St. (Co M 4th Reg PA Cav)
Robert W. Sutton --- jeweler at Tuscarora St. boards at Wall St.
Samuel H. Sutton --- clerk h. Wall St.
landon Swan --- farmer h. Baldwin Ave.
Fred C. Taber (Sacket & Taber) h. Steuben St.
Amelia E. Taft --- widow of Jesse resident h. 21 Steuben St.
Frank S. Taylor --- carpenter h. Front St.
Thomas Taylor --- brakeman h. Steuben St.
William W. Taylor --- barber boards at Jones St.
Fannie E. Teed --- teacher boards at Maple St.
George Teeple --- laborer h. William St.
Asher L. Thomas --- groceries & crockery at Tuscarora St. h. Steuben St.
Edgar G. Thomas --- farmer in Tuscarora 100 acres h. Wombough St.
Mary A. Thomas, Mrs. --- dressmaker & h. Wombough St.
Burt Thomas --- clerk boards at Steuben St.
William H. Thomas --- carriage repair & painting at Wombough St. h. Grove St.
Benjamin Thompson --- r. 6, farmer leases 59 acres of J. Worrett
Joseph A. Thompson --- r. 7, school trustee and farmer 150 acres
Richard Thornton --- jeweler at Tuscarora St. h. Cooper Ave.
Dennis Titus --- hunter h. Baldwin Ave.
Margaret Tobey --- widow boards at Goodhue St.
Catherine Tobin --- r. 10, widow of William farm 60 acres
James M. Tobin --- r.10, farmer 50 acres
James Tobin --- r. 10, farmer 100 acres
John Tobin --- r. 10, farm laborer
Patrick Tobin --- emp A. & N P RR h. West Front St.
Thomas Tobin --- machinist boards at Eagle Hotel
Thomas R. Tobin --- r. 44, teacher
Eugene Tompkins --- foreman at Plow handle factory h. 60 Maple St.
Walter Tompkins --- laborer h. Cooper Ave.
Patrick Toomey --- emp. Sash factory h. Goodhue St.
Stephen Towsley --- teamster h. Goodhue St.
George L. True (Paxton & True) h. 10 Maple St.
Benjamin C. Trumble --- r. 7, farmer leases 50 acres of Widow Coleman
Charles E. Turnbull --- clerk h. 91 Front St.
Harriet S. Turner --- widow of John F. boards at 16 Maple St.
George W. Underwood --- tobacco grower 5 acres, farmer r. 20 150 acres
George Upham --- laborer boards at Eagle Hotel
Catharine Vail --- widow boards at Steuben St.
Ernest Vance --- farmer h. Steuben St.
John VanDeusen --- r. 6, farmer 11 acres
Cornelius VanGorden --- retired h. 23 Colwell St.
Cyrus VanGorden --- r. 12, mason
DeWitt C. VanGorden --- mason h. Grove St.
George VanGorden --- teamster h. Steuben St.
John R. VanGorden --- stone mason and farmer 50 acres boards at Baldwin St.
Warren D. VanPatten (Root & VanPatten) --- h. 5 Farnham St.
Samuel VanPelt --- r. 24, laborer
Harry VanScoy --- retired h. Tuscarora St.
William VanSice --- r. 25, laborer
Ira VanZyle --- laborer, emp. Strattons Tannery
Ezra Vann --- laborer h. 39 Steuben St.
Fred Vann --- laborer h. Tuscarora St.
William Vaughn --- laborer h. Goodhue St.
Ambrose Vincent --- laborer h. Water St. (57th Reg PA Vol)
Eva E. Vorhies --- teacher boards at American Hotel
John Waddell --- r. 12, farmer 100 acres
Andrew E. Wade --- r. 3, emp. Tannery
Frank D. Wade --- depot baggageman h. Cleveland St.
Eugene Wade --- Justice of the Peace, gen. Insurance h. 12 Cleveland St.
J. Roland Wade --- telegraph operator boards at Cleveland St.
Mary A. Wade --- widow boards at 12 Cleveland St.
William Wade --- expressman h. William St.
Addison Walker --- mason & prop. greenhouse on Baldwin Ave h. Tuscarora St.
Edwin W. Walker --- telegraph operator boards at 64 South St.
Leonard C. Walker --- student boards at 72 Tuscarora St.
William F. Wallace --- emp. Shoe factory h. South St.
Seth Warren --- laborer h. Front St.
George R. Waterman --- confectioner at Tuscarora St. h. William St.
James Watson --- emp. A. & P.N. RR h. William St.
Humphrey Watkins --- laborer h. Front St.
George Weatherby --- emp. Curtis & Paxton Mills, farmer h. 73 Front St.
Sarah Weatherby --- widow of R. Nelson resident h. Front St.
Martin L. Weaver --- fireman h. Goodhue St.
Lee R. Webb (Hill & Webb) --- h. Steuben St.
Wallace J. Webb --- emp. Sash factory h. Goodhue St.
Samuel L. Webster --- deputy Sheriff h. Steuben St.
Frank Wedge --- emp.A. & P.N. RR shops boards at Cheesman House
Thomas Welch --- laborer h. 87 Front St.
Edward M. Welles (Hubb Clothing House) --- Tuscarora St. h. Maple St.
Milton S. Wells --- retired h. Curtis Square
Mamie Westcott --- saleswoman boards at Wombough St.
Charles D. Westlake --- retired h. 69 Front St.
Harrison Westlake --- boards at Cheesman House
Hattie B. Westlake --- teacher boards at 69 Front St.
Frank D. Wetenhall --- clerk boards at 6 Steuben St.
George N. Wetenhall --- carpenter h. 6 Steuben St.
Peter Wetzel --- cigarmaker h. Water St.
Wheaton & Brewster (F.H.W. & G. H. B.) --- Lumber manufacturers
Festus H. Wheaton (Wheaton & Brewster) --- h. Cleveland St.
James R. Wheeler --- retired boards at 39 Steuben St.
Edward Whipple --- laborer h. Baldwin Ave.
John L. Whipple --- emp. Plow handle factory h. 41 Front St.
Calvin S. White --- traveling salesman h. Steuben St.
Catharine N. White --- widow of Spencer H. resident boards at Tuscarora St.
Ira M. White --- delivery clerk h. 67 Maple St.
Truman White --- emp. Sash factory h. Water St.
LeRoy G. Whitehead --- mason, contractor h. 52 Steuben St.
Patrick White --- laborer h. 5 Steuben St.
Keyes E. Whitmore --- General Hardware Store, Tuscarora St. h.Steuben St.
Ormon S. Whitmore --- retired h. 59 Front St.
William Whittaker --- emp Sash factory h. Tuscarora St.
James E. Whitton --- r. 25, emp. Tannery
Martin J. Wilber --- shoemaker h. Wall St.
Archie M. Wildrick --- student boards at 28 Maple St.
Mary J. Wildrick --- widow of George W. farm 400 acres h. 28 Maple St.
Amos E. Wilhelm --- r. 21, farm laborer
John R. Wilhelm --- mill-wright h. 8 Colwell St.
Seth E. Wilhelm --- r. 21, farmer on shares with Wm. Griffith 100 acres
John Williams --- carpenter h. Jones St.
William Williams --- r. 7, farm laborer
Nelson L. Wilson --- farmer 100 acres, in Rathbone 320 acres h. Steuben St.
Cora M. Wing --- cashier boards at Front St.
Maria F. Wing --- widow of Charles R. resident h. 88 Front St.
George Winnie --- mason boards at Farnham St.
Burton G. Winton (C.D. Hill & Co.) --- h. Park Place
David N. Winton --- asst. bookkeeper boards at Park Place
John T. Wood --- harness maker h. Steuben St.
Leander C. Wood --- passenger agent A. & P.N. RR depot h. 43 Maple St.
Robert S. Woodburn, Sr. --- prop. Marble shop, Tuscarora St. h. South St.
Addie Wormley --- widow of Frank resident h. Maple St.
Albert Wright --- drayman h. Farnham St.
Alpheus N. Wright --- clerk h. Water St.
Charles H. Wright --- laborer h. 111 Front St.
Henry E. Wright --- r. 21, farmer 127 acres
James Wright --- laborer h. 55 Front St.
James P. Wright --- roadmaster A. & P.N. RR h. Front St.
Charles Young --- emp. foundry h. Tuscarora St.
Edgar Young --- laborer boards at Steuben St.
Frank Young --- mason h. Cooper Ave.
Martin B. Young --- clerk boards at Railroad St.
Mary Young --- widow of William resident h. Steuben St.
Peter Young --- resident h. 39 Steuben St.
William Young --- laborer boards at Steuben St.

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