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D. died
Dis - dismissed

Auten, Mary dis 8/23/l821
Auten, Paul dis 8/28/l821
Bailey, Anne
Bailey, James excomm
Baily, Mary died
Bailey, Nancy
Baldwin, Electa l2/23/l833 to Waterloo
Blackwood, Mar
Blackwood, Samuel
Blake, Charles l/l8/l834 to Springfield Mass
Boice, Catherine and Cornelius 7/27/l832 to Lodi
Boice, John C
Casterline, Sarah 4/14/l834 to Angelica
Clapp, Pamela 3/26/l834 to Salina
Clark, Daniel dis
Clark, Jesse and Lucinda 4/19/l834 to Michigan
Covert,John T
Covert, Eleanor
Daily, David died
Dennis, Sarah dis to ohio
Duncan, James and Jane 4/12/l833 to Michigan
Duncan, Mary died
Duncan, William
Dunlap, Alexander and Nancy l0/15/1833 to Michigan
Dunlap, Josiah dis
Dunlap, Mary
Eastman, Mary to Granby Mass 4/19/l832
Feagles, Elizabeth 9/23/1833 to Somerset, Niagara Co
Forman, Huldah 4/20/l833 to Michigan
Gilbert, Mary Ann 4/20/l833 to Penn Yan
Giles, Samuel
Godley, Mary 5/16/l833 to Burdette
Gray, Mathew
Gray, Sally
Green, Andrew, Eleanor 5/6/l833 to Michigan
Gregory, Mary
Gulick, Henry 7/14/l832 to Farmerville
Harlbutt, Stephen died
Harpending, Abraham died
Harpending, Peter dis 1824
Hayward, Darius, September l834 to Michigan
Holley, Sally 4/12/l833 to Michigan
Howe, Mabel dis
Hulbert, John died
Hulbert Prudence died 1828
Jacobus, Elizabeth
Jermain,John and Sarah 3/10/l832 to Salubria
Jones, Catharine Ann to New Jersey 3/10/l832
LeConte, Peter dis
Leonard, Jane 5/12/l832 to Danby
Lewis, Eliza dis 2/10/l8l9
Lozier, Jane 5/27/l833 to Newburgh
Marshall, William died
Martin, Abigal 6/10/l833 to Michigan
Murphy, Seba, Margaret, William B W to Morris Mich 10/14/1835
Myer, Elenor dis lodi
Myer, Eleanor 5/28/l833 to Bath
McMath, John died
Phillips, Charity to Michigan 5/21/l832
Price, Harriet 4/14/1834 dis eastward
Purdy, James dis
Rankins, Mary
Rogers, Nancy 5/22/l832 Michigan
Ruckman, William and Phebe 5/28/l834 to Michigan
Sebring, Thomas, Sarah dis 6/4/1821
Sebring, Phebe dis
Smith, Robert and Nancy 9/8/l834 to Michigan
Stuart,John excomm
Studdiford, William V 11/18/1835 to Michigan
Terrel, Sally to Lodi 4/7/l832
Thompson, Caroline 9/2/l833 to seneca Falls
Van Arsdal, Hannah died
Van Court, Thomas B
Van Doren, John W and Mary l/20/l833 to Burdett
Van Sickle, Elizabeth 5/6/l833 to Michigan
Van Tuyl, Jane dis waterloo
Van Tuyle, John
Voorhies, Jacob N dis
Waldron, John dis to Hector 4/1825
Wharton, Henry,dis l8l5 Eleanor dis l8l6
Wilkins, Elizabeth
Wilkins, Phebe dis l/5/1825
Wilson, Anne wf Joseph
Wilson, Polly,wf of John
Wilson, Jane wf of ?
Wisner, Mary 8/7/l834 to West Dresden
Wood, Abijah 3/7/l833 to Benton
Young, Anne

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This listing was provided by Betty Auten, Seneca County historian.
© 1999 Diane Lerch Kurtz