Society of Friends (Quakers), Seneca Co., NY

Society of Friends (Quakers) of Seneca Co., NY

      "A single society of Friends has had its origin and decay outside of the Village of Waterloo; its site was the south side of Lot 67. A society of Friends held their first meeting at the dwelling of Benjamin Hampton, north of the present meeting-house. Organizing, they erected a log house some time in 1806. The builders selected a site in the midst of the woods; the trees were cut, and a portion of their trunks incorporated in the sides of the structure. The membership of this forest-society of Quakers consisted of Henry Bonnell and wife, daughter Mary and son Jacob; James Tripp, John Laing, wife and family, and Joseph Laing and family. Thomas Bills and B. Collins were exhorters. Elijah Pound was a well-beloved and leading man in the society, and was their leader for a period extending from 1808 to 1829. The present two-story frame meeting house was erected in 1818, at a cost of two thousand five hundred dollars; part of this sum was obtained by subscription and the rest by donation of the Yearly Meeting in New York City. Henry Hyde was the builder. Meetings have been held occasionally in the house ever since its first opening; but the good old Friends died one by one, the more youthful moved elsewhere, till a single individual remains of a former large organization. Where the old pioneers were buried but few head-stones rise to arrest the step of the careless and curious intruders; silently and unknown they rest, awaiting the mighty trumpet call to wake the buried nations. This grave-yard, near the Quaker meeting-house, had early origin. Here lies the dust of Thomas Beadle, a Junius pioneer, and here was buried the wife of Thomas Bills and many another."

"History of Seneca Co., 1786-1876" [Ensign, Everts, Ensign, Philadelphia, 1876; reprinted by W.E. Morrison & Co., 1976] p. 82

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