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"Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with sketches of their pastors, 1895-96", compiled and published by the Courier Printing Co., Seneca Falls, NY 1896.This transcription courtesy of Dianne Thomas.

      "ELDER JOHN GOFF, a Baptist minister of Benton, Ontario county, held monthly meetings at the court house, in Waterloo, in 1824. The next year Elder Thomas Brown of Geneva, held semi-weekly meetings at the same place. A church was organized August 6, 1825, composed of the following seventeen persons: Cornelius Hill, William Child, Asa Warden, Harris Usher, John Demconson, Ray G. Lewis, Edward buck, Catherine Riker, Betsy Usher, Charlotte Long, Eunice Demconson, Mary Warden, Nancy Whiteford, Polly Smith, Susan Smith, Sarah Smith, Elizabeth Snook.
      Asa Warden and Cornelius Hill were elected deacons. In November the church united with the Ontario Association and Rev. E.M. Martin was pastor at Geneva and Waterloo. After this there were no regular meetings until 1831, when Elder Taylor became pastor for one year. Again, meetings were discontinued and in October, 1833, the church disbanded.
      In October, 1836, Rev. Moses Rowley, a missionary of the State Convention, began to preach every Sunday at the Court House, and in March, 1837, the church was re-constituted with thirty-seven members. Cornelius Hill, Jr., and George W. Lambert and I. Thorn were made deacons. Service were held in the Court House until 1838, and afterward in the school house at Schauyes. Elder Rowley was pastor for four years and baptized one-hundred and twenty-two converts. A house of worship costing $3,000, was built and dedicated June 15, 1840. It was sold in 1843, and the congregation again worshiped in the school house. In 1853, the church again disbanded. The pastors from 1840 to 1853, were, in their order: Revs. Enos Marshall, L. Ransted, J. Halliday, Nathan Baker, E. Blakely, S. Ewer, Samuel Hough, and D.W. Litchfield.
      Ten years after the second disbandment, the society was again re-constituted. At a meeting held January 17, 1863, the following persons united in a conference: Rev. Carl T. Kreyer, James C., Hallsted, James Garrison, Thomas Jackson, John L. Cone, Leonard B. Mosher, Geroge Schibold, J. Love, Joseph Macon, C. Hill, Seymour May, Mrs. J.C. Hallsted, Phoebe May, Mary Warner, Eliza Powers, Samuel Hill, L.B. Mosher. The church was recognized by a council, February 9th of the same year, and Carl T. Kreyer was ordained as pastor. He continued with the church for nearly a year, and then was sent as a missionary to China by the American Baptist Missionary Union. James C. Hallstead and Leonard B. Mosher were deacons, and John L. Cone clerk, during his pastorate.
      At the meeting of the Seneca Association in 1865, the church was regularly received as a part of that body, and the same year the old meeting house was re-purchased from the Lutherans. This house was burned in 1875, and for a year the congregation worshipped in Towsley hall. A parsonage and lot were purchased on Williams street in 1876, and a chapel built at a cost of about $3,000. After the resignation of Rev. Mr. Kreyer, Rev. J.E. Lockwood supplied the pulpit for a short time. Rev. W. H. Steegor served from 1865 to 1868, and Rev. W.M. Robinson served two years. Ref. F.P. Sutherland was ordained pastor in 1874. Rev. C.A. Harris served in 1876, and Rev. F.M. Beebee in 1877. Rev. E. Packwood, was called October 8, 1879. And resigned in 1883, and his pastorate ended September 1, 1884. Rev. C.J. Pendelton was called July, 1885, and remained till March 31, 1886. Rev. Frank Gardner was pastor from July 18, 1886, to May 15, 1889. Then Rev. E. Packwood was again called and served the church until May 15, 1895, when he resigned on account of age, and now lives on a small farm about three miles from Waterloo. When Mr. Packwood came in 1889, the church was badly in debt; when he resigned in 1895, the obligations were all canceled and the church is a prosperous condition. Rev. James A. Nally was called May 15, 1895, and is still the pastor. During his pastorate several handsome legacies have been left for the benefit of the church, and in a few years we expect to have a much finer house of worship than the one we now occupy. The present trustees are Samuel Brewer, Martin F. Bragg, Rev. E. Packwood, Robert Jarvis, William Anderson and William V. Sharpe."

List of Members [in 1896]

Andrews, Stella J. Mrs.      Fairweather, George     Macan, Joseph     
Andrews, William      Fairweather, Alfred W.     Mosher, Cora A.     
Andrews, Sarah Mrs.     Fairweather, Margaretta Mrs.     Nalley, J.A.     
Baxter, Anina D. Mrs.     Green, Etta M.     Nalley, A. Mrs.     
Biglow, Nancy Mrs.     Gilbert, Ester     Packwood, E. Rev.     
Baxter, Jacob     Hafner, Frederick     Packwood, N.P. Mrs.
Betts, Olive     Hafner, Rosa Mrs.     Parker, L.S.     
Brewer, Samuel     Halstead, Mary Mrs.     Preska, Anna E. Mrs.     
Brewer, Maria Mrs.     Hennings, Arthur     Starr, Sarah A. Mrs.     
Betts, John Mrs.     Hennings, Nellie Mrs.     Seeley, Sarah A. Mrs.     
Bodell, Silas     Joley, Ellen M. Mrs.     Swaver, Samantha Mrs.     
Brewer, James E.     Jarvis, Mary J. Mrs.     Stanton, Albert     
Bragg, Eliza Mrs.     Jarvis, Robert     Stanton, Carrie Mrs.     
Bragg, Martin F.     Jarvis, Lizzie     Sharpe, William N.     
Bragg, Anna E. Mrs.     Jarvis, Anna Mrs.     Smith, T. Mrs.     
Bliss, Mrs.     Johnson, Edwin Mrs.     Sharpe, Henrietta Mrs.     
Bachman, Martin J.     Jarvis, Mary A.     Simpson, Anna E.     
Culver, Mary Mrs.     Lincoln, Ella     Slocum, Josephine Mrs.
Clark, Mary     Lincoln, Elmer     Saunders, Elizabeth A.
Crandall, Jason     Lincoln, Deborah P. Mrs.     Tobey, Hattie Mrs.
Decker, Sarah Mrs.     Lamphere, Debby Mrs.     Webster, Helen
Dutcher, Leana     Mosher, L.B. Mrs.     Ward, Mary A.
Fairweather, H.F. Mrs.     Mucan, Mary Mrs.

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