Women voters of Seneca County, NY in the first state election, 1918

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The list of Women Voters of Seneca County, NY who voted in the first state election, 1918, includes over 1200 names. These names are listed by town and for Seneca Falls only by district within the town. The file takes a few minutes to load due to the large amount of data.

The transcription was provided (in 2006) by Linda Simone York, a native of Seneca Falls, from Seneca County History published four times a year by the late Seneca County Historian, Betty Auten. The subscription publication was in the 1980s.

Notes from Linda:

"The order of the names is as it was in the booklets. I thought it would be easier to check that way.

If Betty Auten put a "?" in name, I did it too. There are a couple where I put the ? Because I couldn't read it.

If a surname was split, I.e. Van Kirk, I typed it VanKirk (no spaces)--just for uniformity and to prevent sorting problems.

The only town where "Districts" were included was Seneca Falls.

In the last issue of the History of Seneca County, just before the Women Voter's list of Varick, Betty wrote the following:

"Since this is the final issue of the History of Seneca County, the women voters of both Varick and Waterloo will be included since this could be an important historical collection."

My comment: For many of these women, it may be the only time that we see their first names. Thanks, Betty.

Noami is continuously spelled this way. Is that correct?
I corrected obvious spelling errors, ie. Catherine spelled Catheirne several times."

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