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"Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with sketches of their pastors, 1895-96", compiled and published by the Courier Printing Co., Seneca Falls, NY 1896. This transcription provided by Dianne Thomas.

      Monday morning, July 7, 1817, a number of religiously inclined inhabitants of the village of Waterloo and its vicinity met in a school house on the present site of St. Paul's church, for the purpose of organizing a Presbyterian church. Rev. Henry Axtell was chosen moderator and S.M. Malby clerk. The following are members that day enrolled: Isaac Rosa, Joel Tubbs, John VanTuyl, Daniel Pierson, Jane VanTuyl, Lucretia Irwin, Elizabeth Turner and Rachel Parsons. November 10, 1817, the church was legally incorporated. Reuben Swift, John VanTuyl, Alexander Rorison, Dr. Jesse Fifield, Peleg Peirson and Parley Putnam constituted the first board of trustees. E.D. Whittlesey was chosen clerk, Dr. Jesse Fifield, treasurer, and Seth M. Maltby, collector. Thus started the Presbyterian church of Waterloo. For preachers, it depended for a time upon the pastors of neighboring churches in Geneva, Seneca Falls and Romulus. Reverands Chapman, Merrill, Wills, Axtell, and Chapin in turns filling the pulpit. In 1818-19 Rev. William Bacon of Seneca Falls served regularly as pastor. Rev. George Allen preached a short time in 1819, but declined a permanent call. On the 21st of March, 1821, Rev. Aaron D. Lane was installed as pastor and remained fifteen years. Rev. Ephraim Chapin, in these early years, often served as temporary supply. In February, 1836, Rev. Samuel Hart Gridley was called from Perry, N.Y., and was installed August 8, of the same year. Dr. Gridley was pastor of the church thirty-seven years, and pastor-emeritus thirteen years, resigning the active work of the ministry and becoming pastor-emeritus in the year 1873. The history of fifty years or this church life gathers about the personality of that godly man. His labors, marked with wisdom, fortitude and fidelity, were eminently successful. Rev. Cassius M. Dibble was for something over a year assistant to Dr. Gridley, respected and beloved by all who knew him. Rev. M.D. Kneeland was called the to the pastorate, May 19, 1873. July 1, of the same year, he was ordained to the ministry by Prebytery, and installed pastor of this church. His ministry here was vigorous and faithful, attended with many evidences of God's blessing. He resigned his pastoral office in 1882. July 1882, Rev. John McLachlan was called to the pastorate, and the following November he was beginning his busy two year ministry. Mr. McLachlan staid hardly long enough to make much history for the church. Only two years, yet long enough to win the affection of his people, and to demonstrate his fine pulpit ability and exceptional fitness for the pastoral work. He was called to the Central Presbyterian church in Buffalo. Immediately succeeding him came the present pastor, Rev. W.S. Carter, who commenced his labors April 8, 1885, and under his direction the church has enjoyed a continued season of prosperity.
      The church started with a membership of eight persons - just the number recorded as in Noah's Ark. Its average additions have been twenty-five each year. In 1831, two hundred nine were received on profession and by letter. In 1884, and again in 1890, one hundred and twenty-nine were added to the roll. In all about two thousand persons have been members of this church during the period of its organization, and its membership now is nearly five hundred. Its Sunday school is large and full of interest. It has a flourishing society of Christian Endeavor and of King's Sons and King's Daughters - all full of Christian activity. November 10, 1892, it celebrated the 75th anniversary of its organization, with an elaborate programme of exercises, fitting to the auspicious occasion. The old members at that time mentioned with honor, some living and some deceased, were: Julius C. Strong, Reuben Clar, Daniel W. Bostwick, J.T. Demarest, Job White, Ammi Pease, Dr. Amherst Childs, Horatio Warner, William S. Fancher, John Marshall, Platt Crosby, Ebert Taylor, Mrs. Larissa Childs, Mrs. Aurelia Fairchild, and Mrs. Sarah Marshall.
      The first effort to erect a suitable house of worship was made in the year 1822. Services had been held up to that time either in the court house or school building. In November, 1822, the trustees appointed a committee, with instructions to push the work on as fast as possible. The building lot was the gift of Elisha Williams and Reuben Swift. Quickly the work was begun, and by June of the following year, the corner stone was laid with appropriate services. In a little less than two years, on the 30th of September 1824, the house of worship was dedicated to the praise of God. It was erected at a cost of $5,000. The edifice still remains standing as a place of worship. It is now the property of the Methodist Protestant society. In 1850, the church edifice had become too small to accommodate the growing congregation. On the 8th day of April, of that year, it was decided to build a new edifice. Articles of the association were "made and agreed upon and entered into," by Platt Crosby, John Marshall, James R. Webster, John McAllister, Amherst Childs, Peleg Pierson, Jedediah Pierson, Isaac R. Kipp, edward Fatzinger, S.H. Gridley, Ephrahim Chapin, as building committee, together with Alexander Rorison, William Wood, Ebert Taylor, Julius C. Strong, Joseph Wright, Aaron D. Lane, Jacob H. Ackerman, Machael Thomas, Martin Pontius, Levi Elmendorf, Eleanora Glover, Joel Wilson, Job White, Horation Warner and others. These were all pledged to the building of the new edifice. The work was immediately begun and the corner stone was laid on the 21st day of August 1850. The edifice was completed and furnished at a cost of about $26,000. It was dedicated to the service of God, November 12, 1851. Two other buildings have within the last twenty years, been erected by this church - the birck chapel in South Waterloo and the chapel adjoining the church, at a cost of something over $7,000. In 1893, the church was repaired and renovated. A new roof was put on, its walls were decorated, and it was re-carpeted and re-furnished, the whole expense being about $2,500.
      This church has the honor of having furnished the gospel ministry with six of her sons: Rev. Joachim Elmendorf, D.D., pastor of the Harlem Reformed Church, New York city; Rev. Charles E. Stebbins, preaching the gospel of Christ, in Claremont, Virginia; Rev Charles E. Robinson, D.D., now pastor of the 2nd Presbyterian Church of Scranton, Pa.; Rev. Gilbert S. Huntington, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Denver, Col.; Rev. William G. White, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Cuba, N.Y.; and Rev. Edwin Childs, pastor of a church at Anita, Iowa. All are eloquently and faithfully preaching the truth; honoring this mother church and adorning the Christian ministry. The present officers of the church are: Pastor, Rev. William Smith Carter; Elders - James M. Garrison, Edward Fatzinger, Dr. Orton W. Peterson, Augustus Clark, Edwin C. Peirson, Peter H. Cadmus, Henry Watson, O.P. VanRiper; Deacons - George D. Richardson, E.A. Cahoon, C.J. Redner, Walter R. Pasko, H.L. Cone, E. Fatzinger,Jr., J.H. Henion, Sidney Eshnour; Trustees = William B. Clark, George C. Thomas, Alfred S. Allen, Bainbridge Marshall; Stephen D. VanRiper, William A. Gibson; Clerk and Treasurer, Herbert W. Clark.

LIST OF MEMBERS. [in 1896]

Allen, Sarah A. Mrs.     Bancroft, William G.     Cone, Reina J.
Allen, Mary Louisa     Brown, JosephCone, Lulu B.
Allen, Addie A. Mrs.     Brown, Mary M. Mrs.Carmen, Elizabeth
Allen, Hattie A. Mrs.     Brown, Jennie P.     Cahoon, Edwin A.
Allen, Albert W.     Barth, Jessie E. Mrs.     Cahoon, Ella Mrs.
Allen, Caroline     Benedict, Jay     Crane, Pamelia Mrs.
Ackerman, Mary C.     Benedict, Annie Rice Mrs.     Carleton, John F.
Alsop, Adelia Mrs.     Beck, Caroline     Carleton, E. Catherine Mrs.
Alsop, Minnie M.     Beck, Reinhard     Carleton, William Wallace
Acker, Lee Mrs.     Blake, Charlotte     Culbertson, Rose M.
Adams, Mary E. Mrs     Bumpus, William     Calder, Adam
Adams, Carrie J.     Bumpus, Della M. Mrs.     Cwick, Margaret
Arnold, Nancy M. Mrs.     Bowers, Corneila S. Mrs.     Cwick, Kate
Aikens, Florence May     Childs, Larissa Mrs.     Dilts, Elsie Ann Mrs.
Aikens, Sadie Elizabeth     Clark, Augustus     Dilts, Lydia Ann Mrs.
Andrews, Sarah Jane Mrs.     Clark, Lulu May     Dilts, Mary E. Mrs.
Bennett, Rosanna R. Mrs.     Clark, William B.     Dilts, Elizabeth Logan Mrs.
Bird, Lucretia Mrs.     Clark, Charlotte Mrs.     Dodge, Harvey
Bird, Lucius P.     Clark, John L.     Dodge, Missouri Mrs.
Beebe, John W.     Clark, Herbert W.     Demorest, Charles Dewey
Beebe, Sarah F. Mrs.     Clark, Frank M.     Deyoe, Eliza Dunn Mrs.
Beebe, Carrie M.     Clark, Addie Jewett Mrs.     Deyoe, Mary Caroline
Beebe, Maria Mrs.     Clark, Eliza K. Mrs.     Deyoe, Frank
Beebe, Sophia T. Mrs.     Clark, Mary     Deyoe, Mary Wonderlin Mrs.
Bachman, Annie Mrs.     Clark, John George     Donnelly, Margaret Mrs.
Bachman, Fred     Clark, Ann Mrs.     Doby, Sarah S. Mrs.
Bachman, Chauncey C.     Clark, Joseph H.     Dey, Richard
Bachman, Gertrude B. Mrs.     Clark, Harriet C. Mrs.     Dey, Emma Mrs.
Bachman, Emma Mrs.     Clark, Pulma C. Mrs.     Drake, Sarah Barlow Mrs.
Bachman, Clara Mrs.     Crosby, Jane Beebe Mrs.     Day, Glinda
Barmun, Laura M.     Cook, Caroline E. Mrs.     Day, Ada
Berry, Elizabeth Mrs.     Cook, Loretta     Defendorf, Cassius M.
Brookman, Sarah Ann Mrs.     Carter, Ella Peirson Mrs.     Defendorf, Sarah E. Mrs.
Baird, Lena Mrs.     Cadmus, Peter H.     Duntz, Polly Mrs
Baird, Rutherford Charles     Cadmus, Laura V. Mrs.     Duntz, Lura
Baird, Lottie     Cadmus, Kate     Distell, J. George
Boak, George     Cadmus, Etta B.     Distell, Laura J. Mrs.
Boak Sarah E. Mrs.     Cadmus, Eliza V. Mrs.     Davis, Francena Mrs.
Becker, John     Chandler, Annie Eliza     Daub, Christiniana Mrs.
Becker, Sarah Laurena Mrs.     Cranstone, John     Disinger, Gertrude V.
Bond, Hannah Mrs.     Cranstone, Elizabeth P. Mrs.     Eshenour, William
Bisbee, Elizabeth Mrs.     Cranstone, Carrie B.     Eshenour, William Mrs.
Barlow, Mattie     Crobaugh, Frances M. Mrs     Eshenour, Sidney A.
Buck, Josie     Cooper, Christiana H. Mrs.     Edwards, Emma C. Mrs.
Brooks, Anna E.     Claffy, Ann Mrs.     Emmett, John T. Mrs.
Brooks, Leah     Cole, Rufus B.     Fairchild, Aurelia Mrs.
Brewer, Henry John     Carpenter, Lillian Mrs.     Fatzinger, Edward
Brown, Charles Wesley     Cone, Clarinda Mrs.     Fatzinger, Edward Jr.
Brown, Emma Wise Mrs.     Cone, Howard L.     Fatzinger, Catherine Kern
Flemming, Arizina Mrs.     Hagerty, Samuel     Lisk, Bertha Yost Mrs.
Furniss, Martha A. Mrs.     Henion, Edward     Love, Margaret Mrs.
Furniss, Eliza M. Mrs.     Henion, Anna K. Mrs.     Love, Malcolm
Furniss, Frederick V.     Henion, James B.     Love, Mary C. Mrs.
Furniss, Herbert O.     Henion, Martha E. Mrs.     Lisk, Ann Eliza Mrs.
Furniss, Jane Gray Mrs.     Henion, Sanford     Logan, Jennie Mrs.
Fenn, Catherine Mrs.     Harpending, Frances A. Mrs.     Laub, Mary Marshall Mrs.
Fenn, Emma     Hogan, Maud L.     Morgan, Charlotte Mrs.
Fenn, Annie     Hogan, Inez Belle     Marshall, Margaret F. Mrs.
Fenn, Rachel McLean Mrs.     Heckman, Augusta     Marshall, Mary Isabella
Feezler, Euretta Mrs.     Hibbard, Lena M.     Marshall, Lucinda Mrs.
Fulmer, Mary Mrs.     Haskins, Gus S.     Marshall, Sarah Jane
Fry, Jennie Crane Mrs.     Hammond, Henry Ray     Marshall, Caroline
Felder, Carrie Peters Mrs.     Hagerty, Claude     Marshall, Bainbridge
Fulton, Hugh     Hagerty, Lafayette     Marshall, Elizabeth Mrs.
Fulton, Hugh Mrs.     Hasbruck, Johannis S.     Marshall, Peter
Fulton, George WilsonHasbruck, Anna Belle     Marshall, Sophia L. Mrs.
Gridley, Charles C.     Hasbruck, Laura     Marshall, Anna F.
Gridley, Eleanora Mrs.     Hardy, Lena     Marshall, Emogene
Gridley, Henry A.     Hardy, John James     Marshall, Ella Sophia
Graham, Ann M.     Hammer, Anna     Marshall, Jessica B.
Graham, Amelia Frances     Hislop, James Marshall, Horatio A.
Gibson, Phoebe Mrs.     Hislop, Mary C. Mrs.     Marshall, Ida Serven Mrs.
Gibson, Diadama Beebe Mrs.     Hendricks, Adelaide     Marshall, Annace Lee
Garrison, James M.     Hendricks, Frances I. Mrs.      Miller, Elizabeth
Garrison, James Carlton     Hagerty, Eliza Smith Mrs.     Manning, Jerusha E. Mrs.
Garrison, Sadie H.     Hendricks, Elizabeth A. Mrs.     McDill, John
Garrison, Phoebe Sharp Mrs.     Illick, Sarah Stringham Mrs.     McDill, Eliza Mrs.
Gambee, Rebecca Mrs.      Johnson, Eliz. Ludlum Mrs.     McLean, Jessie
Gambee, Robert C.     Johnson, Anna Mrs.     Marsh, Sarah E. Mrs.
Gale, Mary Kittell Mrs.     Johnson, Arthur     Miller, Emma Mrs.
Garrison, Hattie     Johnson, James H.      Miller, Alice Belle
Godfrey, Lydia H. Mrs.     Jackson, Nellie Mrs.     Miller, Maud Eveline
Godfrey, J. Haines     Jolly, Georgiana C. Mrs.     Menning, Sebaldina
Graves, George     Jones, May C.     Menning, Sophie
Graves, George Mrs.     Jones, Ina P.      Menning, Alga E.
Hulbert, Gideon     Kelley, Eliz. Slautery Mrs.     Meyer, Leonard
Hulbert, Sarah Ann Mrs.     Kelly Elizabeth Rorison     Meyer, Anna Mrs.
Hulbert, Frances Reed Mrs.     Kern, Elizabeth Mrs.     Meyer, Charles
Huff, Isaac L.     Knox, Anna Monroe Mrs.     Meyer, Maggie Kuney
Huff, Sarah M. Mrs.     Knox, Katharine M.     Moore, Clarence F.
Huff, Hattie Ameilia     Kipp, Reyanrd P.     Moore, Martha Gambee Mrs.
Huff, J. Willard     Kipp, Mary F. Mrs.     Moore, Mary Webster Mrs.
Huff, Helen Frances Mrs.     Kreutter, Mary E. Dilts Mrs.     Martin, Anna C.
Huff, Emma Bennett Mrs.     Kuney, Frederick     Martin, Alice A.
Hubbard, Louisa Mrs.     Knause, Mrs. Mary     Martin, May M.
Hiller, Catherine L. Mrs.     Kuney, Orlis     Menges, Carrie S.
Hiller, Henrietta H.L.     Kuney, Mary Eshenour Mrs.     Menges, Anna C.
Hiller, Kate     Kuney, Sidney     Marvin, George Mrs.
Hiller, Lena M.     Louden, John     Menzer, Otto
Hanrahan, Louisa H. Mrs.     Lisk, Harriet E. Mrs.     Mosman, Carrie P. Mrs.
Marsden, Sarah Kittel Mrs.     Pratt, Edith Caroline Mrs.     Suydam, Ann Maria Mrs.
Newton, Carrie Mrs.     Rice, Jane Mrs.     Suydam, Anna B.
Newton, Leon     Rice, Mary Josephine     Suydam, John Hamlin
Nims, Edna Adella     Rice, Eleanor Lily     Silsby, Phebe G. Mrs
Nelson, William     Rice, Alice Jennie     Silsby, Eliza G. Mrs.
Opdyke, Lucy Ann Mrs.     Rice, Rachel Ann Mrs.     Sweet, Caroline Mrs.
Opdyke, Lucy Manning     Rice, Carrie E.     Story, Asa G.
Ostrander, Harry C.     Romig, Jane Elizabeth Mrs.     Story, Catherine Dobbin Mrs.
O'Neil, Minnie Mrs.     Richardson, John Erastus     Shuster, Peter
Osborne, Harriet Mrs.     Richardson, George D.     Shuster, Elizabeth M. Mrs.
Osborne, Bertha     Richardson, Fanny C. Mrs.     Shuster, Peter
O'Dell, Louisa J. Mrs.     Reamer, Jane E.     Slaght, Mary Ann Mrs.
Peirson, Eliza M. Mrs.     Richardson, Mabel Augusta     Slaght, Annie Laura
Peirson, Edwin Clark     Rickon, William     Slaght, Carrie May
Peirson, Mary L. Mrs.     Rickon Susan Mrs.     Snyder, Sarah A. Mrs.
Peirson, Frank J.     Rickon, Clara L.     Snyder, Auretta
Peirson, Carrie E.     Reynolds, Oliver F.     Snyder, William
Peirson, Lawson Rose     Reed, Annie McFarland Mrs.     Snyder, Anna
Peirson, Ann Mrs.     Reed, Jennie Hiller Mrs.     Seymour, Mary Mrs.
Peirson, Charles W.     Redner, Cornelius     Seeley, Minerva Mrs.
Pearson, Etta Kern Mrs.     Redner, Laura Mrs.     Seeley, Thomas E.
Parks, Sarah Frances Mrs.     Rolason, Emma J.     Seeley, Flora Mrs.
Parker, Mary Mrs.     Robbins, Samuel Burton     Seeley, Abram Lincoln
Parker, Lizzie     Riddle, Mary Amelia Mrs.     Seeley, Catherine L. Mrs.
Parker, Ann C.     Riddle, Mary Anna     St. John, Helen Maud
Peck, Julia F. Mrs.     Raeger, Henrietta     Sandy, Charles
Peck, Bertha Amelia     Raeger, Mary Catherine     Sandy, Aurelia Mrs.
Peck, Harriet Mrs.     Reamer, Charlotte E.      Sandy, Emma H.
Peck, Cora Belle     Root, Ella Martin Mrs.     Sandy, Annie B.
Parson, Martha Adella Mrs.     Swift, Laura O.     Stone, Nettie C.
Pontius, Alice S. Mrs.     Stringham, Sarah      Sipp, Emma Mrs.
Pelton, Mary Genung Mrs.     Smith, Edney     Sanderson, Mary Ann
Proudfoot, Carrie G. Mrs     Smith, Margaret Mrs.     Slauson, Elizabeteh Mrs.
Philips, William C.     Smith, Prudentia     Taylor, Caroline P. Mrs.
Philips, Margaret Mrs.     Smith, Charles F.     Traphagen, Ann Amelia Mrs.
Philips, Carrie     Smith, Jane     Traphagen, Martha W.
Peterson, Orton W.     Smith, Emma Lamar     Traphagen, Roswell
Peterson, Lydia M. Mrs.     Smith, Stephen A.D.     Travis, John Lewis
Peterson, Mary     Smith, Emma A. Mrs.     Thorne, James C.
Peterson, Nellie     Serven, Abram     Toppin, Cora W. Mrs.
Parks, Ella Mrs.     Serven, Abram Ralph     VanRiper, Stephen V.
Peters, Nicholas     Serven, Abram Ralph Mrs.     VanRiper, Julia Mrs.
Pasko, Ensie Mrs.     Serven, John W.     VanRiper, Lottie
Pasko, Walter R.     Serven, Eliza Jane Mrs.     VanRiper, Charles B.
Pasko, Helen L.     Smith, Inez Serven Mrs.     VanRiper, Elmer G.
Pasko, Marian Ensie     Smith, Robert G.     VanRiper, Emma Mrs.
Pratt, Abbie Adelia Mrs.     Smith, Hannah P. Mrs.     VanRiper, Mary A.
Perry, Nellie V. Mrs.     Salkeld, Mary B.     VanRiper, Elizabeth Jane
Paine, Catherine Mrs.     Swartz, Phillip     VanRiper, Orsa P. Mrs.
Paine, Isabella M.     Swartz, Anna Mrs.     VanRiper, Charlotte Duntz
Paine, Hattie L.     Suydam, John A.     VanHorn, Isabella V. Mrs.
VanHorn, Jennie     Webster, Phebe Ann     Watson, Henry
VanHorn, Marebell     Webster, Cornelia A. Mrs.     Wise, Catherine Mrs.
Van Horn, Clinton     Webster, Carrie Genung Mrs.     Worden, Jennie L.
VanHorn, Jacob     Wieder, Caroline Mrs.      Williamson, Ella B. Mrs.
VanHorn, Ida Leslie Mrs.     Walters, Christiana Mrs.     Yule, Mary Jane
VanMiddlesworth, Helen Mrs.     Wunderlin, Priscilla Mrs.     Yoder, George H.
Vreeland, Gertrude     Wunderlin, Anna     Yoder, George H. Mrs.
Vough, Ella Mrs.     Webster, Annie Childs Mrs.     Yoab, Elizabeth Weed Mrs.
Vanderburgh, Carrie Bell Mrs.     Wright, Mary Ellen Mrs.     Yost, Ellen F. Mrs.
Vaughn, Jennie V. Weed Mrs.     Wright, Nellie Wood     Yost, Hettie Belle Mrs.
Wight, Eliza Mrs.     Wright, Mary Maud     Yost, Ellen F. Mrs.
Webster, James R.     Woodruff, Louisa C. Mrs.     Yost, Hettie Belle Mrs.

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