West Fayette Presbyterian Church, Fayette, Seneca Co., NY


"Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with sketches of their pastors, 1895-96", compiled and published by the Courier Printing Co., Seneca Falls, NY 1896.
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      The First Presbyterian Church of West Fayette was organized on the 5th of January, A. D. 1825. Rev. Henry Axtell, D.D. was chosen moderator and Rev. Azariah J .Orton was chosen clerk. There George Markle, John Mead and Tunis Dey. Its trustees were Anthony Dey , Pierson Dey, Stephen Cook, Josiah Easton and James Houghtaling. In 1825, land was donated to the society for erection of a church edifice bu Abraham Ackerman and Tunis Henion. The building was erected and dedicated during the year 1826.
      The pastors and terms of service have been as follows: Rev. Isaac Flager, 1825-1828 ; Rev. W.H. Snyder, 1829-1832; Rev. James McMaster, 1832-1833 ; Rev. James M. McEllister, 1833-2834, Rev. Adams W. Platt, 1834-1837 Rev. Oren Catlin, 1837-1838 ; Rev. AIanson Scofield, 1838-1845; pulpit supplies, 1845-1848 ; Rev. J. N. Crittendon, 1848-1851; Rev. D. C. Tyler, I852-1854 ; pulpit supplies, 1854-1856 ; Rev. Ezra Jones, 1856-1858 ; Rev. James Abell, 1858-1860; Rev. William Atwood, 1861-1866; Rev.William H. Megie, 1866-1868; Rev. R. S. Lockwood, 1868-1870; pulpit supplies, 1870-1872 ; Rev. J.D. English, 1872-1875; Rev. Dr. S. H. Gridley, 1875-1877; ] Rev. E. Wilmot Cummings, , 1877-1881 ; Rev. Willard P. Gibson, 1882-1886 ; pulpit supplies, 1886-1888 ; Rev. John Burkhart, 1888-1892 ; pulpit supplies, 1892-1894 ; Rev. Fletcher A. Valentine, 1894.
      In 1878 the church was remodeled at a cost of three thousand dollars, and re-dedicated March 28, 1879. The present pastor is Rev. Fletcher A. Valentine, The officers are as follows: Elders, Caleb Sayer, Peter Kunes, James Post, John H. Schuhil Henry Dilldine and Benjamin Post; deacons; Garrett Van Sickle and David Kunes; trustees, John T. Roberson, Charles Angley, Lawson Pontius, Harry C. Post and John H. Schuhl.

Mrs. Charles Stengle
Mrs. Edward Stengle
Mrs. Marian Van Dine
Dr. A. J. Alleman
Mrs. Charles Van Nostrand
Newton Van Nostrand
Peter N. Dey
Mrs. Peter N. Dey
Miss Ann Dey
Peter Lerch
Mrs. Peter Lerch
Mrs. Sarnuel Lerch
Mrs. Samuel Jolly
Mrs. Charles Smith
Mrs. John Kipp
Miss Lillie Kipp
Benjamin Post
Mrs. Benjamin Post
Harry C. Post
Mrs. Libbie Edington
Anthony Post
Peter Kunes
Mrs. Peter Kunes
Miss Mary E. Kunes
Garrett Van Sickle
Henry K. Dey
Mrs. H. K. Dey
John Houst
Mrs. John Houst
Benjamin Houst
Miss Anna Houst
Caleb Sayer
Mrs. Caleb Sayer
A. B. Skinner
Mrs. A. B. Skinner
J. Russell Skinner
Mi~s. Joseph Gambee
Mrs. Charles Nuhn
Charles Angley
Mrs. Charles Angley
Mrs. Henry Poffenberger
John H. Schuhl
Mrs. J. H. Schuhl
David Kunes
Mrs. David Kunes
Fred Kunes
Miss Carrie Kunes
William Nuhn
Mrs. William Nuhn
Mrs. Catharine Goodman
Miss Jennie C. Goodman
Charles. M. Goodman
Mrs. Charles M. Goodman
Mrs. Charles Raymond
Mrs. Benjamin L. Gambee
Mrs. Clara Sebring
Frank Kunes
Mrs. Abram McCaw
Miss Grace McCaw
Miss Addie Mudge
Henry Dilldine
Mrs. Henry Dilldine
Mrs. George Lautenshlager
James Post
Mrs. Catharine Berge
Mrs. David Beary
Mrs. John Mann
Mrs. John Post
George Cable
Mrs. George Cable
John T. Roberson
Mrs. John Roberson
Miss Cora Roberson
Ernest Roberson

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