Springbrook Cemetery, Seneca Falls, Seneca Co., NY

Springbrook Cemetery
Seneca Falls, Seneca County, New York

Cayuga Street Extension, north of Seneca Falls
[also known as Metcalf Cemetery]

This listing is an old copy and is sometimes difficult to read. Please let me know if you are aware of changes. Names with (?) were particularly hard to read. Other notes [ ] with the listings are from the original.

Andrews, Christianb. Feb. 10, 1856 - d. May 5, 1937
Andrews, Margaretha, wifeb. Sept. 20, 1854 - d. Sept. 19, 1912
Andrews, Charles C. 1886 - 19--
Andrews, Nellie1886-1967
Albright, Ralph T.1902-1967
Albright, Grace B.1906 -----
Anderson. Warner T.1891-1948
Anderson, Emmy C.1892-19--
Baker, John1849-1908
Barnes, Benjamin F. Sr.Feb. 6, 1903-June 23, 1958
Barnes, Alvina E.Nov. 24, 1900---
Barnes, William, Edward, Albertone stone with no dates
Barrett, EdwinAug. 10, 1837-Aug. 30, 1870
Barrett, Lucy, wifeAug. 20, 1837-Mar. 8, 1908
Barrett, Albert, son of Warren and EstherJuly 13, 1833-July 3, 1843
Bartlett, Albert E. 1890-1965 Father
Bartlett, Charles R.(?)1925-1932
Beach, G. Bolivar1830-1914
Beach, Ellen L.(?)1841-1930
Beach, Christian A.1805-1882
Beach, Nancy A.1831-1892
Beach, Mary E.1839-1911
Beach, Jane E.1846-1872
Beach, P.K.Co. E 111th NY Inf.
Beadle, Asa E.1821-1902
Beadle, Rhoda A. Seekell, wife1829-1903
Beadle, Ida A.Sept. 9, 1857-Sept. 25, 1863
Beadle, Horace J.Oct. 9, 1859-Oct. 27, 1867
   [The stone for Ida and Horace Beadle was noted "Our children"]
Beck, James B.1854-1925 Father
Beck, Addie L.1856-1953
Beck, Daniel G.1876-1918
Bennett, Leonard H.1844-1906
Bennett, Joanna G.1848-1928
Bennett, Lewis1875-1944
Bennett, Ernest N.(?)1877-1944
Bennett, Sarah A. 1875-1961
Bennett, Charles C. Sr.1899-1956
Best, Jacob1804-1889
Best, Susan Roberts1610-1890
Best, William J.1884-1965
Best, Cora H.1877-1960
Bishop, Mary van HornMay 12, 1858-Dec. 22, 1921
Bishop, Jessie E.1865-1943
Bishop, Ruth D.1898-19--
Boardman, E. Deming1838-1910
Booker, Joseph1843-1933 Father
Booker, Mary E.1843-1917 Mother
Booker, Alice E.1878-1969 Daughter
Booker, Lewis A.1844-1925
Booker, Sarah J. Smith, wife1847-1917
Booker, Chattie E.1875-1877
Booker, Marvin S.1881-1901
   [Chattie and Marvin are noted as "their children".]
Bowman, Albert C., NY Pvt. Co.E, 209 Inf. ?? WWIIOct. 9, 1917-Aug. 27,1958
Brace, Libbie B.1870-1932
Brautigan, Gustav G.1887-1952
Brautigan, Elsie Kline, wife1883-1951
Brignall, Jessie W.(?)1894-
Brignall, John H.(?)1883-1967
Brooks, Abram1854-1943
Brooks, Emma Crobaugh wife1860-1942
Brooks, Isaac B.Bat. C, 305 Field Art. A E F 1893-1919 Died in France
Brooks, Lewis B.1878-1916 Father
Brower, Edward S.1856-1936
Brower, Florence E.1860-1935
Brower, Edward C.1884-1961 on Ahrens stone
Brower, Mary L.1880-1955
Brower, Charles H.(?)188-19--
Brower, Baby Charles1943
Brown, Albert H.1864-1946
Brown, Mabel R.1880-1939
Brown, Calvin husband of MabelSubmitted by Gary Brown
Brown, Albert L. 1912-1981 son of Calvin & MabelWWIISubmitted by Gary Brown
Brown, Jane19? - 1971 wife of Albert born in Groton, New YorkSubmitted by Gary Brown
Brown, Grover C.1880-1939 Father
Brown, Carrie F.1886-1947 Mother
Brown, Arvilla B.1910-1963
Burhyte, Oliver1842-1880
Burhyte, Elvira Burtless wife1835-1917
Campbell, George W.1817-1882
Campbell, Elizabeth E.1828-1881
Campbell, Amy wife of G.W. Campbell and daughter
      of Godfrey and Sarah Haines
died Mar. 4, 1836 ae 23-5-7
Campbell, H. NelsonAug. 10, 1899-Aug. 29, 1965
Campbell, EdytheJuly 20, 1900-Dec. 6, 1949
Caple, Wilfred Harrington1906-1967
Caple, Grace Crane1904--
Caple, Robert Frederick1925-1926
Cappy, Charles E.1876-1959
Cappy, Margaret V.1884-1947
Cappy, Clarence P.1883-1950 Father
Cappy, Alice M.1890- 19--Mother
Carlson, John P.1867-1951
Carlson, Maria A.1876-1954
Carris, Sarah L.1846-1924
Carter, Benjamin S.(?)b. Oct. 22, 1794-d. Mar. 17, 1881
Carter, Mary[stone propped face against pedestal. Prob. Ben's wife]
Carter, Wm. F.d. Feb. 17, 1862 ae 45-5-17
Carter, James B.1825-1900
Carter, Mary1832-1904
Carter, Sophia1836-1924
Carter, Frances A.1837-1908
Carver, Jacob B.1825-1909
Carver, Marietta wife1831-1912
Chalker, Mahlon J.1893-19--
Chalker, Bessie B.1893-1925
Chalker, Stewart1895-19--
Chalker, Inez R.1895-19--
Chalker, Allen A., son of L. and H. Chalker1922-1926
Clark, Gordon R.1900----
Clark, Marion E.1899----
Cole, Eliza1838-1883
Cole, ChesterSept. 8, 1868-April 11, 1953
Cole, Etta M.April 17, 1870 - Ki;u 2, 1945
Cole, ChesterSept. 8, 1868-/apr. 11, 1953
Cole, Etta M.April 17, 1870-July 2, 1945
Daughter Catherine1904-1943
Compson, Thomas W.May 23, 1823-Nov.30, 1895 Father
Compson, Martha(?) S. wifeSept. 1,1826-Sept. 22, 1904 Mother
Compson, Thora A. daughter of T.W. and MarthaAug. 20, 1848-Mar. 30, 1893
Compson, Homer S.Jan. 19, 1851-Dec. 22, 1915 Brother
Compson, Lincoln F.1860-1924
Compson, Clara W.1866-1964
Conley, George H.1899-1967 Father
Conley, Paul Edward Jr.Sept. 21, 1948-Sept. 12, 1966
Conlin, Joseph F.1933-1939
Conlin, Joyce J.1937-1939
Cook, Mary F.1884-1963
Corkhill(?), William H.1866-1944
Corkhill, Maynard T.1869-1944
Corkhill, Luella R.1879-1940
Corkhill, Baby Linda Lee1938-1939
Covert, Cass L.1872-1957
Covert, Jennie H. 1880-1964
Cox, Megelia(?) U.,daughter of L.H. and K.P. Halsey,
   wife of Edward Cox
died in NY City, Oct. 4, 1856 ae 23-11-12
Crane, John born in Tyre 1809, died 1893
Crane,John H., son of John and Jane E.born in Tyre, NY April 10, 1839, died at Union Mills VA, Mar. 23, 1863 ae 23-11-12
Crane, Fred Leroy1858-193\20
Crane, Judith Sutterby1861-1914
Crane, Morris Sutterby V.S.1882-1940
Crane, Millie Wellington1883-1919
Crane, Frederick L. NY 2nd Lieut. Veterinary Corps, WWIDec. 2, 1891- Mar. 29, 1952
Crane, William S.1859-1947
Crane, Mary Satterby1859-1934
Crane, Pemelia(?) Kear1839-1922
Crane, Dr. A.B., D.V.M.1867-1916
Cross, Mercy B., daughter Mahlon and Julia Burtless1837-1928
Cross, Deming1883-1943
Cross, Clara A.1885-1955
Crowell, Davidb. Spril 25, 1796 - d. May 2, 1882
Crowell, Phebe J., wifeb. Oct. 4, 1801 - d. Dec. 24, 1879
Crowell, Josephb. May 23, 1834 - d. Dec. 30, 1842
Crowell, Charles O.(?)b. Nov. 7, 1846 - d. May 25, 1857
Crowell, Edward N.b. Feb. 1, 1837 - d. Mar. 10, 1862
   [Joseph, Charles and Edward were children of David and Phebe]
Crowell, Mary A.March 5, 1825 - June 24, 1888
Crowell, Lyman F.Aug. 15, 1823-Oct. 5, 1897
Crowell, Sarah Fox, wife Lyman F.1825-1908
Crowell, Clayton D., son Lyman and Sarahd. May 9, 1882 in 18th year.
Crowell, L. Foster/td>July 17, 1859 - May 26, 1946
Crowell, Sarah Harrison, wifeFeb. 11, 1859 - March 26, 1930
Crowell, Grandmother-Mother of Phebe J. Crowellae 82 years
Crowell, Aunt Mary, sister of David Crowellae 85 years
Crowell, David A.1830-1912
Crowell, John H.1841-1923
Crowell, Evaline Easton, wife John H.1839-1889
Crowell, Joseph B.1870-1930
Crowell, Maude E.1883-1955
Cudebec, Orlando B.Co. K, 148 NY Vol.
Cudebec, Katherine, widow of Orlando Cudebec,
   Co. K, 148 NY Inf.
d. Jan. 26, 1918 ae 71 years
Dalton, Margaret L.1910-1967
Dalton, Dorita N.1967
Daub, John1855-1914
Deal, Horace1864-1937 Father
Deal, Addie1865-1948
Decker, Aaron1836-1923 Co. D, 126th NY Inf.
Decker, Sarah S., wife1852-1921
Decker, J. Frank1863-1916 [separate stone 1864-1917]
Decker, George E.1874-1918
Decker, Alonzo 1879-1925
Decker, John H. 1870-1933
Decker, Anna M.(?)1875-1942
Decker, Russell A.1902-1922
Decker, Ruth G.1910-1916
Decker, Winifred A.1916-1933
Decker, Albert A.1878-19--
Decker, Bertha M.1881-1931
Decker, Harold E., son Albert and Bertha1899-1900
De Lelys, Lester A.1897-Nov. 23, 1963
De Lelys, Ella M.(Schaap) 1899- Oct. 26, 1993
De Lelys, Olin N.Y.C.M.M.(?) U.S. Navy, WWIMay 17, 1895-Dec. 1, 1959
Del Papa, Mother Dorothy Scribner1903-1956
Dewey, Hannah M., wife of Davidd. Oct. 20, 1856 ae 79-3-7
DeWolfe, Oscar E.1895-19--
DeWolfe, Minnie L.1893-1968
Dilmore, Edward K.1897-19--
Dilmore, Laura K.(?)1895-19--
Drum, John A.1869-1940
Drum, Jennie C.1872-1962
Drumm, Howard E.1900-1958
Drumm, Elizabeth, wife1902-19--
Dumont, J. Frank1854-1904
Dumont, Jessie B. Booker, wife1870-1931
Durling, William M.1885-1942
Durling, Cornelia F.1894-1942
Dutcher, Frank1852-1906
Dutcher, Mary E.1850-1938
Dutcher, Clarence J.1878-1966
Dutcher, May S.1880-1961
Dutcher, James F.1888-1965
Dutcher, Margaret M.(?)1897-19--
Dutcher, Carl L.1904---
Dutcher, Eileen D.1907-1960
Farney, Carl1890-1953
Farney, Theresa1890-19--
Farney, Carl J.1919-1946 Husband
Ferguson, Harry(?) G.1880-1950
Fisher, Jacobb. Dec. 17, 1862-d. Feb. 8, 1861 ae 34-2-21
Fisher, Elizabethd. April 12, 1863 ae 36-5-15
Fisher, Infant son J.and E. Fisherd. Feb. 6, 1860 ae 11 days
Fisher, Wm. F.d. Nov. 11, 1879 ae 24-3-12
Fisher, Joshua1840-1914
Fisher, Mary, wife1846-1889
Fisher, Homer E.1875-1875
Fisher, Walter J.1878-1949
Fisher, Bessie M.1879-1968
Fitzpatrick, Thomas JohnMarch 16, 1947-July 28, 1964
Flemming, Walterd. Dec. 15, 1851 in his 67th year
Foster, Grace L.1923-1929
Freeland, Herman D.1870-1952
Freeland, Lena L.1881-19--
Freeland, Del A.1869-1945
Freeland, Paul W.1890-1958
Freeland, Freda C.1893-19--
Freeman, George1854-1842 Husband
Freeman, Maria1870-1961 Wife
Freeman, Arthur1866-1933
Freeman, Arthur S.1893-1969
Freeman, Cora H.1890---
Garrett, Charles R.1820-1948
Gessford, Georgia M.1906-1969
Gillette, Oscar M.1896-19--
Gillette, Clara B.1893-1961
Gordon, Bernice A.1843-1922
Gould, W.L.d. Nov. 12, 1871 ae 63 years
Gould, Eliza, wifed. June 8, 1871 ae 60 years
Graves, Joseph J.1827-1904
Graves, Phebe B. Sherman1833-1910
Green, Eva B.1877-1935 Mother
Greenly, G. Webster1906-1963
Greenly, Maria L.1910-1968
Guthrie, William N.1875-1941 Father
Guthrie, Alice E.1880-1941 Mother
Haines, Sarah, wife Godfreyd. June 3, 1854 ae 80-1-22
Haines, Joseph B.1862-1946
Haines, Agnes A.1868-1935
Halden, Mary Lou1957
Halsey, Mary, daughter Sylvester and Abigaild. Mar. 16, 1822 ae 22-1-23
Halsey, Elmer1844-1915
Halsey, Mary, wife1852-1921
Halsey, Sarah Z.1869-1961
Halsey, George1881-1959
Halsey, Edward1893-1952
Harpst, Willy M., son William and Marthad. Aug. 31, 1859 ae 11 mo. 16 da
Harpst, Luella, daughter Rev. H. and C.d. Aug. 13, 1868 ae 2 mos.
Hart, Thomas1887-1914
Hart, John Elmer1913-1942 Father
Henry, Francis W.d. July 30, 1874 ae 62 years 6 mos
Henry, Mariah E., wifed. Nov. 3, 1872 in her 63rd yr
Henry, Daisy M.(?)1864-1904
Herdeman(?), George W.1908-1968 Father
Herdeman(?), Hannah1908--- Mother
Hetrick, John N.(?)1903-19--
Hetrick, Alice J. Shapley1909-1968
Hewit, Randald. May 2, 1850 in his 90th yr. [1776 Vet Marker]
Hewit, Experience, wifed. Aug. 3, 1840 in her 75th yr
Hickorn, Alice M.1891-1952 Mother
Hoffman, Sarah A., wife Charles W. and only dau.
   of Mark A. and Jemima Squier
d. Nov. 24, 1868 ae 33-11-21. Also our infant daughter,
Hogberg, Clifton E.1889-1959
Hogberg, Mildred J.1892-1962
Holcomb, James N. NY CY U.S. Navy WWIMay 29, 1898-Sept. 11, 1960
Holcomb, Bertha C.1898-1965
Holland, Joseph J. Jr. NYA3C U.S. Air Force, KoreaMay 1, 1931-Sept. 9, 1956
Holmes, George
Holmes, Edith L.Nov. 19, 1879-Aug. 20, 1904
Hook, Henry J.1838-1901
Hook, Ann E.1835-1929
Hopkins, Allen D.1870-1908
Hopkins, Clara L., wife1865 [these names are with Carver]
Howe, Mary A.b. Feb. 24, 1829-d. June 20, 1863
Howe, Willie I.b. April 20, 1863-d. July 19,1863
Howe, Chauncy B., M.D.1826-1906
Howe, Elizabeth J., wife1847-1905
Hudson, Benjamin G.d. Mar. 1, 1864 ae. 27 yrs 3 days
Hunter, Cornelia, wife John1840-1908 [with O"Rourke]
Hutchins, Thomas1810-1879
Hutchins, Mary A.1824-1900
Hyatt, Lillian N.1858-1937
Hyatt, Mortimer J.1877-1961(?) Fahter
Hyde, George1962
Jennings, Jedediah[stone sunken]
Jensen, Erik H.1858-1940
Jensen, Anna K.1866-1949
Johnson, Mona1859-1921
Johnson, Alice T.1861-1938
Johnson, Iver T.1894-1935
Johnson, James F. Sr.1915-1963
Johnson, George N.(?), son of L.T. and E.C.1929-1933
Johnson, Mona1859-1921
Johnson, Alicia T., wife1861-1938
Johnson, Iver T.1894-1935
Jones, Alfred1865-1937 Father
Jones, Dora1869-1930 Mother
Jones, Albert C., NY Pvt. Co. L 346 Inf. WWIFeb. 13, 1896-Dec. 7, 1954
Jones, Florence M.1901-1954
Kennedy, Adam1869-1931
Kennedy, Letisha1867-1952
Kinnetz(?), Karl1895
Kinnetz(?), Gertrude Compon1897-1967
Kinnetz(?), May Kent1897-1939
Kise, Earl L.1910-1967
Kise, Anna E.1914--
Kise, Edward F., Pfc. 11th Airborne Div.1938-1959
Kise, Baby Duane1948
Kissinger, Edith1893-1925
Kittle, Charles W.1861-1950
Kittle, Julia M.1863-1950
Kittle, Arthur1863-1937
Kless, Hattie L., wife H. Fred1871-1905
Kline, Charles1833-1916 Co. F 125 NY Vol. Inf.
Kline, Mary H.(?)1840-1925
Kline, Asa M.1875-1924
Kline, William N.1864-1947
Kline, Amos A.1868-1960
Kline, Effie Nearpass(?)1868-1943
Kline, Charles F.1879-1949
Kline, Grace B.1891-1960
Kline, Leska Durling1878-1965
Kline, C. Burton1881-1964
Kline, Harriett A. Merrill1880-1968
Kline, Herbert L.1910--
Kline, Pauline S.1912--
Kline, Marilyn K. Snyder1934-1967
Kline, Sharon J.1946-1947
Knapp, Charlotte, wife W.H.(?) Knapp1860-1927
Lane, Thomas G.1833-1910
Lane, Martha J., wife1844-1932
Lane, William J.1864-1937
Lane, Lottie T.1864-1934
Lane, Dwight G.1886-1958
Lane, Etta May1892-1908
Larzelere, Louisa, dau. J.B. and Annad. Nov. 6, 1851 ae 1 yr 4 mos
Larzelere, infant sond. Sept. 29, 1848 ae 5 days
Larzelere, Harriet P., dau. J.B. and Annad. Dec. 10, 1854 ae 2-1-2
Lawrence, Emma Halsey, wife Thomas R. Lawrence1842-1917
Lawrence, Leon K.May 14, 1894-July 11, 1968
Lawrence, Ralph Gordon, N.Y. Corp, U.S. Army KoreaJune 30, 1933-April 9, 1955
Lawrence, Rebecca Lee1956-1957
Lawrence, Ralph Edward1956-1962
   [Rebecca and Ralph were twins]
Lay, Charles W.Dec. 21, 1829-Dec. 16, 1899
Lay, Mary JaneNov. 11, 1829-Jan. 2, 1910
Lay, Charlie S.June 4, 1874-Mar. 28, 1959M/td>
Lay, Nina E.Feb. 27, 1875-Nov. 29, 1948
Lay, Madison1844-1914
Lay, Lillian1846-1909
Lay, Irving T.1878-1932
Lay, Henry E.1850-1913
Lay, Mary E.(?)1852-19--
Lay, Charles L.1877-1912
Leigh, George E/1833-1916
Leigh, Phebe A. Pierson, wife1838-1914
Leigh, Wilbur1868-1959
Leigh, Emma, wife1871-1954
Leigh, Fred P.1876-1914
Lewis, George H.1816-1901 Fathersubmitted by Rick Lewis
Lewis, Sarah Jane (Hayner)1823-1903 Mothersubmitted by Rick Lewis
Lewis, Elizabeth A. d June 13, 1863, ae 11 yrs, 1 m daughter of George and Janesubmitted by Rick Lewis
Lewis, Frank H.1857-1898 sonsubmitted by Rick Lewis
Lewis, William E.d June 13, 1866, ae. 24 yrs 8 d son of George and Janesubmitted by Rick Lewis
Merkle, Donald1946-1961
Merrill, John Co.J, 9 Art.
Merrill, Emily C.1847-1926
Merritt, Williamd. Feb. 13, 1868 in his 75th year
Merritt, Sarah, wifed. Mar. 3, 1873 in her 73rd year
Merritt, Nathanield. in La. Oct. 6, 1864 in his 41st year
Messke, Flossie Damon1882-1963 Mother
Metcalf, Josephb. Oct.6, 1796-d. Mar. 23, 1880
Metcalf, Harriet, wife Josephb.Nv. 19, 198-d. Nov. 9, 1857
Metcalf, Augustus C.b. June 23, 1834-d. Mar. 11, 117
Metcalf,Eliza Jane, wife Augustusd. April 9, 1870 in her 37th year
Metcalf, Arvilla B., wife Augustusd. April 4, 1877 ae 40 years
Metcalf, Josephb. April 24, 1820-Oc. 27, 1892
Metcalf, B. Ann Magee, wife Josephb. April 24, 119-d. Feb. 27, 1896
Metcalf, Johnnie, son Joseph and Annb. June 26, 1851-d. Dec. 9, 1863
Metcalf, G. Adelbertb. Nov. 3, 1845 - d. Apr. 12, 1922
Metcalf, F. Edwin, son Leroy and Cynthiad. Dec.16, 1894 ae. 28 years
Metcalf, Leroy S.1838-1915 Co. D, 3 N.. Vet. Art.
Metcalf, Cythia E., wife1841-1931
Metcalf, Emily E.1862-1940
Metcalf, Mary E.1873-1947
Metcalf, Helen186-1907
Metcalf, Ida[no dates]
Metcalf, Aunt Betsey[no dates]
Metcalf, Ellen d. July 7, 1863ae 3 mo 7 days
Metcalf, Nellie L.d. Nov. 11, 1864 ae 5 mos. 24 days
Metcalf, Willardd. April 29, 1873 ae 78 years
Metcalf, Susan, wifed. June 21, 1873 ae 70 years
Metcalf, Susan Blakney, dau. Willard and Susand. Dec. 29, 1870 ae 39 years
Metcalf, Willard H.(?)1881- 19--
Metcalf, Edna A.193-19--
Metcalf, John1776
Metcalf, Jonathan1861
   Here sleep in the long and dark night of death the cold remains of Elizabeth, my wife, and six of our children and three of our grandchldren
Miller, Peterd.May 14, 1863 ae 84 years
Miller, Zarariah, wifed. July 16, 184ae 80 years 6 mos
Miller, Thomasb. Oct. 9, 1793-[rest of stone buried]
Miller, Catherine, wifeb. Mar. 22, 1795-d. May 29, 1885
Miller, Stephen N.(?)S.b. July 29, 1819-d. Mar. 2, 1850
Miller, George W.S.b. Sept.27, 1818-d. Jan. 13, 1857
Miller, CarolineH., wifeb. Oct. 24, 1822-d. Oct. 25, 1850
   [Last two names on with Metcalf]
Milliman, Stella W.1883-1964
Mills, William J.1846-1929 Father
Mills, Jane D. VanArsdale1845-1936
Mills, Maude V.1879-1965
Mills, George B.1881-1956
Mitchell, Charles1883-1959
Mitchell, Blanch A.1890-1947
Mitchell, Mildred B.1914-1966
Mitchell, Edward J.1885-1963
Mitchell, Maude E.1888-1925
Moore, Doris Nelson, wife Albert D. Moore1916-1943
Morehouse, Elmer N.1902--
Morehouse, Grace L.1910-19--
Munson, George E.1841-1908
Munson, Ellen E., wife1851-1912
Munson, Harry B.1875-1923
Munson, Elizabeth M. English, wife1878-1917
Munson, George Edwin Jr., son Harry B. and ElizabethFeb. 18, 1906-April 20, 1???
Munson, Corniely, dau. Horace and Content Seekelld.Nov. 23, 1875 ae 35 y 2? [on Seekell Monument]
Nageldinger, Noble GrantJune 25, 1910 - June 24, 1995
Nageldinger, RobertOct. 8, 1952 - April 22, 1973
Nearpass, Frank S.1857-1933
Nearpass, Nellie M. Kline1870-141
Nelson, Wilhelmina1881-1941 Mother
Nichols, Amos1768-1857
Nichols, Olive Halsey, wife1772-1865
Noble, Charles E.Dec. 9, 1894 ae 65 years
Noble, Louise E., wifeSept. 11,1832-Jan. 16, 1917
Noble, Roy Salisburyd.May 29, 1869 ae 3 years 11 mos
Noble, Lettie Louised. Jan. 17, 1874 ae 12 years 6 mos
   [Roy and Lettie were children of Charles and Louise Noble]
Noble, Charles Russell, so Russell and Alice B.d. Aug. 31, 1890 ae 3 m 26 days
Norton, William H.187-1933
Ofshlager, August January 29, 1890 This information submitted by Mary Lou Cole.
O'Rourke, Nellie Hunter, wife Patrick O'Rourke1882-1920 [with C. Hunter]
Palladino, Jim Jan 24,1950 - Sept 23, 1999; aged 49y husb of Susan M.; son of Louis & Genevieve (Buss) Palladino
Payne, John1826-1901
Payne, Sarah A., wife1831-1904
Payne, Elizabeth1857-1879
Payne, James1839-1907
Payne, Frances L. Matthews, wife1842-1876
Payne, Myron J.1893-1960
Payne, Dorothy B.1894--
Perry, Darwin B., N.Y.Pvt.989 Tech. School S Q AAF WWIIJan. 11,1904-Nov. 25, 1965
Perry, Addie R. Stevenson1897-19--
Pew, Marvin1829-1908
Pew, Kate Eaton, wife838-1917
Pew, Dora, Their Dau.1862-1878
Raymond, Herbert H.1898-9--
Raymond, Daisy1899-1959
Reynolds, Howard L.1894-1960
Robertson, Bertha Munson1878-19-- [on Munson stone]
Rogers, Edward E1872-1964
Rogers,Carrie M.1874-1951
Rogers, Lana Stickles1891-1961 Mother
Rotondo, Joseph J.1935-1961
Rotondo, Edward J.1961-1969
Rotunda, James N.1915-1967
Rotunda, Clara E.1913--
Roundtree, S.H.1889-1912
Russell, Ray A.June 30, 1886-June 26, 1965 N.Y. Cox U.S. Navy
Russell, Celeste, W.1887-1942
Ryan, Nellie J.1876-1954 [nee Knapp]
Ryan, Nellie B.1876-1954
Salsbury, Rev. Samueld. Aug. 9, 1874 ae 70 yrs
Salsbury, Electa, wifed. July 20, 1883 ae. 73 yrs
Solisbury, Samuel H.(?)1848-1936
Solisbury, Lilla B., wife1856-1932
Solisbury, Edna L.1889-904
Savage, William M.(?)1872-1967
Savage, Lena M.1875-1957
Scott, Louise C.1868-1954
Scott, Arthur A., N.Y. Pvc. 169 Field Art'y Bn. WWIIJuly 1, 1909 - Jan.???
Seekell, Horaced. July 16, 1874 ae 78-7-11
Seekell, Content E.d. SEpt. 12, 1884 ae 81-3-23
Seekell, Charles W.Aug. 19, 1824-Aug. 16, 1910
Seekell, Harriet, wifeSept. 10, 1828-May 6, 1858
Seekell, Almira, wifeJan. 1, 1840-Jan. 21, 1907
Seekell, Jennie B., their dau.Dec. 10, 1861-Oct. 16, 1867
Seekell, Frank L.1872-1946
Seekell, Mary W.1873-1938
Seekell, Geo. P.b. Oct. 24, 1826-d. July 30, 1914
Seekell, Elizabeth M., wifed. April 16, 1888 ae 61-8-14
Seekell, Elton G.d. July 25, 1874 ae. 23--10-10
Seekell, Clarence W.d. Sept. 11, 1884 ae 12-5-20
Seekell, Jennie M.departed this life May/Mary 9, 1861 ae 2-4-8
Seekell, Ernest W.departed this life Sept. 19, 1867 ae 6-6-8
Seekell, Nellie D.departed this life Sept. 19, 1867 ae 5 yrs 17 days
Seekell, Alice M. departed this life Sept. 18, 1868 ae 7 m 19 d
   [Above 4 names are children of Geo. P. and Elizabeth Seekell]
Seekell, Ulysses L.1864-1944
Seekell, Clara E.1862-1947
Seeley, Frank O.1881-1949
Seeley, Winifred A.1884-1941
Seigfried, Aaron b. Sept. 22, 1805=d. Aug. 23, 1887
Seigfried, Sally, wifeb. Sept. 8, 1811-d. Mar. 4, 1886
Seigfried, Maryett(?), dau. Aaron and Sallyd. April 16, 1830 ae 17mo. 10 days
Seigfried, Henry C., son of Aaron and Sarahd. April 5, 1853 ae 8-11-4
Seigfried, Chas.Cp/ A. 33rd N.Y. Volunteers
Seigfried, George F.Oct. 3, 1835-Oct. 15, 1892
Seigfried, Margaret A., wifeSept. 3, 1836-Aug. 7, 1919
Seigfried, Joseph B.1846-1928
Seigfried, Alice A.1852-1938
Seigfried, Ulah M.1883-1934
Seigfried, Hurbert G.1885-1954
Seigfried, Elbert J.1892-19--
Seigfried, Guy J.---
Seigfried, Edna Harpst---
Seigfried, Milo1878-1929
Seigfried, Mary M.1882-1964
Siegfried, William G.Jam/ 6. 1840-June 16, 1905 Co. A, 33 N.Y. Vol
Siegfried, HarriettJan. 6, 1845-Sept. 21, 1912
Semple, George W.1853-1936
Semple, Nellie M.1857-1937
Semple, Lewis G.1887-1949
   [The Semple names are on a stone with Booker]
Sherman, Henry1785-1863
Sherman, Gertrude Cotton, wife1794-1861
Sherman, Rodolphus D.1822-1894
Sherman, Randolph M.1831-1908
Sherman, Cornelia D.1839-1864
Sherman, John W.d. Nov. 20, 1874 ae 74 yrs 16 days
Sherman, Rebecca Magee, wifed. Mar. 21, 1882 ae 78 yrs
Sherman, Thomas M., son John W. and Rebeccad. Sept. 3, 1882 ae 53 yrs
Sherman, James M.1833-1889
Sherman, Mary U., wife1832-1902
Sherman, Anna Usher, dau. J.M. and Mary U.b. Sept. 12, 1857-d. Nov. 13, 1860
Short, John H.1866-1941
Short, Eda Seigfried1873-1954
Sisler(?), Marie E., wife Jerome N. Sisler(?), a dau. of John(?)
   and Sarah Thayer
d. Dec. 12, 1859 ae 22-4(?)-10
   [stone chipped off]
Smith, Mary K.(?)1847-1921
Smith, George1855-1926
Smith, Ernest Truman1885-1954
Smith, Mabel Seigfried1880-1954
Smith, Elmer A.1890-1966
Snyder, Bertha L.1891-1958
Snyder, J. Howard1915-1967
Snyder, Allen R.1907-1983
Snyder, Florence E.1910--
Somers, Ralph R.1881-1958
Somers, Cora E.1883-19--
Spencer, Ervin R.1896-1954
Spencer, Elida M.1894-1957
Squier, Nicholasd. Nov. 5, 1837 ae 70-7-16
Squier, Sarah, wifed. Aug. 19, 1833 ae 65-11-10
Squier, Betsey, dau. Nicholas and Sarahd. Jan. 1, 1865 ae 76-5-26
Squier, Israelb. Feb. 13, 1790 - d. 1851
Squier, Jamesd. April 16, 1865 ae 67-6-21
Squier, Elizabeth, wifed. April 21, 1856 ae 53 yrs [stone broken]
Squier, Abigailb. Dec. 19, 1797- d. Feb. 10, 1886
Squier, Mark A.d. Aug. 21, 1878 ae 70-10-15
Squier, Jemima, wifed. Sept. 26, 1850 ae 42-1-4
Squier, Ephramb. Aug. 1, 1882- d. May 13, 1853
Squier, Lucretia A., wife A.K.(?)d. April 27, 1863 ae 46-5-22
Stevenson, James D.1841-1915
Stevenson, Mary J.1840-1916
Stevenson, Guy D.1878-1956
Stevenson, Alice A.1883-1962
Stimpson, Mary, Mother of Lucy S. Trippd. Feb. 22, 1878 ae 84 years [on Tripp stone]
Stinton, Edward1879-1931
Swenson, Ernest L.1885-19-- Father
Swenson, Emily C.1884-1952 Mother
Switzer, Rev. G.(?)1839-1922
Switzer, Esther C.1860-1922
Tallman, Homer N.Y. PVT 153 Depot BrigDec. 6, 1934
Till, Harry M.1888-1963
Tripp, Rev. Cogswell R.d. May 12, 1888 ae 80 yrs 6 mos.
Tripp, Lucy S., wifed. June 14, 1889 ae 74 yrs 6 mos
Tripp, Celia J.d. Oct. 6, 1847 ae 6 mos.
Tripp, Mary M.d. Sept. 15, 1862 ae 20 yrs 5 mos
Tripp, Francenia A.d. July 22, 1873 ae 24 yrs 2 mos
Tripp, David W.killed at Gettysburg, July 6, 1983 ae 18 yrs 5 mos
Twist, Delivand. July 23, 1848 ae 23-8-29
Usher, Harrisd/ July 23, 1855 ae 81 years
Usher, Cynthia E., dau. of Harris and Cynthiad. Apr. 29, 1859 ae 30-8-5
VanBloom (?), Frederick Hayes 3rdJuly 2, 1952
Van Gelder, Edward L.1917-1960
Van Gelder, Natalie E.1920-19--
Van Horn, Hazel M.1918-1939
Van Riper, Fannie L.1849---- [with Paynes]
Van Riper, Grove B.1872-1960
Van Riper, Luella M.(?)1874-1950
Vosburgh, Harriet M.1908-1948 [erected by W.H. Bailey]
Walker, Marie JeannetteMay 21, 1940
Wallace, Louie J.1869-1946
Wallace, Stella K.(?)1871-1945
Warburton, Harold L.1897-1946
Warburton, Mabel F.1876-1962
Ward, David H.1823-1912
Ward, Elizabeth T.1837-1921
Ward, Anna L.1863-1926
Ward, Edith Williams1865-1939
Ward, Minnie B.1871-1938
Ward, Emma F.1894-19--
Ward, William H.1905-1962
Ward, Helen S.1908--
Ward, Walter A.Mar. 20, 1934--
Ward, Louise E.Oct. 4, 1934--
Warne, Roxy A.1824-1881
Watkins, Eber EvanMay 29, 1893-Feb. 8, 1955
Wheeler, Micajah[stone sunken]
Wheeler, Mary, wife Micajahd. May 17, 1859 ae. 61/64 yrs
White, John1833-1908 Co. D. 8th Reg. Ohio Vol. Inf.
White, Sarah J. Demarest1845-1940
White, J. Raymond1885-1927
White, Chester E.1919-1965
White, Eileen Stoner1920--
Whitmore, AsaMar. 12, 1837-Jan. 19, 1912
Whitmore, JuliaNov. 2, 1841-Aug. 20, 1902
Whitney, Hannah, relict of Aarond/ Aug. 18, 1861 ae 66 yrs 12 days
Wilbur, Laura Seigfried1881-1949 Mother
Wilbur, Adeline Wayne1906-1930
Wilbur, Wanda1911-1921
Wilbur, Robert1919-1923
Wilkin, Elizabeth R.1824----
Williams, Harry S. 1863-1925
Wilson, J. Robert1970-1923
Wilson, Bertha A.1882-19--
Wilson, Robert D.1916---
Wilson, Lillian A.1922-1960
Winters, John H.Co. M. 15 N.Y. Inf.
Woodworth, Elmer J.1867-1942
Wright, Joshua W.d. Mar. 31, 1882 ae 61 yrs
Wright, Samantha, wifed. Nov. 4, 1861 ae 50 yrs 10 mos
Wright, Robert W.1877-1967
Youry, Dora A.1869-1946
Zellar, George1878-1931
Zellar, Lillian1880-1954
Zellar, Arthur A.1912-1929

Credit:This listing was provided by Betty Auten, former Seneca Co. Historian, from a list by Kathleen Kellogg and Crystal Fegley compiled in Aug. 1969.

Please let me know if you have any further information on this or any other Seneca Co. cemetery.

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