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of the
Officers and Students
Seneca Collegiate Institute
Ovid, N.Y.
For the Year Ending August, 1857

Source: "Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Seneca Collegiate Institute, Ovid, N.Y., For the Year Ending August, 1857." Seneca Falls N.Y.: Isaac Fuller, Book and Job Printer. 1857.


Charles P. Barnes, Seneca
Joseph B. Barry, Scott's Corners
Charles G. Bassett, Hector
Purdy S. Bassett, Farmerville
Edward A. Bachman, Geneva
John N. Beach, Watkins
Robert Beardslee, Milo
Mahlon Bainbridge, Romulus
Martin L. Bennett, Ovid
Charles LE. Black, Seneca
Aaron Blauvelt, Farmerville
Hiram B. Blauvelt, Farmerville
Darwin C. Bodine, Ovid
George De Witt Bodine, Ovid
Charles H. Bodine, Romulus
Guy S. Bodine, Ovid
William A. Bolter, Ovid
George E. Bonner, Ovid
Waterman T. Bouton, Ovid
William W. Brewer, Romulus
Jonathan N. Brown, Ovid
George G. Brooks, Portland, Me.
John S. Budd, Hector
Charles A. Burlew, Varick
David G. Caywood, Ovid
Josiah B. Chapman, Romulus
Peter Chapman, Romulus
Herman G. Christopher, Canoga
William H. Church, Geneva
Charles D. Clawson, Lodi
Allan Cleveland, Lodi
Luther L. Cleveland, Reading
Cyrus Coffin, Benton
Cyrus Cole, Lodi
Darwin Covert, Ovid
Augustus L. Covert, Ovid
Horatio Covert, Lodi
Isaac N. Covert, West Bloomfield, Mich.
John L. Crane, Ovid
Philip Crisfield, Lodi
Edgar Crittenden, Geneva
Hinkley J. Dart, Romulus
Kinne E. Dart, Romulus
Montgomery Dunnett, Ovid
Peter H. Dunnett, Ovid
Orin Dunlap, Ovid
Andrew Dunlap, jr., Ovid
Kinne Dunlap, Ovid
Sidney Dunlap, Ovid
Wilson Dunlap, Ovid
Robert C. Durland, Hector
Benjamin N. Eastman, Ovid
Cortez Everett, Romulus
John P. Ellis, Ovid
Patrick Finnegan, Ovid
Stephen Finnegan, Ovid
James D. Folwell, Romulus
George C. Gibbs, New York
Charles M. Gibbs, Ovid
Sheldon A. Gillespie, Havana
William L. Gorton, Corning
Henry A. Graves, Ovid
Theodore B. Gray, Ovid
George W. Gregory, Benton
J. Sandford Greves, Milwaukie, Wis.
Marion T. Grove, Ovid
Walter S. Grove, Ovid
George M. Guerine, Ovid
Gilbert L. Hall, Jacksonville
Silas Halsey, Lodi
James Harris, Farmerville
James Harvey, Enfield
Seth Harvey, Enfield
James B. Hayt, Northville
Stephen H. Hayt, Ovid
Herman Henry, Ovid
David D. Herron, Ovid
John G. Herron, Ovid
Silvanus Howell, Lodi
William C. Howell, jr., Ovid
Henry M. Humphrey, Binghamton
William H. Humphrey, Binghamton
Oliver P. Hurd, Burdette
George S. Jackson, Ovid
Charles Jacobus, Varick
Joseph Johnson, Romulus
Menzo W. Johnston, Covert
Henry Johnston, Covert
Samuel C. Jones, Ovid
Charles R. King, Romulusville
Cyrus E. Kinne, Romulus
Darwin C. Kinne, Romulus
Ephraim Kinne, Romulus
William H. Kinne, Romulus
George L. Lamoreaux, Lodi
Hiram Lamoreaux, Lodi
Daniel S. Lane, Romulus
James Martin, Romulus
Patrick Maguigan, Ovid
Alfred E. Miller, Seneca
George Middleton, Ovid
Peter W. Minor, Lodi
William Moser, New York
Lewis Pentz, Ovid
Henry Peterson, Lodi
Morgan S. Philips, Ovid
Alfred B. Pomeroy, Ovid
Winfield Post, Lodi
James D. Purdy, Ovid
William B. Purdy, Ovid
Rufus K. Reynolds, Junius
Charles W. Rising, Romulus
Willard B. Rising, Romulus
Squire B. Rolfe, Enfield
William T. Rosenkrans, Romulusville
Albert Rupe, Minden, Germany
Montgomery S. Sandford, Ovid
John V.N. Schenck, Lodi
James M. Schuyler, Varick
William H. Schooley, Ovid
Alfred B. Schooley, Ovid
Walter Scott, Ovid
Clemont Sears, Searsburg
David Sears, Searsburg
Elbert N. Sebring, Ovid
John C. Sebring, Ovid
Isaac N. Seeley, Ovid
James H. Seeley, Ovid
John B. Seeley, Ovid
John F. Seeley, Ovid
William H. Seeley, Ovid
William Shiley, Fayette
* George Simmons, Reading
Daniel S. Sinclair, Scott's Corners
John C. Smith, Lodi
George Smith, Ovid
Gilbert C. Smith, Lodi
Horace W. Smith, Bennettsburg
Willmer Stewart, Ovid
Charles J. Stone, Fayette
Leonard Story, Junius
Anderson Stout, Romulus
Montgomery Stout, Romulus
Mosher A. Sutherland, Junius
Emmett R. Sutton, Romulus
Benjamin Swarthout, Lodi
Edward T.F. Sweet, Fayette
Peter Swick, Ovid
George C. Teal, Geneva
Millard Thompson, Hector
William F. Thompson, Springport
Gilbert Townsend, Townsendville
Samuel W. Tuttle, Watkins
Gustavus A. Van Doren, Ovid
George B. Van Horn, Ovid
Edgar B. Van Houten, Ovid
Charles Van Vleet, Romulus
Darwin C Warne, Ovid
Edward Z. Williams, Waterloo
Charles W. Wilson, Ovid
Lorenzo S. Wilson, Ovid
B. Weston Woodworth, Hector
Monmouth E. Wright, Farmerville
James Wyckoff, Lodi
Augustus R. Wright, Waterloo
[* = dismissed]


Wealtha E. Bacon, Waterloo
Lucy E. Barnum, Ovid
Catharine Beardslee, Milo
Ellen M. Beardslee, Milo
Caroline E. Bennett, Ovid
Emily J. Bennett, Ovid
Lavella Blackwell, Ovid
Sarah F. Blackwell, Ovid
Lacettia Blain, Romulus
Helen R. Blain, Romulus
Cynthia Bloomer, Romulus
Ada Bodine, Ovid
Frances Bodine, Ovid
Sarah Bolter, Ovid
Caroline Bramble, Lodi
Emma L. Bonner, Ovid
Emma F. Bouton, Ovid
Jane A. Brewer, Romulus
Mary L. Brown, Burdette
Martha C. Brooks, Novi, Mich.
Lodoeski Bryant, Romulus
Jane Carle, Lodi
Harriet Carle, Lodi
Ann R. Carroll, Romulus
Sarah Chapman, Romulus
Susan Chapman, Romulus
Caroline Coffin, Bellona
Helen Cole, Lodi
Cornelia A. Conklin, Ovid
Frances E. Conklin, Aurora, Erie Co.
Mary A. Conklin, Berkshire
Julia E. Conkling, Romulus
Mary E. Coan, Ovid
Ella Cornell, Ovid
Josephine Covert, Lodi
Libby B. Covert, Romulus
Margaret L. Covert, Farmersville
Mary E. Covert, Ovid
Anna Louisa Crisfield, Lod
Amelia Dakin, Ovid
Martha A. Dakin, Ovid
Cynthia Disbrow, Lodi
Anna Donaldson, Ovid
Jennie Donaldson, Ovid
Janet M.C. Doig, Ovid
Mary S. Doremus, Romulus
Caroline M. Dunnett, Ovid
Delia S. Dunnett, Ovid
Amanda E. Durland, Hector
Julia Dowdle, Ovid
Frances E. Fairchild, Ovid
Frederica Fairchild, Ovid
Eliza V. Furman, Romulus
Sarah R. Furman, Romulus
Ida T. Fowell, Romulus
Emma Freleigh, Romulus
Mary Gordnier, Covert
Mary E. Gibbs, Ovid
Adelaide Graves, Ovid
Elizabeth J. Graves, Ovid
Mary C. Graves, Ovid
Sarah D. Graves, Ovid
Anna Gray, Ovid
Elizabeth Gray, Ovid
Martha A. Gray, Ovid
Salome D. Gray, Ovid
Christiana D. Harris, Ovid
Margaret Harris, Ovid
Martha E. Hayt, Ovid
Cordelia Henry, Ovid
Catharine Henry, Ovid
Sarah F. Herron, Ovid
Frances Holcomb, Seneca
Mary C. Howell, Ovid
Adelaide Hubble, Ovid
Nancy Ingersoll, Lodi
Emma Ingersoll, Lodi
Mary A. Ingersoll, Lodi
Mary E. Ingersoll, Lodi
Ida Jefferson, Elmira
Cordelia Johnson, Romulus
Emma Johnson, Romulus
Hannah L. Johnson, Romulus
Mary H. Johnson, Romulus
Mary J. Johnson, Romulus
Mary J. Jones, Ovid
Lucinda Jones, Ovid
Kate P. Kennedy, Ovid
Ada Kinne, Romulus
Emi Kinne, Romulus
Mattie C. Kinne, Romulus
Mary A. Kinne, Ovid
Minerva Kinne, Romulus
Sarah F. Kinne, Romulus
Sarah Kinne, Romulus
Matilda P. Knight, Lodi
Zadah M. Marsh, Romulus
Mary Martin, Ovid
Mary McQuigg, Ithaca
Ann E. Merrick, Clinton, Miss.
Hannah Meddick, Lodi
Samantha Meeker, Lodi
Matilda Messerole, Torrey
Nancy B. Miller, Ovid
Rachel V. Miller, Lodi
Margaret E. Moser, New York
Helen W. Misener, Covert
Floretta Neal, Lodi
Mary E. Patchin, Port Hope, Canada
Jane Philips, Ovid
Lily Philips, Ovid
Mary H. Polhemus, Ovid
Mary E. Pomeroy, Ovid
Sarah B. Post, Lodi
Anne E. Rappleye, Farmerville
Mary Ryan, Ovid
Ada A. Reynolds, Ovid
Mary H. Reynolds, Ovid
Celia H. Rowlette, Ovid
Anna M. Rowlette, Ovid
Mary E. Rowlette, Ovid
Hannah M. Rowlette, Ovid
Mary P. Schooley, Ovid
Abigail Seely, Romulus
Mary Augusta Seeley, Ovid
Nancy M. Seeley, Ovid
Henrietta H. Sherwood, Romulus
Ellen C. Simpson, Ovid
Esther Skinner, Townsendville
Jane C. Smelzer, Lodi
Zelina Sutherland, Junius
Mary H. Sutton, Romulus
Delphine C. Sutton, Romulus
Helen L. Sutton, Romulus
Rebecca A. Sutton, Romulus
Elizabeth Swick, Romulus
Phylindia Smith, Romulus
Emma H. Struble, Ovid
Mary S. Struble, Ovid
Mary F. Tuttle, Ovid
Ellen Van Horn, Romulus
Elvira Van Vleet, Lodi
Mary H. Weaver, Ovid
Henrietta Wilson, Ovid
Louisa M. Wilson, Ovid
Saah Wilson, Ovid
Sarah Wilson, Burdette
Carrie E. Woodworth, Covert


Peter Doig, Esq., President
Gen. Halsey Sandford, Secretary
James Ferguson, Esq., Treasurer

Arad Joy, Esq.
Hon. John E. Seeley
Hugh Chapman, Esq.
Rev. F.G. Hibbard
N.P. Ellis, Esq.
Andrew Dunlap, Esq.
Silas M. Kinne, Esq.
Hon. Alfred Bolter, M.D.
Rev. Benjamin Hale, D.D.
Elijah Denton, Esq.
Hon. David D. Scott
Amasa J. Furman, Esq.
Hon. James B. Thomas
Rev. George J. Van Neste
William Dunlap, Esq.
William C. Howell, Esq.
Corydon Fairchild, Esq.
Wilson Gray, Esq.


Rev. Amos Brown, M.A., Principal
Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy

Mrs. Lucy V. Humphrey, Assistant Principal
Teacher of French, History, &c.

William W. Folwell, A.B.
Professor of Latin and Greek

John A. Gillette, A.M.
Professor of Mathematics

John W. Chickering, Jr., A.M.
Professor of Agriculture, Chemistry and Natural Philosophy

Mrs. Luciana J. Chickering
Teacher of Drawing and Painting

Miss Phebe M. Kinne
Teacher of Primary Department

Mr. John H. Hintermister
Teacher of Music


This Institution was incorporated, under the name of OVID ACADEMY, in the year 1826, and was opened to pupils, for the first time, in 1827.

It is now provided with two commodious edifices of brick, substantially built, and tastefully arranged. One of them was built in 1826, is 56 feet long, 32 feet wide, and three stories high. It has two recitation rooms on the first floor, one large recitation room, dressing room and laboratory on the second, and on the third a recitation room, and seven rooms of a size convenient to accommodate two persons each for study and lodging.

The other building was completed in the Fall of 1855, and is constructed for a Young Ladies' Boarding-House, and for a Chapel. It is 102 feet long, 40 feet wide, and four stories high, with a wing 44 feet long, 20 feet wide, and two stories high. The Chapel will seat about three hundred and fifty persons. On the first floor of the House is the dining-hall, kitchen, rooms for family, domestics, &c.; the remainder of the building, with the exception of the Chapel, and parlors, is divided into rooms for young ladies.

The house is arranged to accommodate ninety pupils with board, containing 48 rooms designed for scholars.

This school is organized with reference to securing the following results:

1st. System and thoroughness of instruction by suitable division of labor among teachers. It is believed that in the general and professional education of its Board of Teachers, the completeness of their number, comparing in this respect very favorably with most of our Colleges - their experience, faithfulness and ability, this institution may safely challenge comparison with any school of similar grade in the country.

2d. Increased attention to the subject of Agricultural Education, Agricultural and General Chemistry, with kindred branches, receive the entire attention of one of the teachers, and no pains will be spared to keep this department fully up to the progress of the science and the wants of the farmer.

3d. Increased facilities for the training of teachers of District Schools. A Teachers' Class is formed during the Summer Term, the members of which are instructed in the common branches, at the expense of the State.

4th. A more enlarged, yet appropriate course of instruction for females. The facilities for the thorough education of females will be found in no degree inferior to those of any institution in the State.

The Classical Department also sustains a high reputation for thoroughness and accuracy. Young gentlemen fitting for College receive here the most fundamental training.

[Following this are listings of text books required for each course of study. Different courses were taken each term. Each Academic Term was 14 weeks long, commencing in September, December and April. Students aged 14 years of age or older were required to furnish testimonials as to their good moral character before admission. Tuition was paid fully in advance of each term, and one-half the young ladies' bills for board. Although students were required to attend church regularly, "As the guardians of a public school, we do not feel ourselves called upon to explain the technicalities of Theology, nor to enforce the doctrines and creed of any one of the different sects of professing Christians."]


Tuition in the Preparatory Department, is $4.00 a term, $12.00 a year; in the Junior, $6.00 a term, $18.00 a year; in the Senior and Classical, $7.00 a term, $21.00 a year.

Charges for instruction on the Piano-Forte, is $10.00 a quarter, $13.34 a term, $40.00 a year; for instruction in French, German, Italian, &c. it is $4.00 a term; in Drawing & Painting, from $3.50 to $7.00 a term. Pupils pursuing the study of Chemistry will be charged $1.00 each, extra, and those pursuing Natural Philosophy or Botany, 50 cents each.

Board can be had in private families from $2.25 to $2.50 a week; and young gentlemen wishing to board themselves in clubs or otherwise, may find rooms at reasonable prices.

A boarding-house has been erected for the accommodation of young ladies. Each apartment of the dwelling designed for young ladies, will accommodate two persons. The apartments are fifteen feet deep, and on the average ten feet broad. Those on the west side of the dwelling afford a delightful prospect of the Seneca Lake and the extensive scenery adjacent, and those on the east, of the Cayuga Lake and its exquisite surrounding scenery.

These apartments are furnished each with a bed and articles necessary for occupancy, with the exception of bedding and napkins.

The BEDDING and NAPKINS the occupants of rooms will provide for themselves. If a carpet is thought needful, this, too, must be provided by the occupants.

Young Ladies will be charged for board in the Institution, $2.25 per week. They will also be charged $1.00 a Term for incidentals.


1. Pupils will be required to pursue studies in the classes assigned them, and will not be allowed to discontinue a study without permission from the Principal.

2. A punctual attendance at every exercise is required of each student.

3. Pupils may not absent themselves from school, for even a day or any portion of it, without permission, and for every delinquency they must render an excuse at the first convenient opportunity.

4. Members of this school will not be permitted to conduct themselves under the instruction of any person not connected with it, nor to hold public meetings, or to participate in them, nor to attend at places of public amusement, without leave of the Principal.

5. Pupils tardy at morning or evening prayers in the chapel must remain in their seats until they have rendered in their excuses.

6. All members of this Academy are required to attend Church regularly on the Sabbath, and on Tuesday evening of each week, during Term time, they will, unless excused, be require to attend, at a stated hour, a religious meeting in the chapel, to be conducted by the Principal.

7. The hours of study and recitation will be from nine to twelve o'clock in the morning, from half-past one to half-past four in the afternoon, and from seven to nine in the evening; during which time pupillls will not be allowed to make nor to receive calls.

8. Gentlemen may not visit young Ladies at the Institution without the consent of the Principal.

9. Young Ladies attending this school from abroad are expected to board in the Institution - particular cases only excepted.

10. Persons addicted to card-playing or other games of chance, to the drinking of intoxicating liquors, the smoking of tobacco in the streets, to gross or habitually irregular conduct, will be summarily dismissed from the school.

11. Walking on the Sabbath, for recreation or exercise, will not be allowed to pupils; and when absent at their homes or elsewhere, pupils are not expected to return to the school on the Sabbath.

Students who complete at this Institution the course of study prescribed in the Senior Department, may receive a certificate to this effect, carefully written on parchment, signed by the Principal and Board of Trustees, and having the seal of the Academy affixed.

Classes will be formed, with reference to a full course of study, at the commencement of the next academic year.


Belonging to this school is a Library of about 500 volumes, and a Chemical and Philosophical Apparatus, worth about $600.


The village of Ovid, containing a population of nearly eight hundred, adorned by the Court-House and other public edifices, is situated on the highlands, between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes, three miles from the Seneca and six from the Cayuga, and six hundred feet above them. The steamboats which pass on each of them are distinctly seen from it; and its appearance as seen from the Lakes is uncommonly picturesque and pleasing.

The waters of Seneca Lake never freeze, and steamboats passing between Geneva and Jefferson stop at Ovid Landing twice each day, the Sabbath excepted, throughout the year.

Steamboats run also daily from Ithaca to Cayuga Bridge, on Cayuga Lake, and stop both on their down and return trips at the Landing in this town. Carriages with good teams are in waiting always at these Landings, to take persons to their place of destination.

[Note: all spellings are exactly as given in the original catalog.]

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