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St. Mary's Catholic Church, Waterloo, NY

"Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with sketches of their pastors, 1895-96", compiled and published by the Courier Printing Co., Seneca Falls, NY 1896. This transcription courtesy of Dianne Thomas.

      "THE history of St. Mary's Church dates back to the year 1846, when this parish was first established. Two Lots of land were purchase on the west side of Center street at the auction sale of Grosvenor, and the foundation of a church laid on May 1, 1846. The following named board of trustees acted under the supervision of Rev. Father O'Flaherty, in the erection of this first building; Patrick Boyle, Patrick Mc Cullough, John Morrin, Timothy Desmond, and James Punkett. The church, thirty feet by forty feet, was finished and opened for divine service on October 17, 1846. The first mass was celebrated therein by the Rev. William Carroll on November 3rd of the same year. Rev. Father Carroll visited this church from Seneca Falls, besides attending at Clyde and Springport, and was the first resident pastor in Waterloo. Prior to his time, mass was celebrated at irregular intervals by missionary priests from the neighboring cities. His successor was Father Gilbride, who after an administration of six months died in August 1854. He was succeeded by the Rev. William Gleason. He built an addition to the church of twenty-five feet and erected a brick school house, which has been taken down to make way for the erection of the new church. Father Gleason was removed to Buffalo in 1859. He was succeeded by Rev. Martin Kavanaugh, who ministered to the spiritual needs of the people for one year. In 1861 Father Stephen's was appointed pastor, and was succeeded by Rev. Dennis English, who remained until 1863, when he was removed to Geneva, and is at present pastor at Canandaigua. During the year 1864, the parish was attended by Rev. Edward McGowan of Seneca Falls. Rev. Terrance Keenan was then appointed pastor of Waterloo and remained until 1869. By him a new rectory was built on the lot south of the church.
      Rev. Louis A. Lambert followed Father Keenan and remained until 1888. During his pastorate he constructed the beautiful stone church, which is considered one of the finest church edifices in the Rochester diocese. The church is built of blue stone. It is of Gothic architecture. Its dimensions are, length, 128 feet, transept, 70 feet, main building, 40 feet. The structure is a cross formation. There is also a chapel attached, 40x20 feet. The spire will reach the height of 130 feet from the base. The windows, which are unique in design and artistic in finish, are of stained glass, and are all memorial windows. A new cemetery was also purchased by Father Lambert. Rev. John J. Hickey succeeded Father Lambert and, during his pastorate, the interior of the church, which is perfect in all its appointments, was completed. It was dedicated by Right Rev. Bishop McQuaid in December, 1889. Father Hickey remained until March, 1895, and was succeeded by the present pastor, Rev. William H. Harrington, who, during his short pastorate, has made many improvements. The debt on the church has been greatly reduced. The sum of $4,500 was realized at the fair recently held, which was due to the efficient management of the worthy pastor.
      There are several active societies in connection with St. Mary's church, the Rosary and Scapular, the oldest established society, the Sodality, and also the Ladies' Aid, a new society formed by our zealous pastor, which responds nobly to all appeals for help. He has also organized a Catholic club for the young men of the parish, who have rooms elegantly fitted up and also a well-selected library, where they spend their evenings in study and recreation. The Temperance Cadets is a society formed for the junior members of the congregation. Father Harrington's ambition is to pay off the debt of the church, erect the tower and have a chime of bells, calling the faithful to prayer; and it will soon be realized, judging by his zeal and energy, and the pleasant relations existing between pastor and people. The church, when completed, will be one of the handsomest in the State. The congregation numbers 1,200, whose trustees are: Right Rev. Bishop McQuaid, Rev. Father O'Hare, Rev. William H. Harrington, Paul G. Walsh and J.B. Maloney.

List of Pew Renting Members [in 1896]

Thomas Durnin
Mrs. Jennie Lentz     Mary Matell     W.H. Harrington
Michael Shreck     Mrs. Daniel Ford     John Ivers
Mrs. Joseph Marion     John O'Neil     Mrs. Peter Conley
Bridget Murray     Mary Dwyer     Mrs. Solomon Sanders
James Kelly     Andrew Harmon     Ellen Griffen
J.J. McDonald     Mrs. Ellen Whalen     Mrs. Patrick Crotty
Mrs. Susanna Howarth     Mrs. Owen Marion     Charles Fagan
Patrick Gould     Mrs. Catherine Reeder     Jennie Reynolds
Johanna McMahon     William McGraw     Anna Reynolds
Mrs. Peter Galway     John Hogan     Mary Kelly
John Galway     Thomas Quinn     Mrs. S.A. Parsons
Samuel Kelly     Patrick Hogan     Mrs. Hannah O'Neil
Dennis McCue     Bridget Flaherty     Mrs. Charles Dewitt
Mrs. William Holleran     William Nailos     Jacob Baier
Mrs. Charles Easlick     Mrs. John Quail     William O'Brien
Patrick Cranny     Mrs. James Quail     James Wyers
Mrs. Mary Coggins     Mrs. Bernard Matthews     Mrs. Mary Ford
Mrs. Adnrew Holbig     Mrs. James Quail     Mrs. George Denniston
Jennie Conners     James German     Michael Ryan
Mary Durkin     Mrs. Thomas Henry     Mrs. Ellen Buckner
Mrs. Hugh Burns     James McKevitt     Mrs. Annie Clark
Mary Doohan     Bernard Garvin     Mrs. Thomas Lafferty
Patrick Duffy     Timothy Maloney     Mrs. Mary Morgan
Charles McAuliffe     F.G. Marshall     Mrs. Mary Fegley
Mrs. Bridget Riley     Mrs. James Brophy     Mrs. Thomas Hanrahan
Patrick Matthews     Mrs. William Earley     Mrs. Mary Mills
Mrs. James Byrne     John Kelley     Mrs. William Dempsey
Frank Morgan     Mrs. James Lynch     M.T. Flynn
Mrs. Patrick Donohue     John Mackin     Mary Flynn
Mrs. John VanRiper     Mrs. Kate Lyons     Peter McKevitt
Sarah Hyland     Mrs. Richard Coughlin      Patrick Cuddeback
Mrs. Michael McKeon     John McKevitt      Maggie Burke
Thomas McKeon     James Hanrahan      Mary Moran
Mary Flanagan     Mrs. Martin Demphy      Mrs. Thomas Flood
Adam Roth     Patrick Durnin      Patrick Harmon
William Walters     Mrs. George Tyler      James Marion
William O'Brien     Max Troyel      Timothy Hayes
Patrick Lillis     Mrs. Henry Finn      Ellen Earley
Mary Connoll     Mrs. Michael Malone      Mary E. Kelley
Maurice O'Brien     Mrs. Elizabeth Holland      Jerry Ryan
Michael Healey     W.H. Murray      James Redmond
Louis Marshall     Anthony Pruden      John Canfield
Daniel Morrin     Benjamin Welch      Mrs. Sophia Hahn
Mrs. Ed Morrin     Lizzie Malone      Mrs. Catherine Dulso
Daniel Buckley     George Larose      Mrs. Anna McHugh
Michael Flanagan     Michael Maloney      Mrs. Julia McCullough
Mary Jones     Maggie McKevitt      Daniel Griffin
Yance Stevenson     John Graham     
Mrs. John Hopkins     T.F. Redmond      Eliza Gore
George Still     Edward Murphy      Ellen Healey
John Cullen     Paul G. Walsh      Mary Maugham
John Sullivan     John Brophy      Mary McDonald
M.E. Maloney     Matthew Thill      Michael Ryan
Martin Maloney     Mary O'Keife      Mary Falen
Kate Gore     Mrs. Mary Welch      Mrs. Honora Hogan
Helen Gore     Maria Markley      Maggie Kelly
J.B. Maloney     James Gilgan      Anna Whelan
Patrick Welch     John Keyes      Mrs. Jas. Morrin
Mrs. Rose Riley     James Gaffney      John Hasson
Mrs. William VanRiper     Patrick Downes      Mrs. Edward Marshall
J.B.H. Mongin     Peter Downes      James Carroll
Mrs. Ann Harmon     Lawrence Miles      Andrew McNulty
James Nailos     Mrs. F.M. Schott      Mrs. Ellen Murphy
John Carlin     Jeremiah Conners      Mary O'Donnell
John Mahar     Joseph Connolly      Mrs. Philip McCue
Mrs. Thomas Nealon     Peter Farrell      Alice Durkin
Kate Kelly     Charles Galinger      William Tuomey
Joseph Sessler     Thomas Kennedy      Lawrence McKevitt
Edward Cuddeback     John Morrin      Nicholas Thill
Minnie McGuiness     John Hoffay      Lizzie O'Hare
Jas. Wright     
James Lent     Maggie Burke
Mrs. Mary T. Knapp     Mrs. Ellen Brasshaw     Mary Sweeney
Mrs. V.L. Fox     Charles Kompf       Mrs. Ellis
Mrs. Charles Riley     Lizzie Savage      Mary Brackin
Michael Donlin      Mary Kunan      Patrick Moriarty
Mrs. W.P. Brown     Frank Doohan      Mrs. Mary Sanders
John Gilroy     Thomas O'Donnell      James Kelly

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