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Ovid Baptist Church

"Manual of the Churches of Seneca County with sketches of their pastors, 1895-96", compiled and published by the Courier Printing Co., Seneca Falls, NY 1896.
      As early as 1808, Elder Canton, the Baptist pioneer preacher, had monthly appointments at the old Court house at Ovid. Elder Wisner, pastor at Scotts Corners, 1836-39, also held occasional services here. After an interval of nearly twenty years, C. A. Votey, of Scotts Corners, in 1858, appointed meetings at the Court House once in two weeks. A conference was held at the house of H. H. Bennett, April 28, 1859. D. D. Scott was chosen moderator, Gordon Dunlap, clerk, and the brethren resolved to apply for recognition as a church. H. H. Bennett was elected deacon. On May 5, 1859, the church was recognized by the council. In December 1861 the church had a powerful revival, conducted by H. G. Dewitt. At the next association the church reported thirty-five baptisms. The meeting house was built in 1862 and services were held in the new lecture room in December of the same year.
      Rev. C. A. Votey was succeeded by Rev. L. Ranstead, as pastor, in January, 1863. Ranstead was succeeded by Rev. Daniel Corey in 1865 and he by Rev. Granville Gates, from Caroline. In 1866 the society met with great loss in the death of Mrs. Hester Kinne, whose liberality had enabled them to erect their house of worship and a home for their pastor. Peter Gor began his work as pastor April 1, 1869 and resigned in 1871. For some time after this the church was without a pastor. In 1873, T. Talmadge Van Doren, a student, served for a time. April 5th, 1874, Rev. John E. McLallan, of Trumansburg, was called and served until August 29, 1875, when he resigned, Rev. Lynn B. Albert was in charge during part of 1878 and resumed charge in June, 1879, and served two years. Since that time the church has been without a regular pastor, but has been supplied at different times from Scotts Corners and other places.
      The church and parsonage are free from debt and the society has a snug sum deposited in the bank; and, though few in number, the membership is not discouraged, and expects to have a regular pastor in the near future.
      The officers of the church are as follows: Trustees, H. Lamoreaux, Wilbur Wilson, and George Brown. H. Lamoreaux is also deacon and clerk.

Transcription provided courtesy of Rick White.
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